Need to Breathe It s Groundhog Day and Claire Harper survives a botched abortion All Millie Rose can do at first is stare into the blinding lights of the NICU and hear doctors demanding answers about the burns

  • Title: Need to Breathe
  • Author: Tara Staley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s Groundhog Day, 1975, and Claire Harper survives a botched abortion All Millie Rose can do at first is stare into the blinding lights of the NICU and hear doctors demanding answers about the burns on Claire s body Nurses panic, they cry and shout she s bradying down because, Lord help them, they ve never seen anything like this.Neither has Millie Although she dieIt s Groundhog Day, 1975, and Claire Harper survives a botched abortion All Millie Rose can do at first is stare into the blinding lights of the NICU and hear doctors demanding answers about the burns on Claire s body Nurses panic, they cry and shout she s bradying down because, Lord help them, they ve never seen anything like this.Neither has Millie Although she died in childbirth in 1922, she still has a purpose Her afterlife is filled with missions lasting anywhere from ten minutes to ten years, and she views her newest assignment as a second chance at motherhood But she s got to act fast because Claire s lungs are weak, her heart rate keeps tanking, and her pH levels are low The hospital has never had a 26 weeker pull through.Millie also tries to counsel Claire s troubled parents, Mick and Manda, through the emotional fallout They see marriage as the best band aid, but Claire s birth always haunts them, to the point Manda becomes a chain smoking pill popper who paints her house completely white Mick becomes a reclusive binge eater who sleeps in the barn And Claire comes of age wondering about it all why she s so sick, why she has scars on her skin, and what s the secret her parents are keeping Finally, there s a good reason why Millie nudges Claire to find true love years later with the geeky guy down the street True, Charlie Vance may build his own batteries and dissect dead animals, but his love for Claire drives his decision to attend medical school so he can take care of her the rest of her life NEED TO BREATHE takes an unthinkable crisis and turns it into a gripping story filled with sensitivity, hope, beauty even humor From the opening chapter, readers will root for Claire s chance at happiness, for the Harpers to heal, and for Millie s reconciliation with her own lost motherhood.

    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ☆ Need to Breathe - by Tara Staley ✓
      313 Tara Staley
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    One thought on “Need to Breathe”

    1. From the first moment you meet them, you find yourself cheering for Claire and Millie Rose. Despite untold hurts and dark secrets, they steadily move toward hope and healing. Tara Staley's lyrical writing style and believable characters, combined with a dash of humor, make "Need to Breathe" a joy to read.

    2. A good Southern story is set in a place as realistic and vivid as the characters are colorful and meaningful, yet it's the author's voice that gives Southern fiction its distinctive flavor. From this trinity of setting, character and voice comes Tara Staley's debut novel, NEED TO BREATHE.Where else but a town called Union Cross, North Carolina can a guardian angel named Millie Rose look over the premature infant of a dysfunctional teenage couple? When that premature infant is born with chemical [...]

    3. This is a book with a very unusual story line. It is about the survival and growing up of a girl born prematurely, but the difference in this story is that it is told from the point of view of her spirit guide, or guardian angel, or spirit minder, or whatever label you want to put on her, called Millie. Millie has a hard task protecting Claire as she has numerous dangerous medical conditions and a very difficult dysfunctional family. The family have health problems, money problems and relationsh [...]

    4. You can find the full review atGenuine JennI loved this book! I had a hard time putting this book down when I had to. It was one of those books that brings you right into the story and you just need to know what is going to happen. This story was told my Millie Rose who is like a spirit, she is referred to as a pixie, a voice in Claire's mind. The whole book is told by Millie. This is the first book I have read like this and loved it. Millie tried to help Claire from birth, telling her to breath [...]

    5. This book had me by the first paragraph. The author has a true talent for describing setting and creating a rich atmosphere that a reader can get lost in. This is a story of life, love and forgiveness that had me rooting for the characters and in turn laughing and crying. An unexpected find that has me looking forward to more from this author.

    6. I loved the concept of this book and its take on a "Guardian Angel". I loved how it stuck to the story of the characters and didn't try to answer some of those questions of the afterlife that would distract from the story.The characters are real. The writing is superb. and the time spent reading is well rewarding. Highly recommend.

    7. What a great story, here. The characters were three dimensional, real people to me. Complex, flawed, but every bit human. I read this in one sitting and especially loved the way it ended. Has lots of issues that would prompt discussion, I think it would be great for a book club.

    8. This was unfortunately just another book that I just couldn't get into. I have AD/HD when it comes to books. If the book doesn't grab me from the beginning then I don't finish reading it! The story line is great the book just moves too slow for me:)

    9. I just couldn't get into it. I really wanted to find out what happened. that is the only reason I kept reading.

    10. I thought this was fantastic--character development, pacing, plot, the setting. Those 2 old 'swin tisters' were hilarious. Unforgettable.

    11. "Union Cross has become more than a place filled with barbecue pit-cookers or the J & S Produce Stand selling their famous Brunswick Stew." Union Cross is also filled with carpenter bees and bumble bees, beeswax, ancestors and descendants, complex relationships, hand-made quilts, fast cars, butterflies and flutterbys.Need To Breathe is a complex book in terms of structure and characters. The narrator is Millie, the heavenly "incorporeal agent" of a woman who died giving birth in 1922. She's [...]

    12. ohwow! I just finished this novel and find myself thinking I must be terribly sadistic for being able to say I really enjoyed this story, because it really is just a huge, red panorama of human suffering. A hymn to fall out.The beginning of the story is set in a simple, plain setting with a huge emotional charge that blasts the reader without warning.Then the story slowly fills up with a set of colourful characters. They rarely get front-stage, but they serve a purpose, they pull the rest of the [...]

    13. From the beginning Need to Breathe gives the reader very few opportunities to catch their breath. Her efficient and beautiful prose flits from paragraph to paragraph, never dwelling too long on one person or one event. The amazing thing, however, is the novel never feels shallow. Like a parachute in a gale, Breathe’s characters pop to life quickly, rich and full and ready to carry the reader to whatever destination Staley has in store.I was concerned that the excellent, character-driven novel [...]

    14. A chaotic, compelling story to read, discuss and stay with you long after you've read it. Crazily written, with the main characters, and then the "pixie" who helps Claire survive her preemie state, is written in italics. Though sometimes not! Claire learns to forgive her screwed up mother, who is trying to self-medicate, covering up her feelings surrounding Claire's birth. Forgiveness turns into love. Favorite quote: "Broken" is about more than chipped china or an arm in a cast. It's about somet [...]

    15. I had a hard time rating this book, I was torn between a 2 and a 3. I really expected more out if it given the highly rated reviews. It was a peculiarly written book, narrated by a dead woman. There were times when I wasn't able to put it down & times when I just wanted to give up reading it. All in all towards the end I did some skimming just to get it finished

    16. Not sure what to say about this book. I had high hopes for it in the beginning but after about 100 pages, I was sick of everyone's self-pity. And I really didn't like the ending either. There were too many unanswered questions, although with the way this book was going, I shouldn't have been surprised.

    17. This book was all engrossing, all encompassing and all consuming. The narrative is spot on, gives the feelings, torments and thoughts of every character and goes deep inside the soul to make sure that you feel what they feel. I have a book hangover now that this one is over!

    18. Dark, sad novel about Claire, her parents Mick and Manda, Claire's wonderful great aunts, her boyfriend Charlie, and her guardian angel, Millie. I kept reading to see what would happen. I'm not sure I'll read another of this author's books.

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