The Dying Hours A fantastic never before published Tom Thorne novel by England s crime king It s been twenty five years since Tom Thorne last went to work wearing the Queen s cloth but now having stepped out of lin

  • Title: The Dying Hours
  • Author: Mark Billingham
  • ISBN: 9780802121486
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A fantastic, never before published Tom Thorne novel by England s crime king.It s been twenty five years since Tom Thorne last went to work wearing the Queen s cloth but now, having stepped out of line once too often, he s back in uniform He s no longer a detective, and he hates it.Still struggling to adjust, Thorne becomes convinced that a spate of suicides among the eA fantastic, never before published Tom Thorne novel by England s crime king.It s been twenty five years since Tom Thorne last went to work wearing the Queen s cloth but now, having stepped out of line once too often, he s back in uniform He s no longer a detective, and he hates it.Still struggling to adjust, Thorne becomes convinced that a spate of suicides among the elderly in London are something sinister His concerns are dismissed by the Murder Squad he was once part of and he is forced to investigate alone.Now, unable to trust anybody, Thorne risks losing those closest to him as well as endangering those being targeted by a killer unlike any he has hunted before A man with nothing to lose and a growing list of victims A man who appears to have the power to make people take their own lives.

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      407 Mark Billingham
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    One thought on “The Dying Hours”

    1. Welcome back Tom Thorne! I am really fond of this character in the Mark Billingham series. However, this is not Billingham's best effort - perhaps it is the worst. However, his worst is better than many writers' best! The characters are always well- developed and there are always twists and turns to keep your mind in the game. Still true here. However, I found myself as frustrated with most of the characters as Thorne is at being back in uniform. Complaining, bad-tempered lot. I spent time wanti [...]

    2. Love love love Tom Thorne. I was once asked by another author why I loved this character so much and I really couldn't say, but I do and every scrape he gets into, every romance that goes off the rails, I love him more.You guessed it Tom Thorne is back. You kind of have to have read these from the beginning to appreciate the background on the main characters, and even the stand alones have titbits of info in them regarding Tom. This book isn't out yet so I cannot give the plot away. But read it! [...]

    3. Oké deze moest ik effe doorploeteren maar het verhaal en het hoofdpersonage hebben me door dit boek geholpen!

    4. I always give these books 4 or 5 stars. This one was nearly a 3 because I get fed up with a steady diet of maverick rogue policemen. No matter if I do, the plot was so engaging and supporting characters so strong that it gets a boost and redemption. Looking forward to the next book.I sneaked a look at #12 since this one ended with a bit of a cliffhanger regarding Tom's career.

    5. Wow the latest Thorne novel is just stunning. Thorne has been demoted and is back in uniform. He is living with Helen and gets into his own private investigation on the side. Thorne spots suicides that look odd and gets his friends and ex-colleagues in on the case.I love Tom Thorne. He is the sort of bloke you would love to go to the pub with. He is so well written. It's great the way we see Tom in his new relationship, as a step dad and with Hendricks. This is a phenomenal series and one that I [...]

    6. I must say I do love Mark Billinghams thorne thrillers .I find the storyline is well written and I am never disappointed with any of them. As I like to read from the first book I am finding it is like seeing an old friend when I start reading the latest book. To end I would like to say if you enjoy a good thriller you must read the read these

    7. Yorumun tamamı ve yazar hakkında bilgi almak için >>> Ölüme 5 Kala - Mark Billingham / Kitap YorumuYaşlı bir çift görünüşe göre artık daha fazla yaşamak istemediklerine karar vermiş ve birlikte intihar etmişler. Sanki olağan bir gündeymiş gibi yatmak için hazırlıklar yapılmış, pijamalar giyilmiş, takma dişler çıkarılmış ve yatağa birbirlerinin kollarında girmişler. Ama Thorne işin aslının böyle olmadığına emin. Her hangi bir delili yok ama içi [...]

    8. Inspecteur Tom Thorne is een uitstekende maar dwarse speurder die het regelmatig met zijn superieuren aan de stok heeft omdat hij zich niet altijd aan de regels houdt. Thorne is bij een moordonderzoek zover buiten zijn boekje gegaan dat hij van zijn functie bij de afdeling moordzaken is ontheven. Hij houdt zich nu als politieambtenaar bij de uniformdienst bezig met burenruzies, vechtpartijen en bonnen uitschrijven. Thorne wordt bij een zelfmoord van een oud echtpaar geroepen en ontdekt dat zelfm [...]

    9. Billingham never disappoints with DCI Tom Thorne being one of the most interesting Detectives ever, apart from now he has been knocked back down to a Sergeant on the beat through his unwillingness to play by the rules and risk not catching his man, endangering lives.The Dying Hours sees Tom not being able to let go of something he feels, no, he knows, to be a murder case not suicide. He is on the beat not in the murder squad who are not exactly in love with Tom’s manner of working, and refuse [...]

    10. The Dying hours is Mark Billingham’s 11th novel featuring Tom Thorne.I have read all of them and so new novel is like a reunion with an old friend but if this is your first Mark Billingham novel then do not be put off.The story stands the test of being as good a stand alone as part of a series but be warned, I am sure that if you read this book then you will be keen to read the others to become more acquainted with Mr. Thorne.The beauty of Mark Billingham’s character is that with every novel [...]

    11. Mark Billingham has done it again. By ‘it’ I mean this is a crime novel populated by characters I recognised a plot that is different but not so unbelievable that it made me go ‘That would never happen!’ and enough twists in the story to keep me on my toes.I have to confess I have quite a soft spot for Inspector Tom Thorne. This lover of country music is a complex but not ‘off the wall’ character and at this stage in his story is no longer part of murder investigations, instead he is [...]

