Legend Orphaned as a child Samantha grew up into a strong but lonely woman working on her doctorate thesis by researching the history of myths and legends But when she uncovers an actual werewolf pack the

  • Title: Legend
  • Author: Jennifer Kohout
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Orphaned as a child, Samantha grew up into a strong but lonely woman working on her doctorate thesis by researching the history of myths and legends But when she uncovers an actual werewolf pack, the world of myth becomes her new reality.

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    One thought on “Legend”

    1. hmm Where to start I liked the story it was different. I did think the relationship between Sam and Nafarious seemed forced. I think it would have been better had he known immediately she was his mate, I thought werewolves had an instant mate sense. This did not occur, hence the feeling it was forced.I would have liked a bit more substance to the story the plot seemed a little weak. There was dialogue but I would have liked a bit more. There was some good sex scenes written in. I did like the se [...]

    2. This is not your run-of-the-mill shifter story. In this book, shifters do NOT want anything to do with humans and protect their pack lands fiercely. Samantha researches myths and legends in an effort to prove or disprove them. When she finds an old hand drawn map showing Wolf Lake, she is excited to prove that it is just a myth also. But, that is not the way it turned out. I did like her sense of fairness and protective nature. Between pack politics, truce negotiations with a rival pack and Sam' [...]

    3. This book takes a woman on a journey to locate Wolf Lake, a supposedly mythical place. She is working on her literature thesis, going against her advisors advice, choosing how legends and myths came to be in literature. Sam finds more than the mythical lake, she finds that werewolves are real. She is one human that manages to live after finding the pack that make the lake their home. Very well written, the ending of book one will be the start of book 2, so plenty of cliffhangers.

    4. This life changing adventure with Sam had me from the first page. The characters are believable and some likable, the storyline flows well. You will feel as though you stepped into her life as you read this book. This was my first book I’ve read from this author & I completely loved it. I highly recommend this author and this book to anyone who loves paranormal.

    5. Decent book. Interesting way to begin it. I feel that if he had just asked her what she was doing instead of kidnapping her, then he and she, might not have been so aggressive, but I guess that wouldn't have been the same plot.

    6. Book Review- Legend by Jennifer KohoutIn this Wolf Lake novella Samantha finds an old journal from a flea market. It contains exactly what she is looking for, a map to Wolf Lake. She is determined to check things out to add to her thesis. Her advisor doesn’t seem too supportive with the direction she is taking her research. She doesn’t let it change her mind. She is determined to find Wolf Lake.She surprises herself when she actually finds the mystical Lake. She walks around looking to see i [...]

    7. Samantha is a doctorate student working on quite an interesting thesis paper about myths and legends and where they came from. She has become fascinated by the story surrounding Wolf Lake - and decides to go for a visit. What she doesn't count on is finding out that all the myths and legends are true when she runs into a pack of werewolves. Their leader Nefarious seems extremely intrigued by Sam, but his beta, Roland, thinks she needs to be disposed of.This is very much a "back to basics" werewo [...]

    8. Living up here in Alaska, I can imagine places that would be isolated enough to possibly hide a band or two of werewolves, but I cannot wrap my head around that happening anywhere down in the states. The weres in this story lived in caves, but had furniture and laptops. Then there was the whole, I am your prisoner, so I guess we will just go a head and have some sex to liven up the story. Oh wait, I think I have the hots for a girl werewolf too. I know there are no such things as werewolves, but [...]

    9. Wow this story was certainly not what I expected with a whole different side and perspective and the characters are all so different. Sam has had a hard upbringing in foster care then always the loner she doesn't pity herself she just gets on with life. She is doing her thesis on myths and legends and finds a map on Wolf Lake, she takes herself off to find it if it's there but what she encounters throws all her beliefs and emotions right out of the window. I won't do spoilers but will say you wi [...]

