Saige Upset that her New Mexico school can only afford music and art teachers in alternate years fourth grader Saige works with her grandmother Mimi to plan a fundraiser but when Mimi has an accident Sa

  • Title: Saige
  • Author: Jessie Haas Sarah Davis
  • ISBN: 9781609581664
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Upset that her New Mexico school can only afford music and art teachers in alternate years, fourth grader Saige works with her grandmother, Mimi, to plan a fundraiser but when Mimi has an accident, Saige relies on new friend Gabi to help.

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    One thought on “Saige”

    1. Saige is an American Girl who is Breaking Bad! When her corrupt, racist school system bans art, music, and Mexican food, horse fanatic Saige fights back. She rounds up a band of misfit friends, (balloon racers, out of work disc jockeys, half-mad chemistry teachers) and they take over an abandoned stable. Saige starts cooking "Saige Albuquerque Blue," a very, very special brand of raisin cookie. Soon everyone in Albuquerque wants to know who the mysterious "Saigenberg" is, and what she really put [...]

    2. Saige is eager to begin 4th grade, looking forward to seeing her best friend Tessa and taking art classes. Tessa reminds Saige that the school can't afford both art and music in the same year, they alternate, which means no art class. Saige is dismayed. Art is life! Tessa is consumed with music and her new friend Dylan (a girl who is also a singer) so no one seems to understand Saige's feelings. The only one who is sympathetic is her grandmother, Mimi, a professional artist, who tells Saige to d [...]

    3. The story of the newest American Girl of the year is filled with great lessons and challenges.I got teary eyed a few times in this one for good and sad reasons. The situation with Tessa is a familiar one to memetimes the friendship ends up stronger and sometimes the relationship dissolves away.This author, Jessie Haas, was able to pull emotions from me with regards to situations I've been through. The feeling of being left out is awful; overwhelmed with "duties" is frightening; etc.Saige is a lo [...]

    4. I think I'm going to have to start keeping track of books where the main character and their best friend don't get into a fight. Bonus points will be awarded if a fight does occur between two girls and it's not over another friend (or, if they're older, a romantic relationship).Saige's school district only has enough money to alternate art and music classes every year. Saige forgets this and is disappointed when she's reminded that this year is a music year. Her best friend, Tessa, is thrilled b [...]

    5. I think “Saige” is an interesting book. It can teach us to work hard for something that we want even if plans change a little. I admire how Saige worked very hard at the fund raiser to save the art program at school. I also like how she is looking on the bright side even if something goes wrong.“Saige” is about a girl named Saige who is now moving in to fourth grade. This year there was a few disappointments. There was no art and her best friend Tessa is closer to a new friend that she m [...]

    6. I read Saige by Jessie Hass. Have you been noticing that in the last few years the Education of Arts have been going down hill? Well, this book is about a girl that is passionate and wants to bring back Education of Arts!Saige and her friends have a fundraiser to bring back art, and music each year. Instead of art one year and music the next. As the book goes on Saige learns how to train dogs and horses with her new friend Gabby. Not only that but the community helps save the Education of Arts!I [...]

    7. An American Girl who loves art and horses? Sounds like my kind of girl. I felt like SAIGE had more substance and depth than some of the other contemporary American Girl books that I have read, but still I think the author tried to cram a few too many threads in: friend problems, new kids in school, concerns over family members, a love of horseback riding and art, no art class at school, and more. The book is a little slim to deal fully with all of those ideas, though it makes an admirable effort [...]

    8. Jessica Mitchell, 11Saige4 starsI'm literally blowing away with the wind right now because my friend punched me really hard and all my insides popped out! Don't worry! I asked her to. I was just testing to see if i was just dreaming. This book was amazing!Literally all american girl books leave me a crying heap on the floor--how come i've never done something truly inspirational like those guys! I don't have time to type up a review right nowbutTHIS BOOK WAS GREAT!

    9. I enjoyed reading Saige, however, I felt emotionally disconnected. I am not sure if it was me or that I felt like the story was being told to me instead of shown. It was great that Saige was able to bring everyone together to support the school arts program in an entertaining creative way.The inspirational and heart-warming real story about Lizzy and Toby at the end of the book was the feeling I was expecting from Saige’s story.

    10. This was a great American Girl story. I love reading about children who have talents and connections with grandparents! A good read with your girl!

    11. This book was surprisingly good for a children's book. Now, im considered a young teen, but i remember this book from a few years ago. I still absolutely enjoyed it and definitely recommend this book no matter what age you are. Its a great book just to get away from the world and read something sweet and pure.

    12. Cute story, I love that they have added so many new characters to my old favorites in the American Girls series.

    13. This book will help you be happy when something happened to someone you love most. It can show you how to still be besties with someone who doesn't like to do the same things you did last school year. It will show you how new friends can help you in a situation and even animals.

    14. As far as the non-historical American Girls go, Saige is my favorite of the ones that I've read so far. There are so many interesting facets to her story that the book is very interesting and moves very quickly. Saige lives in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, and her story is a very enchanting tale of art, horses and hot-air balloons.Saige is an artist. Her grandmother, Mimi, is also an artist and Saige loves to visit her after school so they can paint together. Saige learns that her school [...]

