Girl in Landscape Lethem s latest genre bending exploration of science landscape and the metaphysics of love and loss A coming of age story about a teenage girl on the frontiers of space Pella s father Clement has j

  • Title: Girl in Landscape
  • Author: Jonathan Lethem
  • ISBN: 9780375703911
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lethem s latest genre bending exploration of science, landscape and the metaphysics of love and loss A coming of age story about a teenage girl on the frontiers of space.Pella s father, Clement, has just been swept out of elective office in New York and has set his sights on the next political frontier joining the first human settlers on the Planet of the Archbuilders OLethem s latest genre bending exploration of science, landscape and the metaphysics of love and loss A coming of age story about a teenage girl on the frontiers of space.Pella s father, Clement, has just been swept out of elective office in New York and has set his sights on the next political frontier joining the first human settlers on the Planet of the Archbuilders Once the domain of a super evolved alien species who used viruses to alter their ecosystem before abandoning it, the planet is now a hothouse landscape of ruined towers and refuse inhabited only by skittery, mouselike household deer and a few remaining Archbuilders.Clement s mission, to forge a community that embraces the Archbuilders, puts him on a collision course with Ephram Nugent, a xenophobic homesteader.

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    One thought on “Girl in Landscape”

    1. If every book were like Jonathan Lethem's Girl in Landscape I'd probably never talk to anyone ever again. That'd not be such a bad thing, really (I mean for everybody else. I can be a right pain in the ass). I could move to a new frontier and read all day. (Start my own planet!) Everything would be the great read that makes me feel fullfilled. Longing sigh.'Landscape' I read in one sitting on a ass numbingly long flight. That I didn't notice anything else around me was amazing. That's what I wan [...]

    2. ’Paisaje con muchacha’ (Girl in Landscape, 1998), del escritor estadounidense Jonathan Lethem, es una novela de ciencia ficción con reminiscencias del western, pero desde una óptica realista. La familia Marsh, compuesta por los padres Clement y Caitlin, y por los hijos de ambos, Pella, Raymond y David, deciden abandonar una Tierra que no tiene nada que ofrecerles y donde el aire es cada vez más irrespirable, y probar suerte en el planeta de los Constructores de Arcos. Apenas colonizado, l [...]

    3. It appears necessary that I begin my review with a true story. I was enjoying reading in the pregnant sunshine, robins flirted in the leaves behind me, a gentle breeze stirred the budding trees. I was not, however, enjoying this novel, in fact, I was sighing as I sped along. Suddenly the novel in question was targeted by an Avian Airborne Excrement attack. Now i have experienced the white drops of British sketch comedy before. This was a blast, it nearly tore the book from stunned fingers. I dec [...]

    4. I liked it. Scanning through all the reviews of this book on , it looks like most people don't have much to say about the book, beyond listing what happens in it. The scene where the author reveals what's going on, with the planet and the virus, is super good and my enjoyment in the book instantly went off the charts. But then it's kind of a slow fade back down to regular Like after that. Everything after the fire felt a little messy, like it was part of a different book. The narration keeps the [...]

    5. It's a terrific coming-of-age story, a terrific space Western, and a really smart reflection on human nature. But you can't quite hold it directly. There is something about it, like the sun out West, where it seems too bright to approach directly. The shattered sense of this future America sets it off on that foot; the scene at the beginning at Coney Island. We almost don't want to look but at the same time feel compelled and so those two impulses meet somewhere just off to the side of the thing [...]

    6. i found nothing unlikeable about this booke perspective from the preteen girl is, as far as i can tell, totally infallible. i buy it completely in the sense that i never feel like it's a guy writing how he THINKS she would feel.on top of that we have classic western set in sci fi futured itsy bitsy alien deere strength of his work is to write great characters and stories but set them in a sci fi setting. it's not about the setting or the world. it's about them. and that's how he transcends the g [...]

    7. I like science fiction more as a setting than a genre. Too much of the writing that falls under that banner seems like the well-informed prattling of Asperger sufferers who used world-building as catharsis. Whether it's steam-punk Victorian era or a million years in the future, my deepest desire is for a story with strong character development an good pacing.Lethem gets it mostly right with Girl in Landscape, creating something akin to a Steinbeck story set in a near-future on a mostly uninhabit [...]

