Between Friends The only way to have a friend is to be one especially between the sheets When neurotically challenged and unlucky in love Megan Daniels is propositioned by her life long friend Ben Romano with a coin

  • Title: Between Friends
  • Author: Amanda Cowen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 273
  • Format: ebook
  • The only way to have a friend is to be one especially between the sheets When neurotically challenged and unlucky in love Megan Daniels, is propositioned by her life long friend Ben Romano with a coin toss heads, they sleep together, tails they don t the night before they are about to attend a destination wedding, she drunkenly accepts his challenge But when Megan wakesThe only way to have a friend is to be one especially between the sheets When neurotically challenged and unlucky in love Megan Daniels, is propositioned by her life long friend Ben Romano with a coin toss heads, they sleep together, tails they don t the night before they are about to attend a destination wedding, she drunkenly accepts his challenge But when Megan wakes up the next morning with a bad hang over and Ben in her bed, she is than mortified It isn t until the tropical heat begins to ignite emotions Megan never ever believed she could possibly have, that she starts to question if risking their friendship is the answer to finding true love.

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    One thought on “Between Friends”

    1. The good, the bad and the ugly.The good ~ hooray a friends to lovers story (I like a lot), sexual tension, no instant love confessions. Gorgeous, dark haired man-whore turned good male lead. Easy style reading.The bad ~ a little bit (ok, alot) predictable, but I don't mind that so much. Sometimes I need a bit of light and easy. Unfortunately the female lead was a bit of walk over, talk about door mat, I like my girls sassy and likeable. Sadly this little lady lacked.The ugly ~ The friends, oh my [...]

    2. I don’t usually write long reviews but this book was just too awful not to say something about. I wanted to like it, I tried to like it, but it was soooo terrible. The short review: bad writing, typos and grammar errors galore, one-dimensional characters, and an unbelievable and incredibly boring love story.The longer review:There were so many typos and grammar errors throughout the book. It felt like I was reading someone’s first draft and not a final copy of a novel. For instance there was [...]

    3. This book is absolutely amazing! It is a fun, fresh and fantastic read. Megan's character is loveable, and her best friend Ben is sooo sexy that he makes me wish I had a male best friend of my own to fall in love with! When their relationship changes from cute and flirty to hot and intense I couldn’t take my eyes off the pages. Megan's dilemma over what she wants and her feelings for Ben are so real and so easy to relate to. Not to mention that their groups of friends are hilarious and brought [...]

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    5. I liked this book , it was a fun sexy read . Megan is the maid of honor for her best friend Jessica's wedding in Costa Rica. The night before she meets her best friend Ben for drinks where everything changes with just a coin toss. They end up sleeping together, and Megan is a wreck the next morning , thinking it was the worse mistake ever.Ben Swoon worthy for sure just by his looks you could tell he had true feelings for Megan as the book went on, but he did not tell her right away.Through out [...]

    6. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! *Amanda Cowen, you ROCK!*BETWEEN FRIENDS was an addictive read ! The story picked up momentum and never once faltered in its awesomeness. Cowen has done an amazing job in wavering between the lines of friendship and love through the sexy bad-boy best friend meets the innocent and loyal good-girl—and made this novel into something cute, flirty, sexy, unique and genuine. After drunkenly sleeping with Ben over a flip of a coin, Megan immediately regrets her decision the next mo [...]

    7. This was truly fantastic. I loved the dynamic between Megan and Ben. Definitely a must read!

    8. I only got to 45% read on my Kindle and had to abandon the book before I tried to hurt myself!The story is as old as the hills - if you've read the blurb on /the back cover you know the deal. Nothing wrong with that, I like a little light-hearted chick-lit with a New Adult bias but this was JUST so badly written I could cry.A few choice examples from my Kindle (got to love the bookmark and notes feature)"I let him run his fingers in my warm insides" - does that sound to you like he has his hands [...]

    9. 3.5I was in the mood for a quick light love story to change the pace of some the books I have been reading, and this one didn't dissapoint. I read this within a day and really liked it. This is the story of Megan and Ben. They have been best friends since high school. On the night before going to Costa Rica for a wedding of two mutual friends, they end up sleeping together. Things then turn awkward and complicated when they start a secret relationship and are unsure of each other's feelings. Meg [...]

    10. This book takes the age old age question "Can guys and girls be friends?" and tells a story that is hilarious, sad, and of course romantic. The main character Megan is likable and relatable (as am over-thinker myself), while Ben is just plain dreamy. It was a great book and I loved how the story was told by Megan as if you were listening to your best friend relay details of her own story.

    11. “Heads we do it, tails we don't.”This was a fun, cute, book that would be perfect for your next Summer read. I love the whole 'friends turning into more' storyline.Megan, unfortunately was a little hard for me to love. She did seem to be a bit on the whinny side and I always have a difficult time falling in love with a character that acts like that. She also took quite a bit of abuse from her friends, but we will get to them in more detail in a little bit, because they deserve their own sect [...]

    12. Could drunken actions equal to sober wants? Dead pan and dry sense of humor; having fathers who cheated on their mother; ate pickles for breakfast and loves spicy foods; both preferred bare feet to socks; despised Halloween and dressing up in ridiculous costumes. The list might go on and on but those are just the things that Ben and Megan have in common. But what if they suddenly cross the line between being friends into lovers in a night of drunken haze, would it be another conquest for them or [...]

