Driving Her Wild Winning is good Succumbing is even better Evasion Recently retired pro MMA fighter Steph Healy is through having rough and tumble romps with sexy blue collar dudes Unfortunately Wilinski s Fight Acad

  • Title: Driving Her Wild
  • Author: MegMaguire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Winning is good Succumbing is even better Evasion Recently retired pro MMA fighter Steph Healy is through having rough and tumble romps with sexy blue collar dudes Unfortunately, Wilinski s Fight Academy has hired an electrician with a body built to make a gal weep And avoiding some full body contact is taking all of Steph s self control Grapple Carpenter turned electWinning is good Succumbing is even better Evasion Recently retired pro MMA fighter Steph Healy is through having rough and tumble romps with sexy blue collar dudes Unfortunately, Wilinski s Fight Academy has hired an electrician with a body built to make a gal weep And avoiding some full body contact is taking all of Steph s self control Grapple Carpenter turned electrician Patrick Doherty is damn good with his hands Sure, he s not what Steph is looking for yet But he s about to prove that she has seriously underestimated her opponent Submission The moment Patrick has her deliciously pinned, Steph knows she s in deep, deep trouble Because this seemingly mild carpenter has the mastery to give her exactly what she needs and this is one takedown she s willing to take lying down

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    1. Why aren't more readers chasing after Meg Maguire's (a/k/a Cara Mckenna) books? The books are funny, witty, sexy and real. Her books make me feel happy and I have a hard time not gulping them down. I feel as if Meg is writing for me. As if we met, she asked what I wanted in a book and shook my list and made it better, added in things she knew I wanted or would love in a book. I do tend to prefer books written under her other pen name of Cara McKenna, but the Maguire books are fun as well. This b [...]

    2. This book was certainly very different and I would rate it 3.25 stars. The heroine was an ex-MMA fighter and the alpha in the relationship which I found unusual. She has just retired and is about to turn 30 and wants a family and a guy that is miles apart from the one's she met on the road, so she signs up for Spark (the dating service of the heroine from the first book).The hero Patrick is working as an electrician (a very inept one) at the gym she has started work at and was a very, sweet clum [...]

    3. I'm all over romance novels and novelists who take romance outside of the heart-shaped box. Romances that aren't whirlwinds where the MCs rush to the alter before the final page. Romances where a monogamous commitment, a let's-go-steady ring is the gold star. It frees the writer up to really focus on issues of modern day relationships.In Driving Her Wild, Steph is an ex-cage fighter who hangs up her gloves because her biological clock starts ticking. She signs up for Jenna Wilinksi's dating serv [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars.Sadly, I didn't really like this one I LOVED the previous one (Taking Him Down) but here I just felt it wasn't "special" enough. The characters too plain. On the last book Rich mentions there is a new person to be joining the boxing club - Steph. She signed up to be an instructor after deciding to end her boxing carrier. Steph will be 30 soon, she has being boxing for years and she feels her age is catching up with her - she needs to start thinking about settling down - find someone th [...]

    5. Driving Her Wild is Meg Maguire's third book set at the Wilinski's Fight Academy a MMA training gym in Boston for Harlequin's Blaze line. In this book, Stephanie Healy recently retired from the fighting circuit has come to Wilisnski's Fight Academy as their new jujitsu trainer. After years on the road and sick of short-term relationships Steph is looking for man who is marriage material. She wants a man different from the men she had dated all her life. She wants someone sophisticated, successfu [...]

    6. I received this book as an ARC from Net GalleyYou can also see this review on chillreviewsSteph Healy is done with the life of a MMA fighter. She wants to settle down and find a good, stable guy, get married and have kids. She wants to move past the guys she usually dates, blue collar guy, they are good guys but they aren't stable and she needs that. Since she's working at Wilinski's fight academy and there is Spark above it run by Mercer's fiance Jenna,why not sign up and find a decent stable g [...]

    7. 3.5 starsI loved this series so far and was really looking forward to this book but I just could not connect with the heroine. She was constantly changing her mind. One moment she wanted an affair with Patrick, the next one she was strictly against it. I wanted to yell at her to make up her mind! I felt sorry for Patrick because I think Steph saw in him this dominant man that he just wasn't. Maybe I'm not getting the message of this book properly but for me Steph pushed him into this dominant ro [...]

