Bound by Him The Billionaire s Club The wealthiest most powerful men not only in Chicago but in the world They are used to having whatever they want whenever they want it Oil tycoon Andrew Fairchild would sell

  • Title: Bound by Him
  • Author: Red Garnier
  • ISBN: 9781466833463
  • Page: 396
  • Format: ebook
  • The Billionaire s Club The wealthiest, most powerful men, not only in Chicago, but in the world They are used to having whatever they want, whenever they want it.Oil tycoon Andrew Fairchild would sell his soul to protect Whitney Donahue She s the one girl he s loved his whole life And when tragedy strikes and Andrew needs to leave, he s determined to keep Whitney froThe Billionaire s Club The wealthiest, most powerful men, not only in Chicago, but in the world They are used to having whatever they want, whenever they want it.Oil tycoon Andrew Fairchild would sell his soul to protect Whitney Donahue She s the one girl he s loved his whole life And when tragedy strikes and Andrew needs to leave, he s determined to keep Whitney from knowing where he s going, and why But when he finally comes home, he discovers that Whitney is no longer the vulnerable young girl he left behind She s all woman and she awakens his darkest passions with an intensity that threatens to consume them both.Whitney never loved anyone the way she loved Andrew Fairchild and no one hurt her the way he did When he returns, her body remembers his touch all too well and while Whitney is rendered helpless by his expert seduction, glorying in the way he forces her to surrender her body, she vows never to give him her heart again But never is not a word in Andrew s vocabulary When a madman threatens Whitney s life and the past they ve struggled for years to put behind them haunts them once , this sexy billionaire is even determined to fight for her and fight not only for her heart, but for the very life of the woman he s bound to him forever.Red Garnier takes readers deep into a world of incredible emotion and undeniable power and possession.Also, don t miss CLAIMED BY HIM and TAKEN BY HIM, the first two unforgettable stories in The Billionaire s Club, available now.

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    One thought on “Bound by Him”

    1. "There's a little string" - he pointed at his chest and then at hers - "from here to here. I don't need to tie you. We're bound to each other, wherever we are, whether we like it or not."He’d been her one and only love. He’d been her safe haven. He’d freed her from hell and taken her to heaven, and then he’d left her for three years.Andrew Fairchild fell for Whitney Donahue hard and fast. He knew right away that she is the only woman for him. Their love was strong and he knew he would do [...]

    2. I loved this book! I think it's the first book where I could really feel how gone for each other main characters were!Both were so obsessed with one another, no one else existed for them! And their matching tattoos? So romantic, especially the meaning behind it for hero and how he always made sure they touched during their love making!Hero was simply perfect!Although I was annoyed slightly with h, I could understand where she was coming from. I wish it was longer and for some epilogue with babie [...]

    3. 3.75 stars (view spoiler)[-Hero is 6years older than h -He saw her when she was fifteen,he waited for h & did not date other girls, It's not mentioned if he hooked up with ow or not after seeing h but i think he did not! For me a safe book is when am sure H is celibate after seeing h but here it did not bother me that much because i could see that the Hero was really in love with h-There's a trigger here : Heroine- rape victim. When her uncle tried to attack her again, she killed him. Hero t [...]

    4. This book was just OK for me. A lot of stuff didn't make a lick of sense! (view spoiler)[ So he takes the blame for her self defense (first this dude is a bazillionaire with connections, he couldn't get a decent lawyer??) and ends up having to go to yuppie jail for three years. So no one tells the heroine, cause, well, there really wasn't a good reason not to tell her. She is a frigging adult in a relationship with another adult, but hey we will all lie to her! Great relationship skills there! S [...]

    5. I am in love with these hot possessive billionaires from Chicago.Andrew had been madly in love with Whitney three years ago, but a situation had him secretly leaving the country for three years without her. She had no idea why he left or where he went, she just knew that when he left he broke her heart and she would never let a man hurt her like that again. When Andrew shows up out of nowhere they can't deny that they still feel the attraction for each other, but Whitney won't let herself fall f [...]

    6. Awesome hero who was crazy devoted to the heroine! She annoyed me so I can't say I loved it and I also skimmed through the sex scenes, maybe I just wasn't in the right mood.

