Astor Place Vintage A New York Novel taking place in two time periods When a vintage clothing store owner in New York City discovers a journal from she finds her destiny at stake as the past and present collide The

  • Title: Astor Place Vintage
  • Author: Stephanie Lehmann
  • ISBN: 9781451682052
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • A New York Novel taking place in two time periods When a vintage clothing store owner in New York City discovers a journal from 1907, she finds her destiny at stake as the past and present collide The past has a seductive allure to Amanda Rosenbloom, especially when it comes to vintage clothing She s devoted to running her shop, Astor Place Vintage, but with Manhattan sA New York Novel taking place in two time periods When a vintage clothing store owner in New York City discovers a journal from 1907, she finds her destiny at stake as the past and present collide The past has a seductive allure to Amanda Rosenbloom, especially when it comes to vintage clothing She s devoted to running her shop, Astor Place Vintage, but with Manhattan s rising rents and a troubled economy, it s tough to keep the business alive Meanwhile, she can t bring herself to end an affair with a man who really should be history When Amanda finds a journal sewn into a fur muff she s recently acquired for the shop, she s happy to escape into the world of Olive Westcott, a young lady who lived in New York City one hundred years ago.As Amanda becomes immersed in the journal, she learns the future appeals to Olive Olive looks forward to a time when repressive Victorian ideas have been replaced by modern ways of thinking But the financial panic of 1907 thrusts her from a stable, comfortable life into an uncertain and insecure existence She s resourceful and soon finds employment, but as she s drawn into the social circle of shopgirls living on the edge of poverty, Olive is tempted to take risks that could bring her to ruin Reading Olive s woes, Amanda discovers a secret that could save her future and keep her from dwelling in the past.It s Olive, however, who ends up helping Amanda, through revelations that come in the final entries of the journal As the lives of these two women merge, Amanda is inspired to stop living in the past and take control of her future.

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    One thought on “Astor Place Vintage”

    1. Ugh. Where to begin with this one? I was actually really looking forward to reading Astor Place Vintage. I thought the idea of a woman being connected to history through the merchandise in her vintage clothing store seemed pretty cool and unique. This was one I just couldn’t wait till Christmas to ask for, so I bit the bullet and ordered it in August. All the banners and ads for it on probably added to my sense of excitement and urgency.The problem is, this book was, despite all my enthusiasm [...]

    2. Why Should You Read This Book? The characters are the most realistic I've read in a long while. Seriously. They make decisions that you don't often see in books. They are real women with realistic dilemmas.Do you want to be grateful to be a modern woman? Imagine using sanitary napkins connected to belts. Good gravy, no. How about not understanding what the "sex act" actually is with no way to find out? Would you like to rent an apartment or a hotel room? You'd best be accompanied by a man or it' [...]

    3. I bought an ARC of this book for 50 cents at the SFPL Big Book Fair two years ago, and it's been hanging out in my apartment ever since. It's one of those books that I kept stacking hopefully in my TBR pile (see: entries #4-50 on my to-read shelf) and I finally started skimming it yesterday to see if I should keep it. Answer: NO. The writing is awfully clunky - lots of exposition in the form of "conversation" - and the characters are wooden and unbelievable. 2007 protagonist Amanda would be the [...]

    4. Astor Place Vintage was a terrific read! It is interesting that I chose to read it immediately after reading "The Girl You Left Behind," by JoJo Moyes. Both books span nearly 100 years in history, traveling back in time to connect the present day with the past. I loved the references in this book to fashion, New York landmarks, and its depiction of life in New York during the early 1900s, before WWI when women were just starting to become empowered. The women who came before us sacrificed so muc [...]

    5. This was enthralling. I inhaled it over two days this weekend. I love the way the story moves back and forth between the present and the past.I couldn't help but wonder if she's not a Maud Hart Lovelace fan. Among the characters in her book were people named Betsy, Joe and Bettina, and one family with the last name of Kelly.

    6. Ugh. I picked this book up thinking that the story sounded intriguing and had so much potential. The historical plot was pretty interesting in places, though the clunky writing made it somewhat of an average read. Seeing Olive discover herself and try to follow her calling in life in early 20th century New York made me appreciate all over again just how different life was only 100 years ago.But then there was the modern-day plot. Not only do readers have to contend with the same clunkiness in th [...]

    7. I was given a paperback copy of ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE by the author, Stephanie Lehmann, in exchange for an honest opinion.I have to admit that when I finally began to read it, I had low expectations, mainly because of the cover. But I’ll get to that in a moment.This is a well-written engaging novel that is hard to put down. ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE is a braided story of two women, Amanda living in NYC in 2007, and Olive, living in New York City in 1907. Unlike some books, in which the modern part is [...]

