The Barefoot Lawyer A Blind Man s Fight for Justice and Freedom in China An electrifying memoir by the blind Chinese activist who inspired millions with the story of his fight for justice and his belief in the cause of freedomIt was like a scene out of a thriller one morni

  • Title: The Barefoot Lawyer: A Blind Man's Fight for Justice and Freedom in China
  • Author: Chen Guangcheng
  • ISBN: 9780805098051
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An electrifying memoir by the blind Chinese activist who inspired millions with the story of his fight for justice and his belief in the cause of freedomIt was like a scene out of a thriller one morning in April 2012, China s most famous political activist a blind, self taught lawyer climbed over the wall of his heavily guarded home and escaped Days later, he turned up aAn electrifying memoir by the blind Chinese activist who inspired millions with the story of his fight for justice and his belief in the cause of freedomIt was like a scene out of a thriller one morning in April 2012, China s most famous political activist a blind, self taught lawyer climbed over the wall of his heavily guarded home and escaped Days later, he turned up at the American embassy in Beijing, and only a furious round of high level negotiations made it possible for him to leave China and begin a new life in the United States.Chen Guangcheng is a unique figure on the world stage, but his story is even remarkable than anyone knew The son of a poor farmer in rural China, blinded by illness when he was an infant, Chen was fortunate to survive a difficult childhood But despite his disability, he was determined to educate himself and fight for the rights of his country s poor, especially a legion of women who had endured forced sterilizations and abortions under the hated one child policy Repeatedly harassed, beaten, and imprisoned by Chinese authorities, Chen was ultimately placed under house arrest After nearly two years of increasing danger, he evaded his captors and fled to freedom.Both a riveting memoir and a revealing portrait of modern China, The Barefoot Lawyer tells the story of a man who has never accepted limits and always believed in the power of the human spirit to overcome any obstacle.

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    1. 盲人律師 不屈的人權鬥士 陳光誠in 2012, an e-pal told me that when christian bale tried to visit chen during his participating in shooting of 金陵十三钗 The Flower of War (2011), bale got beaten by some ruffians hired by the local authority which took chen in custody within his homeand bale said "why can't i just meet a free citizen?"i wasn't sure if it was real, but i guessed, just a guess, it was realbut those motherfuckers eating loads of shit and fucking pigs every mortal d [...]

    2. Chen Guangcheng is a man full of drive, determination, fighting for the basic human rights of others, he is quite an inspiration, an unsung hero. Undeterred by the consequences of his government or politicians he takes on hard-hitting issues – rights for the disabled, polluted water, forced sterilization and abortions.Chen Guangcheng provides the reader with his challenging background, despite his blindness he finds a way to compensate and make use of his other gifts with steely determination [...]

    3. I started this book earlier this week thinking I'd read it off and on over the next couple of weeks when I had time as I usually do but I couldn't do it. I basically tore through it in a weekend perhaps the to point of irresponsibly neglecting to do other things this weekend because it's such an engrossing read.It kind of makes me feel like an asshole for not having the strength of character to go out and do good instead of frittering away my days chiefly worrying about my own little life. Nonet [...]

    4. This was INCREDIBLE. Which was a complete surprise for me! I got this mostly out of a vague sense of moral obligation, and assumed that it would be really didactic and polemical. I also assumed it wouldn't be very well written, I think because I've read a bunch of mediocre ghostwritten memoirs by famous people or their relatives, & was stereotyping based on that. But I ended up reading this in, like, two breathless days with my mouth hanging open the entire time. The jacket describes it as " [...]

    5. I want to first say that I won this book through the Good First Reads program. I am a student of Mandarin Chinese, and was very interested by this book since I yearn to know more about daily life in China. I was instantly drawn into the book since the moment I read the prologue. The prologue resembled a scene from a movie since Guangcheng so vividly described each moment of his attempted escape from his house arrest. He recalled ever detail of the day of his escape that I felt the suspense as he [...]

