The Secret Keeper Readers Eagerly Await the Latest from Beverly Lewis the Name in Amish FictionWith her love for all things old fashioned Jennifer Burns has often been told she s an old soul but no one is prepared

  • Title: The Secret Keeper
  • Author: BeverlyLewis
  • ISBN: 9780764211485
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Readers Eagerly Await the Latest from Beverly Lewis, the 1 Name in Amish FictionWith her love for all things old fashioned, Jennifer Burns has often been told she s an old soul, but no one is prepared for the young woman s decision to set aside her modern life in favor of the Old Order Amish world Yet Jenny does exactly that, adopting Plain dress and settling in with SReaders Eagerly Await the Latest from Beverly Lewis, the 1 Name in Amish FictionWith her love for all things old fashioned, Jennifer Burns has often been told she s an old soul, but no one is prepared for the young woman s decision to set aside her modern life in favor of the Old Order Amish world Yet Jenny does exactly that, adopting Plain dress and settling in with Samuel and Rebecca Lapp while she works as a mother s helper for the bishop s wife a far cry from her former job as an x ray technician.The people of Hickory Hollow are curious about the beautiful young seeker among them, one handsome Amishman in particular But he is not the only man vying for Jenny s affections, and Jenny faces many challenges in the Proving time the brethren have set for herallenges of the heart, as well as the spirit.Will Jenny s secrets keep her from the peace she longs for Or will they lead the way home

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    One thought on “The Secret Keeper”

    1. This is really good. It's my favorite book in the series so far. It's good enough that I might say that it's my favorite book I've read by this author. I cannot wait for the next book in the series. Highly recommended.

    2. Think it would be wonderful to join the Amish and get away from all the troubles of life? Jenny thinks so too, and you can join her in her "Proving" time to get a feel for the fantasy. Everything is NOT perfect and simple for Jenny though.What happens when "the seeker" falls in love with an Amishman and he returns the feelings? Will the Amish community accept them as a couple? what about his annoying sister, Emmalynn, who seems determined to ruin things for Jenny at every turn? Who will teach Je [...]

    3. I have read this on the kindleThis is the 4th book in the Hickory Hollow series & it was a great oneYou have Jenny who is i guess you could say a old fashion girl who wants nothing more than to live AmishShe had been writing to her Amish Friend for years & finally decides to go AmishShe feels the odd one out in her family & she don't tell them what she is doing but let them believe she going away for a long vacantionShe Struggles with trying to Prove herself & it a story of if sh [...]

    4. This is a wunderbar gut book! Beverly Lewis writes with amazing detail and clarity, drawing the reader into the lives of her characters as if they are real people; our friends, family, loved ones. When I requested this book for review, I didn't realize it was the fourth book in the Home to Hickory Hollow series, so going back there was a treat for me. I enjoyed the glimpse into what’s been happening the last few years since Katie’s shunning.I think this book brings a good comparison to those [...]

    5. I recently received a complimentary copy of The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis from Bethany House. As always, with any Beverly Lewis book, I loved it. Beverly Lewis has such an insight with the Amish culture. I find the Amish lifestyle fascinating. Even though a lot of Beverly's books are about the Amish, they each have a new approach, so you don't feel like you're reading the same story, just with new characters. This is the fourth book in the Home to Hickory Hollow series. I've only read two o [...]

    6. I was carried away with the life of Jenny Burns. Would I freely give up everything I've ever known and my way of life to live "Plain?" Jenny is searching for a place where she truly fits in. Jenny feels her family doesn't understand her nor do they seem interested in her or anything she does. Would she dare leave the English world and try making it in the "Plain" world? A world she has always been fascinated with since she was a child?The Author Beverly Lewis has spun a wonderful story. The char [...]

    7. This book put me through an emotional and spiritual wringer! It made me stop and consider my own relationship with God, as it spoke of a young woman trying to make her way into the Amish Faith and how she was supposed to uphold its tenants when asked to keep a secret that would be harmful to her hostess' standing in the community. The romance in it was very subtle, only supporting the quest of the main heroine, Jenny, and not overshadowing it. It was a unique story line, but where I was liking i [...]

