Brooke Set just before the events of Into the Still Blue the conclusion to Veronica Rossi s Under the Never Sky trilogy this breathtaking novella is a satisfying stand alone for new readers as well as an e

  • Title: Brooke
  • Author: Veronica Rossi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set just before the events of Into the Still Blue, the conclusion to Veronica Rossi s Under the Never Sky trilogy, this breathtaking novella is a satisfying stand alone for new readers as well as an exciting glimpse at favorite characters from the trilogy Pulsing with romance and danger, Brooke will leave readers desperate for the conclusion to this epic and unforgettableSet just before the events of Into the Still Blue, the conclusion to Veronica Rossi s Under the Never Sky trilogy, this breathtaking novella is a satisfying stand alone for new readers as well as an exciting glimpse at favorite characters from the trilogy Pulsing with romance and danger, Brooke will leave readers desperate for the conclusion to this epic and unforgettable saga.The only fight she can t win is the one for Perry s heart Following the stunning climax in Through the Ever Night, the Tides have been forced to seek shelter from the Aether storms in a dismal, secluded cave But Brooke s memories of the cave go back much further, to when she and Perry used to come here together That was before Perry fell in love with Aria and before Vale s dealings with the Dwellers altered the course of the Tides forever.Now, with her sister back from a haunting year in captivity and Aria lying unconscious in the sick bay, Brooke struggles to put the pieces of her life back together Without Perry, who is she And what is her role in this frightening new world As these questions swirl about her, an old threat to the Tides resurfaces, and Brooke is forced to put the lives of her people before her own But in taking this step outside of herself, Brooke may finally discover what she truly wants.

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    One thought on “Brooke”

    1. I just found out about this new e-novella!!! *runs around the house squealing*Okay. So, now we have to wait. Again. *sighs*I'm so excited! And it's 2a.m . Looks like I won't get any sleep tonight ~UPDATE~And the lucky character is Brooke. I mean, it's still going to be super-awesome, right? right? Oh who am I kidding!! WHY HER, WHY?!!!! I know I'll read it anyway, though that does not make me any less unhappy because it's not about Liv or Cinder or another character whom we don't know much about [...]

    2. Brooke is a very short and sweet novella in the Under The Never Sky series. It is designed to be read between books 2 and 3.Please be advised that this review assumes that you have read books 1 and 2 and the short story 0.5 in this series and therefore contains spoilers for these. “We are all hurting and missing people. Everyone is scared, so you can’t talk about your worries because worries are everywhere. When everyone you know is on the verge of drowning, you don’t stop to tell the pers [...]

    3. I want to feel wanted and cherished and safe. I want to find someone who won't trade me for another. I want to find love that is visceral and life-sustaining.Actual rating: 2.5/5 Unbelievably Ridiculous Brookie StarsOh, I'm so, so, so disappointed about this one. :(Well, reasons are simple.1)I've hated Brooke from the moment she met Aria, wait, nope, from the moment she made her appearance in the first book and kept desiring for Perry in the beginning. Thus, this book is ALL about her and how sh [...]

    4. *Spoilers for previous books*I was not a fan of Brooke in the previous books. They way she treated and spoke about Aria made me want to smack her. And while I did see redeeming qualities in her, like when she stepped up and helped protect the tribe, it was never enough to push me to want to like her. Those moments couldn't erase the ickiness I felt towards her. So when I saw this book was in Brooke's POV, I hesitated. Could I really endure listening to a woman I dislike? Ultimately my curiosity [...]

    5. Before reading."Anyone up for another e-novella, like ROAR & LIV, based on one of the secondary characters?"After reading.I was a bit apprehensive about this one, since the novella is from Brooke's point of view, but I think that in the course of about 70 pages, Brooke and I have come to an understanding. Also, there was an excerpt of the next book, so I'm bleedingly excited. BLEEDINGLY.

    6. 19/10/13*nothing to do**open *"Oh my God another novella! and the color of the cover was beautiful!!" But then-I noticed "Brooke" on the coverSo I made this new shelf maybe-want-to-read just for this book. I mean, WHY BROOKE? I loved everyone else but Brooke. She's like argh. I would love it better if it was about Cinder or maybe Flea? lol.Really, what else do you want with Brooke? but if Veronica Rossi made this novella special for her then she's important right? *sigh*But if she's important th [...]