    8. high -- very high -- 3skick mckenna delivers again -- very believable, distinctly drawn characters whose differences beautifully complement each other's. this stuff is funny, well paced, and VERY lovingly developed, and it pays off in a credible way with a happily-ever-after that leaves me feeling wistful and wanting to know more -- but in the BEST way wanting-to-know-more, because kick has written a solid ending, and it's not like i feel like she's left loose ends. i just don't want to leave he [...]

    9. For this review and more visit my blogI have a new book boyfriend and his name is Patrick. I did not expect to come across my new beau in a Harlequin blaze book but I did. He was just so damn perfect and was one of the stand out aspects of this book. Everything else was great as well. I have read the first book in this series so I knew that Meg Maguire could write but this far surpassed Making him Sweat and the reason for that was Patrick.I hate to go on about him but he really was amazing. I fo [...]

    10. Driving Her Wild is actually the third book in a series centered around a Mixed Martial Arts studio and a matchmaking agency (that combination alone makes you curious). This time around the story centers around Steph, a recently retired MMA fighter who now yearns for stability both financial and relationship wise. Tired of the constant moving around while pursuing her passion, she wants to settle down and start a family. She knows for a fact that she needs someone more financially settled than a [...]

    11. ABOUT THE BOOK:Winning is good. Succumbing is even better… Evasion Recently retired pro MMA fighter Steph Healy is through having rough-and-tumble romps with sexy blue-collar dudes. Unfortunately, Wilinski's Fight Academy has hired an electrician with a body built to make a gal weep. And avoiding some full-body contact is taking all of Steph's self-control. Grapple Carpenter-turned-electrician Patrick Doherty is damn good with his hands. Sure, he's not what Steph is looking for—yet. But he's [...]

    12. I loved almost every second of this book right up till the very end. The heroine was actually a real person this time not a whiny placeholder. The hero was the sweetest damn thing treated her like a princess. The sex scenes were way hotter. Less plot driven more romance driven but since these two were amazing together it totally worked. I had a moment of distaste for the heroine thinking her shallow/a gold digger but her reasoning was explained and her desire for stability was totally valid. The [...]

    13. **3.5 stars**The characters Driving Her Wild really won me over. Steph was a woman who thought she knew what she wanted, but wasn't stubborn to cling to that when she realized she was falling for a guy who didn't fit the type she had in her head. Patrick, on the other hand, was hot but so, so kind. The way he acted just melted me. (I've never been attracted to assholes.)I loved how mature this people were. She told him to his face why he couldn't date him and he understood it. He didn't give up [...]

    14. Tried and true romance tropes are always great fun - but it's also terrific to come across an author willing to change things up, and that is, exactly, what Meg Maguire did to perfection in Driving Her Wild. The lovers are unique (as far as I've encountered). Heroine Steph Healy is a retired MMA fighter. And her hero is a poor carpenter who's moonlighting as an electrician to try and make ends meet. But moonlight is pretty much all he has to work by when he blows the power in the building where [...]

    15. 3 stars for others / 2.5 stars for me, personally. Because while it didn't resonate with me, it was well written and engaging, and I've no doubt that others will love it.This book is tough to shelve! While not a bad book, I can't put it on my 'Satisfying Book' shelf, because I found the characters' flaws too superficial, their fears too shallow yet somehow painful, the ending rushed and somewhat unsettling. Neither can I shelve it on my 'Sexy Beta Hero' shelf, because the hero was written as an [...]

    16. Well, count me in as a Meg Maguire advocate. The next thing I will do is seek out books one and two in this series, because I am wrapped up from just this one book! The characters in this book were so completely fleshed out; flawed but a lot of growth happens during the story arc. Ms. Maguire has created a beautiful setting, a world I wouldn't mind living in, populated by quirky, likeable characters I would like as friends and family. This book had it all; a sense of humor, a great deal of passi [...]