    8. Jennifer Burns is an unusual girl: she loves everything to do with the past. Her fascination leads her to renounce her home and the modern life to live in the Amish community of Hickory Hollow. Once there, she must adapt to a simpler but harder way of life. While she wants to belong, she also struggles with the concept of shunning and the heartbreak that the Lapp family goes through. She left behind a puzzled boyfriend and a family who doesn't understand her, and now an Amish man has taken an in [...]

    9. Absolutely loved this!! This is the 4th book in the Home to Hickory Hollow series (5th book to be released next month). In this book, we meet Jenny Burns, an Englischer who has always longed for a simpler, plain life. She decides to sell her car, home & most of her "worldly" posessions in favor of moving to Hickory Hollow. While there, Jenny is known as a Seeker, someone who is desiring to become Amish. She goes through her "Proving" time. When faced with secrets, will she be able to keep th [...]

    10. They just keep getting better! Jenny burns grew up feeling the need to live a simple life. After meeting Marnie, an Amish girl, she starts making plans to become Amish herself. Upon arriving in Hickory Hollow, One of the first people she meets is Marnie's cousin Andrew who takes to her almost immediately. But there are so many secrets and they get in the way. How can she prove herself when any of those secrets on its own could prove her failure? I really liked how the whole story went. Each part [...]

    11. Well-written with interesting characters by an author who has an Amish heritage. Several of the characters in this novel are the family of Katie Lapp, who was the main character of the author's famous book "The Shunning". It is interesting to see the tables turn as an "Englischer" comes to live with them in hopes of becoming Amish.

    12. The problem with Beverly Lewis' books is that I always feel like they are always trying to be interconnected, and they mention random people who I don't know and don't really care about. This was an okay read. Not great, not terrible. It wasn't one of my favorites. I found Jenny to be kind of annoying because every other page she's like "I will pass my Proving!" and then two lines later she would be like "I'll never make it!" even though she'd only been there a few days or weeks. These things ta [...]

    13. This is the only book I have read of this Hickory Hollow series and after reading this one will try to get to read the other three. I love how Jennifer Burns wish for a more simple life the different is that many of us wish for the slower more family orientated life without giving up the conveniences of today’s world. Her yearning for a quieter and less rushed life was something she enjoyed looking forward from a young woman. I love how she planned ahead even knowing that things are not always [...]

    14. Plain livingI very much enjoyed this book. The whole series was wonderful. I thank Beverly Lewis for the inspiration she provides. "The Secret Keeper" was especially a special read for me. We often get so caught up in this world. Jenny had the right idea in going into the "plain life." To focus on the things of God and His will for our lives should be our focus. I admire the Amish people for their minimalistic life style. Thank you Mrs. Lewis for a wonderful thought provoking book. I look forwar [...]

    15. This is # 4 in the Home to Hickory Hollow series. I plan to find the others in the series. In this one, Jennifer Burns has decided that she wants to join the Amish community. She felt so out of place in the English world. She learns some secrets that she promised not to tell. Can she still join the Amish Church?

    16. Amish ways of life l enjoy this authers writings With each book i read i find new and interesting things about the Amish ways of life

    17. This is a story of an Englischer who is drawn to the Amish way of life. I felt that Jennifer was trying to hard (high expectations) during her Proving to show not only the People but herself that she could belong. When she discovers her mentor’s secret and is asked not to reveal it, Jennifer is torn in her decision and returns home to the English world. Can she survive the modern world or will her longing for the Amish bring her ‘home’.

    18. In this delightful tale by Beverly Lewis, we get to see a glimpse of what it would be like to join an Amish community as an “Englisher.” For those of us who spend our days inundated by electricity and media and busyness, the simple, wholesome life of the Amish can seem quite appealing when we read about it in books. I am sure that I am not the only person who has read a story set in an Amish community and sort of wished I could live there with the characters. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not [...]

