Merger to Marriage One night of passion Mayson McBride has spent the last decade restoring her family s magazine empire with her two sisters She loves what she does but she can t shake the feeling something s missing W

  • Title: Merger to Marriage
  • Author: Addison Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 420
  • Format: ebook
  • One night of passion Mayson McBride has spent the last decade restoring her family s magazine empire with her two sisters She loves what she does, but she can t shake the feeling something s missing Which is why she jumps at the chance incognito for a single night of no strings attached sex with Holt Turner.A once in a lifetime connection Holt s been unable to forget theOne night of passion Mayson McBride has spent the last decade restoring her family s magazine empire with her two sisters She loves what she does, but she can t shake the feeling something s missing Which is why she jumps at the chance incognito for a single night of no strings attached sex with Holt Turner.A once in a lifetime connection Holt s been unable to forget the woman he shared one night of explosive passion, and he s thrilled to get reacquainted with her at a weekend house party What he doesn t expect are the immediate feelings of need and desire emotions he keeps firmly in check upon their reunion.A forever commitment When Mayson and Holt s single night together leads to unexpected consequences, both must decide what matters most Especially when a threat from Holt s past promises to ruin their relationship before it s barely begun.

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    1. Mayson and her sisters have poured everything into the family business and it's finally paid off. The magazine is in the clear and expanding successfully and her oldest sister has not only derailed a take-over, but found a partner and love along the way. At the wedding, Mayson meets Holt and for one night, she gives in to their blistering chemistry. That one night of wild abandon comes with consequences neither expected, when Mayson finds out her amazing night with Holt resulted in an unplanned [...]

    2. 4 heart-warming stars!!Yup, my CR streak continues with Merger to Marriage by Addison Fox. This one was a pleasant surprise. The premise had been done before but it was done really well by Ms. Fox. The dialogues are witty, fun and believable. Mayson met Holt at her sister's wedding. There was instant attraction which led to a one-night stand, which led to one unexpected consequence. Both Holt and Mayson must deal with their prejudice and trust issues to achieve their happily ever after. As I men [...]

    3. 3 board/bored CEOS this didn't work it totally should have worked!!! it had the makings of a perfect like HEA. Girl meets boy under a fake name .ght of hot sex both get starry eyes with memoriesgirl finds out she is pregnantboy asks her to marry him they suck as adults don't have kids when you both are immature I wanted my perfect HEA not this emotionless merger. the two MCs didn't have any steam/angst/lust/intensityit would have worked better if they hated eachother truly instead of try to show [...]

    4. Some people should not have kidsMore about that later.The leads of the novel are Mayson and Holt. We see them involved quite quickly in a one night stand that leaves a lasting impression on both of the players. Personally, I thought this would be a light read, then I got ticked off at her father and the demon that is Holt's mother and saw that though the story follows an often used plot, there was something worthwhile being presented here.It was easy to see the things that would ultimately pose [...]

    5. Four Solid Stars! I received an ARC for Merger to Marriage by Addison Fox. This is the second book in the Boardrooms & Billionaires series. I am a fan of Addison Fox and enjoy everything she writes and this did not disappoint.This book centers on Mayson McBride and Holt Turner. Mayson is part of a three sister team who runs a major magazine, which we are introduced to in Tempting Acquisitions. Holt is a very successful Businessman in his own right. Mayson meets Holt and they have a hot love [...]

    6. Merger to Marriage, (Boardrooms & Billionaires 2) Addison FoxReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre: General Fiction (Adult) , RomanceSome books I love, others not so much even though its clear other readers adore them. This is one such read. I found the story was OK but kind of bland. Mayson was nice, her sisters were nice, Holt was nice, his friends were niceyou get the picture. His mother was a first class b itch, and I'd like to have seen more of her butI really didn't feel any chem [...]

    7. I loved this book! It was so good I read it in one day.One of my favorite types of romance is when the two main characters launch into a marriage of convenience (for whatever reasons) and fall in love in the process. Merger to Marriage fits the bill perfectly!The story is well written and the characters are well defined. I formed an immediate connection with both Mayson and Holt, in addition to the secondary characters. Their feelings for each other developed at a wonderful pace and their time t [...]

    8. I loved the chemistry between Holt & Mayson!What started out as a one night stand, became a journey of discovery for the two. They were both dealing with issues that made them question their ability to be the right match for the other. The surprises along the way kept the story interesting. Holt truly wins you over when he opens up about himself. And all the interaction with the McBride sisters & Nathan made the story truly enjoyable.

