Summer s Lease On his first night renting a cottage on the Cornish coast widower John Tennant comes face to face with of all things a grizzly bear Fearing for his life John tries to convince the animal he isn t

  • Title: Summer's Lease
  • Author: Drew Hunt
  • ISBN: 9781481927796
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • On his first night renting a cottage on the Cornish coast, widower John Tennant comes face to face with, of all things, a grizzly bear Fearing for his life, John tries to convince the animal he isn t worth eating, and is relieved when the bear ambles away.Maintenance man Mitch Benjamin is two hundred years old but doesn t look a day over forty As a werebear, he needs toOn his first night renting a cottage on the Cornish coast, widower John Tennant comes face to face with, of all things, a grizzly bear Fearing for his life, John tries to convince the animal he isn t worth eating, and is relieved when the bear ambles away.Maintenance man Mitch Benjamin is two hundred years old but doesn t look a day over forty As a werebear, he needs to stay under the radar The new renter is making that difficult Not only is John attractive, but his vulnerability triggers all of Mitch s protective instincts If that wasn t trouble enough, Mitch is struggling with his inner bear s desire to befriend John He knows what his bear is up to, but Mitch doesn t want another mate His last one was murdered ninety years ago, and he s still grieving.John is confused by Mitch s mixed signals Physically, Mitch with his bulging muscles and hulking frame is a gay man s wet dream come true But emotionally, he keeps closing down John discovers comfort with the magnificent grizzly bear he occasionally meets on his evening walks along the beach.In an effort to help, Morwenna, the owner of the cottages, uses her psychic gifts to give John a message from his dead lover, George Far from helping, it adds another layer of strangeness to what s already turning out to be the strangest summer John can remember.Can a well meaning medium and a determined grizzly bring John and Mitch together Will Mitch come clean about his werebear nature If he does, can John accept that a man and bear exist in the same body

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    One thought on “Summer's Lease”

    1. Rating:3.75 stars.Genre:Leisure shifter m-m romance with some smaller paranormal elements.Extra Infosmain characters: John, office clerk for a UK government department coming for the summer to the Cornish coast as a getaway after the death of his husband George. Mitch, almost 200 year old werebear and maintenance man of the Cornish cottages of which John rents one. Born and grown up in North America he came 90 years ago to Britain after his last mate was killed by hunters."Teddy", the inner bear [...]

    2. A lovely and funny mating dance between a werebear and a man. Throw in a little magic and some eccentric characters, and you have a funny light read.

    3. This is a cute shifter story of a werebear and a sad widower. John had been with his husband George for over twenty years. George died suddenly of natural causes and John misses him constantly. It was a plus for me that meeting someone new didn’t magically erase George from John’s mind. If anything, John feels guilty for feeling anything for anyone else, which I felt was a true reaction for someone like him, who was so in love. A twist and turn of events leads him to a “Relaxing Cornish Ge [...]

    4. It was great and very sweet until an inexplicable jump in the middle that basically skipped all the interesting romantic developments in favour of summary. WTF?Anyway.This story is magical. That’s a different way to approach a modern shifter story. In many ways this has a fairy tale feel to it, albeit not in the writing style as much as in the atmosphere.It’s a bit strange how separate the two forms are – bear and man are two different entities. As such it does not feel to me as though Mit [...]

    5. Sweet, utterly tender, heartbreaking and even a little kinky at times. There was no over-the-top drama here. No shoot outs, no evil villains, nothing but two men who had lost their soul mate and then found them again. Therein lies the twist for this story and wild horses wouldn't get it out of me. This is a detail rich, slow, easy story, but by no means boring. The characters personalities feel real and down to earth. There were tears but no whining and the sex was exciting and to be honest a bi [...]

    6. Look, I know it is a small piece of a throw-away scene, but using the 'stupid, annoying, fat american' stereotype to make fun of a couple of women fucking pisses me off. DNF at 15%

    7. An awkward read at times. I didnt like the reaction at the end, it wasn't even John's place to be dramatic about it. Like, did you expect someone to reveal their deepest and darkest secrets to someone that is planning to leave? And even then, you can't fault someone to lie about it. Thats, frankly, not something you can just tell anyone you have sex with.If I were Mitch, I'd tell John to fuck off. If someone reacts like that to me spilling some serious shit, I wouldn't be able to trust that pers [...]

    8. Okay, confess---is anyone laughing a bit after reading that summary, thinking it sounds rather silly? Because I would have done so at one time. But the fact that I quite enjoyed this story has shown me how much my tastes have changed and evolved over the course of the past five years or so.I’ll admit that for many years I had a rather low opinion of romance novels---thought they were kind of ridiculous and a waste of time. Oh, I loved writers like Georgette Heyer and Mary Stewart, but I told m [...]

    9. Well I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet tale of a bear shifter (makes a change from all those bare shifters, no?) living in a Cornish holiday cottage, and the visiting writer, John, who falls for him.It's great for me to read books set in the UK, as the familiarity of everyday life makes a nice change. I like reading American m/m fiction, of course, and I learn a lot by doing so, but like I said it's nice to have the odd British jewel among them.Mitch, the bear shifter, is 6 foot 8 inches in his be [...]

    10. I always enjoy trying out a new author, so when I saw this as a First Reads giveaway I thought I'd take a chance. Summer's Lease certainly did not disappoint. I have a bit of a preference for bear shifters, and I liked Mitch very much. Both he and John have loved and lost in the past, and both fear finding something great again, only to loose it once more. When John arrives at the Cornish coast, he is still trying to recover from the sudden loss of his long-time partner a year before. He has com [...]

    11. Une de mes romances M/M avec shifters favorites qui mérite d'être un peu plus connu. Petite précision j'ADORE les ours, hommes et animaux, ce qui biaise complétement mon avis. Le livre nous raconte l'histoire de deux hommes en deuil qui doivent apprendre à aimer à nouveau. Pas d'angoisse, pas d'ennemis, l'histoire suit son cours naturellement et c'est bon. La touche de paranormal, en plus que Mitch soit un métamorphe, est vraiment la bienvenue, ça change des livre du même genre. J'aime [...]

    12. Not a bad story however there were jumps in the emotional development between the two MC's. The paranormal part was ok. The MC's did some silly things. (view spoiler)[ John packs up as soon as something is just slightly uncomfortable. After the MC's get together there is a separation and Ben simply can't wait and takes off in this 'brave new world'. I mean he could have called or maybe Morganna/Morticia could have looked in the tea leaves or asked George when John was coming home. (hide spoiler) [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book, kept me up way later than I should have been awake!! There were two plot issues but other than that I loved the story and the characters. Must love bears ❤️

    14. Reviewed by:Lucy Genre: M/M ParanormalRated: 3 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

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