The Opal Matt Turner grew up witnessing first hand the worst crimes imaginable At age he discovered his special ability to read the emotional imprints people leave on objects Against better judgment his po

  • Title: The Opal
  • Author: Michael Siemsen
  • ISBN: 9780983446927
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Matt Turner grew up witnessing first hand the worst crimes imaginable At age 9, he discovered his special ability to read the emotional imprints people leave on objects Against better judgment, his police detective father used his son s talent to help him solve crimes Now, at 26, Matt tries to keep to himself, but an enemy he thought long gone interrupts his tropicalMatt Turner grew up witnessing first hand the worst crimes imaginable At age 9, he discovered his special ability to read the emotional imprints people leave on objects Against better judgment, his police detective father used his son s talent to help him solve crimes Now, at 26, Matt tries to keep to himself, but an enemy he thought long gone interrupts his tropical vacation, flying him all over the globe to help track a 3500 year old Egyptian opal found sealed in a Cuban tree trunk In Cuba, Matt finds not riches but even deadlier foes, and the secrets of a long dead explorer who will forever alter Matt s life.

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    One thought on “The Opal”

    1. The first book of this series "The Dig" is a great story about Matthew Turner who has the power to view the history of an object he touches. People leave emotional imprints on an object, and Matthew can get a first-person account of whatever happened by touching the object. What made the first book so great was the story within the story as Matthew learns about a prehistoric man who tries to save his entire village from extinction.The biggest problem I had with this second book, "The Opal," was [...]

    2. Every so often a new author will hit the scene that grabs your attention. Michael Siemsen did with his first offering of The Dig. Now we are treated us with his second offering -- The Opal, and I have definitely decided that he will be on my permanent reading list. The protagonist in The Opal, Matt Turner, put a whole new twist on psychics. Matthew cannot communicate with the dead, he can read the actual lives of any person who has come in contact with an object --- while they were in contact wi [...]

    3. Decent, though not as good as "The Dig". The main difference being I had almost no interest in the flashbacks of the origins of the opal. In fact, I almost wanted to skip those parts entirely and get back to what was happening in the present. In contrast, "The Dig" had interesting stories in both the past and present. I also think I enjoyed the supernatural aspect of "The Dig" more than the historically based story of "The Opal".

    4. The first book I enjoyed. This one I did not AT ALL. It was just different and the ending was bad in my opinion.

    5. My original The Opal audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The Opal by Michael Siemsen is the second novel in the Matt Turner series. Matt Turner has a gift that allows him to read imprints from objects. All people leave an emotional and mental imprint on objects. This ability interferes with Matt’s ability to live a normal life due his inability to touch nearly all objects with his bare skin. After having completed mission where his used his ability to unearth in [...]

    6. I immensely enjoyed “The Dig” because of the story of the artifact itself. The opal’s history is so briefly glimpsed in this novel that it is hard for me to care about where it came from or who had it throughout its history. The point in the story where Matt is semi-conscious to his surroundings while also re-living imprints he’s already seen was painfully boring to read. I already was unimpressed with the opal’s history, I certainly didn’t need it rehashed twice.There were too many [...]

    7. Ok, good story, a bit cliche at times. Did not connect with the characters in this one like I did the first in the series.

    8. When I finished this, I just had to order the next in the series -- can't seem to put them down. Matt this time tracks an opal that once graced a Saracen sword. In the process he and Dr Rheese continue their adversarial relationship, and Matt runs into a bit of difficulty in his relationship with the beautiful woman he met inThe Dig . Hard to say more without giving up a lot of the plot.

    9. Good, but book 1 was betterStarts off good, then tails off in the middle.The last quarter is just a mess.4 or 5 different military groups firing at each other in Cuba.20 guys had automatic weapons, but no bullets?Hope book 3 is better.

    10. Sequel to The DigDefinitely read The Dig first. The Opal picks up at the end of The Dig. Don't start reading unless you have plenty of time because you won't want to put it down! I hope the Matt Turner series doesn't end with book 3.

    11. I enjoyed the first book.The last third of this book is unreadable. I slogged through it due to the Sunk Cost Fallacy. I wish I would have stopped.

    12. I really enjoyed "The Dig" although the main character was a bit whiny at times. However, if I thought he was whiny then was NOTHING on Matt in The Opal. Seriously, I have rarely wanted to punch the good guy as much as I did in this book. I think this whole book felt like a rough draft that was rushed to publication. It had great potential. The characters were well developed, but the plot just fell flat. The story behind the opal was not developed. The author seemed to kill off half the characte [...]

    13. To say that I had been anxiously awaiting this sequel would be a major understatement! I don't think there is anyone (other than Mr. Siemsen) that was more excited about this release than I. While I had previous knowledge of the story, I was still very much holding my breath in anticipation.I had come to know of Mr. Siemsen and his first book in the Matt Turner series on January 1, 2012. I was having the worst New Year's ever. The Dig helped me escape the pain and agony that I was in. I was bedr [...]

