Lethal Limits Secret Agent Jake Anderson would rather have the measles than love his best friend s wife So when she gives him a mission to find his own woman to love he knows just the woman to target Exotic beauty

  • Title: Lethal Limits
  • Author: Mia Downing
  • ISBN: 9781612176857
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • Secret Agent Jake Anderson would rather have the measles than love his best friend s wife So when she gives him a mission to find his own woman to love he knows just the woman to target Exotic beauty Tia Richards his new partner is wild, twisted, and has no limits when it comes to adventure, in bed and out She s perfect for him Now he just has to get Tia and his heSecret Agent Jake Anderson would rather have the measles than love his best friend s wife So when she gives him a mission to find his own woman to love he knows just the woman to target Exotic beauty Tia Richards his new partner is wild, twisted, and has no limits when it comes to adventure, in bed and out She s perfect for him Now he just has to get Tia and his heart to agree Sexy spy Tia Richards has a problem, and the solution is Jake The last time they hooked up, he left her bound and begging, unfulfilled, so close to finally getting the fireworks she deserves But Jake loves his former partner, and Tia refuses to be second best Will she listen to the ache in her heart that whispers she has what it takes to be first in Jake s life, or will lethal limits separate them forever Contains Explicit language, graphic, really hot sex that tries to be vanilla and goes kinky, role play, anal sex, very light BDSM, light bondage, horses, a card shark spy hero and his twisted and wild heroine.

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    One thought on “Lethal Limits”

    1. Oh how I do love a feisty heroine - Mia Downing writes a great one!Super spy and secret agent, Jake has met his match when he is paired up with his new partner, the spunky spy named Tia. He is certainly no stranger to what she has to offer - the last time he decided to sample her wares, he left her bound in a state of discontent and she has been itching to return the favor every since. Letting his guard down around Tia only for the briefest of moments proves to be his downfall and the beginning [...]

    2. I have found a new series to love and it’s Spy Games! Mia Downing has created a wonderful series that keeps me enthralled from the first sentence. I’m so hooked on these characters that I can’t wait for the next one!Jake is the perfect man-whore. Love ‘em and leave ‘em. Satisfied. He doesn’t go to the same woman twice, then he meets Tia. He stays faithful to Tia even though they’re not exclusive. Unless of course it’s with Kate and Chase.Kate realizes Jake is in love with her, so [...]

    3. After meeting Jake in Trained for Seduction, I was very excited to read his story in this book! I have to say, Jake did not disappoint!!!! In Lethal Limits, we get to fully know him, his past, and his relationship with his best friend and boss, Chase. I'm not going to give anything away, but I'll just say that Jake surprised me a few times throughout the story, and I found myself quickly becoming a member of the Team Jake fan club (don't tell Chase!!)!We also get to know Tia as she and Jake begi [...]

    4. I truly adored the first book in this series, and felt very emotionally invested in Kate and Chase's story, but this one made me feel even more. For me, it felt like i was watching Mia spin a web, thread by thread- threads of love, obligation, guilt, lust, and jealousy, between the characters, past to present, present to future. Threads that got impossibly tangled - stretched - even broken. I felt like I was walking along those threads - feeling them shake and strain under the pressure. Watching [...]

    5. Holy smokes batman this was freaking awesome! Total erotic overload but in a good way. Tia broke my heart so many times. This girls issues had issues. Jake was a total stud and self proclaimed man whore. He was so damn sweet and wanted so badly to help heal Tia. This book opens up with Jake being in love with his best friends wife and partner. Yep not good not good at all. And so he needs to get his head on straight and maybe find a way to get over Kate. Enter Tia and Jake spending the weekend t [...]

    6. What can I say? Mia did it again. Trained for Seduction was awesome and Lethal Limits was a match. Jake is my hero.

    7. Book #2 in the Spy Games series. You definitely should read these books in order As much as I liked book #1(Trained for Seduction), I might have liked this one more. This is Jake Anderson's story. Jake is Chase's best friend, Kate's partner and and International Spy. This book begins with Jake discovering that he can no longer hide his true feelings for Kate. He is in love with her, and although he loves Chase as much as he does his brother, he covets his wife. Of course, can you blame him? Chas [...]