    6. The Barefoot Lawyer tells the story of Chen Guancheng, the Chinese human rights lawyer who made headlines in April 2012. I remember hearing about his story at the time but I didn't follow it closely. In his memoir, Chen tells the heart wrenching story of his childhood struggles with poverty and blindness. He worked hard to overcome the prejudice that Chinese society has against the disabled. He campaigned for better rights for the disabled with some success. But it was his campaign against force [...]

    7. I am a fan of Chinese culture and history so I know all about the atrocities of the cultural revolution and the one child policy.What really spooked me was that from this book, I learnt similar atrocities were still happening as late as 2006 - personally of importance to me as I stayed in China from 2006 to 2007, unaware to all these of course. All those slogans that I saw on the villages walls as I sped past on trains were not of a distant past but happening at this period. The fact that I stoo [...]

    8. Remember the blind political activist who escaped from China a few years ago? If you casually heard the story on the news at the time, you probably thought Hillary Clinton and the State Dept heroically rescued him. But according to Chen Guancheng's own words, his real journey was much more complicated and even more odds-defying. That a blind boy from poor, rural Shangdong overcame his condition and circumstances to get a college degree is remarkable. That he challenged the corrupt Chinese legal [...]

    9. The unbelievable story of Chen Guangcheng, the blind legal activist whose flight from house arrest to the US Embassy in 2012 briefly captured the world's attention.This guy's story is simply incredible. Blind from childhood in a rural society that largely writes off the disabled; self-taught until 18; ceaseless advocate for human welfare despite the devastating mental and physical toll on himself and his family. He started as an advocate for the rights of the disabled before turning his attentio [...]

    10. This is Outstanding.Few books keep my monkeybrain glued. This one most certainly did. Guangcheng's sensitivity translates into his writing style and how he discovered and perceives the world. Quite a clash, when his life of pursuing the rule of law, respect and empathy clashes with a reality of modern China.This book is beautiful, brutal yet invigorating and should be read by anyone with an interest in adding an important aspect to the understanding of modern China. America: small government, bi [...]

    11. "ทนายตีนเปล่า" ในที่นี้ไม่ได้หมายถึงทนายความที่เรียนจบกฎหมายและมีใบอนุญาตว่าความ แต่หมายถึงคนธรรมดาที่สนใจศึกษากฎหมายด้วยตัวเอง ไม่สามารถประกอบอาชีพเป็นทนายความได้ เฉินเป [...]

    12. Absolutely, without a doubt, one of the most important books on China to come out in a decade. I'm a Sinophile, and I love reading about China. I have actually visited there many times as well, so when I read a good book on China, I want everyone to know about it. Chen is to be considered a hero by the Chinese people, but not the communist government of China. This book really helps you understand how China works, and that the Party is all-powerful, all-knowing, and ruthless in its crackdown of [...]

    13. I found Chen Guangcheng's story a few year back absolutely riveting. When I saw he had a memoir out, I thought it would be interesting to skim this book about his story, but I can't skim it--it is so well done. I am reading it slowly and savoring a fascinating look at China in the late 20th and early 21st century. In some ways it reminds me of Red Scarf Girl, but happening in almost real time. Fascinating. I'm especially drawn to his perseverance.

    14. Anyone who has any misconceptions that the communist government of China is a warm and fuzzy appealing leadership will learn the truth from this book. The "constitutional" government is only a sham for the brutal totalitarian party dictatorship that has no boundaries in their mistreatment of its citizens; the goal always to make sure they stay in power. The people of China are victimized to no end and have always been under successions of communist leaders.

    15. I really loved this biography! He overcame so much adversity and is still struggling today because of the Chinese government. He has a unique story that can not be ignored or forgotten. I hope he enjoys his time in the United States now, but I'm sure it's nothing like China. I'm also curious about little details, like I wish I know what Hillary Clinton said to him in the car.

    16. Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Exposes the brutality of the Chinese government towards their people as seen through this man's experience and that of his family's. Also gives more detail about the brutal way the one child policy is enforced. It's an amazing exploration of how he dealt with his blindness and empowered himself and others with his strength and determination. Don't miss this one.

