The Girl from Snowy River The year is Thirty years have passed since the man from Snowy River made his famous ride But World War I still casts its shadow across a valley in the heart of Australia particularly for orphane

  • Title: The Girl from Snowy River
  • Author: Jackie French
  • ISBN: 9780732293109
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1919 Thirty years have passed since the man from Snowy River made his famous ride But World War I still casts its shadow across a valley in the heart of Australia, particularly for orphaned sixteen year old Flinty McAlpine, who lost a brother when the Snowy River men marched away to war.Why has the man Flinty loves returned from the war so changed and distantThe year is 1919 Thirty years have passed since the man from Snowy River made his famous ride But World War I still casts its shadow across a valley in the heart of Australia, particularly for orphaned sixteen year old Flinty McAlpine, who lost a brother when the Snowy River men marched away to war.Why has the man Flinty loves returned from the war so changed and distant Why has her brother Andy gone with cattle , leaving Flinty in charge of their younger brother and sister and with the threat of eviction from the farm she loves so dearly A brumby muster held under the watchful eye of the legendary Clancy of the Overflow offers hope Now Flinty must ride to save her farm, her family and the valley she loves.Set among the landscapes of the great poems of Australia, this book is a love song to the Snowy Mountains and a tribute to Australia s poets who immortalised so much of our land The Girl from Snowy River combines passion, heartbreak, history and an enduring love and rich understanding of our land It continues the grand saga that began with A Waltz for Matilda.

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    One thought on “The Girl from Snowy River”

    1. French's books help to put heart into history. Her characters are so real and warm you can just about feel their pulse; they are people you get to know, and after reading their story a part of them lives on in you.This third instalment of her Matilda Saga narrates an experience of World War I for those left behind. Told through the eyes of seventeen year old Flinty McAlpine, the novel starts with her frustration at not being able to find out what the war was really like. Then, as we get to know [...]

    2. What a fabulous novel by Jackie French. A thrilling story of the Australian Snowy Mountains, the great brumby musters, the legend of the Man from Snowy River and a girl who made her way through all of lifes challenges. This is a story that can't be missed.

    3. See this review and more on my blog: readwritetravel.wordpressI’ve started to fall in love with historical fiction, and Jackie French’s books set in past Australia are particularly appealing at the moment.This is the story of Flinty McAlpine, a girl living in the mountains post-World War I Australia. When the boys came back from the war, nothing was the same–Sandy, her sweetheart, wouldn’t talk to her. Andy, her brother, left the farm to go droving in Queensland, leaving her to look afte [...]

    4. It was a bit hard to rate this one, cos I read it at work in my break, and not every day, so it was a bit of a disrupted read over what seemed like a long time. I did enjoy it, though I wish I had read the series in order. I still like the final book in the series the best.

    5. Genuine Australian historical fiction at its best. I love Jackie French for the warmth and generosity of her characters - and for her attempts as a writer to understand the complexities of history and human behaviour and to explore these complexities with such grace in her work. There are no cardboard villains or two dimensional heroines here! Flinty (Felicity) McAlpine faces the tribulations of World War 1 at home in Australia with courage equal to that of the boys in the trenches of Europe. Wh [...]

    6. It's funny, if I was asked the question "Do you like to read historical fiction?" My immediate answer would be no, but put a Jackie French historical novel in may hands and I just can't put it down. I am mostly preaching to the converted I am sure, when I say that Jackie French has a real way with making history readable. I won’t go too much into what the story is about, because the blurb above does a good job of that. I will tell you how this book made me feel. In a nutshell it made me feel l [...]

    7. Another great book from Jackie French. I really appreciated the way this one tackled the effects of war on communities back home (in Australia), without weighing down the narrative. A moving, lovely book.

    8. Jackie French's novels never fail to impress and amaze me, and this instance is no exception. The Girl From Snowy River is the second book in the Matilda saga, and covers the life of Flinty McAlpine from the years 1919-1926. Now an orphan, and with a brother lost from the war, Flinty takes care of her two younger siblings on her own. The war has changed the valley, and she asks the question:What was war really like? What vast crack had buried Jeff down in the mud, had sent Andy off with cattle? [...]

    9. Even when the soldiers came back from World War 1 the effects of the war continued. As they dealt with their experiences, those who had waited and kept things going at home tried to come to terms with the changes in their loved ones. Flinty has lost both her brothers to the war, one died in the trenches and the surviving one can't face being at home so is travelling around Australia. Since both her parents are dead, she must try to run the farm and look after her younger brother and sister on he [...]

