The Girl in the Leaves THE STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST BIZARRE MASS MURDERS EVER RECORDED AND THE GIRL WHO ESCAPED WITH HER LIFE In the fall of in the all American town of Apple Valley Ohio four people disappeared with

  • Title: The Girl in the Leaves
  • Author: RobertScott Sarah Maynard
  • ISBN: 9781101600948
  • Page: 344
  • Format: ebook
  • THE STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST BIZARRE MASS MURDERS EVER RECORDED AND THE GIRL WHO ESCAPED WITH HER LIFE In the fall of 2010, in the all American town of Apple Valley, Ohio, four people disappeared without a trace Stephanie Sprang her friend, Tina Maynard and Tina s two children, thirteen year old Sarah and eleven year old Kody Investigators began scouring the area, yeTHE STORY OF ONE OF THE MOST BIZARRE MASS MURDERS EVER RECORDED AND THE GIRL WHO ESCAPED WITH HER LIFE In the fall of 2010, in the all American town of Apple Valley, Ohio, four people disappeared without a trace Stephanie Sprang her friend, Tina Maynard and Tina s two children, thirteen year old Sarah and eleven year old Kody Investigators began scouring the area, yet despite an extensive search, no signs of the missing people were discovered On the fourth day of the search, evidence trickled in about neighborhood weirdo Matthew Hoffman A police SWAT team raided his home and found an extremely disturbing sight every square inch of the place was filled with leaves and a terrified Sarah Maynard was bound up in the middle of it like some sort of perverted autumn tableau But there was no trace of the others Then came Hoffman s confession to an unspeakable crime that went beyond murder and defied all reason His tale of evil would make Sarah s survival and rescue all the astonishing a compelling tribute to a young girl s resilience and courage and to her fierce determination to reclaim her life in the wake of unimaginable wickedness.

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    One thought on “The Girl in the Leaves”

    1. 2.5 "strawberry daquiri haze " stars This review will be a bit vague as I read this on one beach day in Belize ingesting numerous daiquiris and between naps. I remember thinking that it was an average read that held my interest.This is a true crime book. The crime was heinous. An arsonist released from prison in Colorado returns to his hometown in Ohio to try and rebuild his life. His life is initially mildly stable with a girlfriend and job but he starts to unravel. I was frustrated in that the [...]

    2. Poorly written. Story is compelling, but couldn't get past the bad writing. Felt like it was copied and pasted from police reports.

    3. In November 2010, four people from Apple Valley, Ohio went missing - Tina Herrmann, her two children Sarah and Kody, and her friend Stephanie Sprang. After four days, evidece came to light about a man named Matthew Hoffman. Sarah was found at his home during a SWAT Team raid, but there were no signs of the others. After Hoffman eventually confessed to his crimes and revealed the location of the bodies of the three others. Hoffman broke into their home and killed Tina, Stephanie, and Kody when th [...]

    4. I first heard of the terrifying true story from an interview Dr. Phil did with the young girl at the heart of the book. I was horrified and surprised at what this young girl endured at such a young age. Her bravery and quick thinking is amazing. The book is well written. It goes in a precise timeline from start to finish. A very good book.

    5. I've never read a true crime book before but chose this one because I lived in that area of Ohio for a while. Although the story was interesting and frightening, I thought the book felt like it needed another trip to the editor. This is a read that should have taken a day or so but it took all week. A so-so read.

    6. I have to say I loved this book. Most true crime books are about the court case. This one was all about the murder. It was well written . I will definitely be reading more of his books.

    7. This is another time when I wish let us use half stars; this is not a three star book, but two feels too small.Outside of my Manson family obsession, I don't read a lot of true crime, especially not of the straight-to-mass-market variety. But this story happened in Knox County, Ohio, just a few counties north of where I live, and I read about the crime in the paper when it occurred. Robert Scott will never win awards for his writing (and if he does, the awarding organization should be disbanded [...]

    8. This book really surprised me with how much it actually bored me, lol. I feel like with such a weird case about a man having an utter obsession with leaves and killing 3 people and hiding their bodies in the hollow of a tree should be able to make for a CRAZY true crime book, but I found myself skimming through a lot of it towards the end. I honestly don't really know what could have been changed about it to make it more interesting (which I feel bad to say anyway because it was a HORRIFIC crime [...]

    9. This story was horrific. When I originally picked up this book, I did not realize it is a true-crime story. I had never heard of this tragedy, even though it was pretty recent (2010). The way the book is written did not leave much mystery, though. Everything that happened was described right away, and much of the book was filler that I was not particularly interested in. It also felt like the book was written very biased toward making certain people look good. I felt this was confirmed when I we [...]

    10. This book holds a lot of personal significance for us at UpAllNightNovels. Knox County, Ohio is the place where all of us were born and raised. When the news broke of the abduction of Sarah Maynard and her family, we all felt the collective community’s sense of fear, sorrow and helplessness. We all rejoiced when the news came that Sarah was found alive. Then reeled in grief when further news broke that the bodies of her mother, brother, family friend and even her family dog were found in a hol [...]

    11. Not a bad book. "The Girl in the Leaves" discusses the case of kidnapped 13-year-old Sarah Maynard and the murder of her family. It moves quite quickly and covers before the crime as well as up to a year following it. It's written in an almost simplistic, easy-to-read style and covers quite a lot of ground. Things are explained in layman's terms and special sensitivity is taken regarding Sarah's rape. The prose tended to repeat itself a bit and although the case was horrifying, it somehow manage [...]

    12. I'd heard so much hype about this book that I expected it to blow my mind, and it is a decent--although not fantastic--true crime story.It could have been a lot stronger if it was shorter. It was odd to see all the questions reporters asked in press conferences with the police, and all the weird tips the police received, complete with the first names of the tipsters. I get including a couple, but pages of them? It felt like the author was trying to pad a story that didn't need it.Remove 30 pages [...]

