Forgive Me Cheltenham When Eva Patterson returns home from work one day a devastating scene awaits her Her mother Flora lies dead in the bath Beside her is a note saying only Forgive Me Until then Eva a

  • Title: Forgive Me
  • Author: Lesley Pearse
  • ISBN: 9780718159009
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cheltenham, 1991When Eva Patterson returns home from work one day, a devastating scene awaits her Her mother, Flora, lies dead in the bath Beside her is a note saying only Forgive Me.Until then, Eva always believed her family s life would be comfortable and secure but Flora s suicide changes everything And when Eva discovers that in her will Flora left her an artisCheltenham, 1991When Eva Patterson returns home from work one day, a devastating scene awaits her Her mother, Flora, lies dead in the bath Beside her is a note saying only Forgive Me.Until then, Eva always believed her family s life would be comfortable and secure but Flora s suicide changes everything And when Eva discovers that in her will Flora left her an artist s studio in London, she realises how little she knows about her mother s past.When Eva visits the now derelict studio, she is shocked to find out that her mother was once a successful artist back in the 1960s A chance encounter leads her to Phil, who agrees to help her restore the studio, as well as offering her the advice and friendship Eva so badly needs.In the studio attic she finds a collection of Flora s paintings and old diaries, which Eva believes were purposely left for her to find Searching for answers, Eva encounters a psychic who mysteriously warns her to beware of a sleeping serpent , which she soon discovers refers to a shocking crime in Flora s past.Will discovering the truth destroy Eva s belief in everything she holds dear And will Phil stand by Eva even when her journey leads her and those she loves into certain danger

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    One thought on “Forgive Me”

    1. Mais um excelente livro desta autora da qual gosto bastante. Apenas fiquei um bocadinho desiludida com o final, pois achei que foi precipitado. Um livro tão grande, com tantas folhas e de repente tudo se resolve e é cor de rosa Mas gostei muito da história, que li com muito prazer

    2. I'm always very excited when a new novel from Lesley Pearse arrives, I've been a fan of hers since her very first book was published back in 1993.Her latest novel Forgive Me will be published on 14 February 2013 by Michael Joseph (Penguin) - I have spent the last couple of days engrossed in it, and yet again she has produced another epic story that has kept me gripped until the end.Forgive Me is set in the early 1990s and once again Lesley Pearse has created a strong and gutsy female lead charac [...]

    3. Já li todos os volumes de Lesley Pearse, publicados em Portugal, e todos eles guardo com um carinho especial. De cada vez que leio um livro novo, penso logo ;) que novidade a autora nos trará? Não é segredo para ninguém, que sou fã incondicional de Lesley Pearse ^_^Um livro de leitura fácil e uma história encantadora. Uma narrativa fluida e bem estruturada.Embora a história não seja igual, dei por mim a recordar o livro “Procuro-Te” da autora.Tudo pode mudar num segundo e naquele d [...]

    4. Um dos melhores livros que li da Lesley, até agora. Tal como "Segue o teu coração" e "A Promessa" este livro é emocionante e cheio de tragédia mas também personagens fortes e marcantes. Sendo este o último livro dela publicado em Portugal até hoje, e o que me faltava ler dela, agora aguardo ansiosa por futuras publicações. Que venham mais!!

    5. It's years since I've read a Lesley Pearse and this is not the style of writing I remember. Found this far too sweet to be wholesome. Reminded me of a something written by someone starting out as a writer. Read it to the end as I HATE to not finish a book. Won't be passing this on!

    6. Average. This was the first Lesley Pearse novel I have read and found the style of writing very hohum, a lot of telling but not showing. The amount of tragedy Eva underwent I'm surprised she didn't commit suicide! It felt like it would never end

    7. I have never read a Lesley Pearce which I now realise was a huge mistake on my part. However, this gave me the added advantage of having no expectations when I started reading. The main character Eva Patterson is the lead character and the opening chapters put you firmly into the horrifying discovery Eva makes as she finds her mother following her suicide. It is this event that starts a chain reaction that is horrifying and I certainly didn’t expect from a book with some an endearingly beautif [...]

    8. Eva comes home one day to find her mother Flora dead in the bath with her wrists slit. She then finds a note saying, ‘Forgive me.’ Eva wants to try and understand what drove her mother to suicide. She thinks life can barely get worse, but it does. Her younger brother Ben and sister Sophie don’t seem to appreciate all she does to try and keep the family running smoothly and then she receives some news that rocks her to the core.Life becomes impossible at home. After her mother leaves her a [...]