    9. Mayson is the youngest of the McBride sisters and the creative genius behind the success of the sisters enterprise. When Mayson dumps that glass of oh so sumptuous glass of expensive Bordeauxon her bridesmaid gown at Keira and Nathan's wedding she dashes upstairs to change, happy she packed an extra dress and dashes back to reception hoping to snag a glass before they run out. There she runs into Holt literally when she catches her heel opening the door and he saves her from face planting on the [...]

    10. Merger to Marriage is a kind of dull story. When Mayson and Holt share a night of passion, they figure they'll never see each other again after. But, why wouldn't they? After all, Holt is Mayson's brother in law's close friend, small world and all that. This is just the first problem I had with this story. Of course the two would run into each other again if they have such a close association. The second problem? Their chemistry isn't very strong, not during their first night, and not after, whe [...]

    11. Mayson McBride works hard on her family’s magazine with her sister. When her sister gets married she takes a chance on Holt Turner. One night of passion is all she needs to get him out of her system. Neither of them is really looking at forever though Mayson is starting to want that something more. When a surprise from there night happens things change. Mayson will get to be the mother she always wanted but Holt sees it as an opportunity to make a merger with marriage. There is an important de [...]

    12. I always enjoy a surprise baby plot. That part of the plot gets resolved rather easily with the heroine, Mayson, and the hero, Holt, coming to a mature commitment to working together when she turns up pregnant after their one-night stand. There is a sub-plot about Holt’s mother and his fears that his mother’s criminal past and present will threaten his relationship with Mayson. That would have been interesting if the author had done more with that, but it’s all wrapped up relatively quickl [...]

    13. Please note: I received a copy of MERGER TO MARRIAGE via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the publisher and authorRGER TO MARRIAGE gets 5 stars and here is why:It’s a fresh take on the familiar unexpected baby trope. When Mayson and Holt hook up, it’s clear their different backgrounds and crazy families make a relationship impossible to pursue, except for the chemistry that sparks between them. Ms. Fox delivers a page-turner with hella-hot guys, savvy girls, and chemi [...]

    14. What a nice surprise this book was. I was expecting the usual unexpected baby trope but this one packed quite a few more punches. Mayson and Holt definitely come from different families but where one family's problems are blatant the other's are hidden but no less painful. Due to their family issues they both have trust issues yet they don't let this come between them. They work to accept each other for the sake of their little surprise.I highly recommend this one.

    15. Good story!This is a good story. I love the characters. I think it would have made a better story if there was more of a character background of Holt. We did get a character background of Mayson from the previous book in the series. A little disappointed in this book I thought it would be more involved than what it was.

    16. Good book. Loved it all. Holt and mayson are made to be together. Ok maybe not at first. They both are strong willed and let anger get in the way. But they push past it and compromise for name of Love.

    17. This second book in the Boardrooms and Billionaires series can definitely be read as a standalone. I haven't read Tempting Acquisitions yet but after reading Mayson and Holt's story, I definitely want to.Mayson and Holt meet at her sister's wedding but since neither knows who the other is, they think they will never see each other again after their one night stand. When there's more to their encounter than just one night together, they have to figure out how they are going to navigate an ongoing [...]

    18. This was another book provided by netgalley and my last ARC for the month of May. Here's what I think about the book. This is the story of Mayson Mcbride one of the brilliant Mcbride sisters who restored and save the almost shaky Mcbride magazine empire. The three sisters worked really hard for it. And for Mayson this means ALL WORK , NO PLAY."She'd known it for months, as she and her sisters worked tirelessly to make something of their lives and their legacy. They all had gifts - Keira for mana [...]

    19. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickI have been excited to read Merger to Marriage (Boardrooms & Billionaires Book #2) by Addison Fox since I first saw the cover! It definitely drew me in, and after reading the blurb I knew for sure that it was something I wanted to check out. I was a little apprehensive about it at first, because I haven't read book #1 (Tempting Acquisitions). I'm sure that if I would have read book #1 first, that I would have had more insight into some of [...]

    20. My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2013/05Mayson McBride has never been one to walk on the wild side. However, when Mayson meets Holt Turner — the handsome best friend of her new brother-in-law — at her sister’s wedding, she throws caution to the wind for a single night. It was the perfect night…until Mayson realizes that her plan for no-strings-attached sex had some life-changing consequences.Holt can’t get Mayson out of his mind, but when he sees her again a few month [...]