    7. Favorite Quote: “Say it, Whitney. Say that every inch of you burns for me. Screams for me. Say that your body is my home. Welcome me the fuck home.”What a fun, cracky, erotic read this novella is. This is the first I’ve read of this series (all are stand alones) but I’m definitely going to go back and read the first two. My only complaint about this book is that I wish it were longer. I wish we could have spent more time with Andrew and Whitney and their emotional drama.Years ago, Andrew [...]

    8. I am loving this series, each book seems to get better and better and gets me more and more excited about the books to come. I said before that I wish these books were longer and I do but thats only because they are so good. Red Garnier knows how to not only write but how to write the perfect novella. I don't feel like her books are novellas, I never feel like I was missing important information or a connection to the characters that sometimes happens in short books. I'm always left with a smile [...]

    9. We've heard the boys mention Andrew Fairchild, but this is the first time we will meet him. Returning after being away for three years for mysterious reasons his first need is to see her. Whitney Donahue. The girl that he would do anything for, to protect, to love her, the one that he would give his own life for.Whitney's life changed after her parents died and she was sent to live with her Uncle. And this move changes her life. It brings with it a great pain but also brings Andrew into her life [...]

    10. 3,5 Stars!!I will never get tired saying how much i love this seriesGreat stories mixed with amazing characers Always a winnerAndrew was an incredible hero and Whitney was so cuteThis one has a darker twist than the rest It deals with a very disturbing, serious and sensitive theme, but it works out pretty good with both of the main characters The back story is heartbreaking but they work it out in such a delicate manner Not offensive at all.He was so possesive of her but in the good way Also a b [...]

    11. Loved this third installement of this erotically charged series.I esp enjoyed this couple in which the heroine had gone to hell and back due to a past abuse by a family member and the percieved desertion of the hero by the heroine.This hero was so possessive and in love with his heroine,I just ate it up ! This couple truly deserved their HEA .My only complaint is that these installements are just too darn short! Anxiously awaiting the next in this series.

    12. Actual Rating: 4.5 StarsThis is definitely my favorite story in the series so far. It was so full of heat and connection and fire and emotion, and I could not get enough of the story. It was a second chance romance, which is my absolute favorite to get. I loved every word of Andrew and Whitney's story, and getting to be with them as they tried to put themselves and their hearts' back together. Just like the other stories in the series, this novella was quick, well written, and definitely made me [...]

    13. The third book in the Billionaire's Club featuring Andrew and Whitney.I was intrigued in the first few pages of this story. Andrew has been away from the love of his life Whitney for three years. We learn why and I must admit it's a bit of a far fetched story. I felt the explanation of how they fell in love was a bit rushed and it seemed a bit glossed over. However, I did like the idea of their joint tattoos.This story is filled with hot steamy sexd lots of it. Andrew makes up for his time apart [...]

    14. Standalone/Cliffhanger: StandaloneMulti-Luv'n/Ménages: (view spoiler)[No(hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[ Yes(hide spoiler)]Descriptive Sex &/Or Drama Between H/h With OW/OM: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]>>If So, Before or After H/h Hookup: (view spoiler)[N/A (hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Amount of Sex In The Book: (view spoiler)[ A lot. (hide spoiler)]HEA/HFN/etc Ending: (view spoiler)[ HEA imo (hide spoiler)]Will This [...]

    15. This book cannot be rated below 5 stars, for real. You can't find a flaw nowhere. It's perfect how it is. In this series, which I have only read the first 3, I can say that this one is my favorite. It didn't make me laugh like the second one with Luke, but this one have something I can't put a finger in it.It's totally uncommon for me to find a book with this kind of plot. It's not the typical book where they don't know each other and fall in love at the end. In this book, they do know each othe [...]

    16. SERIOUSLY HOTThird book in this series about a group of friends who are all billionaires. This edition features Andrew Fairchild and Whitney Donahue. Andrew and Whitney had been in love, then three years ago he had disappeared. Devastated Whitney tried to carry on with her life. Now out of the blue Andrew is back and claiming Whitney still belongs to him.I liked the characters especially Andrew his intensity was really hot. Whitney was angry with Andrew for his disappearing act, but she still fo [...]

    17. "Every nook and corner, every plane, every angle of her small, slender body, he knew it by memory. He'd drawn it in charcoal. He'd photographed it. He'd fucked it. He'd kissed it in its entirety, fondled it to his will and liking, loved it like there was no tomorrow."Another quick, hot, sexy over the top installment to the series. It was also the shortest of the three books and had the greatest potential to be a full novel. Really enjoyed the couple and wanted their story to continue. "Say it, W [...]