    9. 9,5 de 10*Termino mais um livro de Lesley Pearse com aquela sensação boa de que existe sempre uma luz ao fundo do túnel, mesmo quando tudo parece desesperado."Perdoa-me" volta a dar-nos uma história complexa com personagens ricas e interessantes, como é habitual nesta autora. Comentário completo em:abibliotecadajoao/

    10. Forgive Me opens with Flora and the stomach-churning vivid description of her suicide. The moment her daughter Eva Patterson discovers the body is brutally realistic and if that wasn't enough to traumatise her for the rest of her life, the death of her mother sets into motion much bigger wheels. It turns Eva's existence completely upside down and changes everything she's ever known about herself and her family. Throughout the book I felt a lot of sympathy for Eva, who is a very likeable characte [...]

    11. Ler um livro de Lesley Pearse traduz-se normalmente em fazer uma viagem com a sua protagonista, assistir ao desenvolvimento e crescimento pessoal da mesma enquanto a sua vida é moldada por acontecimentos traumáticos. Tal como na vida real, nos livros de Pearse é a forma como decidimos reagir às atribulações que ditam o futuro e não propriamente a eventualidade percursora. 'Perdoa-me' segue esse mesmo estilo; começando com uma intensa cena de suicídio Lesley Pearse estampa imediatamente [...]

    12. This is possibly the worst Lesley Pearse book ive read so far unfortunately.I struggled to empathise with Eva, mainly because she was an irritating drama queen. Plus she was probably the luckiest unlucky person ever! everybody did everything for her! she stumbled from white knight to white knight who did everything from fit her kitchen to tie her shoelaces. Found not one but two men who'd never laid eyes on her before yet were falling over themselves to be her replacement daddy. Walked in and ou [...]

    13. Lesley Pearse é qualquer coisa de magnifico! Tudo o que ela constrói - desde as personagens, o enredo, os conflitos, os crimes - é feito para nos chocar e fazer pensar. E este livro é uma boa prova disso.Eva Patterson tem tudo o que se pode desejar. Uma família feliz, dinheiro e uma carreira. Até ao dia em que encontra a mãe morta na banheira. Esse é o dia que irá desencadear todas as desgraças e revelações pelas quais ela vai passar.Eva é uma personagem forte e bem construída. Tem [...]

    14. Fico sempre bastante reticente antes de me iniciar neste género de literatura. Não sou fã de romances demasiado trágicos, onde os personagens são apresentados como heróis constantemente postos à prova por inúmeros acontecimentos, cada um mais grave que o outro. E foi exatamente isso o que aconteceu neste livroNo início tinha grandes expectativas devido a opiniões que lera anteriormente, mas assim que comecei soube que não ia ser daquelas leituras misteriosas, onde somos constantemente [...]

    15. I usually have loved her booksd maybe that's why this one is getting a 2 and not even a 3I expect way better from her and the 400+ pages of this book are a little drag's not accepted how you can make us look at the same person as being strong and then weake is counting every penny and then suddenly spending mindlesse talks of love, and then runs awayThe plot might have been goodbut has too many loopholesd even when the book was thick enough for every character to have their own proper story, no [...]

    16. I was reluctant to read this one, I don’t know why but it didn't seem like something I would usually read. A book found in the fiction section of which I would usually associate with women older than myself. I've never read a Lesley Pearse novel before and didn't know what to expect, safe to say I have spent the last couple of days engrossed in it and didn't want it to end. I'm sure my train to work went faster than usual while I was reading this one!Eva is 20 years old when she finds the body [...]

    17. O que leva uma pessoa a acabar com a sua vida? Aparentemente Flora leva uma vida estável, com uma excelente casa, com três filhos adoráveis e um marido atencioso, mas mesmo assim Flora decide pôr termo à vida três dias antes da sua filha mais velha, Eva, fazer 21 anos. Deixa apenas um papel a dizer "Perdoa-me".Prepara tudo meticulosamente e, planeando que seja o seu marido a ver o seu corpo banhado em sangue na banheira da casa de banho da sua suite, Flora corta os pulsos.No entanto, nem t [...]

