Diepe wonden De jarige Holocaust overlevende David Josua Goldberg wordt in zijn huis gevonden gedood door een nekschot Bij de lijkschouwing doet de arts een bijzondere ontdekking Goldbergs arm draagt de resten

  • Title: Diepe wonden
  • Author: Nele Neuhaus Sander Hoving
  • ISBN: 9789021443225
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • De 92 jarige Holocaust overlevende David Josua Goldberg wordt in zijn huis gevonden, gedood door een nekschot Bij de lijkschouwing doet de arts een bijzondere ontdekking Goldbergs arm draagt de resten van een bloedgroeptatoeage die bij de SS gebruikelijk was Dan worden er nog twee moorden gepleegd, op de 88 jarige Anita Frings en op Hermann Schneider Beiden zijn eveneeDe 92 jarige Holocaust overlevende David Josua Goldberg wordt in zijn huis gevonden, gedood door een nekschot Bij de lijkschouwing doet de arts een bijzondere ontdekking Goldbergs arm draagt de resten van een bloedgroeptatoeage die bij de SS gebruikelijk was Dan worden er nog twee moorden gepleegd, op de 88 jarige Anita Frings en op Hermann Schneider Beiden zijn eveneens omgebracht door een nekschot In de kelder van Hermann worden vele nazi devotionalia aangetroffen Welk verband bestaat er tussen deze moordzaken Veel sporen leiden naar de familie van de ondernemersweduwe Vera Kaltensee, terwijl het onderzoek Pia Korchoff en Oliver von Bodenstein ook voert naar Oost Pruisen, januari 1945.

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      308 Nele Neuhaus Sander Hoving
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    1. Nachdem ich im letzten Jahr bereits den achten Band der Nele Neuhaus Krimis um Bodenstein und Kirchhoff gelesen habe, wollte ich mir auch die vorhergehenden Bände anschauen. Zufälligerweise entdeckte ich den dritten Teil auf meinem SuB. Ich hätte zwar lieber ganz von vorne angefangen, aber letztlich sind die Krimis ja doch immer abgeschlossene Bände und nur die persönlichen Beziehungen entwickeln sich weiter.Im dritten Teil wird der Holocaust Überlebende Goldberg tot in seinem Haus gefunde [...]

    2. 4.0 out of 5 stars -- This is an excellent German police procedural, and the third book by Neuhaus that I have read. It is also #3 in the series. Unfortunately, because of the order in which the translations have been released in the USA, and also because the release of the series is incomplete, I actually started with Bad Wolf (#6), then read Snow White Must Die (#4), and just now getting this one. REVERSE ORDER. This is quite confusing going backward in time with regard to the growth of the Ki [...]

    3. This mystery/police procedural starts off with a bang and a very interesting plot; a handful of elderly German aristocrats are being executed with a mysterious number left at each crime scene. Our two heroes, German police detective Pia Kirchoff and her boss, Oliver von Bodenstein, begin investigating and this potentially engaging story – unfortunately – quickly bogs down. First there are too many characters introduced too quickly with too many back stories. There are unnecessary twists, red [...]

    4. The Ice Queen by Nele Neuhaus is a prequel to the series following the exploits of the investigative team of Pia Kircshoff and Oliver von Bodenstein of the German Criminal Police. Though translated into English from its original German, Neuhaus delivers big on pace and prose, never skipping a beat as she builds tension and compounds the mystery around the murders of group of old friends.Jossi Goldberg is a 92 year old Holocaust survivor and American citizen who returned to his native Germany to [...]

    5. The latest novel by the best-selling author of SNOW WHITE MUST DIE, German writer Nele Neuhaus, starts off with a bang and an exciting premise. Regrettably, it gets bogged down along the way with too many characters and plot-lines and the tension abates dramatically in place of soap opera-like events.At the opening of THE ICE QUEEN we are met with an elderly man, recently having moved back to his home country of Germany after decades in the United States, who is soon brutally murdered in his own [...]

    6. The Ice Queen is the third mystery novel by Nele Neuhaus featuring detectives Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver Bodenstein. As the book opens, an old Jewish man and holocaust survivor, has been found murdered execution style with the number “11645” written in the victim’s blood. During his autopsy they discover that his body has a tattoo marking him as a member of the Nazis SS. Shortly after the first murder, two more elderly people are killed in a similar way. As Pia Kirchoff and Oliver von Bodens [...]