    10. I was quickly drawn into this novella with its strong characters, fast pacing, and intense action scenes (particularly the sex scenes). The mythological backdrop is not unlike Twilight, but Wolf Lake is far more grown-up with unapologetic sex scenes and none of the teenage angst (thankfully)!The female lead is determined and loyal if a bit foolhardy. My kind of woman and one I relate to. Although some of the plot follows a standard romantic arc, there are a few surprises and lots of juicy hints [...]

    11. I got this book for free on amazon. It is the first book in the Wolf Lake series. Sam is determined to find a pack of werewolves for her doctorate dissertation. She found a journal at a flea market with a map and sets off for the lake. She finds it and trouble too. Nafarius is the alpha of the pack. He orders Roland to bring her to their lair. Sam's notebooks are destroyed by Nafarius. He is worried that the pack will be outed. Sam is drawn to Nafarius and they begin a sexual affair. But his wol [...]

    12. I picked this up while it was free and enjoyed it. I could feel the WA state nature from the beginning and felt the author captured that aspect quite well. I will say I was a little confused for quite a while who was going to end up the leading man, but that eventually got sorted out. Overall I enjoyed the book, could have used a bit more history and fleshing out of their world and myth. Might look into the second book, but I'm not going to be in such a big rush. While the characters were enjoya [...]

    13. This is such a detailed and intricate story. It almost seems possible in a way. I love how it started with the literature backdrop, and a determination to disprove the legends of werewolves. I thought it was incredibly clever, written brilliantly and such a good, varied take on a paranormal story. It was well rounded, with simmering emotions, lots of heat and a fully explained hierarchy with bonds and friendships. Lots of surprises along the way too. Very good, really worth a read if you like th [...]

    14. Jennifer Logout is now one of my favorite wolf series writers!Jennifer Logout is now one of my favorite wolf series writers!As a lover of all things wolf, ( I figure it's due to my Native American heritage) I'm drawn to the writings in the paranormal genre about werewolves. In the Edward versus Jacob debate, I always sided with Jacob, even knowing the storyline was against it. This series has got me hooked and looking forward to the next book!

    15. Great read if you're a werewolf purist. I'm talking about liking 'em rough and tumble and living in the sticks. None of that fancy weres living in a penthouse in the city. lol. They're also VERY pack oriented. I wouldn't be surprised if the author did a bit of research on wolf pack structure. Samantha and Nefarious' relationship gets heavy pretty quickly, but it didn't seemed forced. Great shifter read if you love a human falling for a were storyline.

    16. I liked the book as the alpha hero and human heroine fell in love and had to work out how they could be together. This book was written as though they were a monogamous couple but as soon as they can be together, out of nowhere, the heroine has lust for her friend, a woman she was protective of, and they have a make out scene together. It was incongruous in this book and ruined it for me.

    17. 4.5 rating (wish they had half stars)An adventure in hunting down legends has lead one girl in bit of a fix. Not believing and seeing something out of the ordinary is one thing but having someone tax her patience causes her temper to flair and her protective nature to come through. really good read can't wait to read book two, especially with this cliff hanger! highly recommended

    18. Lovely read. Needs a bit of editing though.It was a compelling story. Definitely not the normal werewolf story. I loved the characters Jennifer was able to create. I wish there had been a final edit done because there was a few words that needed to be taken out or changed which interrupted the flow of words.

    19. To the Odd One OutGreat characters and story. I love how awkward the main character is. She's strong willed, independent, yet she's vulnerable. Street smart and headstrong Sam sets out to disprove her academia and myths. Her support is little to none, which is nothing new. She's placed in a difficult situation and is able to use her wit and intellect to see her through.

    20. This book has some really good story and character development for a novella (it says 173 pages, but it seemed shorter). The plot seemed to move ahead a little too fast, which is a shame, as the book had the potential for a strong full length story - I enjoyed the read, but it wasn't remarkable.

    21. I liked this book. It was quirky and funny and intriguing. But it is a light fast read and has a lot of sex in it!

    22. Not sure what to think. It isn't exactly good but it's different enough to give me a pause. Verdict still incoming, tbh.

    23. A Woman has a feeling about a Place about wolf's. Goes in search of an area where there is a lake and finds her well read this book found out what happiness she will find.

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