It s A Sweet Life Siren Menage Everlasting Erotic Menage a Trois Romance M F M sex toys HEA Libbie Addams has a mortgage on her struggling bakery no love life no health insurance and fibromyalgia She s worried abo

  • Title: It's A Sweet Life
  • Author: Tymber Dalton
  • ISBN: 9781622424689
  • Page: 349
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Menage Everlasting Erotic Menage a Trois Romance, M F M, sex toys, HEA Libbie Addams has a mortgage on her struggling bakery, no love life, no health insurance and fibromyalgia She s worried about making ends meet when two hunks show up to rent her extra apartment Not only do cousins Ken Dougherty and Charles Stackhouse make her money worries disappear, they offe Siren Menage Everlasting Erotic Menage a Trois Romance, M F M, sex toys, HEA Libbie Addams has a mortgage on her struggling bakery, no love life, no health insurance and fibromyalgia She s worried about making ends meet when two hunks show up to rent her extra apartment Not only do cousins Ken Dougherty and Charles Stackhouse make her money worries disappear, they offer to help out in their spare time.They also make her panties damp Too bad they re gay, but they re great eye candy.The men have a secret they re not gay cousins They re twin brothers hiding from a vengeful mob boss Charles is Allan Donohue, a prosecutor with the State Attorney s office in Miami Benjamin Donohue is the undercover detective who helped break the case wide open Now they re marked for death.They hope their ruse can keep them, and Libbie, safe Because now that they ve fallen in love with the delicious baker, they ll never let her go But when vengeance comes calling, will they ever get to enjoy their sweet life together Note There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

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      349 Tymber Dalton
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    One thought on “It's A Sweet Life”

    1. It's a sweet life With a fibromyalgia twistI truly loved this story for many reasons. But the main reason. The author wrote the story of the Heroine Libbie, And focused on her fibromyalgia as a major part of the story. Only someone who suffers from this illness, Can fully understand the daily struggles that occur with fibromyalgia. As I read the story, I could totally relate to the main character. The issues she struggled with, I have felt the same things in my life. Anyone who has no clue what [...]

    2. Hot enough to melt the frosting off your cupcakes! I really enjoyed this book. The heroine is battling fibromyalgia, and that added a depth to her that made her story much more interesting and grounded. There was lots of humor, sweet moments in and out of the bakery, and some smoking chemistry between the leads.

    3. I think the best appeal to this book was how the guys cared for Libbie, that they didn't let her fibro define her, just worked around the flare ups. I also loved Grover and his relationship with Libbie, loved that even though her parents were gone she had someone to be there for her. The whole woodchipper comments had me laughing, both times it was used.

    4. If you like mfm, you'll like this story. It is my type of romance, the heroes swoop in and "rescue" the heroine from her difficult life. Being a Tymber Dalton book, you know it is full of sweet, hot loving.

    5. This was a insightful book into someone who lives with fibromyalgia and all that that does to you day to day. Add in two " hunkalitious" brothers who need to lay low and you've got yourself a good read for the afternoon.

    6. Love Tymber Dalton's writing am looking forward to more in this series.The love that these three feel for each other is told in a way that touches your heart.

    7. Another winner from Tymber! I enjoyed how she weave the fibro into this story. It shows how someone with a chronic illness copes each day.

    8. It took quite a while for my blood pressure to go down when I finished this book. The concept of identical twin hotness sandwiched around a woman who has given up on finding her special someone(s) was almost more than my poor brain could take. But I’m glad it did! Tymber Dalton has once again delivered a smokin’, steamy, erotic tale of romance and lust sufficient to please the most discriminating reader. The ménage components were a delight to read as they place you in the scene (Room? Bed? [...]

    9. It’s a Sweet Life is an erotic and charming story. Libby is struggling to make her bakery work while dealing with a debilitating disease. To make some extra money she rents out an extra apartment above the bakery and gains two very hot new neighbors.Allan and Benjamin Donahue and in hiding from the mob and are determined not to get involved with Libby even though they are very attracted to her. The two sexy men can’t hold out for long and become involved in a very steamy three way relationsh [...]

    10. I have to say that I was surprised by this story line. Normally you read about the lead female having drama follow them to their new destination. Instead it was the leading males. I like the twist on that part.The story line was to be expected but no of the less I enjoyed reading it. The only down side for me was the leading females' emotional battle to see her men or to listen to her men or not. Even though she knew she would be in danger or them. I think that if the witch explained what the ou [...]

    11. I found this to be an interesting story, but I never really engaged with the characters. I was able to empathize with Libbie's health issues but I didn't find that there was a great deal of depth to either Libbie or her two men. In fact, I never really bought into Ben as an undercover cop. He just didn't seem to have the hard edge that I associate with this type of work. Because of my inability to get into the characters, this story was at times, at least for me, a lot of sex scenes interspersed [...]

    12. I loved this book. I loved that you brought real emotional and human feelings to the story. Plus I always like books based in my home state. Thank you and can't wait for the next one. Sorry not much of a review only more of a rave.

    13. Read this AFTER 'Lost Bird', as it really belongs there in the storyline. Excellent read and gave insight into a chronic illness I had no idea about. The fact that the author has the illness and still manages to write such great books gives me a whole new respect.

    14. Good fun! A really nice afternoon read. It's a tad predictable with the heroine who has the XYZ condition (why do we have to have all that awareness stuff in our light literature these days???) and the boys who are uniformly hunky and caring but all in all, great fun. Recommended.

    15. Very cute love story! Also provided great insight on the difficulties people with Fibromyalgia have to deal with.

    16. STOP! HALT! WAIT A MINUTE! This should be book 1.5 in the series. It is NOT a prequel!!! Please read Many Blessings first.

    17. One of my favorite authors, this is another story that didn't disappoint. I hope Tymber continues this series - I will buy them all. I liked the H/H/h and the peripheral characters.

    18. A great series potential here!! Love the pagan aspects and the dragon deck is my favorite also. .look forward to reading more of this!

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