The Sheikh s Prize The flaw in his jewelWhen Sheikh Zahir Ra if Quarishi took a Western woman as his wife it caused outrage among his people And marrying Sapphire Marshall turned out to be the biggest mistake of Zahir

  • Title: The Sheikh's Prize
  • Author: Lynne Graham
  • ISBN: 9780373131518
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The flaw in his jewelWhen Sheikh Zahir Ra if Quarishi took a Western woman as his wife, it caused outrage among his people And marrying Sapphire Marshall turned out to be the biggest mistake of Zahir s life.As cold and untouchable as her jeweled namesake, Sapphire fled the kingdom before sharing the marriage bed, leaving Zahir to face the shame alone and his bank accountThe flaw in his jewelWhen Sheikh Zahir Ra if Quarishi took a Western woman as his wife, it caused outrage among his people And marrying Sapphire Marshall turned out to be the biggest mistake of Zahir s life.As cold and untouchable as her jeweled namesake, Sapphire fled the kingdom before sharing the marriage bed, leaving Zahir to face the shame alone and his bank account five million dollars lighter.Now his ex wife has been spotted in his desert and before she can run again, Zahir plans to banish her from his mind once and for all, beginning with reclaiming his wedding night

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    One thought on “The Sheikh's Prize”

    1. The 2nd book in Lynne Graham’s A Bride for a Billionaire Series is about how 4 sisters find their HEA.A story of first love, second chances and reunited lovers, who have experienced so much pain and darkness and who both have a journey to make before finding each other again. Zahir, against his family wishes, fell in love and married 18 year old Sapphire. He takes her to his home, where she’s kept hidden away from his family and subjects. Both virgins, they are unable to consummate their mar [...]

    2. This was quite probably, the most angsty book in the series. So angsty and so heart wrenching reading about what they both went through especially Zahir. Their love leaped off the pages, this book has a very different feel to the other books, maybe because of the fact that it was a second chance or the fact that I know deep down that they are still deeply in love with each other, and all they need is to re-connect, to heal, to come together, and to be whole again. And when that happened, I was g [...]

    3. This book was good. I am sad that this lovely couple were separated prematurely, because they truly loved each other. There were many forces working against them. The good news is that five years later, they were both more emotionally healthy and had gotten some of their intrinsic issues fixed. They both have some serious dysfunction in their families and people tend to take that into every relationshp they have, regardless of who much they love their partners or spouses.I really felt so jealous [...]

    4. I had no idea this book was about Kat's sister from "A Rich Man's Whim." I was glad to see Kat make an appearance here since she is one of the heroines I adored. This book is about her sister Sapphire. Zahir and Sapphire got married when Sapphire was only 18 years old. Their marriage was never consummated since the heroine had problems with intimacy and the hero was also a virgin and insecure so he wasn't quite sure how to approach his young bride. When Zahir divorces her the heroine flees the k [...]

    5. เหมือนไม่ได้อ่านลินน์แปลกแหวกแนวลินน์มาก.หมดยุคท้องแล้วหนีอีกต่อไปนางเอกมีปม พระเอกก็มีปม โอ่ ลินน์เปลี่ยนไปแต่สนุกดีค่ะ

    6. Rating 3.5 starsThis was a bit different for a HP. Hero was 25 and a virgin when he married the heroine, she was 18. Their marriage was a disaster because of the heroine's hang up with sex and the hero's tyrant of a father. The hero kept secrets for her own good and she young and immature acted badly. A year later they divorced and now it's been five years, the hero is experienced and bitter about the heroine because she has become a super model and from all accounts enjoys men, so when she is i [...]

    7. This was a decent effort by my favorite HP author, Lynne Graham. The second in a series about 4 sisters. I'm not totally fond of sheikh books but this one wasn't too hard to swallow. I did feel that it was maybe a bit too short. There was a lot of the story that was just sort of skimmed over. I'm not real fond of flashbacks but maybe a few would have been okay here to flesh out the story a bit more. There wasn't a whole lot of real conflict and the end was a bit too fast and abrupt.

    8. I read it and it was OK. The hero was very nice and decent while the heroine was quite juvenile in her reactions which annoyed me. She kept snapping at him almost every time she opened her mouth. I cannot shake this feeling that it isn't LG that is writing these books any more, but rather someone who is just using her name. I am glad I didn't spend any money on it, I got it in the library.

    9. Like a lot of fictional couples, Saffy and Zahir didn't communicate while married leading to an unhappy marriage and divorce. Complicating matters were interfering relatives who tried to tear the two apart. (view spoiler)[Saffy couldn't let Zahir consummate their marriage because of childhood sex abuse (not rape) which she later underwent therapy for, and Zahir was secretly tortured by his abusive, murderous father who wanted to "persuade" Zahir to divorce Saffy. Zahir capitulated rather than ri [...]

    10. The Sheikh’s Prize by Lynne Graham is a powerfully passionate second chance story of Sapphire Marshall and her ex husband Zahir Ra’if Quarishi, the hereditary king of the gluf state of Maraban. Book Two of the four books about the Marshall Sisters .Zahir’s had it bought to his attention his ex wife has dared to step foot back in Maraban, without permission for filming and definitely without his personal permission. He cant believe she would even dare to come anywhere near him. Their uncons [...]

    11. Passion.cretsTwo young lovers eyes meet across a department store floor and fall in love. happy and in love they marry. Only to find that happiness doesn't last if you keep secrets.Meeting after 5 years apart Saffy and Zahir are both shocked to discover that the feelings have not died. Zahir will do anything to reclaim Saffyd their love. So much passion and tension that the secrets don't matter at first. And what shocking secrets they are. heart just about broke for their pain. I loved how tough [...]