    7. I don't know if I give any shits about Brooke, but I'll read it.3.5Still don't know if I give any shits about Brooke, but the ending was kinda cute.

    8. SpoilersBrooke was a right cow in Under the Never Sky and Through The Ever Night, I was hoping her novella would show her in a more positive light… And it kind of did, but yea, I still don't like her much.-There wasn't much of a plot, it was mostly just Brooke moaning, being jealous, and bitching about Perry and Aria's relationship. Her self-pity and attitude was rather boring.-I hated Brooke's attitude towards Aria, it was undeserved. I get that she was upset that Perry dumped her, but that w [...]

    9. I kind of wish I didn't find out that this novella existed because it was kind of meh. I didn't really like Brooke or how she acted at all so I wasn't really excited to read it, at all. Brooke was just so god damn annoying. Pretty sure I still dislike her and I probably will still continue disliking her into the next book. Unfortunately, she wasn't the only annoying person in this book. It's sad to say but Perry was kind of annoying too. Especially with how he behaved around girls and then just [...]

    10. 4.5/5 stars It's strange how you can know something -know the pointy, sharp truth- but still want to bend and blunt the edges so it fits better in your mind I have to admit, I was very hesitant to read this short story at first, because I did not like Brooke as a character at first and I believed my opinion wouldn't change. But oh boy, it totally did.BecauseBrookeis not just a character that wanted a romantic love and when she didn't have Perry, she started hating everything (and mostly Aria). S [...]

    11. A NEW NOVELLA about BrookeWe all hated Brooke right? I mean okay, maybe hate isn't the right word, but we certainly didn't love her. At least I know I didn't. So when I heard Veronica Rossi was writing a novella in her point of view I won't lie, my face may have looked like thisBut here's the thing. when I turned the last page of this, I liked her, like, really liked her. So much of the rest of the series focuses on all the other main and secondary characters (Perry, Roar, Aria, Cinder even Liv) [...]

    12. i'm impressed, veronica rossi. i don't know how you did it, but you managed to make the girl everyone loves to hate relatable, and vulnerable, and dare i say, lovely. i'll admit that when i heard about this novella, i had the same reaction that i'm sure the masses had: brooke?! who wants to read about a childish, bratty girl who seems to think she has some claim on perry when clearly he's in love with (not to mention rendered to) aria?!oh but i was wrong. no, i don't love brooke with the same in [...]

    13. Even though I have the galley, I went and put Into the Still Blue on hold, figuring I might want to read Brooke first, based on publish order.Eh. It wasn't all that necessary. Most of this short was about Brooke getting over Perry, and debating the hotness of two different guys. Not that I have complaints about reading anything from Rossi because she has a way with words that is always a pleasure to read, but I am sort of burned out on series with all of the extra short stories which don't actua [...]

    14. Veronica Rossi understands that there are only a few reasons why you should be writing short stories to include in a series. This one was written as a quick reminder of where the previous book in the series left us. Very neccessary for me as I usually read these when they are published. Another good reason for a novella is to give us the perspective of one of the smaller characters in the big story. I liked getting to know Brooke, especially as she did not really feature in the previous books. I [...]

    15. The events in this novella occur between Through the Ever Night and Into the Still Blue but I don't think it's essential to read this story if you don't want to. It does give a little insight into what's happening with Perry and Aria and it does resolve a plot thread with a certain group but it was mainly Brooke moaning and feeling sorry for herself.I've never particularly been a fan of Brooke's but I didn't dislike her either, she was Perry's ex girlfriend but I never felt there was a chance of [...]

    16. Wow this novella really suprised me. I like Brooke. I cant believe myselfFor a few chapters I was really mad at Brooke. I wanted her gone. I wanted her to shut her mouth. I wanted to not like her. I thought I wouldnt. I tried. I really did. But Brooke was amazing in this novella.At the end of the chapter 5 Brooke finally stopped being annoying for me and at the end of the chapter 10 she won me over. (view spoiler)[She realized how much Perry loved Aria. She decided to move on. She realized she w [...]