    19. Jennifer Burns (also know as Jenny), was raised in a well-to-do family that enjoys the everyday pleasures the modern world has to offer. Always the loner, Jenny enjoyed all things old. Antiques, clothes, books, journals, you name it. She went to Sunday school a couple of times as a kid, but her parents didn't really care about her walk with the Lord. She needed peace. She needed a place to come closer to God and embrace her love for simplicity, and becoming Amish seemed like just the ticket. She [...]

    20. Jenny Burns was twenty five years old and still trying to fit in somewhere. She lived in an impressive Connecticut estate since she was a child. Jennie was accused of being straight out of the nineteenth century. The ideal world to Jenny was to live in a simple era, where people actually listened to each other - a gloriously peaceful world that was firmly grounded into the past. Jenny was willing to give up her worldly ways to follow her dreams and follow in the Amish tradition. Connecticut real [...]

    21. This is the first book in this series I have read, but the story didn’t leave me missing anything from the previous books. Beverly Lewis is on my favorite authors list. I have never read one of her books I didn’t enjoy.The story line was very different. While so many stories involve Amish who want to leave the life and become “Englishers”, this one is about an “Englisher” that to wanted to leave the world and become Amish!From the time she was young, Jenny Burns had been drawn to the [...]

    22. Two words that make this entire series worth reading: Ella Mae. Yep…I just love the old wise woman of Hickory Hollow and I pretty much pick up any book that she’s going to be in! This book was a little different in that it was about an Englisher who wants to be Amish rather than about an Amishwoman who wishes to be English! I loved the book—a lot! If you’re looking for a series to pick up I do strongly suggest the Home to Hickory Hollow series. However, if you haven’t read “The Shunn [...]

    23. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the other three books in this set and I must say that this one has been my favorite thus far – unlike other Amish fiction – this book tells the story of Jenny who is a Seeker and wants to leave her fancy life behind and become an Amishwoman. I used to think that as well but I know that while I do things to try to simplify I couldn’t live as an Amishwoman – I need my air conditioning in the summer months – so the whole aspect of becoming Amish really s [...]

    24. Jenny Burns has been fascinated by the Amish lifestyle since childhood, but no one expects her to quit her job and move to Hickory Hollow. Having been pen pals with a young Amish woman, Marnie Lapp, for many years, Jenny finds lodging with Marnie's uncle and aunt, Samuel and Rebecca. Although it will take many months before she is approved for baptism, Jenny is being mentored by Rebecca in the skills needed by an Amish woman. While she is seeking to convert to Amish, some of the young people in [...]

    25. Like many of us who enjoy reading about the Amish, Jenny Burns has contemplated what it would be like to live amongst the Old Order Amish. Jenny, however, has taken steps to make this dream a reality — trading letters with a member of the Hickory Hollow Amish community to establish a connection, selling all her worldly possessions and leaving her job before moving to Hickory Hollow to join the community as prospective convert.Given the premise, I expected to enjoy this story, but I found mysel [...]

    26. REVIEWI'm a lover of Amish books. THE SECRET KEEPER is part of a series but is also a stand along read. Once I picked up the book I couldn't let go. I loved the characters, especially the main character, Jennifer. Jenny thought it would be great to get away from all her troubles and join the Amish. Jenny is soon to find out that everything is not perfect and simple in the Amish way of living. Jenny falls for an Amish man and he falls too. What about the relationship between Emmalynn and Jenny.? [...]

    27. When an average American girl, what the Amish consider an Englisher, truly has the desire to become Amish and live the Amish life, not only does she find a hard road ahead of her, but learns a lot about herself on the way. Making friends with special people in Hickory Hollow as she learns this new life brings her heart such joy in the beginning. Relationships change, the way her family and friends back home view her change, and one of the biggest decisions of her life lies just ahead of her.This [...]

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