    8. This series just keeps getting better and better. When Tia and Jake are forced to be partners Jake sees Tia in a different light. After a weekend spent at his home, he uncovers some very real and very deep feelings. He thought he knew what love was, he thought he knew what he wanted in his life, he thought he had all the answers. He was wrong. Tia allows him to see past the smoke and mirrors of his charade and uncover all his fears, desires and passions.Trust, love, honesty, hatred, jealousy, he [...]

    9. Jake and Tia burn up this pages in this intense erotic love story. Both spies, both Jake and Tia bring emotional baggage into their new partnership. When Jake attempts to escape his feelings for his boss's/best friend's wife, he takes Tia home to his ranch where they embark on a sexual and emotional journey.Both Jake and Tia are emotionally flawed to a point where it is sad, yet you root for them to be together in the end. Jake is dominant while Tia is submissive yet she hasn't really submitted [...]

    10. My favorite story is one with a kick ass heroine and a tough, but vulnerable, hero. It's no wonder why I love this series and these characters. This book was everything I hoped it to be, and more. Tia is a tough as nails heroine, with a soft and damaged core. Jake (oh, Jake*swoon*) is just as tough, but lets his guard down for Tia. His vulnerability shines in this story and makes him even sexier and more lovable. I'm really looking forward to Charlotte and Aaron's story - and reading even MORE f [...]

    11. On sale for .99 for a limited time at all retailers! Lethal Limits is now available in print and all e-formats at: The Wild Rose Press and B&N Enjoy!

    12. Lethal limitsAfter Jake´s birthday and the menage he had with his parter and his best friend all he thinks about is the love he thinks he feels for his Kate who is married to his BFF/Boss Chase KA The Lord of the Spies LOL The story begins in Paris where Jake and Kate are on a mission that Chase sent them and they are at their hotel room playing married for their cover Kate is throwing up in the toilet apparently because she is suffering from a stomach bug and Jake is so worried about her well [...]

    13. My Review:I absolutely love Jake, and have loved him from the very beginning of book #1 in this series, Spy Games: Trained in Seduction. It was set up way early that his feelings for Kate are bordering on problematic. The issuee's his partner, but married to his best friend, whom he also loves dearly. After a birthday present that got to be a little too much (Spy Games #1.5: Birthday Games), Jake has suddenly found himself in love with Kate. A situation that has to be rectified immediately, beca [...]

    14. Jake from "Trained for Seduction" is back in his own story. Though he's still in love with Kate, his best friend's wife, he is matched professionally with Tia as her new partner. Tia's a tough cookie and has a past with Jake as they hooked up once and he left her bound and sexually unsatisfied. Tia figures a little turnabout is fair play. But Jake is the only man who's been able to satisfy her sexually. Before they embark on their mission, she agrees to spend a weekend with him.During that time [...]

    15. *May contain spoilers*SIGH. that is a sigh of contentment This book delivers. A little bit of everything danger, drama, excitement, suspense, heart musings, sweaty sexy stuff, pain, pleasure, trying to forget, learning to love it's SO GOOD!! The relationship between Jake and Mia is quite intense. It is filled with longing and questions. Turning to and running away from each other.They both have tremendous amounts of pain from the past that have been dictating how they live out their current li [...]

    16. Great series! How can you go wrong with romance, erotica, bdsm lite and spies! I eagerly await Charlotte's story. I wish the author would publish an estimated date of publication for that one!!

    17. Rhayne's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 starsTo say this book was an emotional roller coaster is putting it lightly. After reading this, I feel as though I have been through almost the entire amusement park. There is a lot of action and a lot of drama that bring to the surface a lot of feeling. It pulled me in from the very first chapter and held me captive the entire day.After meeting Jake in book one I really liked him. He is funny and caring and the best friend a person could [...]

    18. This is a hot mess of two people with relationship issues. I wasn't sure how I was going to rate this book because 20% in, I thought Jake was crazy. I liked him in the first book. In this one, he came across a bit creepy emotional blackmailing abusive. It disturbed me in some ways because this is not a dark erotica. Instead, this is a romantic suspense with kink. Except the kink is really fucked up, borderline abusive. From a BDSM perspective, I was not turned on at all. Instead, I felt sick to [...]