    8. Amanda Rosenbloom, proprietor of Astor Place Vintage, a vintage clothing store in Manhattan, is intrigued when she finds an old journal sewn into the lining of a fur muff she has bought from an elderly woman, Mrs. Kelly. As she reads the story of Olive Westcott, a young woman in the New York City of 1907, both she and the reader find that the two women have much in common despite the 100 years that separate them. Twenty-year-old Olive is the genteel daughter of the manager of Woolworth’s flags [...]

    9. Astor Place Vintage tells the stories of Amanda, a vintage clothing store owner who has discovered a diary in an antique fur muff, and Olive, the long-ago girl who once hid her diary in the lining of her muff for safekeeping. Amanda happens upon (and steals) Olive’s diary while one a clothing-buying outing for her store and begins to read it. Amanda is a contemporary New Yorker who owns her own businesses, is afraid she's too old to have children, and evaluates every man she meets for marriage [...]

    10. I enjoyed every page of this little gem. The reason I like this book so much is because the characters became like friends. There is a shifting narrative in APV both taking place in New York City. One character is present time, Amanda, who owns a vintage clothing store, and the other is Olive who lives in 1907 New York. With shifting narrative's I often like one over the other but not in this book. Both characters are equally absorbing and interesting and for me became like friends. While I wasn [...]

    11. 3.5 stars!I really enjoyed reading both POVs and thought it worked very very very well in this novel.As for the characters, for me, Olive was the true heroine of the book. I completely fell in love with her. She had the perfect mixture of innocence and pluck. Her character and story drew me in almost immediately. Sometimes she made decisions that I thought went against what I thought her character should be, but at the same time I found that compelling and exciting!Olive was kind of stuck in wha [...]

    12. Imagine living your life as a working young woman in 1907 or in 2007. What would be the same and what would be different? Believe it or not, not much, although as this novel depicts two women from each period run into society’s strictures and mistakes of their own. This is the story of Olive Westcott, a young woman living in the earlier part of the 20th Century. She wants to be a retail seller of clothing in the worst possible way, but her father and business owners will not allow social press [...]

    13. It’s not bad. It’s not great. It’s just eh. And at 400 pages, I want more than eh.Astor Place Vintage is the story of two women (Amanda in 2007, Olive in 1907) told in alternating chapters, although be warned there’s no noticeable difference between their two voices. Olive sounds way too much like a modern woman, which is a major pet peeve of mine when reading historical fiction. I could see what Ms. Lehmann wanted to do with Olive, but the character’s arc is fairly flat and predictabl [...]

    14. This was a really enjoyable read. First off, this is my neck of the woods and I knew the streets she mentioned, and could easily picture in my head Mad Sq Park, the buildings on the lower east, the basements with the cyclone fenced quadrants for storage, and I had to laugh when she visited the old Siegel-Cooper department store only to find that it's now a TJ Maxx/Bed Bath & Beyond/Marshalls. I've shopped there countless times and wondered about the building! So it was a lovely yarn, knittin [...]

    15. I had the distinct pleasure of reading this book as a pre-read for MainStreet BookEnds in preparation for a visit from the author. First of all Stephanie Lehmann is a really fun person who has obviously researched her work quite intensely and is very passionate about the changing roles of women at the turn of the century. The book itself is an engaging portrait of New York in two times, 1907 and 2007. The plot switches between both time as two women's lives mirror each other in fun and engaging [...]

    16. I found Astor Place Vintage at my local library, the parallel plot with two women separated by one hundred plus years intrigued me. I also enjoy stories set in early 20th Century New York City that centered around women and the changing times.To say that Stephanie Lehmann's novel is a page turner is an understatement. I spent most of my Sunday huddled over this novel finding it impossible to put down until all the threads came together in the final chapter.Lehmann has a wonderful storytelling gi [...]

    17. This story is told in two voices - present day Amanda and early 1900‘s Olive. I fell in love with Olive immediately. Born into a reasonably well to do life, but in a time when women made few of their own decisions, her life takes a dramatic change. Instead of taking the easy way out, she continues to fight for her dreams to be an independent, career focused female. Amanda, on the other hand, did not sit well with me. I felt she did sometimes take the easy way out and did not warm up to her unt [...]

    18. Prachtig boek! Heel mooi met de afwisseling vroeger en heden waarbij in beide levens de normen en waarden sterk naar voren komen. Doordat het verhaal zich in New York afspeelt, is dit voor mij als New York liefhebber een extra +. Interessant om een verhaal te lezen zich afspelend in 1907 en in het boek zijn ook foto's/afbeeldingen uit die tijd opgenomen.

