A Trust Betrayed It is Scotland in the spring of and Margaret Kerr s husband Roger a merchant has been missing since winter Though he set out for trading purposes Margaret worries he may have been caught up

  • Title: A Trust Betrayed
  • Author: Candace Robb
  • ISBN: 9780892967087
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is Scotland, in the spring of 1297, and Margaret Kerr s husband, Roger, a merchant, has been missing since winter Though he set out for trading purposes, Margaret worries he may have been caught up in the rebellion against the English Margaret and her uncle follow the trail in search of her husband As they become part of perilous activities, they spiral into one mystIt is Scotland, in the spring of 1297, and Margaret Kerr s husband, Roger, a merchant, has been missing since winter Though he set out for trading purposes, Margaret worries he may have been caught up in the rebellion against the English Margaret and her uncle follow the trail in search of her husband As they become part of perilous activities, they spiral into one mystery after another.

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    One thought on “A Trust Betrayed”

    1. Unfortunately for Margaret Kerr of Perth, her books may always be compared to Robb's Owen Archer series, even if the comparison is somewhat unfair. Margaret Kerr is not Owen Archer-- she is young and inexperienced, often jumps to conclusions too quickly, and makes hasty decisions putting quite a few people at risk. Her husband has gone missing in Edinburgh; her cousin-in-law who went off to find him comes back dead (and mutilated), so she sets off for Edinburgh ostensibly to figure out why. But [...]

    2. A historical mystery in 13th century Scotland, Candace Robb’s A Trust Betrayed, the first book in the Margaret Kerr series, is a hit. Candace’s book is full of secrets and suspense, leaving readers wondering what will happen next. With enticing characters and an intriguing story of a women who goes in search of her missing husband, readers will enjoy this thrilling tale in the first book in the Margaret Kerr series. I would recommend this novel to readers that thoroughly enjoy a book filled [...]

    3. I loved this book. It's the first in a series about a young bride in historical Scotland whose husband disappears and whose cousin-in-law is murdered. She leaves her quiet town to go searching for her husband.I anxiously awaited the sequels which my mom bought for me from a bookshop in England since they were not available in the states. I then devoured them both in a matter of days during my bedrest with the twins.

    4. I like medieval mysteries and this, the first of a long series, is particularly intriguing with a woman protagonist, Margaret Kerr. Having said that I had some mixed feelings about it until I got to the end, which is a cliff-hanger so I find myself wanting to know more of what happens to the characters. Thus I will seek out the 2nd volume.

    5. I did enjoy the plot. This is the first book for this character, and I think she could develop to be as interesting as the Owen Archer character from this author, although at the moment her habit of jumping to conclusions is a little irritating. The only thing I found difficult about the book was the relentless 'dark' and damp weather, which may be a feature of this setting, but I did find depressing (as no doubt the characters would have done!!)

    6. Dark storyThis is a confusing and complex tale. No one is what he seems. The characters are not likeable and too many theads of the plot wander through the story.

    7. If you come to this book expecting something in the same vein as the wonderful Owen Archer books, expect to be disappointed. Margaret Kerr is not a female Owen; far from it. She is headstrong, over-emotional, sometimes breathtakingly naive and actually slightly irritating at times. However, if you can keep the faith and get through the first few painful attempts at mediaeval detective work, she does start to grow on you as her strength begins to come through and you start to realise that she has [...]

    8. Een aantal jaren las ik een paar boeken van Candace Robb en had daarvan onthouden, dat ze in de middeleeuwen speelden en dat ik ze met plezier had gelezen. Nu vond ik een e-boek van dezelfde schrijfster, maar van een andere serie. Het is te lang geleden om te vergelijken, of ik deze serie even goed kan waarderen als de delen van de andere die ik las, maar in elk geval las het snel, het verhaal was boeiend, er stonden veel historische wetenswaardigheden in, die nieuw voor me waren en die aan het [...]

    9. I've been a Candace Robb fan for years. I appreciate the chance to review this series although I'm not really sure what I was expecting. I knew this was a completely different series, but I think it is very unfortunate that fans of Ms. Robb's blockbuster Owen Archer series (such as myself) immediately compare Margaret Kerr to Owen - without meaning to. It's hard not to expect this new protagonist to be just like him and to be engaged with her right away. She is truly her own person in her own ne [...]

