Pop Kids Score Massi is about to turn years old A pop culture obsessed pseudo vegetarian atheist pyromaniac trapped within a rural northern Californian town he longs for escape to a city life of fame a

  • Title: Pop Kids
  • Author: Davey Havok
  • ISBN: 9780985957209
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
  • Score Massi is about to turn 18 years old A pop culture obsessed, pseudo vegetarian, atheist, pyromaniac, trapped within a rural northern Californian town, he longs for escape to a city life of fame and fortune He knows that he deserves nothing less But when the underground parties that Score hosts start to spiral out of control his fame comes early As does his collapsScore Massi is about to turn 18 years old A pop culture obsessed, pseudo vegetarian, atheist, pyromaniac, trapped within a rural northern Californian town, he longs for escape to a city life of fame and fortune He knows that he deserves nothing less But when the underground parties that Score hosts start to spiral out of control his fame comes early As does his collapse Inspired by pop stars, fashion models, celebrities, Internet porn, social networking, reality TV, sex, drugs and vegan banana bread, the Pop Kids shine an arc light on modern nihilism.

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    One thought on “Pop Kids”

    1. I'm assuming anyone who gives this book a five-star rating does not read very often. The ability to critically analyse, as mentioned by previous reviewers, also extends to your ability to recognise that a book you're reading is littered with misspellings and poor grammar, which this one is. It would be difficult to convince anyone that this book had an editor. The "Premiere" scenes, each of them given more pages than any character building, became monotonous and redundant, while scenes deserving [...]

    2. I swear to god most people that I’ve seen review Pop Kids negatively do not understand the points Davey was making through social commentary and satire. Really, don’t look down on a book just because you do not have the capacity to analyse it critically. Sorry if you don’t understand that brand of writing but maybe it wasn’t meant for you. (Disclaimer: if you understand the book and just legitimately don’t like it, you are entitled to your opinion. You are not required to like the book [...]

    3. It is like a cross between an autobiography and kiddie porn.I don’t know if it is awkward because I am an adult fan that has no interest in reading about scene kids having sex, or if it’s just awkward in general.Would I be wetting my pants over this if I was 14?Sadly there is no way to ever know.It's not bad, the descriptions and endless name checking and product placement is reminiscent of American Psycho and it would appear Bret Easton Ellis is a clear influence There are far worse books o [...]

    4. I'd follow Davey to the ends of the Earth, so it pains me that this was so awful. I get that none of the characters are supposed to be like able and that they are über pop cutler obsessed but the writing was most off putting. It tries to come off as witty and clever, but there is no flow to the story. He changed the characters names about a third into the book and overused words to death. This was so disappointing

    5. I want to preface this review with the revelation that I’m a bit of a Davey Havok fanboy. Once I thought Davey could do no wrong but Pop Kids changed all that for me.To cut it short, Pop Kids sucks. This is so obviously a vanity printing that no on even bothered to edit the book. Numerous misspellings and poor phrasing riddle the book. Some reviews I’ve read say the book is full of purple prose but that’s not true, the first half of the book is all purple, the rest of the book feels writte [...]

    6. First off, I love Davey Havok and AFI, which is pretty much the only reason I finished this book. Overall, I was very disappointed. It was not engaging, and it was honestly not all that interesting. It seemed like it tried to be overly hip and was primarily focused around sex and more sex.

    7. Just finished Pop Kids. This is not a review, these are just thoughts I had while reading this. Don’t read if you don’t want to be spoilered.(view spoiler)[I can’t wait for the drama to start as soon as some people have finished this book. This is actually everything I have expected from Davey’s first novel without noticing it until I finished it. This is about sex, about a new generation, about social media and about more sex. There is actually only a handful of chapters were isn’t se [...]

    8. I've been following Davey Havok's work since '96 and I always enter my first encounter with any new work he releases with trepidation. Pop Kids was no different and after the first 40 pages I wanted to stop reading. We know his unique lexicon and way with words from his songs but it seemed his novel writing was way too verbose. Some of the sentences seemed unbearable initially but he pulled back on his descriptions and the realism of the story took shape.In the end, I was fascinated how all the [...]

    9. I read this twice. (I often read books twice so that has nothing to do with me liking the book or not.) I have a difficult time with spelling errors. The distract me and make me angry at lack of editing. This books had it's share of misspelled words. I know these characters. I am/was friends with people just like them. Reading this book, I laughed many times and I rolled my eyes a lot. This is why I liked it.I think this book was be an EXCELLENT audiobook. I think more of the humor would shine a [...]