    7. Odličan krimić, čista petica!! Osim Snjeguljica mora umrijeti, od Nele Neuhaus čitala sam još i Prijatelji do groba, ali Duboke rane su mi definitivno najbolje. Odličan način pripovijedanja, izvrstan zaplet i onda VAU rasplet Baš sam uživala čitajući, a zaista volim ovaj žanr, pa sve rjeđe naiđem na ovako dobru priču.Radnja se vrti oko obiteljskih tajni i umorstava starijih ljudi za koje se ispostavi da imaju zajedničku prošlost u doba vladavine A. Hitlera. I onda uhodani tim Ki [...]

    8. Moje pierwsze spotkanie z kryminałami Nele Neuhaus i od razu wielkie fiasko! Męczyłam się okrutnie. Absurd goni absurd! Niestety, w kryminale bardzo łatwo przeszarżować. Bardzo możliwe, że sięgnę po "Śnieżka musi umrzeć", bo ponoć dobra. Z polecenia, to może rzeczywiście.

    9. Now I know what you are going to say "But Martina, why in the world are you torturing yourself like this?". And after the previous experience with a Neuhaus book, you would be totally entitled to ask that. But the answer is simple: I'm an uncontrollable optimist. I hoped that Neuhaus' debut was a fluke, and that she had developed as an author in the interim, so my generosity decided to give her another shot. Yes, I am optimistic like that. So, you all may ask, "Has your optimism been rewarded? H [...]

    10. This is the third translated novel from this writer which I have read. It is complex and intricately plotted. It begins with the murder of an elderly jewish man known as David Goldberg. Just as the case is shut after political interference, Pia and Oliver learn from an autopsy that the man was a Nazi and member of the SS. So begins an investigation that leads to the second world war and Germany’s dark past of Nazism. Two other elderly victims, with nazi history, are killed in a similar way. Th [...]

    11. A pretty good story which is unfortunately rendered almost unreadable by an inept translation into American (I think!) English. Almost always a bad idea to attempt to translate slang, but with a skilled translator and a solid plot rationale (i.e. place/time) for doing so, it can work - unfortunately neither exist here. For example, in one scene we have an youngish middle aged, very upper class German guy, who's lived in Germany all his life, referring to going to jail as being in "the joint". No [...]

    12. I liked the way that Nele Neuhaus had all the people do the obvious. Brodenstein make love to a woman not his wife when unknowing he was given the drug Ecstasy. Pia having her friend fall in love with her ex-husband. These were really side stories to the main case. It was a who-done-it from the word go.

    13. I couldn't stay focused on the story. not sure if it was because the narrator voice lulled me or if it was the story. maybe I will try trading instead of listening to it next time

    14. Een interessant boek. Vanaf het begin sprak het verhaal mij al aan. Wat ook wel komt door het onderwerp. Toch heb ik vrij lang over het boek gedaan. Het verhaal leest niet heel vlot. Er komen veel personages voor in het boek en daar tussen lopen ook allerlei lijntjes. Soms had ik moeite om bepaalde personen te plaatsen. Gaandeweg werd dat trouwens wel beter. Zo halverwege het boek zakte het verhaal wat in. Het team van rechercheurs zat toen ook vast in het onderzoek. Tegen het einde werd het spa [...]

    15. Im Mai 2007 wird der 92-jährige David Josua Goldberg ermordet, ja förmlich hingerichtet. Er starb durch einen Genickschuss. Die Ermittler Oliver von Bodenstein und Pia Kirchhoff stehen vor einem Rätsel, denn augenscheinlich hatte der alte Mann keine Feinde, ja eher im Gegenteil, er war ein geachtetes Mitglied der Gesellschaft, der lange Jahre in den USA gelebt hat und sich erst vor wenigen Jahren entschloss, seinen Lebensabend in seiner Heimat zu verbringen. Bei der Obduktion stellt sich jedo [...]

    16. The body of 92-year-old Jossi Goldberg, Holocaust survivor and American citizen, is found shot to death execution style in his house near Frankfurt. A five-digit number is scrawled in blood at the murder scene. The autopsy reveals an old and unsuccessfully covered tattoo on the corpse's arm—a blood type marker once used by Hitler's SS. Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver Bodenstein are faced with a riddle. Was the old man not Jewish after all? Who was he, really? Two more, similar murders happen—one of [...]

    17. I listed this as a thriller but that sort of hedges the category. This is the third book I've read in this series. While I like them in general they have some facets I'm not fond of. For one thing the book is so full of personal angst and emotion. Do any of you remember the first seasons of the TV show Law and Order? When it started it was a police procedural. A crime is committed and we followed the events from investigation to arrest to trial. (Later the show became nothing more than a politic [...]