    17. I lived in China for 10 months and have read many similar books about how the people of China were treated so I thought this would be more of the same—the difference is that the story does not take place during the Cultural Revolution or the Great Leap Forward—this takes place during the 21st century! The story begins a little awkwardly with the narrating and time switching back and forth but once into the story it is fairly well-written. I would say this is an important story for everyone t [...]

    18. Outstanding book! Follows the challenges and hardships this Chinese activist and dissident endures while holding his government accountable for human rights abuses. It's a fascinating overview of China today and one man and his family's struggle in the home country they love so much.

    19. In addition to being a fascinating, must-read slice of history, this is also a really well written memoir. I found myself noting frequently how difficult it must have been to pull this story together and how well crafted, powerful, and evocative it is.

    20. This book is brilliant. It is vivid in both it's description of the characters, physical setting and political setting. I thoroughly enjoyed this read.

    21. Eye-opening and extremely disturbing. I'm ashamed that I had no idea about the depth of human rights violations occurring.

    22. Imagine wending your way through your house and yard then down the street to your mailbox in total darkness. There would be the usual impediments along the way; furniture, doorways, planters, gates, garden hoses, cars, curbs, trashcans. You could not see them. In “The Barefoot Lawyer,” author Chen Guangcheng describes a much more dangerous passage. Totally blind since an infant, Chen had to negotiate the backyards of his poor Chinese neighborhood, through gates, over walls, and through goat [...]

    23. Story of the Chinese activist who caused an international incident There was some fantastic drama out a Chinese lawyer fleeing to the US embassy in China to ask for help. This is the story up to that escape. Chen Guangcheng went blind very early on, but he survived and thrived. Throughout his childhood he coped and learned how to do many things that other people with sight did, and would eventually learn Braille. As he entered school, Chen began to take note of the unfairness and corruption tha [...]

    24. In light of David Cameron rolling out the red carpet for Chinese President Xi recently, this book is an insightful look into the behind the scenes, and everyday reality, of life for normal people in the country. Especially more so, disabled people and how they are not provided with the support they need compared to Western values and also how they are disregarded. The parts of the book I enjoyed were the start and the end, when like a thriller, Chen notes his escape from his house in Dongshigu i [...]

    25. This book was one of the few paperbacks I read (usually these days it is all ebooks), but I was glad I did, since the vocabulary and content warranted a more serious read which paper is conducive to. Imagine a visually impaired person-that too a trained doctor turned lawyer- escaping house arrest, reaching a neighboring village and then taking refuge in the American embassy, all to escape the wrath of a totalitarian state bent on supressing his freedom of speech. It is not easy to be without sig [...]

    26. Chen Guangcheng's effusive praise of the US government at times borders on sycophantic, though is understandable considering his narrow perspective as a blind, foreign refugee who was brought here under their protection. The detailed accounts of legal bureaucracy can at times become tiring. Often when he quotes his antagonists and captors, they come off as cartoon-supervillainish, though there's no reason to dispute his claims aside from cynical skepticism.Despite those minor criticisms, Chen Gu [...]

    27. With true stories like this, who needs fiction? Chen Guangcheng's almost miraculous escape from house arrest in a small village in China is the stuff of suspense novels and movies. Blind since he was an infant, this persecuted lawyer with an intense interest in justice for himself and all of China risked everything as he managed to slip past dozens of guards that surrounded his home. But this books isn't only about that escape. It also covers everything that led up to that moment, and some of wh [...]

    28. I actually didn't finish this book because someone else wanted it from the library before I could finish it. What I liked about it was the author's portrayal of what repression looks like in China. Very clear examples of someone who wanted to believe the government was for the people and proceeded that way until it really wasn't. I think I would have finished it if I could have, but I found the writer to possess almost unbelievable superpowers. While I'm sure he is an admirable person with a LOT [...]

    29. Gripping and awful, China simply doesn't have a rule of law so if you transgress local or national party structures you are in a whole lot of trouble. How Chen Guangcheng kept at it and held to his principles is astounding. The world generally conspires with such regimes depending on the trade and business "benefits" at stake. A privilege to read and makes you grateful to live in a democracy where the rule of law is primarily equal for all.

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