    8. This one is a strange mix even for genre-bending genius Jonathon Lethem. "Girl in Landscape" combines a young girl's coming of age and awakening sexuality with an alien landscape and the strange relationships between human and alien beings. At times charting the landscapes of children and adults and the odd spaces in between, at others chronicling failure, loss and the inherent possibility of settling a new world. This is my favorite of his novels. It is poignant and lovely, quirky and curious, [...]

    9. Randomly bought this at the used book store around the corner and felt surprised how much I enjoyed this, although at times the nerdy quality of Lethem gets a bit too thick. But the imagination, genre twisting, images, spare prose, etc, is surprising

    10. I would call Lethem's work something like "allegorical science fiction" and maybe that is a real term. While it operates on the tropes of a scorched future earth and living on an alien planet in the ruins of a lost civilization, that is all just setting. The story is a fable of growing up while realizing that all adults around you are failing. Through the eyes (and that is really saying something in this book) of our fourteen year old protagonist, Pella Marsh, we see humanity stripped down to it [...]

    11. I want to mention, but skip over aspects of Girl in landscape likely to be covered by other reviewers. It certainly stands out because of its genre bending of Western and Science Fiction tale. It is clearly an homage of sorts to The Searchers. It is other aspects of the book that made it very moving to read. It should not be overlooked that it is a wonderful coming-of-age story (or bildungsromane to quote the German literary term). Pella Marsh is a young woman forced to grow up far too quickly a [...]

    12. A really peculiar novel. This is my first time reading Lethem, and I wasn't sure what to expect--though from what I can tell, his writing is very different from book to book. This books starts really strong with a family recovering from the death of their mother; there are some interesting science fiction elements, but the bigger picture had a kind vagueness that almost reminds me of a fable, contrasting with extremely interesting specific details from scene to scene. The prose is really sharp, [...]

    13. Here is the thing: despite this novel being set in a future in which the earth is falling apart and a family travels over a light-year away to live on an alien planet with inscrutable aliens in a very young and empty alien colony, it isn't really sci-fi. It is really just a story about a thirteen year old girl, and growing up--it is about the secrets of the body, some yours, some known to all, it is about the secrets of childhood and of adulthood, of the secrets that foster in that liminal space [...]

    14. Though I'm not usually a fan of science fiction, girl in landscape captivated me from the very beginning. The story is told through Pella Marsh, a twelve year old girl whose world is about to be flipped upside down as her family moves to an entirely new planet. Her father, losing his policital election on earth, believes he is needed for order and stability on the new planet of the archbuilders and relocates his family there, but not before tragedy strikes. His wife, Pella's mother, dies before [...]

    15. (Having just read Johnny's review, I have to throw in my 2 cents.)I liked this one, but it's not one of my favorite scifi novels. The allusions to John Ford's The Searchers are pretty interesting. Good characters, very involving narrative, and a better-than-average scifi mise en scene. The novel reminded me a bit of Philip K. Dick's Martian Time-Slip.I was just a little disappointed that the story ended up basically revolving around sex taboos I mean, heading off to explore a new planet and set [...]

    16. This is another great Lethem novel. It is set in the future, at a time when the earth has become so polluted that we are setting up colonies on other planets. The novel follows the Marsh family, and in particular the daughter Pella. It picks up as they are finalizing their plans to move to the Planet of the Archbuilders, but the majority of the action takes place there. As you can see this is a sci-fi novel, but something about the way Lethem writes it makes it seem completely normal and plausib [...]

    17. A good read, I blasted through this well thought out and well written novel. Filled with surprise when I first began reading it, the narrator is a 12 year old girl, I quickly found that Lethem's choice in doing so works very well and even helps to drive the story and create conflict within his novel. I also think that Lethem's choice of following children and their actions and responses on/to the world of the Archbuilders works very well, especially in how he presents an idea of how childlike th [...]