    10. If I ever met Davey Havok, I’d have to ask one thing: What’s the use of being superior to everyone who drinks alcohol and eats meat if you can’t map out a simple plot, punctuate a simple sentence, or intellectually unpack a single character in your own novel? This short review isn’t about the author, though, it’s about the book is just finished. It’s not good, that’s all. Pop Kids is not good at all. I'll still keep "Darling, I Want to Destroy You" on my running mix, to tell you th [...]

    11. If I could have given this negative stars, I would have. Davey Havok had a huge impact on my life in my younger years, and to this day I adore him as a lyricist. He should stick to that. Rarely do I not finish a book. I did not finish this piece of shit. It's the most contrived, arrogant, embarrassing attempt at a story I've ever read. Could this guy be more full of himself?! For shame, Davey. Go back to your superstar lifestyle and try to write some good music again.

    12. Atrocious. If I could give it zero stars, I would. Couldn't even finish it. Davey Havok should be ashamed of himself, if he has shame anymore. Too bad I kept it over 's refund limit, and that's really saying something since I've never had the urge to return a book in my life.

    13. As a longtime fan of Davey's music I really, really wanted to like this - but I could barely get through the sample.

    14. Before you start throwing rocks at me for ignoring all the typos and misspelling in the book, I would like to say that for me, this is irrelevant, as I’m trying to judge the book. The book as in the idea, the writing style, and the emotions that it gave me and could probably give you. Before picking up “Pop Kids”, I’ve seen its promo video and the web-site. I had no idea what was I about to read. I had no idea how would it turn out to be or how this all was gonna end. I’ve read some re [...]

    15. 2.5 starsDavey Havok’s look at teenagers living a superficial lifestyle based off of social media and pop cultural influences is an interesting premise and enough so that I picked up the book. This is not a book for everyone. These characters care about three things: 1) looking cool; 2) becoming famous; and 3) having sex. You could add on a fourth to include sex again because the majority of the book is sex. The many graphic descriptions of sex were a bit much for my personal tastes, but there [...]

    16. OuchIt pains me to give this one star. I thought about giving it two, but that would be an all out lie. I have loved Davey since I started listening to AFI when I was fifteen years old. That's over half of my life. Blaqk Audio is my favorite band.So how could I possibly fathom giving this one star? Easy I read it.I read it start to finish. Sure, it took a while, and honestly, there were times I just wanted to give up on it. But I felt like I had to push myself to complete this, because I wanted [...]

    17. SoI'm a big fan of AFI and of course Davey Havok despise all the bad comments around this bookI decided to read ite reason I'm giving it 3 stars is mainly because the book deserves 2 starts and the extra one is because Davey wrote itBeing honestif you can survive the first quarter of the booken it's quite nice and somehow interestingif you can't survive the first quarteren just drop the book and look for something elseDavey is a genius song writter and an amazing singerbut he's not a book author [...]

    18. I actually really loved it. It's pretty much the life of a typical teen boy with a twist to make it more interesting. I loved the fact that Score, like Davey Havok and myself, is straight edge. Being straight edge is very important to me and it was nice to actually see a character close to my age who believed in the same lifestyle. I also must say that this book was pretty good not only for being a book by a rockstar but because it was a novel by a rockstar and not just another autobiography. Wh [...]

    19. Despite the low quality of writing, I enjoyed this book. It's an indictment of the modern teenager's quest for fame at all costs. As Stella frequently says, it's not how you got thereThat said, it's descriptions of kiddie porn, plot points left dangling, and whoever "edited" this should get back into their 4th grade classroom pronto, there's an English lesson waiting for you!Word is, there's a sequel coming. I think I'll pass.

    20. Quizás no sea la mejor historia jamás escrita, pero yo disfruté el humor con que el escritor llena las páginas.No es una simple sátira a la cultura pop, sentí la historia como algo más.Amé y odié personajes a partes iguales y si algún día Mr. Havok escribe otro libro, seguramente lo leeré. Es una pena que aún no lo editen para el público hispano.

    21. I'm well aware of what Davey was trying to do, but this book is just awful. It's glorified fan fiction about himself that is littered with poor spelling.Do yourself a favor and leave this book alone.

    22. I wanted to love this book. However, I found it to be sophomoric for such a lyricist. The content was fine, in fact the ending was this novel's redeeming quality. The social commentary is spot on, it was the prose that was lacking.

    23. Being a Davey Havok, and AFI fan, I had high hopes for this book. This book is just name brand dropping and teenagers having sex. Not even the characters have anything deep or interesting about them. I got nothing out of this book. I failed to see what he was trying to do. Disappointing.

    24. I hated it and I could finish reading it. There was no story, no build up. A commentary on today's generation and social media? More like page after page of teenagers trying to figure out how to have sex with each other as much as possible, which would be fine if there was a sliver of a plot.

    25. Being a huge AFI fan, I could not pass up reading Davey’s first book. I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. Read The Rest Of My Review Here!

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