Elixir Aiden St Delphi will do anything to save Alex Even if it means doing the one thing he will never forgive himself for Even if it means making war against the gods

  • Title: Elixir
  • Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • ISBN: 9781937053406
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aiden St Delphi will do anything to save Alex Even if it means doing the one thing he will never forgive himself for Even if it means making war against the gods.

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    One thought on “Elixir”

    1. I never doubted Aiden's awesomeness but this novella takes him to a whole new level.He's not perfect, he's not flawless, but he's wonderful and I love him so much!!!!!!!! And going on writing from Aiden's POV after Deity's ending? Just perfect, Jennifer, just PERFECT. Now I can breath when after the last book I thought I was going to die waiting for Apollyon, so THANK YOU because even if my heart hurts just by thinking about it, I'll try to survive until April.And (view spoiler)[Aiden and Alex i [...]

    2. Elixir is #3.5 in the Covenant series by Jennifer Armentrout. This novella is completely in Aiden’s point of view. But unlike novellas in other series, this one is completely part of the series, taking up immediately where Deity left off.Alex has awakened, and immediately connected with Seth. Her biggest fear came true, she lost herself. Aiden will do anything to save her and is forced to make a decision he never thought he would face in order to. “Please come back to me, Alex. Please. I lov [...]

    3. OMG this book ahhhh the feels 😢😭😭😭binge listening to the audio books I can't stop now holy cow that last one left me going crazy haha

    4. My review can also be found on my blog Collections.Oh Aiden Aiden Aiden I didn't need this novella to convince me that Aiden is amazing and badass and the one for Alex. Because I already knew all this the moment he stepped back into Alex's life in Half-Blood, the first novel in the series. But I did desperately need this novella for my much needed Aiden fix AND to calm my nerves after reading the epicness that was Deity, which by the way ended on a huge cliffhanger! You can read my review for th [...]

    5. First of all, READ DEITY BEFRORE YOU READ THIS LITTLE GEM!!!!So holy crap! If I wasn't already in love with this series after reading Deity, this novella just took the cake then. Oh gods, my head is so full of emotions. Aiden. Oh Aiden you are truly the most remarkable character I've ever come to know. I really loved this little bit from our beloved Pure's POV. He really is pure.okay well in his own words."Saint Delphi, my ass." Yes, you really are a saint in my eyes. Gods, the shit he had to en [...]

    6. MY GOD! This is me while reading the book:I know. I look a little silly NOT read Elixir if you haven't read Deity! It will be a huuuuge spoiler!Now that we've cleared that, let us get back to the book. One word to describe it: breathtaking. You can imagine a list of similar adjectives that will surely do justice to the book. In Deity, we get a few glimpses from Aiden's POV, which as expected, leaves us all swooning and drooling, not a very ladylike behaviour as one might say, but WHO THE HELL CA [...]

    7. Me encantó leer algo desde el punto de vista de Aiden pero también sufrí mucho, es un bebé que se merece mucho mejor :(

    8. 4.5 StarsI was actually never going to pick this up in the first place. But, much to my friend's constant nagging, I finally picked it up and started reading it. I'll admit, Elixir was a little short and I wanted it to be a little longer. But yes, it was good, but you don't have to read it. It's not required but I HIGHLY suggest you do so. Aiden and Alex have some bonding moments throughout this novella which I thought were really cute, even though Alex was pretty much acting like a lunatic but [...]

    9. If you've read any of my reviews for previous installments of this series, you'll know where I stand and why I feel torn about even reading the series. In my last review, I opted out of saying much in favor of just shelving the book as read, but man, it's hard when I can't not compare. However, my curiosity to know how everything turns out won't allow me to quit reading. Moving on. I'm a sucker for a male PoV, and this novella is in Aiden's PoV. It was sweet to see how he internalized his feelin [...]

    10. ~happy sigh~ This was exactly what I needed! I haven't been reading much lately, but if anyone could get me excited about books again, it's JLA baby!Aiden is absolutely freaken amazing and such a beautiful beautiful man inside and out. You could feel his desperation and pain right down to your very core. It broke my heart for what Aiden had to do and it broke my heart to see Alex the way she was. This is the ultimate love story about faith, love and hope and I'm right there with Aiden when it co [...]

    11. 5/5This is the book that comes between Deity and Apollyon. When I started to read Apollyon (thinking that this book wasn't necessary) I was very confused and realized that I had to read this one before hand. I did and it explained a lot of the answers so you should definitely read it first.Elixir is told from Aiden's perspective and I loved being inside his head seeing what he was going through and his views of Alex and everything that was going on. There was action in this shorter novella and i [...]

