Pirate s Honor A pirate captain of the Inner Sea Torius Vin makes a living raiding wealthy merchant ships with his crew of loyal buccaneers Few things matter to Captain Torius than ill gotten gold but one of those

  • Title: Pirate's Honor
  • Author: Chris A. Jackson
  • ISBN: 9781601255235
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A pirate captain of the Inner Sea, Torius Vin makes a living raiding wealthy merchant ships with his crew of loyal buccaneers Few things matter to Captain Torius than ill gotten gold but one of those is Celeste, his beautiful snake bodied navigator When a crafty courtesan offers the pirate crew a chance at the heist of a lifetime, it s time for both man and naga toA pirate captain of the Inner Sea, Torius Vin makes a living raiding wealthy merchant ships with his crew of loyal buccaneers Few things matter to Captain Torius than ill gotten gold but one of those is Celeste, his beautiful snake bodied navigator When a crafty courtesan offers the pirate crew a chance at the heist of a lifetime, it s time for both man and naga to hoist the black flag and lead the Stargazer s crew to fame and fortune But will stealing the legendary Star of Thumen chart the corsairs a course to untold riches or send them all to a watery grave From award winning author Chris A Jackson comes a fantastical new adventure of high seas combat and romance set in the award winning world of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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    One thought on “Pirate's Honor”

    1. This is another in the long line (16 and counting) of Pathfinder Tales. This time, the action takes place on the seas as we meet Captain Vin Torius, a pirate with a heart. A general take on Robin Hood, Vin and his lovable crew do not rob and pillage any old ship on the sea. No. They only steal from thieves themselves. And spend a great deal of time concocting some pretty complex plans to deceive the thieves and get the loot. The crew is a veritable Star Trek conglomeration of races who not only [...]

    2. Chris Jackson does an admirable job conveying live on a ship, and obviously knows a lot about sailing. Unfortunately, as a whole, the book didn't sit well with me. As part of the Pathfinder Tales line, I had certain expectations about the tone of the book, that it would be focused on high adventure. Instead, this is more of a pirate romance/caper, with more emphasis on the romance.Pirate captain Torius Vin is pretty atypical for a pirate. He's much more focused on not doing things pirates are kn [...]

    3. Bookworm Speaks!Pathfinder Tales: Pirate’s Honorby Chris A. Jackson****Acquired: Series: Pathfinder TalesPaperback: 400 PagesPublisher: Paizo Inc (May 14, 2013)Language: EnglishSubject: Fantasy, Gaming****The Story: A pirate captain of the Inner Sea, Torius Vin makes a living raiding wealthy merchant ships with his crew of loyal buccaneers. Few things matter more to Captain Torius than ill-gotten gold-but one of those is Celeste, his beautiful snake-bodied navigator. When a crafty courtesan of [...]

    4. This is actually more a 2.5 star book. I enjoyed reading it but I must admit that I did not care for most of the main characters. And I also was not really sold on the whole love drama in here. Other then that, it is a nice pirate story with Golarion trappings on it. Some scenes in here gave me ideas for some roleplay sessions, and I think that is a nice quality in a roleplay game tie in novel.

    5. I can honestly say I have never read anything like this. A pirate in love with a snake-like creature who gives the pirate her poison and eventually gets him addicted? One of a kind truly. All in all a very one of a kind book.*Won from Giveaway*

    6. If you're a fan of fantasy, pirates or the Pathfinder mythos you'll have a good time, I promise. It's a fun, quick paced heist story with a assemble cast of colorful characters. It reminded me of the feeling I got when reading the Dragonlance novels when I was younger. Give it a read.

    7. Pirate's Honor is a Pathfinder book, based in the world and lore of the tabletop RPG game. As a player of Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons, it felt like coming home. I have to be honest, even as a tabletop gamer, I never really found much drive to read books set in the gaming worlds. It wasn't until meeting Chris that I decided to give a game book a whirl.I am glad I did. I was always afraid that reading gaming books would make me cringe, that it would be stunted, just a clear attempt of a wr [...]

    8. A short-take:"Pirate's Honor" is a fantasy tale that combines maritime fiction a la the Hornblower books with swords and sorcery. The combination works well and the resulting adventure is good fun. More thoughts:I often wonder, when reading genre fiction, why so many plots hinge upon a conflict of massive consequence--usually some version of saving the world. What about the smaller stories involving a smaller cast caught up in personal vicissitudes that feel no less pressing to those involved? C [...]

    9. Something about this book didn't grab me as much as the last Pathfinder novel I read, Death's Heretic. Most of the time, the story's primary threat simply didn't seem that threatening, nor worth the effort that was put in. Obviously, there are rouses and deceptions at play, but the first half of the story grabbed me more than the second.Even though it sounds like I'm being fairly negative, I did enjoy the experience. I love the Golarion world and this story passed through several areas I find pa [...]

    10. a fun fantasy adventure novelrius vin is a pirate captain on the ship stargazer. his crew is a motley mix of human and not human including a gnome, a half orc, and a naga. they're down on their luck when when the courtesan vreva offers torius a job stealing a priceless relic. it seems like their luck has turned until they are betrayed and must fight to turn their finances and recoup their losses.

    11. Fast-paced, unique character heritage and background, with an engaging and exciting storyline!Pirate memes on the internet are amusing, but I've never felt any real pull to read, play in, or watch anything pirate-related outside of that. It was happenstance that I bought the book, and I opened it with low expectations. Which quickly blossomed into very high ones that defied disappointment as the story developed.I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good adventure story!

    12. Very fun pirate story set in the Pathfinder world of Golarian. As a DM and player I always enjoy these books for the stories set in a world I know but haven't fully explored. More enjoyably, this story had pretty interesting characters and character development - with some enjoyable twists and turns.

    13. Good fun - felt good to channel my inner RPG nerd! A great ensemble gets this character-drive piece over the line for me. Pirates, rogue shenanigans, double-cross and triple-cross! What more do you need?

    14. A fantastic nautical tale, with a sparkling cast of main characters and secondary characters. I really like how the author integrated magic into the story—not just handwaved to "make it work" but really thoughtful approach to all aspects of the setting. Well done—when's the next one?

    15. This is a nice bit of Mind Candy, fun, but not nutritional; however, it did show surprising depth in places, and handled issues of addiction and interspecies love affairs with surprising insight. I was pleasantly surprised. Check my full review Pirate's Honor

    16. the characters were decent, and the writing good, but the plot overcomplicated and underinteresting. i'll be happy to give the next pirate's book a go if it doesn't involve a heist, or all the drug addiction-slavery-romance angst.

    17. I loved the story! I've never played the RPG but Chris Jackson has again knocked it out of the park.

    18. Superb book with unusual characters and a stroy with more than one twist. And everything's better with pirates!

    19. This was a very fun pirate story--great characters, fun villians, and an epic final battle--an easy summer read that I likely enjoyed a lot more than I should have!

    20. A rousingly good romp on the seas with some really interesting characters. Jackson cites Robert O'Brian's work as inspirational and it shows.

    21. This was an amazing book that continued to pull me along enthralled until the last epic scene of the book. Highly recommended!

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