Brownie Points When Lisa Taylor and her family move from San Francisco to the suburban paradise of Los Corderos they know their family won t fit in perfectly They re the only interracial family in the neighborhood

  • Title: Brownie Points
  • Author: Jennifer Coburn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Lisa Taylor and her family move from San Francisco to the suburban paradise of Los Corderos, they know their family won t fit in perfectly They re the only interracial family in the neighborhood Lisa is a snarky sculptor And 13 year old Logan is gay.After Logan is repeatedly bullied at school, he finds his niche in an unusual place his twin sister s Girl Scout troWhen Lisa Taylor and her family move from San Francisco to the suburban paradise of Los Corderos, they know their family won t fit in perfectly They re the only interracial family in the neighborhood Lisa is a snarky sculptor And 13 year old Logan is gay.After Logan is repeatedly bullied at school, he finds his niche in an unusual place his twin sister s Girl Scout troop When he tries to join, the organization refuses, so the boy sues for gender discrimination and sets off a firestorm of national media coverage This only makes matters worse between the Logan and his father, a macho firefighter who is already struggling with his son s sexual orientation.Adding to the strife is Lisa s increasing distaste for Junta Moms who wish each other Namaste while rigging school elections and stealing each other s husbands.Join the Taylors on their hilarious journey as they face the fight of their lives and,in the process, discover what it means to be a family.

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    One thought on “Brownie Points”

    1. OK. Let's say your favorite snack is Doritos. And let's also say that you're all out of Doritos but you happen to have some Fritos handy. Not as tasty, sure, but still salty and crunchy. You put out a bowl of Fritos while, I don't know, watching TV or reading a book, and before you know it, you've finished the bowl! You ate all the Fritos, even though you'd have preferred Doritos.So, Brownie Points. When I wasn't actually reading, I wasn't thinking of the book. I wasn't curious about what was go [...]

    2. I loved this book. From the beginning, when Lisa and family move to the suburban town of Utopia, the story had me hooked. Utopia is the perfect town for upper middle class neighbors, with themed - birthday parties and an agressive homeowners association citing violations. When their son Logan finds his niche in the local girl scout troop, and is denied membership, a lawsuit ensues and hilarity reigns. Some cliches and some sterotypical characters should be annoying but they are just plain funny. [...]

    3. Brownie Points By Jennifer CoburnBROWNIE POINTS by USA TODAY best-selling author Jennifer Coburn, (2012) is the story of today's "typical" all-American family. The Taylor family is moving to suburbia from their home near San Francisco's Castro Street area and50% of them aren't too happy about it.Husband & father Jason is a firefighter who presides wife Lisa to leave their home in San Francisco to move to Los Cordero's so he can advance his firefighting career. Lisa is a sculptor who has been [...]

    4. I received a copy of Brownie Points by Jennifer Coburn in exchange for an honest review.Brownie Points follows the Taylor family as they move to Los Corderos, a small suburban paradise. Lisa knows that the move from San Francisco will take a toll on her family but she doesn’t expect them to fit in right away considering they will be the only interracial family in the area and her 13 year old son Logan is gay. But, what she doesn’t expect is that things might be more difficult than she expect [...]

    5. I thought the premise of the book was interesting: A boy wants to join the Girl Scouts and sues because he is turned down. Meanwhile, his mother, a liberal "we're all alright" artist, struggles with the family's move to an upscale, suburban community where she has difficulty assimilating with the many cookie-cutter and seemingly uptight residents.Unfortunately, I found the characters to be largely unbelievable--in particular, the daughter. She is a precocious caricature of a mixed-race youth emb [...]

    6. I read a snyopsis of this book on one of the e-book emails that I get and bought it quite a while ago. I have such a long list of books that I own that this one just sat on my virtual shelf until the other day. What a delightful surprise!Lisa, an artist and her firefighter husband, Jason have lived in San Francisco with their twins Maya and Logan for years. When Jason gets a chance to fulfill his dream of becoming the capitan of a fire department in the suburbs, Lisa feels that it is time to sup [...]

    7. This is the second book by Jennifer Coburn that I've read but it probably won't be the last. She does a great job of satirizing life in the suburbs. An interracial couple with twins, one of whom is gay move from San Francisco to the small town of Los Corderos (Spanish for "the sheep") so that the husband can be the first African American fire chief there. They move to a development ironically called Utopia. Their son Logan has trouble adjusting to life in Utopia and only feels comfortable with h [...]