    17. What a gorgeous cover! These pinkish and purple-ish colors suit well with this novella. I thought I’d hate Brooke’s view on things, but I actually found myself enjoying it. Since I’m a huge Perry & Aria shipper, I naturally dislike anyone who tries to tear them apart, but Brooke’s reaction was normal and expected in Through the Ever Night and even in her novella. The realizations she has were natural, well-written and I’m really glad for her. Reading this will help you realize the [...]

    18. Can you hate just ignore a character and then, suddenly, fall completely in love with her? That's how I feel about Brooke, guys.Brooke is amazing. She's heartbroken. She's lost her best friend and the one she loves. She desperately needs to move on and find a way to get along with Perry and Aria. Everything occurs between Through the Ever Night and Into the still Blue and in just a few chapters, we get to know so much about her: how she tries to protect her family and herself, how little she kne [...]

    19. Brooke is a shallow character, I don't know if someone finds her funny, badass or whathever I just find her a petty girl who cannot understand what she truly wants. And goes around kissing boys (brothers!) for getting over Perry. Really this is the novella. I hope she gets with Soren. That would be a good couple.

    20. Brooke's story is very intense with emotions. There is quiet a bit of hatred which makes me not like it, but at the same time you see and understand why because of how strong she feels for Perry.It was nice getting to see Brooke but this wasn't one of my favorite novellas. Maybe it was because of her hate for Aria that really turned me off of it.When Brooke finally takes a change in direction my feelings towards her changed, but not 100%. I think Brooke is one of those characters you are unsure [...]

    21. I wasn't a huge fan of Brooke throughout the series but after reading this, I think she really redeemed herself. She's hung up on Perry, which is understandable, but it was nice to see her figure things out. When she finally understands that her relationship with Perry was never going to last, and moves on from her boiling rage and jealousy, she's actually a pretty decent person. I liked her interactions with the three brothers, her developing fondness for Soren and her acceptance of Aria.

    22. I'm really certain that I don't like Brooke but this novella change my views about her. Argh. Honestly, I'm starting to like minor characters more than the main protagonists of this trilogy. Tell me, is this a good thing or not?

    23. I'm probably in minority because I liked Brooke as a character while reading Under The Never Sky trilogy. This novella made me like her even more- I loved the way her character developed throughout it.

    24. 4.5 Stars I still don‘t like Brooke as a character, but the author has found the perfect combination of action, humor and emotion. Now I‘m more than ready for the third book. Perry, I‘m on my way! I‘m so in love with this series.

    25. 3.5 StarsMinor spoilers for Through the EvernightBrooke has never been my favorite character in this series and well she isn’t supposed to be since she is Peregrine’s ex-somethng. But this novella gives insight into what is happening right after Aria and Perry make it back to the cave with all the Dwellers. Brook is trying to come to terms with the love she sees Perry hold for Aria and the loss of her best friend Liv. Clara is returned at least so happiness is mixed in with all the sadness.M [...]

    26. Holy crud, Veronica Rossi is MY GIRL! This short was totally and completely amazing! I loved every last word of it! I can' teen begin to tell you how much!Brooke is amazing. She's so not what you think she is. This short shows her growth in so many ways it's hard to express. She is so in love with Perry, at least she thinks she is. But as the story progresses, she begins to grow and understand what their relationship really was about. And she experiences these changes by watching the interaction [...]

    27. 2.5-3 STARS***"He kisses like a poet. Like he's writing poems on my lips." I was a little hesitant to read this book since I am not the biggest Brooke fan. I mean, she hasn't exactly been the nicest person in the previous books, and she hasn't tried much either.Nowwhile I don't like her completely, I feel like it's a step in the right direction.We see more of what she's going through with her feeling toward Aria & Perry, Liv, as well as having her sister back. Knowing what she's going throug [...]

    28. 3.5/5I went into this expecting to hate it as much as I hate Brooke's character But oh sweet surprise! This was very good. So good that it made me almost LIKE Brooke! I mean almost, she was a b**** in Through the Ever Night and I can't forgive that easily but man I understand her now where she's coming from and I liked this novella so much I loved how she realised her own feelings and how she embraced the change and made a decision for herself.Since I made my decision about Perry, I'm feeling mu [...]

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