    19. I love Mia Downing!! Her books are amazing. Lethal Limits is book 2 in her series Spy Games and I loved it. I wondered how Jake was going to find love after the novella and this blew my expectations out of the water. Jake is a spy who thinks he is in love with his best friend/ boss’s wife. Normally that is just bad but it gets worse because he was their third. Oh and there is the part where Chase is a god at sniping and he could kill him in a crowded room. To get his head on straight he goes h [...]

    20. Reviewed by Melissa DBook provided by The Wild Rose Press, Inc. Review originally posted at Romancing the BookI chose this book because of the author. I have been a Mia Downing fan after I read her book Exceeding Boundaries which I enjoyed a whole lot. Spy Games: Lethal Limits is the second book in the Spy Games series by Mia Downing. While this book can be read as a standalone it does help to have read the first book in the series so you are not lost.Jake is in love with his boss’s wife, Kate [...]

    21. If you read the previous story you be glad to see that Jake gets his turn. This story had so much going on. Jake has to remove himself and take a breather from work because of his unrequited love for Kate. Being in love with his boss/best friends wife is not a good idea. On top of that he gets partnered with Tia, who has been on the back burner during this little emotional upheaval. Tia and Jake both have issues to get through and their time at his farm is a slightly romantic/love story. Just wh [...]

    22. I didn't read the first book in this seriesbecause I didn't have it so I was a little lost at the beginning and there were situations that happened in book 1 that followed over. This was way better than I expected. I don't read that much mf so it has to be good to catch and keep my interest and this did. Jake was the third wheel in TIS Kate and Chase's relationship and he was starting to feel more for Kate and it scared him and Kate. He had had an ongoing f*** buddy relationship with a fellow sp [...]

    23. After reading book 1 in this series, I have to say that I couldn’t wait to get started on this one! Thankfully, I already had it loaded up on my kindle and ready to go. (And trust me, you will want to start this one right away!)Jake has a strange… feel about him. Even in the previous book, I could tell that. But, on that note, I do want to say that while this is book 2 in the series, you can still read it as a standalone. There might be some confusion in the beginning, but you do get all the [...]

    24. Wow. So my first thought on this book was: Why didn't I know there was a book BEFORE this one. Yes, I had no idea it is the second in a series. But, let me just say that while I was a little confused about a couple of points and characters, I was definitely intrigued by the story of Jake and Tia (Sarah). Tia is one of the most infuriating women, but at the same time, I couldn't help but have a little empathy for her and cheer her on in her quest. And, even Jake and his smug-bastard attitude, wel [...]

    25. 3 stars.Not as good as the first one. Jake is hung up on Kate for a large proportion of this novel and the heroine in this one (Tia/Sarah) the replacement partner of Kate's, is seriously messed up psychologically, it is really hard to empathize with her psychopathology, and it made the romantic and erotic aspects of this story suffer. The biggest challenge to their relationship is the psychological and it just got frustrating because it didn't make sense to me and I could not understand her. She [...]

    26. Jake is a lethal agent, with a untamed, kinky side. Tia is Jake's new partner, one that thinks she needs physical pain to camouflage her suffering. These characters have suffered incredibility and use barbwire barricades (yes, barricades, not fences) to protect their heart. What starts out as sexual desire develops into confessions and honesty. As their relationship progresses they experience oscillate levels of love/hate, trust/uncertainty and want/need. d I forgot to mention, Tia is a sassy sp [...]

    27. I really liked the first one in this series, and I liked this one a lot too. That Jake is something. Something hot. Seriously- Dom, sweet guy, horse lover, spy. What more could a girl want? I love all the spy stuff, and I like how the women in these books are total badasses in one way or another. I thought some of the house wedding stuff was a little hokey- but it all sort of worked. I'm excited to read Charlotte's story next.

    28. This one was almost as good as the last Mia has a brilliant mind, one that takes a story and makes it more than just that. she weaves this beautiful story that takes you on a jounrey, to places unknown, for just that little while. but spices it up with lots or mind blowing sex. I couldn't put this book down. I wanted to go get me my very own Jake!!! and Tia so strong and sexy. Just an amazing, wonderful story. can't wait for the next one!

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