    10. Another wonderful read from a master storyteller. This is the second of a trilogy following on from "A Waltz for Matilda".Jackie French shows yet again how to produce a great work of "faction" as she so skilfully blends fact and fiction. Again she brings the times alive with very real characters experiencing life in the Snowy Mountains region at the time of the First World War. Words easily become vivid pictures in my mind as I read descriptions of the countryside and events, exciting happy and [...]

    11. Great book!The Girl from Snowy River was an exciting read. It makes you feel as though you are actually there. It has the right amount of romance, adventure, tragedy, and comedy. Some bits got boring but otherwise it was very good. It definitely taught a good listen on how there will always a rainbow around the corner somewhere. I would highly recommend it to tweets and young teens.

    12. A great follow-up in the Matilda Saga. Throughout the story, we learnt about the hardship and men but more of the women. We learnt that Women did great things but they just weren't appreciated and recognised for it. We also learnt of a war, World War I, in which the veterans would come back only to be lost in the memories of the war. This amazing book expressed the hardship, courage and high self-esteem of a seventeen year old orphan, who fought for herself, her family, and for her country.

    13. Reviewer: MaddiRating: 4.5/5Once again a book from one of my absolute favourite series'. Easy read, would recommend.Series in depth: I absolutely love the historical fiction approach and the play on classic Australian legends to come up with a brilliant story line. I've absolutely loved connecting all the dots and how all the books match together. The start of the series is only missing the half mark because they were almost too easy to read.

    14. Man, Jackie French does not disappoint. All of her plots are so fresh and exciting, despite being based around 100 years ago. This was no exception, the characters were wonderfully crafted and so REAL. My favourite thing about Jackie French is that she creates LIKEABLE protagonists! I'm constantly finding myself stuck with angsty/whiny characters and it's just so boring and predictable. This is a stellar read and I am now inspired to own several horses and a house on a mountain.

    15. I read this first when I was 11, I am now almost 14 and still love it. Honestly the whole Matilda Saga is just purely amazing, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be this one.Highly recommend this book to anyone preteens or teens (though I think a lot of adults would even enjoy it) who love historical fiction, especially Australians.

    16. 'The Girl from the Snowy River' examines the impact of WW1 and Vietnam War on the people left behind. It's a gentle but thought provoking read with a sprinkling of Jackie French's old fashioned wisdom on making do as they had to back then (ie tricks to keep damper from going dry). Quite relevant for the approaching Anzac Day and written with young people in mind.

    17. I am re-reading this AMAZING series in preparation for the release of the next book in December. It doesn't matter that I already know the story, it is just as wonderful the second time around, and I'm catching little details that I missed when I read it the first time! This might become a series of books I need to own!!

    18. This book was a great read. It shows how people and a community suffered after World War 1. It is part of Jackie French's Matilda Saga. Being the second book in the saga some of the characters are featured in the book. There were a few times in the book when my heart was racing fast and I was on the edge of my chair. It was a terrific book to read.

    19. yeah it was a good read. i might think about reading the others in the series. The character was strong and gutsy and believable for that period of time. It was tough as a women anywhere but outback snowy river country my goodness they breed them tough back then.

    20. It was a really awesome book with a good story line. felt like I was in the story I am properly going to read this book over and over again. But I wish that I got a bit more information at the end! But apart from that it was a. Great book and I would deferantly recommend it!!!

    21. fabulous book. i am glad that i read them in the right order. it was lovely to hear about the characters of the last book again and how things turned out for them. i'm looking forward to reading more of this series. i wish i could write a review half as good as jackie french writes a book!

    22. A great read for late primary through to young adult readers and easily readable as a light fiction book for adults also. An engaging storyline and appealing characters, with lots of historical detail to keep younger readers learning as well as enjoying the story.

    23. First read 2013Makes me dream of times gone by and misty mountains. Beautifully contemplative portions mixed with high drama and the very relatable humor and daily life of the wonderful characters Jackie always creates.

    24. Another interesting story and love the way it is a completely different story from A waltz for matilda, but ties in some of the characters from the previous book. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.

    25. I LOOOOOOVED THIS BOOK TO DEATH!!!!! I rate this book as good as Tiger's Curse, which is my favorite romance of all time. But this is much better!!! And its an Australian book which is pretty cool too.

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