    13. This book was pretty horriblet just because of the content, but because of the actual writing. Although it was thorough, it was almost too much information. The chapter explaining blood splatter in detail gives nothing to the story. And it's not details pertinent to the story, it is literally just blood pattern specialist jargon. This book reads like an 11th grade English report. Even though the actual content is horrible & very disturbing, I can't get over how badly it was written.

    14. I started this one a couple times before I finally picked it up and got into it. It was a very tragic story but I have to admire the strength of survival of young Sarah. One of the things I liked too was the inclusion of tips they received (good and bad) and victim impact statements. Sometimes too much space is given to the monster and not enough to the families left behind.

    15. Saw this story on Dr. Phil and was sucked into buying the book. This was my first true live crime book. Sick story - sad for what this girl went through. Didnt enjoy it - felt the detectives and police reports were boring and didnt seem spot on with some of the details.

    16. A horrific true-crime story, disappointingly not very well told. I had seen this case covered by true-crime shows on television, and was anxious to read the book. Seeing that Robert Scott was 'a national best-selling author' I was ready to dive into the book. But, the writing was not very compelling and there were spelling and grammatical errors throughout. Unlike some writers who weave the facts of a case into engaging narratives full of emotion and suspense, Scott stuck mostly to a chronologic [...]

    17. Having recently finished 3 of Ann Rule's best true crime books, this book was just difficult to get through. It is very poorly written, had a lot of irrelevant comments from uninvolved parties, too much repetition, and it missed the entire backdrop of the crime that I had been interested in. It seems like a high school essay, and I'm surprised that it was actually published as bad as it is. I ended up skimming through some of it (mostly the pages of commentaries) once it was painfully obvious th [...]

    18. Heartbreaking This is a heartbreaking story about a twisted individual who brutally murdered three people, and kidnapped and raped a 13 year old girl. But more importantly is a story about a very courageous young lady who managed to survive the horrors. I found out to be a bit wordy, but all-in-all it was a well researched, good read.

    19. This was an average read. Not spectacular. Not terrible. Just straight down the middle. It made me wonder if the story was “book-worthy.” But I enjoy True Crime, so I still enjoyed the story. I don’t really have much to say about this one.

    20. The book was really detailed and painted a full picture of what happened but there was no real edge or personality to it. It felt like reading a really well written paper on the matter. I prefer a bit more of a hook or a feeling to be involved.

    21. Informative and interesting true crime book on a local case here in Central Ohio. The writing, however, was just okay and was often repetitive.

    22. “The Girl in the Leaves” by Robert Scott with Sarah Maynard and Larry Maynard explores the various aspects of a shocking and particularly heinous crime which was perpetrated in the quiet town of Apple Valley, Ohio, in late autumn of 2010. By the end of the day on November 10, 2010, four people—Stephanie Sprang; Tina Hermann; and Tina’s eleven-year-old son, Kody, and thirteen-year-old daughter, Sarah—had disappeared. As the missing persons investigation progressed, one main suspect emer [...]

    23. A good, matter-of-fact anatomy-of-a-true-crime story that stays about as linear as you can get. This is the written equivalent of a "48 Hours Mystery" or "Dateline Mysteries" episode with less hyperbole. Matthew Hoffman commits a senseless, disturbing crime in 2010 in small town Ohio, and its effects are felt throughout the community as they try to first locate his young kidnapped victim & her murdered family's remains, and then again as they seek closure for his crimes. This book covers eve [...]

    24. Pre-ordered this book from a while ago. This crime was set in my hometown of Mount Vernon, Ohio. It completely shocked our whole county and even surrounding areas. I can still remember being at basketball practice in the gym when the teachers and secretaries saw on the news after school that Kody had been found. There was screaming and crying and we didn't know what was going on. The main character and co-writer Sarah was a friend of mine. We sat together in 2 of our 5 classes. She's a sweet gi [...]

    25. A devastating, true story of the Maynard family and the horrific events that occurred under the hand of the deranged Matthew Hoffman. This book gives a timeline of the events leading up to the murder of Sarah Maynard's mother, brother, and neighbor. Told from alternating perspectives, you catch a glimpse of what really went on the day of the murder, kidnapping, and capture. I was eager to find out more about the perspective of Matthew Hoffman and his reasoning behind his actions, but never reall [...]

    26. The story of the crime was intriguing, but the writing was less than desirable. Even though it was a true crime tale it was dry as dirt, with no literary flair at all. I felt I was reading a 300 police report and not a true story. He repeats the same information many times, and goes into great about the police and people and I found myself skipping a lot of lines and just grazing over some paragraphs. The details I would have liked to know about the case were missing and I left the book feeling [...]

    27. I am just about to read this. I live in Ohio and my mom acctually works with Sarah's stepmother. I just watched the Dr.Phil segment and almost cried. I love Sarah for her bravery and commitment. And I hate how people pick on her. Seriously? She has her mother and brother and friend hacked to death. She doesn't need any teasing to go along with that.~UPDATE~Just read it. I hated how it had all of those police stuff. I wanted a book that was in her point of view of what happened. Not the police.

    28. Stephanie Sprang, Tina Maynard and her two children, Sarah and Kody disappeared one November day. Stephanie, Tina and Kody were never seen again. Sarah was rescued from the basement of a house where Matthew Hoffman was living. Oh and the house was filled with leaves.For being described at ‘one of the most bizarre mass murders ever recorded’, this was a very dull and dry book. It seemed to be taken from transcripts of interviews and testimony. It was not so boring that I didn’t want to fini [...]

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