Courted My name is Yanna Everleigh I used to think playing hard to get would be enough to keep gorgeous sexy billionaires away well at least the kind who didn t do love at least But I was wrong If anything

  • Title: Courted
  • Author: Marian Tee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My name is Yanna Everleigh I used to think playing hard to get would be enough to keep gorgeous, sexy billionaires away well, at least the kind who didn t do love at least But I was wrong If anything, it just made my billionaire get even, leaving us both brokenhearted.His name is Constantijin Kastein He blows hot and cold, acting like he doesn t know the meaning of rMy name is Yanna Everleigh I used to think playing hard to get would be enough to keep gorgeous, sexy billionaires away well, at least the kind who didn t do love at least But I was wrong If anything, it just made my billionaire get even, leaving us both brokenhearted.His name is Constantijin Kastein He blows hot and cold, acting like he doesn t know the meaning of romance but then he sweeps me off my feet with the adorable little things he does He makes me want to be his, even though he seems to want other women, too But he s also Netherlands 1 playboy and I m the only virgin he hasn t been able to bed I have to be sure he doesn t just see me as a challenge.Maybe if I ask him to court me maybe if I pretend other men are also courting me pretend that I m like him and I can want other men, too maybe he ll finally stop trying to seduce me.Or not.

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    One thought on “Courted”

    1. What is wrong with you people?"It was my greatest fear, something I couldn't even share with my friends. I didn't want them to know that I might just be weak enough to still take Constantijin back even if he had slept with another woman.n."And she's grateful to him for not cheating on her.n. Grateful? Rather then something she should bloody expect from the guy who's courting/dating her. It's her bloody right to expect him to keep it in his pants. Loser.Seriously, he's a total douche who should b [...]

    2. I would like to ask you a couple of questions. A) Why hasn't Yanna googled yet the world schat? I am more than curious to see what means. (BTW I googled it) B) Wasn't Constantijin the one who suggested to keep their relationship a secret for a while? Why is he *itching now then? C) Why Yanna wants more time? I doubt her reasoning.Despite those questions I liked the book. Constantijin and Yanna are still playing their game but this time both are pushing the other and both are retreating. Mr Fix i [...]

    3. Another great book in the How to Not be Seduced by a Billionaire series!Constantijin and Yanna are back with their complicated relationship. There are still problems of trust between the couple as they try to make their relationship work.Yanna and Constantijin take a break because he screwed up royally and drove Yanna away. While she is hosting his mother's birthday party, she learns that he told his mother everything about their relationship and suddenly thrusts back into his arms and captivati [...]

    4. La misma mierda con distinto nombre.Lo siento, sé que estoy siendo desagradable pero es que esta serie en general es DESAGRADABLE. Hay tantas cosas mal en este libro, por ejemplo:• La protagonista, ya hemos entendido todos que es tonta perdida y que a ella la manejan las hormonas incluso a pesar de que es virgen y pura. Así que ahora también hay que sumarle su falta de compresión y entendimiento cuando le hablan. Porque ella no ha dejado de repetir que quiere encontrar el amor como el que [...]

    5. the-book-diariesMarian has come up with the cutest idea for these stories. How Not To Be Seduced By Billionaires as a whole was entertaining and enjoyable, definitely worth the price. They are shorter stories but Marian makes it work because she gets everything you need within these pages. Courted begins off right after book 1, Chased, with Yanna back from her Vegas trip. This book is about the aftermath of Yanna's demand of Constantijin to enter into a relationship with her. I enjoyed this book [...]

    6. I don’t know how Marian did it, but she drew me into this trilogy without me even knowing it. I truly enjoyed this series. It was funny, sexy, and hot. I purchased the first installment when it was free back in February. I just started reading it April 1 and I was so eager to find out about Yanny and Constantijin that by Tuesday night I purchased ($6.00) and finished both copies that same night. That’s how much I enjoyed reading the story. Now, that’s not my usual M.O. I usually stalk the [...]

    7. Ah Constantijin is at it again and his version of courting Yanna was cute, sexy and funny in his playboy alpha male way. it was nice to see the relationship he has with his mother and how it playeed into meeting Yanna. Ah Mr. Fix it is never far behind, Drake is hot and never too far from Yanna to catch her when she falls. She really needs to either lift her dress a little when she walks or just plain fix the damn hem.It was painful to see the break-up. Seeing the man you love withdraw from you [...]

