The Iron King From the publishers that brought you A Game of Thrones comes the series that inspired George R R Martin s epic work France became a great nation under Philip the Fair but it was a greatness achieved a

  • Title: The Iron King
  • Author: Maurice Druon Humphrey Hare
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  • Page: 159
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  • From the publishers that brought you A Game of Thrones comes the series that inspired George R.R Martin s epic work.France became a great nation under Philip the Fair but it was a greatness achieved at the expense of her people, for his was a reign characterized by violence, the scandalous adulteries of his daughters in law, and the triumph of royal authority.

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    1. "During his reign, France was a great country, and the French were the most miserable of all people."George R.R. Martin has apparently called The Accursed Kings, a seven-book historical novel series by Maurice Druon, 'the original game of thrones'. Which pretty much means that soon everyone and their grandma will be reading these.Well, for once I'm the cool kid (ahem, I mean, nerdy overachiever, of course) who can say - Well, I first read¹ these books years ago, having spent every penny of my s [...]

    2. “It must be admitted that such things were common coin of the period. Kingdoms were often handed over to adolescents, whose absolute power fascinated them as might a game. Hardly grown out of the age in which it is fun to tear the wings from flies, they might now amuse themselves by tearing the heads from men. Too young to fear or even imagine death, they would not hesitate to distribute it around them.” Philippe IV, the Fair, of FrancePhilip IV, known as Philip the Fair, came to the throne [...]

    3. No, I did not read this book, first in a series of seven, because the saga has been one of the sources for the Game of Thrones, about which, both in its book and filmed versions I know little more than this. No, I read it because I am interested in the end of the Capetians and the beginning of the Valois dynasty. In this novel we are presented with a few episodes at the end of the life of the King of France Philippe IV (1268-1314), le Bel. As his epithet indicates, he was a man considered of gre [...]

    4. So, this is being marketed as "the original Game of Thrones". With blurbs and a new introduction from George R.R. Martin himself. What an eye-catching endorsement! I was sold.Well, yes and no. It's actually quite different than GoT. But at the same time, I can see where it's an influence on Martin's story. Not the only one, but it's certainly there.That said, it's quite an enjoyable novel. It has held up well over time (published in 1955 originally) and survived translation (from French). It mov [...]

    5. Si no es un clásico de la literatura universal, esta novela es ya un clásico del género histórico. Bien documentada y entretenida, su interés no decae nunca. Acompañamos en ella a Felipe el Hermoso y a la familia real francesa a principios del trágico siglo XIV. Pero también se nos presentan otros personajes y dramas, como el de los Templarios cuando se abolió la orden, el de los banqueros italianos residentes en Francia, o el de nobles arruinados a punto de ser embargados.Aparte de la [...]

    6. Enough is enough. I'm giving up on this book. I - as I'm sure were many others - was lured into reading this on the promise of George RR Martin's recommendation: `This was the original Game of Thrones'. It wasn't, not even close. It's a history book disguised as a novel, written in a tedious and childish style.Harsh, I know. In its defence, it's an old book (1955) that's been recently re-launched and it's a translation - either or both of these elements could be the reason why this book didn't w [...]

    7. George R. R. Martin once wrote in a blog post that if you love his A Song of Ice and Fire series and are looking for "something like it", then you really need to check out The Iron King by Maurice Druon. In the newest edition of the book's foreword, he calls it the "original game of thrones" and credits it for being one of the great historical novels that inspired his own epic series. Even if I hadn't known all this, the parallels are clear; this is only the first book of The Accursed Kings seri [...]

    8. 4,5/5Une excellente lecture, pleine d'intrigues et de conspirations. L'Histoire comme un roman, passionnante et vivante !

    9. The Iron King is set in 1314, the year in which the Trial of the Templars reached its conclusion, and the French court was shocked by the Tower of Nesle affair. If you know what happens in these events, this novel is not for you. Prior knowledge will reduce the book to a travelogue featuring nothing but the drabbest of landmarks.The Iron King is Philip IV, called the Fair, ostensibly because he’s as pretty (and as sentimental) as a statue. Philip is obsessed with strengthening the monarchy of [...]

    10. Espectacular, increíble la manera de escribir de este autor. Te deja con ganas de más. Incluso a los que no les gusta la historia les va a encantar. Cuando termine los 7 hago una evaluación como corresponde, ahora es imposible.

    11. No me resisto a un libro de historia bien contado.Cuando los encuentro me pregunto por qué los profes del colegio no enseñan historia así.Un libro muy bien contado acerca del reinado de Felipe "el hermoso" y la maldición que recibió de los templarios.El ser humano ha estado dañado siempre, el poder, la ambición y la crueldad han sido parte de la historia desde que el hombre es protagonista de ella.Esta colección de siete libros es super recomendada para los amantes de la historia.

    12. 'Power is a bitter thing'An eminently readable historical novel, the first of seven, retelling the story of the Capet dynasty in medieval France. This first book follows Philippe IV (Philip the Fair) from his suppression of the Templars to his death in 1314.The book was originally published in 1955 and there is a slightly old-fashioned air to the narrative. It reminds me a little of Dumas but without the swashbuckling and sense of humour, especially his La Reine Margot, though this is lighter on [...]

    13. As Druon opens his series in the early 14th century, much is taking place in France. Philip IV has ultimate control of his subjects and has married his daughter, Isabella, to the King of England in hopes of holding some degree of control on the other side of the Channel. Philip has finally captured the leadership of the Knights Templar and is set to bestow the ultimate punishment, with the backing of the Church, to uphold his image as the Iron King. Even while Parisians support the religious gro [...]