    13. Between Friends was fun, sexy and one great read! As a reader who loves New Adult novels, this was definitely one of those books that people will either love the characters and their personalities or dislike what was going to happen. I thought the story was very clever and was full of love between the characters. There was some grammar, but it was easy to over look. Amanda Cowen has created a good addictive read for all readers who are interested in this new genre!I did wish there was more stori [...]

    14. So I liked the premise of the story. Megan and Ben are best friends who have known each other 10+ years. Friends turned lovers always makes for an interesting read. No insta love here, it has been cultivated over the years of knowing each other. After their coin toss, their friendship becomes complicated. Ben has been sleeping with every woman in sight prior to their night together and Megan has a hard time getting past this. She is afraid she is just another conquest to Ben and doesn't want to [...]

    15. This bookie was like was a damn rollercoaster of emotions, I mean Ben is just oo-la-la, "I love how his tight whit V-neck t-shirt clings to his muscular chest and how his five o'clock shadow is growing in perfectly on his tanned skin." See oo-la-la. With all the sexual frustration going on between Megan and Ben it's well frustrating, "f*** Megan. I can't take it anymore." When they're getting along they're perfect for one another, "his hands move up to my hips, "I want whatever you want." He kis [...]

    16. I liked the writing, however other than Megan and Ben, I hated everyone.her girls were immature, snotty, and ruded the boys were mindless bags of wind lol(view spoiler)[ Too much?!? lol (hide spoiler)]Maybe it was just too fluffy for me? Even with my distaste of all supporting cast, I really enjoyed the book, and the author's writing. freebie 4/26/13["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]& [...]

    17. Не знаю, странно или не странно, но книга мне понравилась. Правда, учитывая, что у меня с одним другом точно такие же отношения, как у героев, немного напугала меня книга. Но я люблю тему друзей, и книжка не маленькая, но ушла за пару часов (я вообще за тот день 2 книги полностью [...]

    18. I was looking for something new and easy to read, and this book did not disappoint. I loved the idea of a friends to lovers story and this one hit all the marks on the head. Megan is a quiet naive and sometimes a push over kind of girl who is secretly infatuated with her male best friend. But after a flip of a coin they end up sleeping together, but Megan pushes him away because she is scared of ruining their friendship. The group of friends in this story added comic relief to this book, and my [...]

    19. Megan is Jessica's maid of honour and the year planning is coming to an end as the wedding is happening in Costa Rica this week. Ben and Megan are best friends and have been for years and years, doing crazy things together - always together. The problem is the night before they fly out as the wedding party Ben and Megan end up sleeping together what the hell has Megan done - Ben sleeps with many girls, treating them badly, has she just become another notch on the bedstead? Situations become "in [...]

    20. I like romance fiction of the “When Harry Met Sally” sub-genre because love based on friendship is always worth reading about. Amanda Cowen’s “Between Friends” is no exception. Megan and Ben had a solid friendship going on over the years, and when they finally had sex on a dare, their simple friendship became complicated, very complicated, and the “he-loves-me, he-loves-me-not” scenarios packed lots of entertainment in the chapters that follow. In such books, there’s always a thi [...]

    21. I liked it, I really did. It was a great friends to love story. The only thing that I absolutely hated about this book was the friends. Selfish, self entered and treated the main female character like garbage. I'm not even sure a real person would keep friends like here's. it also bothered me that she let them treat her so badly and make fun of her. It's okay to be dorky and shy but you shouldn't have to put up with abuse because of those qualities. Other then that I was happy with the ending bu [...]

    22. This is just what I needed right now. Light with just enough sexual chemistry to keep me interested. Best of all it was FREE!!!! My only complaint is she called her who-ha "down there". sheesh.

    23. REALLY enjoyed this book. Although, Megan was a bit aggravating. I wanted to jump into this book and thump her upside the head. If she would just open her mouth and speak the truth, it would have been a bit easier. Ben is delicious! You have to love him. He was so sweet and romantic. If Megan would have paid one bit of attention she would have noticed how much he cared. The supporting characters were just wonderful too. I think I loved Eric. Steven was sweet too. The story was a very good tale o [...]

    24. I freaking loved this book. I could not put it down. Loved Ben and Megan! I laughed a lot in this book. It was sweet, hot, and romantic. I wanted to slap a few people. Definitely like Ms. Cowen's writing style. Will absolutely read something else by her! This was a great distraction from my usual paranormal read. Definitely recommend it!I have got to learn how to put gifs in, like my GR friends. But for now :D

    25. The author of this book is a high school friend of mine, so I was excited to read it. I've never read a straight romance before (I'd read paranormal romance and such), so I didn't know what to expect. Between Friends was a cute, fun story that featured some surprisingly naughty moments that will now cause me to look at the author differently whenever I see her at the daycare our kids both attend lol.

    26. Best free book ever! I totally would have paid for it!! After reading so many bad one's it was so refreshing to have found this little gem:) Great writing Great characters. Loved Ben and Megan.he just melted my heart and got me all worked up Haha! Such a cute story happy Ben got his girl:) Super cute!!

    27. I couldn't put it down. The story of Megan + Ben wrapped me up and I finished this novel in one sitting. It was funny, emotional, and sexy in one. Great debut novel from author Amanda Cowen, can't wait to read more in the future.

    28. I probably would have rated this book a little higher if it had not been filled with a ton of typos and grammatical errors.

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