    12. “Love is such a wild and reckless creature. It cannot be planned or threaded. It cannot be controlled. Love can coexist with Fate, or it can undo it. Love is the only thing more powerful than Fate.” Aaaaahhh, is there anything better than a novella to give us more insight into a favourite series? Oh yes! A novella from the hero’s POV. SQUEEEEEE!! Yes, that’s right, it’s Aiden time, baby!!!This was a great little read that relieved me of my tension after the cliffhanger that ended Deity [...]

    13. Simply amazing, I loved being inside Aiden's head. It's official, now I'm 60% Team Aiden and 40% Team Seth (For now, things may change).Is it weird that I found freaky Alex amusing? I was laughing most of the time. Great book! Can't get enough of this series. Off to "Apollyon" !!! Woop.

    14. “Saint Delphi my ass.”Well, bookworms everywhere who haven't read The Covenant series by JLA yet Have you ever read something hauntingly good? A series that plays with your feelings on a regular basis? A story with such intense twists and huge sacrifices that leaves you breathless? That makes your heart flutter, your eyes water and your whole body just go Rambo at some particular scenes? Let me just say -- you just think you did. Because you don't experience true sadness and kick-ass emotion [...]

    15. Aiden sei un cucciolo di foca bianca, sei un amore! 😍Ti adoro, riesci a farmi ritornare una quattordicenne innamorata solo con le tue parole, i tuoi pensieri. Una novella incalzante, che ci permette di capire cosa prova il nostro Puro preferito, mentre la sua dolce metà è preda della maledizione dell’Apollyon… sarà una storia dolceamara… che e vi lascerà senza fiato e con il bisogno assoluto di leggere il volume successivo NON VEDO L'ORA! NB: La lettura di questa novella è assoluta [...]

    16. *** If you have NOT read Deity, DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW.***Seriously, it’ll spoil Deity for you. So unless you’re the kind of person who reads the last page first , you really don’t want to be here.Still here? Ok, you’ve been sufficiently warned. Starting in 3… 2… 1…After that jaw-dropper of a cliffhanger in Deity, I’ve been dying to find out what happens next. I’m pretty sure I could’ve survived (though just barely) not knowing what happens to Alex & Co. until Apollyon. [...]

    17. **Please note there are spoilers for Deity in this reviewOh. My. Gods! There are no words to describe just how excited I am to have read this novella. It is no surprise to anyone just how much of an enormous fan of Jennifer L Armentrout I am. She is without a doubt my favourite author of all time and there is nothing she can write that I will not completely obsess over. Add to that the fact that Covenant is my favourite series of all time and I am completely and utterly head-over-heels in love w [...]

    18. When I first found out that there would be Aiden's point of view novella, I thought it would be some kind of "thank you" or gift from author to her readers who love Aiden and Covenant series. But Elixir was so much more. Aiden's point of view was definitely needed for the sake of storyline development and to be in his head was incredible. He is exactly a person Alex always thought he was, if not better. I have always been Team Aiden girl all the way but now my love for him is even stronger.My Ai [...]

    19. AIDEN HAS SEEN THE LIGHT PEOPLE!He has finally fucking answered my prayers guys!HE SAIDI LOVE YOUTO ALEX. Which she obviously said back because that bitch was on the love train way before his ass. I'm so fucking happy right now. I love novellas. I love love. I seriously can't wait to read about this kick ass fight to go down between Aiden and Seth. I'm team Aiden obviously. I can't wait.

    20. 3 winners will receive a copy of Elixir. bookpassionforlife - Ends on October 31st 2012! GO ENTER NOW! "Alex, you have to be in there. I know you. Mt heart would not be beating if you were truly gone."You all know how much I adore this series and after reading Elixir I know it's definitely my favourite series ever. The Covenant series just gets better and better with each book and Elixir really is just as phenomenal as the rest - maybe even better because it's a novella told from Aiden's point o [...]

    21. 5 elixir stars!Usually not big on novellas as they are short and you don't get much story but this one packed a punch! Told completely from Aiden's POV it was brilliant. The emotions and feelings it evoked from me was shocking. You feel Aiden's love for Alex and his struggle to face that he may never see or feel the real her again. Seth and Alex are connected and all she wants is to join with him and destroy the gods. It is chilling and so hard to see Alex go through all this shit. Seriously tho [...]

    22. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see what happens in Apollyon now!I'd fight. Alex. Seth. A whole slew of gods if necessary. No one was going to take Alex. No one was going to give up on her or hurt her--not even Alex. Oh Aiden!! ♥♥♥Big thanks to Spencer Hill Press for letting us read this early!

    23. yourhappinesslifeUn libro rápido de leer que nos ayuda a meternos más en la saga y conocemos mejor el sufrimiento y el amor que Aiden le tiene a Alex.

    24. Pensavo di non poter amare Aiden di più, ma mi sono sbagliata. Dopo aver letto tutto il suo amore per Alex, io come faccio a trovare qualcuno nella vita reale?!? No, qualcuno deve dirmelo!

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