King Solomon s Wives Addicted In the aftermath of a brutal coordinated attack by male Hunters the descendants of King Solomon s harem have gone into hiding Terrified hungry and mourning the loss of their Sisters they live in

  • Title: King Solomon's Wives: Addicted
  • Author: Holly McDowell
  • ISBN: 9781937804213
  • Page: 116
  • Format: ebook
  • In the aftermath of a brutal, coordinated attack by male Hunters, the descendants of King Solomon s harem have gone into hiding Terrified, hungry, and mourning the loss of their Sisters, they live in fear and isolation, trying to avoid capture and hoping to find a way to reach each other.Unaware of their plight is Sonya, a rogue Wife who ran away to Las Vegas when she vioIn the aftermath of a brutal, coordinated attack by male Hunters, the descendants of King Solomon s harem have gone into hiding Terrified, hungry, and mourning the loss of their Sisters, they live in fear and isolation, trying to avoid capture and hoping to find a way to reach each other.Unaware of their plight is Sonya, a rogue Wife who ran away to Las Vegas when she violated the clan s cardinal rule falling in love with a man Now married and coping with her husband s addiction to the chemicals in her skin, Sonya lives in self made exile, knowing that if they are discovered, the clan will punish her and kill her husband Ashe.But when Wives turn up in Vegas held hostage by Hunters, Sonya can only save them by revealing herself, potentially sacrificing her freedomd Ashe s life.Her family, her conscience, and thousands of years of historical bonds are at stake And once again, Sonya will have to choose between duty and loveDICTED is Episode Two of the King Solomon s Wives series Episode One, HUNTED, available now book show 13

    Solomon Biblical account The life of Solomon is primarily described in the second Book of Samuel, and by Chronicles and Kings.His two names mean peaceful and friend of God, both appropriate to the story of his rule.Chronology The conventional dates of Solomon s reign are derived from biblical chronology and are set from c to BCE Regarding the Davidic dynasty, to which King Solomon Phoenician Design of King Solomon s Temple The inside of King Solomon s Temple The version linked to this thumbnail is medium To view an extra large image click this second link Note to Sunday School teachers You are welcome to use any material from this site just as long as you provide reference that includes my name, the name of the site and the URL i.e Salim Khalaf, A Bequest Unearthed, Phoenicia Encyclopedia Phoenicia King Solomon Solomon s Temple Crystalinks History Solomon s Temple also known as the First Temple was, according to the Torah and the Bible, the first Jewish temple in Jerusalem It functioned as a religious focal point for worship and the sacrifices known as the korbanot in ancient Judaism. King Solomon s Wives, Concubines and Lovers King Solomon s Wives, Concubines and Lovers King Solomon evidently loved many foreign women including the Queen of Sheba Kings besides the harem of noted as wives and concubines that came from many different peoples. King Solomon s Palace in Jerusalem Women In The Bible The Harem in Solomon s palace Solomon s wives were housed in their own separate quarters the harem It was a no go zone for any males other than the king Naturally, women of higher rank and greater wealth got the best quarters. The Project Gutenberg E text of King Solomon s Mines, by H KING SOLOMON S MINES CHAPTER I I MEET SIR HENRY CURTIS It is a curious thing that at my age fifty five last birthday I should find myself taking up a pen to try to write a history. King Solomon s Children Aeragon King Solomon s Children Scripture clearly records that Solomon had one son, Rehoboam Kings and two daughters Kings , The Kebra Nagast contains a legend that Solomon sired a son with the Queen of Sheba and that she returned to her own land long before this child was born. King Solomon s Great Construction Achievements Tales of Description of King Solomon s great construction achievements and the temple in Jerusalem Part of the King Solomon Legend tales and stories at King Solomon Legend. King Solomon The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived Meet King Solomon The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived Israel s third king teaches an important lesson for people today Bathsheba King Solomon s Canaanite Mother Black History Mar , Was Solomon s mother a descendant of Ham This might be hard for many to accept, but the evidence points to the very fact that Bathsheba was not a Hebrew.If you ve already read my previous article, Uriah Bathsheba s African Husband and David s Mighty Man, then you know that Bathsheba was originally married to a black man from the line of Ham.