    8. A chick-lit in which the author describes the struggle of a family to accept and to deal with the fact that their son is gay. Though the topic is a today's issue and makes you think, for me it was most of all a quick and fun summer read. The story is written with lots of humor and I really liked how Jennifer Coburn describes all the characters, specially the "real housewives of Utopia".

    9. Good story about a mixed race (I hate that term as I feel like it's one race - human) family (he's black, she's white) with two kids (he's gay, she's straight) who move from San Francisco to the burbs. At times funny, at times poignant, at times very real - it was well worth the read.

    10. I loved this story! I was completely engrossed in the lives of Lisa, her family, her neighbors. I sorta wished I was living on that block, too! The only off putting thing about the story was her husband's (Lisa's) wishy-washy attitude about his son and his (gasp!) sexuality.

    11. This is the 2nd book I've read from Jennifer Coburn and I love her writing style and quirky sense of humor. I'll keep picking up her books when I need a laugh! But seriously she also is tackling some truly important societal issues as well! Definitely worth reading!

    12. It turned out better than I thought it would be. It was slow going at first. I found Lisa a bit whinny. I do get that she wanted to stay in a place a little less cookie cutter but once she moved she should have at least gave it a shot. The people in her community were a bunch of gossiping busybodies that I would've checked in our first conversation. I don't play that shit.Things got interesting with the Girl Scout lawsuit. There were some good issues brought up but keeping the book on the light [...]

    13. This was a book I got for free from Book bub. It was a quick read for me and once I got into it, I just wanted to finish it. The family moves to a new town and each faces new struggles. The mom struggles to make friends and enjoy the new area, the daughter struggles with learning about the history of African Americans, the son struggles with his homosexuality and making friends with the other boys, and the dad struggles with his sons sexual preference. The story was written in a way that it was [...]

    14. I needed a lighter read after Slade House and this was it indeed. Decent plot with semi-likable characters, but some of their interactions were questionable, to say the least, and I couldn’t really latch on to them enough to root for them in any way. It’s interesting to have finished reading this book on the day that the Boy Scouts agree to allow girls to join though. Who knew reading the book would be so timely?

    15. Just read itI love this book! Not entirely sure I was going to at first, I am so glad I didn't give up. Logan and Maya are great characters you can't help liking. The comic, snarky bits had me laughing so hard I was glad my husband wasn't in bed yet because I would have woken him up. This is one of those stories I wish I could go back and read again for the first time just because it was so much fun.

    16. The male girl scoutFabulous read. Funny yet tackles issues in modern society with intelligence and integrity. At points the interjection of Maya's awakening black identity seems a little rushed and could perhaps have been it's own story. But overall a fast paced story that I read in one sitting.

    17. Quite lovelyI have had this book lined up in my queue for months and am just now getting to it. What a shame! It was such a lovely surprise! It’s a story about finding your place in the world, whether you are a full grown adult or a 13 year old boy. It can be a struggle for even those people who think they are the most “well adjusted.”

    18. Amazing, Charming ReadI loved this book! I'm pretty sure the author was describing my suburban neighborhood, I was laughing and crying. Quirky, unusual, and pertinent in today's world.

    19. This is a fun book filled with quirky characters and outrageous events that are possible to imagine really happening.

    20. Just kept getting better!It started out slow but got better and better. So many times I would find myself laughing out loud. Loved the ending!

    21. It's okDidn't really go anywhere but Logan was an inspiration and the reason I finished the book.Not sure if I will read this author again

    22. Modern familyVery good book. Never read stories of interracial families. Then to have a gay child. So amazing. Need more stories.

    23. Freaking HystericalCould not put this one down. Hilarious, full of wacky characters and surprises, Brownie Points is also thoughtfully thought provoking. Enjoy!

    24. Brownie pointsA look at the roles assumed by family members as they move through life with the stresses of learning to accept and embrace differences.

    25. I understand the draw this book has for some readers but my opinion is that is a bit of a cheap shot about racial and gender equality. I am sure there are places that are a bit like Utopia but if there is a place just like it let's hope they keep the gated community locked up tight.

    26. When I got this book I was expecting it to be little more something akin to USA Daytime movies that are always shown on Channel5 in the UK. You know the sort of thing - ordinary mum battles against [something] to prove a point. But "Brownie Points" isn't anything like that. Sure there's an issue in there - several in fact - but that isn't the only thing the book is about. Far from it.The plot opens with a family moving from the city to a small 'perfect' gated community that in reality has more g [...]

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