    15. The American Girl Doll of the Year 2013 is Saige Copeland, a horse-loving artist living in New Mexico. In her first book, written by Bramble and Maggie author Jessie Haas, Saige is disappointed to find out that due to budget cuts, she won’t have art in school for a whole year. With the help of her grandmother, Mimi, who also paints and rides horses, Saige decides to organize a parade to raise money for after school art classes. But before she and Mimi can put their plans into action, Mimi gets [...]

    16. Saige Copeland loves art. This year going into fourth grade, she doesn't have art class due to budget cuts. Other things have become hard on her too. Her and her best friend Tessa aren't getting along very well this year either. Tessa makes a new friend, Dylan, at music camp. Things are really awkward between the two of them. Mimi, the one that Saige looks up to every day falls. This causes her to break her leg and her wrist. It is really hard for Saige. I think that she is a very brave person. [...]

    17. I read this book to my little sister (she's 6, I'm 26) as part of our sisterly story time. She really enjoyed this book and as an adult, I can say I enjoyed it as well. When I was a little girl, I absolutely adored anything and everything American Girl. This is the first American Girl book I've read to my little sister and the first chapter book (other than those 'I Can Read' ones that she reads herself) that we've read together. She looked forward to reading this and oftentimes, other than the [...]

    18. Saige loves horses, and she loves to draw and paint. She loves spending time with her grandmother Mimi, and her best friend Tessa. But then everything in her life changes. Her school can't afford art classes. Her grandmother falls and breaks her leg, and has to go to a rehab where she is depressed. And Tessa is devoting so much time to music that she and Saige are drifting apart. I admit that I got a little choked up at some of these parts, especially with the grandmother. Naturally, Saige is go [...]

    19. This is difficult for me to review. I want to give it 3 stars, but then I also have to consider that it is a book written for children, so I gave it four. My daughter insisted on buying this book when she found out that this year's American Girl doll was from New Mexico. I'm always a sucker for buying books, so it was easy for her to convince me. She read it in only a few days, and then wanted me to read it so that we could talk about it. She is now working on Saige Paints the Sky, which I will [...]

    20. This was a typical American Girl book, full of growing up learning lessons goodness. Saige is a pretty likeable character, and she is starting her fourth grade with her friend's interests moving in a different direction from her own. She learns about pulling a community together to make a difference about things that matter, and about how friendships change, and even making a new friend! While all of this is going on, Saige's grandmother has an accident that lands her in the hospital, leaving Sa [...]

    21. The book Saige is a good book for really anyone I think. This book is about a 12 year old girl named Saige. Saige is very determined in things that she does and when she hears that art and music are getting taken away from here her school in new mexico she is very sad. Saige and a bunch of her friends decide to start something to try and bring back art and music, but when her grandma one of the people that she really loves ends up in the hospital it makes her try even harder to bring art somethi [...]

    22. Saige is a companion book to Ainsley's American Girl doll by the same name. Reading it to her at bedtimes.I wasn't expecting much, but I was impressed with the first chapter since it brought up the 10,000 hours rule from Gladwell's book Outliers.

    23. Saige Copeland is having a hard time getting used to all the changes. Tessa has made a new best friend which means no room for her. Mimi has taken a fall and can't ride horses or paint. Her school isn't having an art program, art is Saige's life. Everything was different for her.Since there wasn't going to be an program, she wanted to raise money for an after school program. Does she raise enough money? Do Tessa and her become good friends again? Read the book to find out the answers to these qu [...]

    24. Saige is a very fun book. I would definitely recommended it. Saige -the artist and horseback rider- has some struggles. First, will Gabi, her knew friend become better friends with Saige than Tessa. Second, how will Saige deal with the fact that her school doesn't have art this year. Third, can Saige work with Picasso (Mimi -her grandmothers- horse) to get the parade gait for the parade. Forth, a surprising event that happens to Mimi.

    25. This is the first American Girl book I've read with my daughter. I hesitated to jump on the band-wagon but at my daughter's insistence we picked up a book. I love how there is a whole-some story with light accents of real-day common struggles between girls and their friendships and families. These struggles made great conversation starters for us and we are excited to read another American Girl book!

    26. I loved this book so much Saige is a fourth grader who LOVES art she can't live without it. Them her new year at school there was no art class then her best friend found a new friend the her grandma Mimi falls and breakdown her body and she can't paint can things get any worse. Saige is trying to raise money for the art program.

    27. Nice American Girl book about making friends and maintaining friendships. Somewhat formulaic but a good story for 3rd grade girls, especially those living in the southwest or other areas where horses, ballooning, and art live side by side. Not historical fiction; Saige lives in present day Albuquerque.

    28. Read the first chapter when we borrowed Saige from the library. Text was too dense and removed from Natalie's experience (and her perception of who Saige was). Would work much better for a child to choose Saige based on her story. Also, from the bit we did read, her story lacked the depth of the historical dolls.

    29. Saige is a girl who loves art and doesn't care so much for all the changes going on around her. But when tragedy strikes, Saige rises to the occasion - both in finding solutions to her own problems, and then in helping carry off the fair to raise money for the arts programs at her school. I liked this book, Saige was a fun girl that I enjoyed getting to know.

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