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    One thought on “King Solomon's Wives: Addicted”

    1. Without skipping a beat, Holly McDowell does a great job picking up exactly where the reader leaves off in Hunted. I was instantly right smack in the middle of the book unable to put it down. In Addicted, we follow the story of Mina and Sonya, both on the run from the clan. Mina decides to leave the clan due to her pregnancy and the stricter regimen imposed on them by the ever watchful Dilara after the escape of Sumarra. Sumarra, who in this part is more of a ghost character than actually having [...]

    2. >*I DO NOT RECAP THE BOOKS IN MY REVIEWS, THAT IS WHAT THE BOOK DESCRIPTION IS FOR. NOR DO I HAVE SPOILERS* You can read this review and many more kick ass reviews and other fun things at abitchandabook. Overall Rating[image error]This book was an incredible read. I was blown away so much by the storyline in the first book that I had to read this book right after the first one! It is so creative, I am impressed by the how the author created the ideas and wove it all together in this wonderful [...]

    3. Wow. I feel like I should have seen that ending coming, but the last chapter completely caught me off guard. That happens a lot in this book - things come out of nowhere and surprise you. This is a second book in a series, and in my review of the first book I said that the book would have benefitted from being longer. The first book builds up the story and gives background information really well, so when it comes to the second book (this one) the reader is thrown straight into the middle of eve [...]

    4. Please note that this is the second of a series. Click here to see my review of this first volume.Overall, I greatly enjoyed the story. It is very well written. We meet a new character, Sonya and we also get a lot of perspective from Mina. I pity these girls/young women for the life the lead. The moving, the secrecy, lack of trust, etc is sad to think about. It is no way to live. Yet it has been ground into them over the centuries. while Sonya has managed to break free, and Mina wishes to, there [...]

    5. Glad to hear more of the story of the wives. Learning about the addiction details was sad but believable. This book is darker and sadder than Hunted, but I think it was a better episode.I think Hunted should've been Part I, Addicted could've been Part II and the next book could be Part III and published in the same book. Not enough happens in these short episodes to be considered a full book.Warning another cliffhanger ending.With-reservations:addiction, violence, torture, murderFor-review:Recei [...]

    6. Id been eagerly awaiting this second installment in the King Solomon's Wives series and the waiting was not in vain. I love, love, love the history of the Wives, being descendants of Sheba whose touch is addictive. McDowell does such a wonderful job of weaving the present day struggles of the women with the ancient rules that govern their lives. It's so realistic that living in modern society where young women would want to be free to live within instead of without or outside the world at large, [...]

    7. I loved this follow-up to "Hunted." Holly McDowell does an amazing job of building a world that feels totally realistic; I didn't find myself questioning the more "fantastic" elements of the story, like the Wives' power to addict men with their touch and their memories that extend to generations past. I was completely pulled into the story - which is part thriller, part monomyth - and was especially impressed with the author's ability to create empathy for Wives like Dilara. By skipping back and [...]

    8. I feel like every woman sometimes has to choose between what she wants to do and what she has to do. The story of Sonya and Ashe, their true love, his addiction to her touch, and the fact that she might have to sacrifice it all to save heir sisters is well addictive. I love the loyalty of the sisterhood, despite the harsh terms of its membership and can't help but feel sorry for the men that hunt them - soulless, and unable to love. Book two is an apt sequel, taking us deeper into this unique an [...]

    9. Oh, so good! I won't summarize the story, as other reviewers have done so nicely. This second installment skillfully cross-cuts between several rather harrowing contemporary storylines, with occasional flashbacks woven in. It's quite thrilling--I found myself rushing to find out what happened, and had to make myself slow down to savor it. Now I'm so anxious to read the NEXT installment. Yeah, I'm addicted. ;-)

    10. I love this sequel to King Solomon's Wives: Hunted. Each chapter is so suspenseful, it was a definite page turner. The author introduces us to a new wife, Sonya who offers a unique perspective on being a Wifeor in her case, being the rebellious Wife. Holly continues to weave each Wife's history into their current day conflict. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book.

    11. I prefer to look at this episodic novel as one long noveld so far the story is good. The plotline is interesting, and I connected fairly easily with most of the Wives.

    12. Liked the first oneloved this one! Each one has ended with a big cliffhanger! Can't waitto see where the next one goes.

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