Claimed by Him Graves Buchanan has had to climb farther and higher than any of his friends singlehandedly becoming a billionaire in less than two decades even with a rotten poor childhood in the streets He likes s

  • Title: Claimed by Him
  • Author: Red Garnier
  • ISBN: 9781466833449
  • Page: 329
  • Format: ebook
  • Graves Buchanan has had to climb farther and higher than any of his friends, singlehandedly becoming a billionaire in less than two decades, even with a rotten poor childhood in the streets He likes sex the way he learned it animal, raw and without any strings attached But even as messed up as he is, he cares deeply for his best friend s baby sister, Chloe Lexington BuGraves Buchanan has had to climb farther and higher than any of his friends, singlehandedly becoming a billionaire in less than two decades, even with a rotten poor childhood in the streets He likes sex the way he learned it animal, raw and without any strings attached But even as messed up as he is, he cares deeply for his best friend s baby sister, Chloe Lexington But Chloe is an heiress, a princess, and no matter how much he wants her, Graves doesn t think he has it in him to handle a girl like her.But Chloe has other plans for him, and she s not taking no for an answer She s been warned against Graves by her brother, Daniel, and against all of his eccentric billionaire friends, but Chloe has merely been biding her time Now that she s almost twenty five, she s determined to have the man she s always wanted, and she ll use anything as incentive to be claimed by him, at last.

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    One thought on “Claimed by Him”

    1. I had such a good time reading this one!!!That's my Graves!!!I wasn't expecting for it to be so good!!!What a nice surprise this series of book is!!I'm really happy i read it And planning on finishing the series ASAP!HOT HOT HOT! And girlie!!It's one of those romantic with a twist books Enough twist to satisfy my inner freak but romantic all the way Enough stress and drama to make my heart beatting faster but not too much so that my heart bleedsAlthough a short novel it didn't felt rushed It was [...]

    2. This was the first in the billionaire series where we meet Graves and Chloe.Graves was brought up in foster care until he was 14 then fended for himself on the streets as a result of this he doesn't do relationships and can't stand to be touched or kissed.Chloe is a rich spoilt princess who's been in love with Graves since she was 15 but can't seem to get his attention till the night of her 25 birthday when they eventually spend the night together.Their both drawn to each other but with Chloe be [...]

    3. 3.5 starsThe first in this billionaire seriesGraves is a super rich, OCD ridden, electronic nerd who was dragged up in foster care until he decided to jump ship & take care of himself on the street at 14. He met the uber-rich Lexington's through their son Daniel, and fed of their "normality". Over the years, he built up a very successful high end technology empire, but had never had more than impersonal relationships with one night stands. Chloe Lexington had admired Graves from afar, and ov [...]

    4. This is a short story about Chloe who has the hots for her brothers best friend Graves. She has been coming onto him for a year and at first she thought he seemed interested but lately he won't even look at her. What she doesn't realise is that Graves is in love with her but due to his upbringing and how he likes to have sex, he doesn't think he's the right man for her.As Chloe's 25th birthday is approaching and she is still a virgin she comes on strong to Graves asking him to take her virginity [...]

    5. 3 starsfirst book from The Billionaire’s Club: The wealthiest, most powerful men, not only in Chicago, but in the world. They are used to having whatever they want, whenever they want it.Graves Buchanan, an orphan from a young age. Moved from foster home to foster home,eventually becoming a runaway. He was from a bad place, barely able to be touched by anyone or show any emotion. He was a man who looked to the future instead of the past. He was smart and hell bent on making something of himsel [...]

    6. This book had the potential to be a 5*. It had all the themes I look for in a romance novel - fell in love with brother's best friend, loved him for years, possessive alpha male( I could go on.)Why it fell short for me was because there just was no romance, no chase, no build up between Graves and Chloe. It started off great and I had huge expectations after Graves put on the chase and Chloe pushed Graves to act but after that there was nothing but plain old sex which was over the top and a bit [...]

    7. OOZES SEXUAL TENSIONChloe Lexington has been in love with her brothers best friend since she was fifteen. But Graves Buchanan is a closed off man. Unlike Chloe his childhood was not the best, he's learnt to rely on himself. His association with women is emotionless, he doesn't do relationships. But Chloe's 25th birthday is coming up and she knows exactly what she wants for her birthday.First read for me by this author, and oh boy what a surprise. This is a quick read but you are not short change [...]

    8. Graves is rich and due to a rough upbringing keeps his distance from anything involving intimacy. But when his best friend's little sister Chloe finally admits that she wants him - he might not be able to deny himself what he's wanted for years.This was a short read that left me a little cold at the start. I really couldn't connect with either of them until about the last few pages where I felt a little more invested. However, the stories of the side characters that will be featured in the next [...]

    9. This was a short, steamy, perfect in between book. Some parts were slighty cheesy and the ending left me wanting just a little more, but overall it was a good read. I will say I'm excited to read Luke's story next.

    10. What a great quick read. 3.5 for me as it had all the great things that we love.Great characters and a hot male.

    11. This was a quick, well written, and very steamy story. From the very first pages I was swept up into what I was reading, I blushed something fierce reading what was in the story, and I genuinely liked the characters and the story itself. It was easy to sink right into, and it kept me beyond hooked into everything that I was reading. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the stories in the series, and I'm already greatly anticipating what those will bring! If you are looking for a quick, wel [...]