    10. Margaret Kerr’s husband is missing, and his cousin has been murdered. It is 1297, and war is spreading between the English and the Scots. Margaret travels to Edinburgh, hoping to learn something of her husband’s whereabouts and her kinsman's death. Edinburgh is occupied by the English forces, and Margaret must tread carefully to avoid trouble with the English as well as with supporters of the two rivals for the Scottish throne. In this first book in a series, author Candace Robb has painted [...]

    11. It's set in medieval Scotland with a female protagonist, Margaret Kerr. It wasn't as satisfying as her Owen Archer novels and was obviously written as the first in a series because some prophecies of Margaret's mother, now retired to a convent, are left unresolved. Having a mystic was a nice element. I was annoyed at how the main character seemed to misjudge other people in the story, though. I wasn't sure if this was because of her youth and inexperience or if the reader was supposed to agree w [...]

    12. This book starts a new series for Ms. Robb based on the character of Margaret of Perth set in 13th century Scotland. The book is classified as a mystery, but I really didn't find it to be much of one. I thought it more a political and historical set up for this new series. Nonetheless, I thought it was a quick, light, entertaining read espcially if you are a history buff. In an afterward, Ms. Robb includes some information I found interesting - William Wallace did not support Robert Bruce but th [...]

    13. Mi aspettavo molto meglio dalla nuova serie di Candace Robb.La trama e i protagonisti non sono da buttare, ma non spiccano nemmeno né per originalità né per profonde caratterizzazioni.Vero punto debole del libro è la scrittura, forse più colpa della traduzione che dell'autrice: pesante, lenta, con tempi verbali confusi. Il ritmo della narrazione ne esce profondamente spezzettato e nel complesso mai è riuscito a catturare in pieno la mia attenzione.

    14. Margaret Kerr has a missing husband and his cousin who went looking for him is just brought home dead. This is during the time of Robert the Bruce and England trying to take over the Scottish throne so life is rather unsettled in the backdrop to the series. No one is telling her the whole truth so she sets out to do it herself. The book kind of just ends, reads more of an installment than self contained. I liked Margaret but seems less realistic than Owen Archer series.

    15. This didn't really do it for me. The plot moved slowly. As far as style, sometimes connecting or transitioning sentences seemed to be missing, making an action scene seem "bare bones" and at times even unclear as to what was actually happening. I much prefer the Brother Cadfael series for historic mysteries (although set in a different time period).

    16. 2.5 stars perhaps? I took this for a test ride and will not follow on with further books in the series. There is far too much emotionally-based action vs logical. Since that generally falls into assumptions on female characteristics, this book did not succeed in holding my interest. There are many better books portraying Scots and struggles during time of "Edward Longshanks."

    17. Atmospheric readingThe author is so skilled in setting the scene, the mood of this book that I felt a growing sense of unease as the character, Margaret, faced each revelation. The cold rain & biting wind in the book was so real that I was surprised to look out & see sunshine! The political environment was as skillfully portrayed.

    18. Years ago I read many of the Owen Archer books and enjoyed them greatly. I sought out Robb's work again because I wanted more well written historical fiction with a touch of mystery. I liked this book well enough, but didn't find it as enthralling as the Owen Archer books. I will give the second book in the series a try though and see what Margaret Kerr does next.

    19. I should have loved this : all my favorite ingredients :Scotland Historical mystery Female protagonist Possible hint of romance in future editions Overall the mystery was bleh and the heroine was really annoying Thankfully I read it for free using KU.

    20. Another book I have read before that I started to read again by mistake. I remember this as an interesting mystery story and I did like some of the descriptions but not enough to actually continue to read after I figured out that I actually did know this story already.

    21. I have really enjoyed Candace Robb's Owen Archer series, but this new series surpasses it in intrigue and shady characters. I anxiously await the next installment -- I can't get enough of early Plantagenet history. :-)

    22. Much as I like the Owen Archer series, this was a poor start to the new series. For me its main fault was being very boring. I found all the characters unsympathetic and their actions unrealistic. The convoluted plot never did seem to get anywhere. Disappointing all round.

    23. Good story with the details of life in Scotland during the time of King Edward "Longshanks". I like a well researched historical.

    24. Thoroughly enjoyed it, the historic content as well as feeling the anguish for the heroine, so much so I've been locating sequels of this story.

    25. Blah. Such a disappointment after the Owen Archer novels. A slow paced narrative and a cast of characters I found hard to warm up to left me skimming the last third of the book.

    26. This is the first book of a trilogy. I read about 2/3 of the book then put it down and moved on. I might pick it up again if I need a light vacation read.

    27. A fantastic read. I first read this book in about 2003 just before the second book came out. It has stuck in my head for all these years.

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