    12. I received this book free in exchange for a review from Net Galley.Happy senior citizens are committing suicide. The MIT of London doesn't see anything fishy about the deaths and chalks them up to suicide. A recently demoted detective, (due to a stupid mistake on his part) Tom Thorne, is thinking something isn't right. He feels that there is something wrong in the latest crime scene where a couple takes their own lives. He tries to get his old superiors to listen to him, but they discount anythi [...]

    13. Thorne is back. Demoted to uniform and thoroughly naffed off. Billingham is at his best when writing lines for a hacked off Thorne and he excels here. Thorne is at his spikey best, determined to prove that what seem like routine suicides are anything but. It's like 12 Angry Men every time someone disagrees with him. For the Thorne one-liners alone this is worth a four star rating. Add in the fast pace, plot twists and a thumper of a conclusion and it elevates it to five stars. Mark Billingham ma [...]

    14. A fairly run of the mill modern London-based crime novel, in which the hero, Inspector Tom Thorne, is back in uniform after a case went wrong, having been a detective inspector for many years. He is convinced that a death regarded as a suicide by the murder team is in fact murder, and he begins to investigate this on the sly as the body count rises. Apparently the 11th outing for Thorne, there is interest in his relationships as well as in the crime plot.I did not appreciate the gruesome chapter [...]

    15. Probably not the best mark Billingham book. Its the "once top notch copper has a blip, demoted, bit of a maverick, gets up everyone's nose and in the end solves the crime and saves the day" storyline. This usually comes along after the author has written a number of previous successful books and then runs out of ideas. That said this was good enough (although highly improbable) to make me want to read the earlier ones as I suspect they may well be better. Like the writing style and the character [...]

    16. Perhaps it would have helped if I had read the previous 10 Tom Thorne books. There were so many names - a lot of people! Since it took me quite a while to finish this, I just could not keep everyone straight in my head.The story was not that interesting, either. I put the book aside twice, thinking I would not bother to finish. The usual problems that police have in their personal lives - the politics in the workplace - the way the main character is the only one who understands that there is a b [...]

    17. I have read all of mark Billingham's novels and his detective Thorne is one of my favourite English detectives. It's a good read, with familiar characters and a decent plot, although as it is revealed quite early it is not as exciting as most of his previous novels. However, it is probably more of a 3.5 rater than a three as it also introduces quite a view new characters (which are introduced very well and are interesting) and this book seems a bit of an in-between book.

    18. Mark Billingham does it again. The new Tom Thorne novel sees Thorne back in uniform and living and working across the river from his old stomping ground. He hates being in uniform, misses his old job. As ever trouble seeks him out. A thoroughly enjoyable read that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat.

    19. I thoroughly enjoyed my first book from Mark Billingham. There is something special about British writers and this one was no exception. Other reviews saying that this book was good but not great, or perhaps one of Billingham's worst books has me intrigued to read more of his works. The Dying Hours kept my attention throughout, and I thought that the plot was super creative.

    20. Great story, well narrated by Mark Billingham himself, with lots of twists and a spectacular ending. The main protagonist is also very likeable, as he hunts down a "serial killer" who somehow persuades old enemies to commit suicide.

    21. Very interesting, book I picked it up in asda to tell you the truth, and thought I would give it a go and I can say I enjoyed it.

    22. Tom Thorne is great! Again! Great story. You know who committed the crimes in advance but the unravelling is cleverly done.

    23. A fairly formulaic detective story but one which still got me page turning, particularly towards the end. The drama was spoiled for me slightly perhaps when the killer was revealed early in the piece, but the way the story went this had to happen so it still worked. There were some nice bits where the story flicked between different characters' viewpoints and all in all it seemed plausible and accurate which is good to see.It was also based in my neck of the woods (South East London) which was f [...]

    24. a cluster of suicides among the elderly. these r not uncommon and the suicides r confirmed - but thorne is not convinced he is now back in uniform and his suspicions r dismissed by his former unit - the murder squad. h/e he is determined and once he finds a link pursues it relentlessly, with the help of a few friends unofficially thorne is unable to trust anyone and his target is an elderly man seeking revenge after 30 years who has the power to make people take their own lives. who will win? a [...]

    25. Mark Billingham has done it again with his 11th Tom Thorne novel. This book finds Thorne back on the tools having been demoted back down to a uniformed role following some unorthodox policing methods during his last case. If anything, his defenestration has made him even more unorthodox and The Dying Hours sees Thorne breaking even more rules than usual in his pursuit of a septuagenarian serial killer who makes his victims deaths look like suicides. Thorne being Thorne, he involves a number of h [...]

    26. I have rarely disliked the "hero" in a thriller as much as I disliked Tom Thorne. He was selfish and treated his friends and girlfriend badly. I actually kept wanting him to get caught and thrown in jail just so he would need to be accountable for his actions. While I was disgusted by his behaviour, it says something about Billingham's writing that I got this worked up over a fictional character. I kept wishing he would go to his superiors and turn over the evidence he had collected, and was so [...]

    27. This one I bought on spec, as I don’t usually read this sort of crime novel. But I’m glad I did. Though it does now mean shelling out on a whole new series of books that two months ago were unknown to me. Oh well, la-di-da.Sorry to go mentioning it again, but…There are several parallels with Mark Timlin’s (utterly fantastic) ‘Nick Sharman’ character already. Apart from the immediately obvious. The same work ethic, the same sense of right and wrong, even when they're wrong and, Tulse [...]

    28. Once again Detective Inspector Tom Thorne gets himself into a bad situation while defying authority and pursues his own investigation into suspicious suicides. The plot in this one is of revenge which leads to some pretty horrific murders. An intriguing, suspenseful crime thriller with a little romantic relationship thrown in for our Tom to work on.

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