    21. I was provided an ARC via Netgalley for an honest review4 Well Done StarsFox has provided us with an Adult Contemporary novel that was both enjoyable and well written. After being in the NA genre for quite awhile now, I almost forgot how pleasurable it is to read real adult language without all the HS/college drama. This is not an Alpha male, angst ridden, caveman/simpering female story. This is the 2nd book in this series about 3 sisters who have taken over their father's business and become so [...]

    22. Addison Fox is a particular favorite of mine I do enjoy her Sons of the Zodiac Series and hope to see more of it but that's not what this review is about. Nope Ms Fox is taking us to the boardroom and the bedroom in this wonderful trilogy. Merger to Marriage is book two in the series and it's a sweet fun read!!Mayson McBride has spent the past ten years rebuilding the company. She is the creative one and as most of us creative types know she has always been the one who "isn't living up to her po [...]

    23. I haven't missed an Addison Fox book yet so I was excited to get an ARC of Merger to Marriage. This is the second book in the trilogy and tells the story of Mayson - sister to the heroine, Kiera, from the first book - and Holt - best friend to the hero, Nathan, from the first book. This book starts off with a bang (literally!). After a one night stand at Kiera and Nathan's wedding, the two part ways but can't stop thinking about each other. They have the chance to meet again a few weeks later at [...]

    24. Books like this are totally my dirty little pleasure. I love negotiated relationships that turn into more. Yes, it's cliche, but there's a reason for cliches. They work! I love the comfortable story line, with the added twists and turns.Mayson and Holt are a cute, and terrified couple. One of my favourite aspects of this book is the family. Mayson and her sisters have such a great connection, and I could really see the dedication and love in their work for the family business. Although this stor [...]

    25. When Mayson and Holt meet at Mayson's sisters wedding they hit it off and have a one night stand. Mayson hasn't been able to get Holt off her mind, and Holt has thought of nothing but Mayson since their night spent together. As the weeks have gone by it has become obvious to Mayson that the night she and Holt spent together has left her with lasting consequences. A weekend at Mayson's sisters is the perfect opportunity for Holt to finally see Mayson again, when Mayson see's Holt again she knows [...]

    26. Well I'm not going to spoil it for you, but if you enjoyed Tempting Acquisitions, it's highly unlikely you'll be disappointed. Addison Fox has given us a well-written book, with endearing loveable characters, a captivating story, romantic moments, along with those that are frustrating, heartwarming and pull that little bit on the heartstrings. There wasn't a huge amount of steamy content, but when there was, it was hot and sexy.Whilst it could be a standalone read, it would be advantageous to ha [...]

    27. For this review and more my blogThere are a lot of books like Merger to Marriage around at the moment and although enjoyable this does nothing to separate itself from the pack. It is nice and sweet but not much more than that. Addison Fox writes quite well and the world building was sufficient. I liked the pace of the book up until the last quarter where things lost their way a little. The problem was one particular sub plot involving Holt and his mother. Their turbulent relationship is a big pa [...]

    28. In Tempting Acquisitions (Boardrooms & Billionaires #1) we met the McBride sisters and were treated to Keiras’ story. Merger to Marriage is Mayson’s tale. On the night of Keira and Nathan’s wedding an over-tired Mayson literally falls into the arms of Holt Turner. She takes it as a sign and they enjoy a passionate one night stand. She didn’t expect to still be thinking of him six weeks later and she sure didn’t expect to be pregnant, despite precautions, with his child. Holt can’ [...]

    29. Mayson McBride is one of three sisters who run a magazine/publishing company and website – she is the graphics and design expert and a veritable workaholic. On a whim, with the help of a little Bordeaux, she goes out of character and has what starts as a wild night of passion with no strings attached at her sister Keira's wedding. She doesn’t really know who Holt is and he doesn’t even know her real name. So why can't either of them forget their one night of passion?Passion aside, neither [...]

    30. Thanks to netgalley for giving me the chance to review this title by Addison Fox. Merger to marriage is book 2 in the boardrooms and Billionaires series. While I enjoyed book 1 I liked book 2 a lot more, The McBride sisters are AWESOME the definition of sisters doing it for themselves! Merger to marriage focuses on Mayson the youngest of the three siblings. While attending her older sisters wedding she meets a gorgeous stranger who seems very attracted to her.Feeling a little rebellious and tire [...]

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