    18. Profoundly meaningful, this delicately interwoven narrative interlaced with such beautiful simplicity will astound. I am so impressed by bestselling author Lesley Pearce whose work never fails to astonish with its stunning, fluidity of prose and originality. The remarkable effortless ease by which she projects such heartfelt emotion through the pages is quite remarkable, as her characters contain such depth of substance and sincerity. The exquisite, arresting prose crafts an absorbing tale of hi [...]

    19. Well it has been quite some time since I have read anything by Lesley Pearse so when Forgive Me arrived through the post it didnt take me long to finish up my current read and jump into this authors writing world again.This is such an emotional and captivating read. Forgive Me is one of the few books that kept th eoutcome a mystery all the way through the book. I thought I knew on a number of occasions through out the book what the answers were but then all of a sudden another part of the jigsaw [...]

    20. Yes 5 freaking stars! Honestly this was just a random book I bought while collecting my 5o shades trilogy As I liked the synopsis! But OMG I finished it in 2 days ( with breaks in between as handling studies) anyways Eva Patterson is such a real girl Who suffered so much yet didn't let go of a dream of having a good future Yes by end that Eva started dying but OMG we can't even blame it, like right infront of her eyes, she saw her family decreasing I mean a girl who grew thinking her life was a [...]

    21. Os livros de Lesley Pearse têm sempre um efeito positivo em mim. Sei que, a partir do primeiro momento que lhes pego, vou ter agradáveis horas de leitura. Fiquei rendida a esta autora desde que li "Segue o Coração Não olhes para trás" e de cada vez que leio um novo, fico ainda mais fã. "Perdoa-me" vem confirmar ainda mais a admiração que tenho pela escrita de Lesley. Um livro diferente dos anteriores, mas que não deixa, de todo, de ser encantador. Eva Patterson é a personagem principa [...]

    22. I never fancied any of this author's books before despite a good friend encouraging me to read them however the subject matter of this one grabbed me and so I thought I would give it a whirl and I was glad I did.The novel opens with Flora planning and carrying out her suicide, her daughter Eva finds her and life will never be the same again. She struggles at the tender age of 21 to hold it all together for her family when her father announces he is not her dad and asks her to leave. Eva has been [...]

    23. Este é o terceiro livro que leio de Lesley Pearse e, mais uma vez, não me senti desiludida. Por várias razões, Nunca Digas Adeus é o meu preferido, mas em todos eles o leitor entra de imediato na narrativa e fica completamente abstraído do que o rodeia. Eu, pelo menos, sinto isso.Mulheres sofridas, lutadoras, que dão tudo por tudo para que a palavra superação seja a sua bandeira. Umas protagonistas mais que outras e aqui entra o único ponto negativo que encontrei na obra. São tantas s [...]

    24. I have outgrown Lesley Pearse. Although I have read all of her books, I have not really enjoyed the last two. Forgive Me was just more of the same. So much tragedy. A very unbelieveable plot. And one dimensional characters. I was often so put off by the descriptions of characters reactions. Everything was too emotive. I can't help but think she is writing these books too fast. I battled to finish this one and will think twice about buying the next one.

    25. Excuse me can any one tell me if this was a Barbara Cartland I just read. The whole book was a complete pity party and all the injustices done to poor sweet Eva. Pleeeeeese!!!! She should be so lucky having the life she had and then being left a studio flat in London . Every 21 year olds dream

    26. I had a few weeks break about a third of the way through this book as I felt that although it opened rather dramatically, the drama quickly subsided and turned into a somewhat depressing, almost monotonous read. However upon returning to it, the pace picked up again somewhat and then held steady until the end. (I deducted a star for the dull section)

    27. I always like Lesley Pearse books and this one was no different. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had me hooked from the start. The main character Eva was what the story was about, there was plenty of mystery to the story and her life. All the characters were well explained and it was a very riveting story.

    28. I am a huge Lesley Pearse fan so an automatic read for me. From the first page I was hooked and I would have given it 5 stars, but the ending just dragged out a bit for me. Still engrossing though with twists and turns that keep the pages turning…if you are after a good read, add this to your list for sure.

    29. Lesley Pearse is my favourite author, she the only author I will buy new in Hardback as I just cannot wait until the paperback is released. I have read & loved all of her books and once again this is another extremely well-written and emotional story full of drama, believable characters and unexpected twists. Unmissable!

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