    19. Most of the story was okay but I really didn't like the main character of Amanda and her shenanigans. Olive was a mixed bag for me.

    20. Fabulosa recreación en dos tiempos del New York de a pie, el de los grandes almacenes, de los locales comerciales, de los restaurantes y cafeterías. Ese New York bullicioso y lleno de contrastes, construido a golpe de capitalismo y cuya evolución vemos gracias a dos historias entrelazadas, una actual y otra ambientada a principios del siglo XX. También observamos el cambio de una sociedad que en 1909 prohibía el voto a las mujeres y en la que Olive, la protagonista de esa época se encuentr [...]

    21. Astor Place Vintage is an example of why I do not totally discount Chick Lit. Chick Lit can be light weight and formulaic -- but so can other genre fiction. I have no problem reading purely for fun and relaxation. It is simply that I am not often in the mood for a standard Chick Lit plot. I am well out of my 'young/youngish & single and frustrated and looking' stage. At this point in my life it is hard for me to relate to story lines about going out with the girls and wearing designer shoes [...]

    22. This was a book I picked up at a book sale because I was enchanted by the cover and a title I was less enchanted by the story. I struggled to feel any sort of attachment to the characters and often found myself rolling my eyes at them and their sort of rote decisions I found them static and slow with little - if any - development. I think that if I was more in to stories about adult women's emotional development I would feel differently but this is not a genre that I tend to reach for.

    23. Read This Review & More Like It On Ageless Pages Reviews!Stephanie Lehmann tries for something new with her fifth novel, telling the stories of two oddly similar women who just happen to live a century apart. With her characters of Amanda in 2007 and Olive in 1907, Lehmann casts a detailed and visual look at both the city of New York itself and feminist issues at different points in time. Astor Place Vintage is about the past, and about progress and change. Though the timelines are separated [...]

    24. Astor Place Vintage is a seamlessly-woven tale about two women living a century apart but connected by a weird combination of mystical and historical phenomena. Amanda Rosenbloom, a Manhattan vintage clothing dealer battling insomnia and exhaustion, stumbles upon Olive Wescott’s diary (written in 1907-08) while purchasing garments from an eccentric old lady. Amanda becomes enthralled by Olive’s fascinating journal entries, which seem to bring the turn-of-the century protagonist eerily to lif [...]

    25. I found this book on a list of books set in New York and chose it because I just heard that to increase happiness you should read a book set in the place you have visited to keep the spirit of the place alive for you.

    26. Amanda Rosenbloom is at a crossroads. As she creeps ever closer to forty than to thirty, she finds her life completely different from what she ever expected. Her relationship of six years puts the "dys" in dysfunctional, and she begins to doubt whether that situation will ever improve. Her business is booming, but her landlord has decided to increase her rent to something she can no longer afford. Her chronic insomnia is beginning to affect her health. As she struggles with these issues, she fin [...]

    27. I have to tell you that I liked ASTOR PLACE VINTAGE a lot! A LOT! I carried my e-reader with me everywhere I went. It all starts with vintage clothing store owner Amanda being summoned to the home of an elderly woman, Jane Kelly, because she's wanting to sell some of her old clothing. Jane's pretty cranky, but straight forward. She know's she is dying and wants to be rid of some of her things. Of course Amanda bought Jane's lovely vintage clothes! As she begins to examine her purchases for soile [...]

    28. “I had moved to Manhattan from Cold Springs…My favorite part of living in our brand-new apartment-hotel was breakfast delivered every morning on a dumbwaiter.” Thus begins our journey with Olive Westcott, one of two protagonists in Stephanie Lehmann’s Astor Place Vintage. Lehmann has successfully blended the lives of two women, living a hundred years apart, seamlessly with chapters told in alternating points of view. Olive lives in the world of 1907 in the city of New York, while Amanda [...]

    29. I enjoyed this novel and how the author alternated between 1907 and 2007. The stories paralleled each other in their tragedy and triumph. The author did a good job with the setting for each as I felt like I was experiencing NYC in the past and in the recent present. The way the characters tied together was intriguing as well. I understood both of their struggles and the desire to know what happened. I found the problem with her inability to sleep well both compelling and revealing. She had good [...]

    30. "Astor Place Vintage" about two women living during very different times. In 2007, Amanda is a down on her luck vintage clothing store owner whose life seems to be falling apart. In 1907, Olive is a driven young woman who is trying to build up her life after losing her beloved father. Both women are living in New York City and both are striving to create something out of their lives. Amanda finds Olive's diary and begins to piece together the mystery of her life.As with so many books that take p [...]

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