    18. The stories just get better and better. So much passion and love in each one. When these men want something, they get it. And when they fall in love, they fall hard. Andrew&Whitney's story has been my favorite one so far. This man was willing to loose it all over her. He rescued her once and now he has to win her trust back. What keeps these two bound to each other?Absolutely loving this series!

    19. I think I would have enjoyed the book more if Whitney wasn't so young. I read this book at the wrong time. At a time where I'm over early 20-something heroines. In this book, Whitney is 22/23. Andrew is 6 years older. So when I started reading and her age was revealed, I kinda checked out. My bad.Overall, I'm liking this series. I can't wait to read the next book.

    20. Yeah Andrew was a great guy but, there wasn't anything special about this book. If the other characters were I evolved more and a look so had some story line the book would have been better.

    21. I freaking love this series!!!!!! They are a short read- but author Red Garnier does such a great job building the characters! You will love allllll the billionaire bad boys!

    22. too good to be true lah ga ada cowo kek Andrew (dan namanya ber "Drew" lagih)Whitney, si heroine ortunya udah meninggal pas die masih kecil, trus hak asuh jatuh ke tangan pamannya yg jahat, di abuse, di perkosa dari kecil.Hingga suatu hari die ketemu sama Andrew, temen kakak temen baeknya (temennya Chloe dan Andrew ini temennya Danniel), mereka ketemu pas Whitney 15th dan Andrew 6th di atas dia berarti 21 yakmasih ABG untuk ukuran menemukan cinta sejati #eaaahhh Andrew menyelamatkan Whitney dr p [...]

    23. aww Andrew so sweetnya dirimualanya saya ogah2an baca novel yg no 3 ini karna kata ade saya yg sudah baca duluan dia gag baca smp abis n langsung lompat ke no 4. berhubung selera masing2 orang beda dan kebetulan saya dan ade saya juga seleranya agak beda jadi saya lanjutin saja bacadan ternyata memang tdk coba yg bakalan nolak sma pesonanya Andrew yg akan melakukan apa saja untuk orang yg dia cintaitermasuk bersedia dgn sukarela masuk penjara padahal bukan dia yg salahjadi cerita [...]

    24. I see complaints on other reviews what seems like ALL THE TIME about how short these serial novels or Novellas are. It makes me roll my eyes every time. Serial & Novella automatically equal a shorter story so what is the exact problem again? Anyway, with that off my chestWhat a powerful little tale of true love, forced separation and reunions. In Bound by Him by Red Garnier we finally meet Andrew Fairchild and, Oh My, he is HOT!!!!I am in absolute lust with this series. The romance and fairy [...]

    25. Andrew saves Whitney from her brutal uncle who assaulted her. They love each other but he disappears for three years and she does not know where he is at - he told her he was away on business and could not return (big lie). Then he reappears and wants to make up for lost time. But Whitney is hurt. She loves him but wondered why he left her for three years. Soon the secret is revealed and Whitney realizes how her past has played a cruel joke on her love life. But she loves Andrew even more after [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this series and can't wait for the next. With Andrew being gone for three years his thoughts are just of coming home and starting back right where he left off with Whitney. She had no idea why he left her for three years without word when and if he would ever come back. Now he needs control and she needs to keep her sanity while making her point. While Andrew is trying to win back his only true love and Whitney makes him work for it makes for some very interesting moments. Then [...]

    27. what can I say, dissapointed :( I mean don't get me wrong there were some seriously hot sex scenes but the story!! If your not writing a very long book don't add these kind of plots, obviously shortened what could have ensued because of the amount of pages it would have taken to write. Shame really, with a bit more filling out it could have been another good story as I really did enjoy the first two, a lot. I'm now hoping for more on the fourth, oh yes this hasn't stopped me wanting to persue th [...]

    28. I really liked this book of the series. The story of Andrew & Whitney was a sad one. This story not only deals with young love & devotion & a little of lost love when Andrew has to leave Whitney for 3 yrs for work so he says (we find out later on that it wasn't work), but about rape, incest & accidental murder. The degree of love & devotion from Andrew is staggering & the anger & hurt from Whitney is also staggering until she finds out by an ugly family member why And [...]

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