    17. It's a Meg Maguire book, so of course I loved it. Patrick was a wonderfully endearing hero, total beta and 100% adorable. Steph was tough and direct, but I liked that she ignored her common sense and went after Patrick anyway. The rift between these two wasn't created by any kind of overwhelming drama, but a much more realistic wedge: finances. I really liked that.Thoroughly enjoyable read like all the others in this series (I suggest reading them in order, but it's definitely not necessary)

    18. ARC Review: Driving Her Wild by Meg Maguire Rating = 3.5/5Caliber SEAL: FAVORABLE READ!Final Verdict: With a bite of sexy, Meg Maguire delivers a beta hero that you’d adore!Review goes live at 00:00 hours MVT, October 23, 2013!

    19. I seriously loved Patrick.What's not to like.Who cares if he isn't a millionaire?I could not wait until Stephanie figured that out.The chemistry between these two is great.I love her background that she used to be a mma fighter.I liked the ending.Usually books end with an epilogue of the couple getting married and having children.In this book they were just getting started.It was a nice change

    20. A female MMA fighter and a fantastic-carpenter-turned-clumsy-electrician what a pairing. Certainly not one I thought I'd see in a HQN. And it is good. Really, really good - the writing, the characters, the conflict. The ending did feel a bit rushed, but, overall, can't recommend it enough. This is the best of the Wilinski books. At least, so far.

    21. This was way better than the boring book #2. I absolutely loved the ever clutsy Patrick. He has actually injured Steph numerous times due to his agitation towards her. Hilarious, really. Funny guy Patrick, 4stars.

    22. I wasn't wild about Steph's reasons for not resisting Patrick. After all, she chose a career that didn't bring in much money, so why should she expect a man to bring in the bulk of the income and make up for her lack thereof? But I love Meg Maguire's writing, I loved Patrick, and I did like Steph, despite what I thought was poor judgement in her dating aspirations. In the end, I really enjoyed this.

    23. The book started out with Patrick seeming like sort of a creepy idiot but Meg Maguire really turned it around! I really liked the honesty and maturity in the second half. Steph is a great character.I have to say that I also really liked Steph making her peace with (view spoiler)[her cousin. I love to see good relationships among the women when I read romance. It was nice that Kristy was genuinely happy with her husband, and that she and Steph could move on from the past as adults (hide spoiler)] [...]

    24. Despite the trashy title and cover (someone should be shot for that), this book is quite the hilarious and fun read. There's also a meaningful message in the main characters' romance but it doesn't make it too cheesy while staying realistic. A good and fun read overall.

    25. 3.5 starsDRIVING HER WILD is the third storyline in Meg Maguire’s contemporary romance series focusing on the men and women of the MMA and Wilinski Gym. This is Steph and Patrick’s storyline but for those wondering about a female MMA fighter, Steph is retired and begins her new life at Wilinski’s Gym where she hopes to find the ‘perfect someone’.Although this is the third storyline in the series, it can be read as a stand alone without too much difficulty. The previous storyline charac [...]

    26. Meg Maguire/Cara McKenna really likes to write about blue-collar people. On the one hand, I find this very refreshing. On the other hand, boy, it is surprisingly emotionally stressful to read about a carpenter struggling to hold onto his house in an economic downturn! Premise: Heroine Steph is a retired pro MMA fighter who's turning 30, starting work as a trainer, and whose "meet a nice guy and settle down!" clock is ticking. Hero Patrick is a recently divorced master carpenter who can't get eno [...]

    27. Steph join Wilinski’s Fight Academy after retiring from her boxing career. She agreed to be an instructor as she wanted to move to her next phase in life: marriage and children. She signed up for a dating service in the hope that she may find her Mr Right. However, fate seems to play her out when she kept on bumping into Patrick, the new electrician that the Academy employed. Patrick, who is a carpenter was a recently divorced and is not only broke but sucks at dating. He likes her and he tell [...]

    28. 2mething rounded. Audiobook.I appreciated this in several significant ways and it made me think but I didn't quite like it.Apart from the lack of emotional resonance:* this book was a little too chick-litty for me with cousin and the clothes etc.* there is way too much repetition of "smiled tightly".* there is unsuccessful repetition of Maguire's/McKenna's sexual calling cards. They didn't fit nor work on Patrick. The word 'bossy' was thrown around but there was no authentic illustration of that [...]

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