    14. This novel picks up almost immediately after The Dig (book 1)left off. Matt is in a holiday resort with his girlfriend Trudi, when the archaeologist who learned of Matt’s ability in the first book shows up and kidnaps him. Forcing him to read “The Opal” Matt is thrown into the world of the Vikings and here the book is at its strongest, diving in and out of the sci-fi historical fiction idea that caught my attention in the first book. As others have mentioned on reviews this book Siemsen m [...]

    15. Have you ever had that book that just makes you want to scream and give up on reading forever? Oh look, here's mine!I know, this from a girl who has read Twilight. This is clearly something that requires a qualifier because, here it goes folks; I don't think is is necessarily a bad book. I just hate it.If you checked my review on the first book of this series, you'll know that I was frustrated coming in as it was. I disliked the characters for most of the last book and I HATED the cliffhanger. W [...]

    16. I chose to read The Opal because Michael Siemsen's first book, The Dig, had been so good and so full of promise. I didn't like how this book started, how it proceeded, nor how it ended. In fact, the ending, not the epilogue, leaves one HUGE question unanswered that I just considered the author to be a mercenary himself, because for all the praise he heaps on his "beta-readers", that none of them picked up on this astounds me.The story is full of characters of questionable motive. When something [...]

    17. I got this free in the First Read and had not previously read The Dig. This novel is definately an action packed thriller. Mathew Turner has a special gift (or curse depending on how you look at it) in which he can see the memories imprinted on an object after someone has touched it. Not all memories are happy ones and Mathew has lived a life of strict self-discipline after his father made him use his powers to solve cases when his dad was on the police force. Now years later, Michael is an adu [...]

    18. I started this one with cautious optimism. The reviews are mediocre, but I'm interested in book three of the series so I decided to brave it. For the most part I enjoyed it, though Siemsen was apparently in a dark place when he wrote it, surprising things happen and the book even ends on a dark note. I'm even more eager for book three now, just so I can see how some of the issues are resolved.(view spoiler)[The dad's death was rotten and even Reese's death blew me away. Who pissed off Siemsen be [...]

    19. The Opal was not tied together as well as the first novel in this series. The main plot device is an interesting one, but while there obviously is a cornucopia of possible choices and directions, the results appeared to be overwhelmed by the opportunities.The violence bordered on the gratuitous. I fail to see the need to sacrifice most of the Cuban volunteers and the father.I failed to discern a message in the abusive father/son relationships expressed by the opal. I know where the author was he [...]

    20. 3.5 Focusing on the attempt to rescue Matt from kidnappers rather than on the information from the psychometric visions and revelations he receives from the title jewel, "The Opal" is more adventure story than its predecessor. "The Dig" had the extra charm of revealing the existence of an unknown human civilization that co-existed with dinosaurs, and I confess I enjoyed it a bit more than "The Opal." There's quite a lot of violence in this book. I didn't understand what happened between Matt and [...]

    21. Well - this was a really good sequel - except it felt like it was a book 2 of 3 or more and yet the author wrapped things up (I mean - really you could FEEL him wrapping things up ) so that it is clear the he's not interested in persuing this storyline any longerSome of the choices he made are unfortunate and a tiny bit "undone" unrealistic but overall the story was good - he handles crime well but his transition between total incapacitation to functional is a bit hurriedoverall its a good story [...]

    22. This was an amazing sequel. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I was instantly hooked back in to Matthew Turner's plight. The bad guy(s) got badder in this book and there were some unexpected twists and turns. I wasn't really happy with the way it ended (may have been the last book!!), but I don't think it could've ended any other way. Michael Siemsen is an author that I am really glad that I stumbled upon in January 2012. I am thoroughly excited to read anything he has written. I cannot wait fo [...]

    23. Kinda stalls about half-way in the book, which started of so well. Because of that I stopped reading as I got distracted by other books and resumed it a year later. I didn't enjoy this as much as book 1. The first half i liked that's why I gave it 3 stars and not 2 stars. I hope the 3rd book goes back closer to the style of the first.

    24. This is the second book in the series. That said, I am not sure if it is is a series at all. Many of the same characters return and once Matt Turner discovers apiece of our history it not as we were taught. Even the ad guys are back--Dr. Reese and The Gray. This book focuses on the Vikings and when they came to America. The interactions of the characters still are part of what makes this a good read. I do not want to give away anything but many things change between the characters in this storyI [...]

    25. Having enjoyed the first book in (the series?), I downloaded this one. I haven't often been taken by surprise so badly. Spoiler alert, sort of. The two main characters, who made the first book so enjoyable, suddenly took on entirely different personalities without any warning or explanation. This is not an exaggeration. If you enjoyed the first book, you can't enjoy the second unless you have multiple personality disorder. The only way a third book could be readable is if Siemsen reveals that an [...]

    26. Ok, this was the 4th book by Michael Siemsen that I read in as many days. I felt this one was not nearly as good as the other 3. Way, way too much violence. And it was dragged out for soooo long. There were several changes in the characters that were so abrupt that I felt like I had missed a chapter or two( I didn't.). The changes felt contrived in an effort to move the story along. Just didn't seem to flow naturally. Ended up bored and wanting it all to end. That being said, I will buy the next [...]

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