    18. Anyway, a little while back I read this book having heard good things about Jonathan Lethem. It is a post-apocalyptic novel in which largely ineffectual characters settle on a foreign planet with the primary character being 14-year-old Pella Marsh. If none of that sounded good, it is because it wasn't.Now the back of the book sold Girl in Landscape as a "genre-bending, mind-expanding tale of sexual perversity on a new frontier." Look elsewhere, brave reader, because there is little in the way of [...]

    19. Upping my review to five stars. I loved this and also feel like it was pretty flawed but then I'm also not sure if the flaws were flaws or just unmet expectations I had? For example, had no real idea what the aliens looked like. Actually, that's not true at all-- they looked like Big Bird to me, so I guess I DID have an idea, but also, I don't know? That's more or less how I felt about most of this book. "What about Xwait, does X matter, isn't Y more important? BUT THEN Z" So: loved the concept, [...]

    20. A superb novel, from beginning to end. A sci-fi Western at its core, the story interweaves coming of age with discovering the alien in oneself (and the self in the alien), which I suppose aren't that different from one another. As much about bullying as self discovery, it borrows lightly from themes I've read before in Scott-Card's Ender sequels, only more expansively, and yet also more elegantly and concisely. As a film buff I have to admit that I'd love to see this made into a movie, if only t [...]

    21. The blurb describes this book as The Searchers meets Lolita. This is total BS. The comparison with Lolita is frankly desperate.I'll admit to being distracted reading this novel. More distracted than usual. However, I wouldn't have found myself as distracted had the novel been more immersive, Jonathan. I found myself flicking through with vague interest, never really latching onto the prose, getting confused more than twice.It was, well rather dull. I appreciate Lethem's originality and weirdness [...]

    22. A mesmerising, enigmatic and strangely moving novel which tells the story of a girl on the brink of puberty, set in a far-off world that is inhabited by descendents of a mythical race of Archbuilders. To escape inevitable change from playful childhood to adolescent responsibilities, Lethem allows her to move her consciousness into a small indigenous animal and to run freely and happy. The language is poetic and beautifully fits the story. Comes recommended.

    23. " was like a chance to step into a picture-book world, where hide-and-seek had only to do with a delight in faces hidden and uncovered" (Girl in Landscape, 201). Never stopped with the fun and never stopped with the heart. Reading it, I felt like a house-deer under a giant sky. Can't wait to revisit.

    24. A sci-fi Western with Lolita elements. Layered, edgy and artistic. A small community that needs each other to survive on an alien planet is too caught up in its individuals' struggles to come together. While aliens abound, the book focuses on character to create a rich and complex novel.

    25. This was an extremely quick read. I finished it in just a couple days. I like the idea of the deer mice, and what they offered Pella. But I wish the author added more detail and depth to that aspect of the book. I also would have liked the author to delve into the Archbuilders history and culture more.

    26. Being around books all day, there are a few names that constantly make me think 'oh yeah, i need to read that' Jonathon Letham fits into that category, although I never really knew what to expect. Turns out, a family on the moon with deermice & furry (furbyish?) aliens. Enjoyed the story and the pacing, and now must read something more of his. I wonder if there will be deermice.

    27. I've read most of Lethem's works and have considered him one of my favorite authors for years. This book highlights his sci-fi skills, but combines it with the stark setting of Mars that is reminiscent of pioneers forging life on the western frontier. My favorite of his novels.

    28. Viniendo de leer Cuando Alice se subió a la mesa, un libro que me encantó, Paisaje con muchacha me supuso una decepción. Un libro entretenido y sólo a ratos, me dejó un tanto indiferente.

    29. This book succeeds beautifully in small-scale science fiction world-building, but utterly fails as the rape narrative it wants so desperately to be.

    30. Having read almost all of Jonathan Lethem at this point, I can say with some confidence this is the best novel he has written and possibly ever will write based on where he is going. I came to Lethem through his short stories, a handful of which are masterpieces, but waiting to find a great novel from him has been frustrating. This looks like it is the one.Girl in Landscape is basically a "space Western" and a coming of age story about a teenage girl whose family has just moved to another planet [...]

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