    8. In the second book of this series, Yanna and Constantijin's story continues. It is a very short read, just about the same lenght as the first book, but I liked this book better.In Courted, I started to HATE Constantijin. He was an obnoxious and controling asshole, who really didn't deserve Yanna.But I also thought that Yanna deserved some of the things he did. She was, most of the time, a cock tease. And seriously, you don't do what she did to a grown man. That's just mean.Just as in the first b [...]

    9. So, this novel had the whole package for me:Hot Alpha Male-checkBad Boy with serious commitment issues-checkYoung, beautiful, innocent girl striving for independence-checkLove Triangle-checkDevastating heartbreak-checkDrama-check, check, checkHot and steamy love scenes-checkIntense Pain and Angst-checkNO CLIFF HANGER!!!!-checkThis novel was sooooo much better than I expected! Believe me, once your get into it, you won't want to put it down!

    10. I found this book interesting. I wasn't sure what to expect. But I found that I had to read all of it to find out what happens. This is a story about the lessons of dating a billionaire. Quite cute actually. Good light read.

    11. Although this was a great book, I still liked the first one better. I thought Constantijin was such a jerk in this one. I hope he redeems himself in the next book because right now he's on my shit list lol.

    12. Did not get too sleep till 5:15 a.m. because I could not put this three part series down!!!! Marian is a very good author. Once you have read one of her books, you will be hooked!

    13. Marian Tee is amazingly awesome at writing such intense passionate smutt! Thank god I bought all 3 at once or else I'd be dying for the next book! Wonderful book!

    14. Part 2 was better than the first book. Yanna Everleigh has denied she wants Constantijin Kastein, in fact she continues to say they aren't together. Which as we know, they end up getting together but not without a few bumps and bruises along the way. Constantijin drove Yanna away and now they have a lot of trust issues. I love how this book goes deeper into Constantijin Kastein background, you get to learn about his mom and the reason he reacts to things. My favorite part of the book was when Ya [...]

    15. I LOVED this series!!! I read it as a set so my review is for all 4 books. The writing style, storyline and humor was amazing, I want another story so bad.Yanna, Constantijin Kastein's schat, was a great heroine. She was strong and had a backbone but had a big stubborn streak that at times seemed like she was fighting herself. I was glad when she had moments of clarity and gave in as that showed a lot of character too. To say she was super sheltered as a child and young adult, she had a good hea [...]

    16. A continuation of Yanna & Constantijin's story. In this portion Constantijin agrees to court Yanna, but he wants to make sure no one knows about it. Sex scenes were hot, but too much back and forth. When she tells him he's going to take her virginity he doesn't seem to react, but just goes with it. He didn't know she was a virgin before, but he acts like he knew this the whole time. I think if he did know from the beginning then he would've understood a little bit of where Yanna was coming f [...]

    17. Courted (How Not to Be Seduced by Billionaires) by author Marian Tee is part to of the series “How Not To Be Seduced by Billionaires”. This was an amazing book for me. In fact I did not put it down from start to finish. I loved the sexual tension betweetn Yanna and Constantijin. Constantijin is one alpha male that makes me want one. I loved how Marian Tee allowed me to enjoy fantasy but reminded me that we live in the real world. Take it from this reader, you will love this series. To be hon [...]

    18. Just keep getting better. I understand Yanna wants to put off letting everyone know about them. She has way more to lose then he does plus he already let her know what to expect. For him to catch an attitude was selfish I thought he would pull back when he found out her sexual status but of course he didn't. He's willing to take something he can't give back and possibly cause her to suffer through the back talk and jabs of her co-workers for nothing in return. I don't think she should've chased [...]

    19. This second installment to the series was another fun and quick read for me. In this sequel, Constantijin's and Yanna's relationship has progressed to courting, as indicated by the title of the book. It was more of a cat-and-mouse interaction - sometimes frustrating, sometimes heartwarming, and sometimes exceptionally steamy. It was interesting seeing Constantijin and Yanna getting to know each other beyond the superficial insta-lust. Another enjoyable read. On to the next one!

    20. Please write more! I loved this series so much, the characters are utterly enthralling. I loved the play between them, the insecurities and vulnerability they displayed. The plot was interesting and engaging, I was very tired for work because of this book ha ha. I couldn't stop reading until I finished it. This writer has very real talent, huge fan!

    21. ¡¡¡¡Me encantó!!!!Marian Tee me tuvo releyendo Park & Violet al menos cinco veces pero luego me encuentro con esta historia y quedé sin recuperarme por el resto del día, me dio literalmente resaca literaria, estoy esperando tener en mis manos la última parte de esta trilogía y seguir disfrutando de la historia de Yanna y Constantijin.

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