    18. Terzo episodio della coppia investigativa Bodenstein & Kirchhoff (e lo ripeto, perchè il secondo è solo in lingua tedesca?? Mi sono persa dei pezzi nella storia accidenti!) e ci troviamo di fronte ad un thriller corposo, ricco di personaggi e davvero coinvolgente, nuovamente ambientato in una atmosfera cupa e nordica, invernale direi. Ecco, se dovessi trovare un limite direi che è sempre complicato ingranare inizialmente tra i vari personaggi della Neuhaus, soprattutto per chi non mastica [...]

    19. Es el tercer libro que leo de este autor, todos me han gustado pero quizás este es el que más me ha gustado y eso es por la historia de misterio tres ancianos asesinados con un tiro en la nuca, estos asesinatos tienen algo que ver con algo que sucedió durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.Es un libro con bastantes personajes y la verdad es que al principio temí perderme entre ellos, al principio del libro hay una lista con los personajes y datos sobre ellos pero al final sin necesidad de echar m [...]

    20. Inexplicable que haya tardado tanto en leer esta grandiosa novela. Neuhaus me convence porque es capaz de crear subtramas a mansalva, unir un montón de personajes y ensamblarlos al final para crear una novela policíaca excelente; ya comprendo por qué la gente no la lee (favoreciendo “cosas” como La chica del tren), su complejidad a la hora de plantear la trama no es apta para aquellos que quieren leer una novela sin esfuerzo, desafía al lector cosa que otros ni se plantean para conseguir [...]

    21. Maybe 3.5. This was an audiobook. The narrator was good. There were too many characters and too many side tracks, and too many convenient coincidences, but overall a good mystery.

    22. Kelpo ja koukuttavakin dekkari natsismin syövereistä, vallanhimosta, kostosta ja manipuloinnista. Ei järisyttävä, mutta ok lukukokemus.

    23. Wederom een prima boek, uitstekend speurwerk naar onverkwikkelijke zaken uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Genoten en ik ga kijken of deel vier in de bibliotheek staat.

    24. In zijn huis in Frankfurt wordt de oude jood en overlever van de vernietigingskampen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog David Goldberg vermoord. Op de spiegel in de hal van zijn appartement heeft de moordenaar het getal 16145 geschreven. Tijdens de lijkschouwing ontdekt de arts dat er op de binnenkant van zijn bovenarm een tatoeage is aangebracht die er op duidt dat Goldberg lid van de SS was. Korte tijd later worden nog twee hoogbejaarde mensen vermoord. Hermann Schneider en Anita Frings. Hoofdinspecte [...]

    25. Ice Queen is the third of Ms Neuhaus's German police procedurals that I have read although it is the first of those translated chronologically. Bodenstein and Kirchhoff, the protagonists, are called to the murder of an elderly, philanthropic German American Jew, David Goldberg, who has been shot in his home. Due to the victim's connections and the potential political ramifications the case is quickly transferred to the National Police, but not before the autopsy uncovers the fact that David Gold [...]

    26. Nele Neuhaus hat sich für ihren dritten Roman Tiefe Wunden eine Mordreihe an alten Menschen ausgedacht. Diese verbindet ein gemeinsames Geheimnis, das in der NS-Zeit in Masuren seinen Ursprung hat. Die Ermittlung dieses Aspekts wird flugs einer lang vermissten Freundin von Pia Kirchhoff übertragen, die praktischerweise polnisch kann und gleich nach Polen reist, um von dort dann immer mal anzurufen, um den sich schleppend dahinziehenden Fall wieder mit neuen Details ins Laufen zu bringen. Olive [...]

    27. The Plot:Daniel Goldberg, a Retired Jewish philanthropist in his eighties, is murdered in his home, execution style. The police make a shocking discovery during his autopsy. Days later, two more elderly Germans are killed, leading detectives Pia Kirchoff and Oliver von Bodenstein on a thrilling chase that takes them to secrets buried in the mists of the Second World War.My Review:This novel, while released after Snow White Must Die and Big Bad Wolf, chronologically occurs before both of them - f [...]

    28. The Ice Queenby Nele NeuhausDon't open this novel unless you have time to finish reading it! The read is so phenomenal that you won't be able to put it down. Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver Bodenstein are faced with many contradictions as they try to solve the murder of an American and Holocaust survivor who has a 5 digit number tattoed on his arm, the type of tattoo the SS used to show blood type. Was he a Nazi or a surviving Jew?The body of 92-year-old Jossi Goldberg is found shot to death execution [...]

    29. First off, a minor complaint. Neuhaus’ series is being translated from German, but out of order. So the first I read was Snow White Must Die #4, then Bad Wolf #6, and now The Ice Queen #3. Each is a self-contained mystery, but Pia and Oliver’s personal lives come into play a fair amount and it’s a little odd going back in time to see where their relationships were, knowing how they change over time. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I feel like it would be a stronger series read in orde [...]

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