    12. Sometimes love is better the second time around. The first time Zahir and Sapphire was married it was a bad situation all the way around. Zahir married her against his father's wishes and they both paid the price. Eventually they divorced. Now five years later she's back in his country he finds out and kidnapped her brought her to his tent in the desert, seduced her. That's how it starts and they realize in the end that they still are very much in love. Good read!!!

    13. (view spoiler)[Only a little comment on Sapphire's traumas and happy solution experienced by h. If such things are not possible in real life, I would like they were. Who has read the book will know what I mean (hide spoiler)]

    14. I understand the angst and passion and everything! But she's still a virgin and he's not, kills it for me. Even though there was a reason for her remaining a virgin, sorry, nope.

    15. Didn't get past the third chapter. Tried to pick it up later but I just didn't care about it.(view spoiler)[“Few men forget their first love and you’re the one who got away”I needed an explanation of Saffy's behavior during her marriage from the beginning. At first she only pointed some of the mistakes Zahir made that drove her to divorce him and recognized she was at fault too but she didn't mention why she was doing what she was doing.I do like a certain type of childish heroines, I mean [...]

    16. Sheikh Zahir and Sapphire were married briefly five years ago but the marriage went badly and they divorced after one year. Now Saffy is a high-powered model and has returned to Maraban for a shoot. How could she! Zahir, now ruler of Maraban, intends to find out. Forcing Saffy to spend time with him in the desert, more than one problem is created. Is it possible for them to put the past behind them and find love again?The plot of the story at first seemed tired but then was really was not as the [...]

    17. I'm not sure about this book.Zahir is very annoying to be honest. Because he's a demanding and arrogant prick, even though he had his reasons, I still don't like him. The storyline's a bit shady because Lynne Graham's style of writing is a bit confusing. Saffy's the kind of heroine that didn't try to fight for her life no matter how hurt her feeling is. She just sit there and wait for Zahir's mercy. In some moments, I liked this kind of heroine, thanks to my masochist strike, but this time, not [...]

    18. ‘You have no idea how much I loved you, what strength it took to give you up, knowing, having to accept that it was the only thing I could do’ - Zahir.WOW. WOW. WOW. This book is superb! So far, my favorite in the Marshall's sisters Do Topsy have a story?

    19. So happy I picked this book up, one of my delightful reads. Zahir was seriously great. I loved this sweet HEA!

    20. This was an easy, quick read. It had some interesting parts and characters, but overall they drove me crazy! There was a big lack of communication with secrets involved that could have prevented the extra drama in the book.

    21. this one was actually a very good one n different from the usual harlequins. zahir was actually a virgin when he married sapphire n she, traumatised n ill, cud not have sex wid him. being a virgin, ofc he thought it was his fault n he had scared or harmed her in some way. but after the divorce n she becoming a famous model, he grew bitter. sapphire living wid a man n 5 million pounds disappearing in her name only fueled his anger n his plans of having her lol;p what it actually hid, was dat zahi [...]

    22. I like this book very much. In "A rich man's whim", Sapphire was described as this supermodel who didn't care enough her sisters or that's my impression(I read the spanish version). In this one(I read it in it's original version), it's fully demonstrated that she is more than a pretty face and body. She is strong, still virgin because some issues in her past and now that she had therapy, she didn't thinks twice when she uses Zahir to lose her virginity.Sapphy and Zahir had a story, they were mar [...]

    23. The book had Harlequin-drama poential, but fell flat as it was rather silly. The heroine would have these "big secrets" she didn't wnat to share, but blurted them out at the easiest opportunity. The story relied too much on overdone chemistry between the two that just wasn't believable. The ending was the best part of the story as it tied together, but the story itself had too many unlikely coincidences, false protests, and the heroine gave in too easily. Graham seems to put babies and pregnancy [...]

    24. I like this story. They are ex'es that meet again. And you just know they still have issues. One is a ruler of a Kingdom and the other is a supermodel. This is part of a four story sister book series. Hence the sister are named after gems except for the eldest she is named Kat. You know they still have feelings when the H keeps her in his kingdom on trumped up charges. And she totally goes along with it. With the usual banter of fighting. I like how they sort out their lives in this book. It's a [...]

    25. Far less annoying than the first in this series, A Rich Man's Whim, but ultimately it's forgettable. Two young lovers who were married and quickly divorced years ago reconnect when the British heroine ends up in hero's country due to unforeseen circumstances. She's now a model with a heart of gold, and he's a progressive ruler of a gulf state. Kudos for Graham for showing a fairly respectful romance.

    26. Review Posted on HarlequinJunkieThings were different in Maraban five years prior when Prince Zahir took a Westerner as his bride. His then wife, Sapphire, was made a virtual prisoner and hidden from public view. No-one outside of the royal family even knew they were married. Sapphire learned on her wedding night that sheRead More

    27. Bueno, creo que de nuevo diré que este es mi favorito de toda la serie, de momento, claro, porque para mi el mejor había sido "Secretos Italianos", la semana pasada, que fue con el que comencé la serie. Pero hasta ahora siento que Zahir & Saffy han sido los que más han padecido y luchado por su relación y también los que más tiempo han estado locos el uno por el otro, eso para mi, que -como siempre he dicho- soy una romántica y cursi de primera, es una razón de peso.

    28. This novel like any other Lynne Graham novel has a hero who acts domineering at the start of the novel and becomes a marshmellow by the end of it. Heroine who as always cannot control her reactions and acts as a woman governed by lust and who let a man get away with controlling her. So, nothing new as such. Same old short love story with a weakling heroine and domineering and over-sexed hero.

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