    14. Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!A fascinating look at the events during the reign of France's Philip IV, and which directly led to the Hundred Years War between England and France. A bit dry, but long on detail and intrigue, and with an impressively large cast, The Iron King's influence on later novels, across genres, is undeniable. Widely read and recognized, Druon's epic work has been published and republished in the 50 years since it first came to be, but its story is as fresh [...]

    15. “This is the original Game of Thrones,” or so says the man who would know, George R.R. Martin, and The Iron King certainly has more than its share of murder, adultery, conspiracy, star-crossed lovers and bloody-minded cruelty. The only thing it doesn’t have is dragons (unless you count the ones on heraldic devices). It’s an account of the last days of the Capetian dynasty of France, when the feudal society of the Middle Ages was giving way to the modern state, and England and France beca [...]

    16. “The Iron King” by Maurice Druon follows the intrigues, passions, murders, and backstabbing within the French dynasty in the 1300s. It was originally published in French in the 1950s, and is the first book in the Accursed Kings series (there are seven in all, and they follow the story of the dynasty after it’s—you guessed it, cursed—in the first book, by the unfairly executed Grand Master Jacques de Molay).I like historical fiction novels, and Druon’s series was very popular when it [...]

    17. The Iron King, dubbed the original Game of Thrones by George R R Martin, follows Philip the Fair at the end of the final trial for the powerful Knights of the Templar. I'm guilty of reading this because of George R R Martin. The wait for The Winds of Winter is proving to be more difficult than I thought so I grabbed the next best thing. Throughout the entire book you can clearly see the parallels to A Song of Ice and Fire. I may have read too much into some smaller details, but it was nonetheles [...]

    18. Like many people, I decided to pick this up after GRRM's recommendation. In one of his blog post he calles this book the 'original Game of Thrones'. Well, I could spot some similarities but despite it and GRMM's claims, I really don't think A Song of Ice and Fire resembles this book. So if you pick this up expecting another GoT, you may be slightly disappointed. But just like A song of Ice and fire series, this book is full of court intrigues, betrayals, gruesome executions and sex sex sex. Need [...]

    19. The Accursed Kings Series Books 1-3: The Iron King, The Strangled Queen, The Poisoned Crown is a sequence of seven historical novels by French author Maurice Druon about the French monarchy in the 14th century. The Iron King is the first book in this series which has been translated into English. King Philip the Fair rules with an iron fist, but is surrounded by scandal and intrigue. This is a book filled with scandal, murder, political intrigue, sex and espionage. It is perfect for those who lo [...]

    20. The Iron King is the first in the series of novels known as The Accursed Kings, originally written in French by Maurice Druon in 1955. Dubbed by George R.R. Martin as 'the original Game of Thrones', they have recently been translated into English by Humphrey Hare and are being re-released by Harper books.I have to confess something. I bought this book because I liked the cover. That's it. They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but with this one I did.Thankfully, I really enjoyed this [...]

    21. Okay, so the George R. R. Martin intro sold me a little, as he credits this with some of the inspiration for A Song of Ice and Fire. This is the first novel of a series of seven, I believe, written in French and begun in the 1950s, and dealing with the Hundred Years War between France and England. It is interesting to pick up on the elements that Martin borrowed for his own series (the litany of names that the Templar Jacques de Molay repeatedly utters to remind himself of those who have wronged [...]

    22. A fun romp through medieval France (to be specific, 1314). Recommended.For a further review: susannagoklikes/post/83 .

    23. This is an enjoyable and well written novel about Philippe le Bel, the Iron King and father to Isabella the so-called she-wolf of France.

    24. This is a fictional treatment of Philip IV of France. I read it to get some perspective his persecution of the Templars. It was a short book and I got a flavor for the times and a bit about the Templars. As a novel I found it wanting. The book is basically 3 stories that are are not well tied together; neither are some of the episodes within them. While the main character is not developed, what is really missing from this book is “why”. It begins with the persecution of the Templars which is [...]

    25. "History is a novel that has been lived, a novel is history that could have been."E. & J. DE GoncourtA few months ago, I decided to re-read George RR Martin's wonderful "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. I wanted to catch up with his amazingly flawed characters, foibles and all, remind myself of the primary plots, and catch the myriad of subplots that I missed the first time around. I got through "Game of Thrones" and "Clash of Kings" before I needed to take a little breather. I poked ar [...]

    26. I can see why George RR Martin has chosen to call this the original Game of Thrones, obviously the history of the Hundred Years War can be seen as a partial inspiration for the title of his first book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. However this first book from Maurice Druon's series makes for a more laboured read. I'm not sure if it is the translation that is the issue with it, but I thought that it fluctuated between rather florid and rather dry styles. The period in which it was written m [...]

    27. The Iron King by Maurice Druon is a historical novel that is about to be read by a large number of fantasy readers, mostly on the strength of a little quote by one George R.R. Martin on its cover. Ready for it? Here it comes: “This is the original Game of Thrones.”I have to admire the decision to place this quote at the very top of this book cover, because there is no other way that an almost sixty-year-old historical novel set mostly in 14th Century France would cross over to fantasy fans a [...]

    28. This was a fabulous, fast-paced book covering the year 1314. Phillip the Fair of France decides to burn the Grand Master of the Templar Knights, not his first cruel act of so-called justice in the name of the crown but certainly one of his last. There is not a dull moment in this novel between scheming Isabella, who wants everyone to be as miserable as she is, the naive and selfish Burgundian princesses, and all those who are vying for the position of the king's right hand man. While the charact [...]

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