    12. Wow this was a great book and I'm anxiously waiting for the next in the series, This is book one in The Billionaire's Club series based on a group of friends. This first book is about Graves. With each guy getting his own book. And I looked and I'm happy to say each month a new book will be out. As of now the series will have a total of five books. Though he is now a billionaire and a genius Graves grew up in a different world, in foster care and then homeless Graves has made a life for himself [...]

    13. 5I need to catch my breath againSTARSWOW. This story was justso. damn. sensualthat it had me squirming on my bed. It was a complete hit on its own. The male lead, Graves Buchanan, was a self-made billionaire who was just a man of his own. Easily, one of the sexiest book leads out there. Chloe Lexington, baby sister of Graves friend, has always wanted him and now that she is almost twenty-five, she refuses to take no for an answer. Graves also secretly cared for her deeply but does not think he d [...]

    14. I’m having a love-hate relationship with this book. I love the billionaire aspect of it! They have things and can do things that others can’t do. Makes it awesome. So, what did I hate? They have things and can do things others can’t do! I know! It’s a conundrum!The Billionaire’s Club is a group of story about a group of men that are all billionaires. They’re stories are all different, but they’re all friends and they’re all filthy rich! I want one.Claimed by Him is the story of G [...]

    15. A very well written and made it short story. Its not that elaborated, but that's why I love it. The characters are deep, but very easy to understand and define. Just some perfect pages put it together and making such a good short story!From what I can see of this series, is that every book spins around different characters. The first book is for Graves Buchanan and Chloe Lexington. Making the short story more short, all the characters are billionaires —that's why the name of the series—, Gra [...]

    16. Would have preferred a full novel (personally I'm not a fan of novellas but this story is one in a series). Short story (1,300 kindle pages), one night in the life of the H (billionaire alpha) and h (about to turn 25 year old virgin sister of H's best friend) who finallyyou know.Same ole same ole right. Well, not so much - and enough of a different type of much to be better than the rest of these types of quickies. The H has issues (doesn't like to be touched), the h has been turning up the 'slu [...]

    17. Two lovers find their passion together. Loved this story!! Not too mention the other sexy men! Can't wait for their stories.It was so nice to read a story where the man cared so much for the woman. It was sweet and even funny at times. Also loved all the high tech that was included.

    18. Very erotic read. Looking forward to the next books. I can see that the back stories of theses guys will be pretty interesting. Very fast moving read too.

    19. I freaking love this series!!!!!! They are a short read- but author Red Garnier does such a great job building the characters! You will love allllll the billionaire bad boys!

    20. Na tuhle sérii jsem se obzvlášť těšila, jeví se čtenáři zajímavě a hlavně trochu neokoukaně. Podle vysokých hodnocení všech dílů a nadšených recenzní jsem opravdu od prvního dílu hodně očekávala, a možná o to více jsem se zklamala. Nerada píšu negativně vyložené recenze. Ale u téhle knížky ať se snažím, seč můžu, dobré stránky se mi hledají jen ztěžka. A to doslova. Tenhle příběh si trochu hraje na tajuplnou romanťárnu se špetkou eroťárny, [...]

    21. Billionaires in the series:Cade West: bride died 2 months after their wedding…Luke Preston: playboy, opinionated…Daniel Lexington: leader of the group; Graves Buchanan: self made millionaire; this story…Setting: mansions… fast cars… orphanage…Characters:Graves Buchanan: grew up on the streets, with cheap hookers as his first sexual teachers… has grown into a habit of controlled sex, with minimal touching, no kissing – handcuffs to keep lover’s hands off him… Lexington’s fat [...]

    22. Claimed by Him by Red Garnier is first in the Billionaire's club series and is novella sized. It is a fun, fast read.One page in and I had to tell myself this was more of a fairy tale than fcat based fiction. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around anyone having that much $money$, but once the fairytale part sunk in - I was good to go.Graves is hot and tall and rich and slightly damaged - perfect for our heroine, Chloe Lexington, to fix just in time for the HEA! I picked this book up because [...]

    23. Well. That was quite charged. Thoughts:-It's very 50 Shades. For all of those who liked those books (and, hey, I'm among your numbers), you're going to like this one. Graves is gripped by that desperate, destructive obsession with Chloe. And when you write that kind of "love/lust," you gotta be careful it doesn't verge into uncomfortable/scary territory. There were points that I was like, "Wow, take a breather, man." But the way he emphasized how much he loved Chloe, and how long he had, verses [...]

    24. I am not usually a big fan of short reads but sometimes they are just nice because you want something that is good short sweet and hot. This fit all the criteria. I have been reading books that have all been over 200 pages so when I opened up this one and saw it was 111 pages I was kind of excited. It didn't take me long to get into the story. The only thing with shorter stories is we don't get a lot of the back story on the characters and I have to say with this one it didn't bother me too much [...]

    25. 1. Characters
Probably needed more development. Graves gets developed more in the sense we get to know him through his rough exterior down to his sweet heart, but also his tragic past. Chloe was a kind girl, but I never really got to know who she was.

2. Romance
There wasn’t much built up or tension. It was just Chloe going after Graves and then one night of (very steamy hot) sex. I think more establishment of feelings needed to be created. I wasn’t entirely convinced these two were [...]

    26. Book Review Of “Claimed By Him” By Red GarnierChloe Lexington has always wanted her brothers best friend, Graves Buchanan since the age of Fifteen. Chloe always dresses sexy and flirts with Graves to try and win his attention, but he never seems to take the bait. If only Chloe knew how bad Graves Buchanan wants the blonde hottie that is Chloe Lexington.Chloe wants to lose her virginity to the one man that she only has eyes for, but trying to convince Graves that he is the man she wants is no [...]

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