This Is Not a Writing Manual Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World Real world writing advice minus all the lectures You re an aspiring writer Maybe you ve just discovered your love of words and dream of being a novelist someday Maybe you ve been filling notebooks wi

  • Title: This Is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World
  • Author: KerriMajors
  • ISBN: 9781599636887
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Real world writing advice, minus all the lectures.You re an aspiring writer Maybe you ve just discovered your love of words and dream of being a novelist someday Maybe you ve been filling notebooks with science fiction stories since middle school Maybe you re contemplating a liberal arts degree, but you don t know what the heck you re going to do with it The last thingReal world writing advice, minus all the lectures.You re an aspiring writer Maybe you ve just discovered your love of words and dream of being a novelist someday Maybe you ve been filling notebooks with science fiction stories since middle school Maybe you re contemplating a liberal arts degree, but you don t know what the heck you re going to do with it The last thing you need is another preachy writing manual telling you how you should write.This book isn t a writing manual It is a series of candid and irreverent essays on the writing life, from a writer who s lived it Kerri Majors shares stories from her own life that offer insights on the realities all writers face developing a writing voice, finding a real job and yes, you do need to find one , taking criticism, getting published, and dealing with rejection.Don t have enough time to write Learn how to plan your days to fit it all in Not sure how your guilty pleasures and bad habits translate into literature Kerri explains how soap operas and eavesdropping can actually help your writing Need a reader for your first novel Find a writing buddy or a writing group that will support you Nervous about submitting your first piece Learn from Kerri s own roller coaster journey to find an agent and get published This Is Not a Writing Manual is the writing memoir for young writers who want to use their talents in the real worldTENTION TEACHERS The Teacher s Edition for This Is Not a Writing Manual is now available This FREE supplemental PDF includes a series of lesson plans and writing class essentials that will improve the writing of students in middle and high school and beyond To access, e mail us at writersdigest fwmedia to receive your free download, or visit Kerri Majors s website.

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    One thought on “This Is Not a Writing Manual: Notes for the Young Writer in the Real World”

    1. Posted at Shelf Inflicted I was looking for something to read in the YA section, but I wasn’t in the mood for paranormals or romances. The title and the wide-open mouth on the cover enticed me to take a closer look. Normally, I don’t read books about writing. Other than keeping a meticulous journal during my childhood and teen years, I have never done any serious writing other than what was required of me for school or work. Writing requires time, effort, self-discipline, patience, and a thi [...]

    2. From my blog at ccriley: I'm walking around Barnes and Noble, tall pumpkin spice soy latte in hand, the weight of the journal in my purse weighing down my arm. You see, I'm actually at that point in my writing career where I feel like a real writer. I'm not published and I don't have an agent, but I get up everyday with writing on my mind. I go to bed every night with thoughts of my work in progress in the forefront of my mind. Every night I go to sleep hoping that I will dream something that wi [...]

    3. To say that this book is "fantastic" and that it should be compulsory reading for all aspiring writers would not be doing this book justice. The author, Kerri Majors, although she has published this book, and several short stories, essays, and other publications as well as holding an MFA in Creative Writing and starting up the publication YARN, is, like so many of us, waiting for the book deal for her fiction to come through. Of course, it helps that she has an agent who believes in her and is w [...]

    4. I found it very helpful for living as a writer. As Kerri Major states, it is not a book about writing, though there are tips for being a better writer. It's filled with suggestions and things I want to try with my own writing at the first chance.

    5. I don't think I've ever given a 1-star rating so I feel like I need to defend this. 1. While the title does say, this isn't a writer's manual, I felt like almost all of what the author wrote was just simple regurgitation of things already widely discussed in the book blogosphere with nothing of any use added by the author.2. This book was tiny but it dragged on and on and on. No really, this should have taken me a day at most to read but it took almost an entire week to get through it.3. I highl [...]

    6. I'm probably a little older than the target audience of this book (having graduated college, worked a couple jobs, and started contributing to a 401k), but I did find it incredibly valuable as a high-level overview of the writing life. Kerri is upbeat and engaging throughout, adding (necessary!) levity to chapters with less pleasant/happy subjects, and I found the whole book to be very hopeful while still being realistic. Very much "writing life is hard, but life is hard period, and it's still p [...]

    7. This book is FANTASTIC! There's so much good information in here for young aspiring writers. Turns out I was doing a lot of things wrong while submitting short stories. I never would have known otherwise—but I read this book. This book also made me feel better about not having a big fancy writing career. Truth is, that rarely happens and just because it hasn't happened doesn't mean you're a bad writer. Kerri is basically the writing BFF I've been looking for for ages and I wish I could be real [...]

    8. Great insights, especially in the Introduction and first two chapters. That part of the book was just phenomenal and phenomenally useful to me. She drops many great insights, including:Create a writing schedule/some way to write nearly every day.Drafting (that first draft) is where the magic happens. It's not all about revision like they say.Reading is, well, writing: Don't disparage your reading time. Consider it an integral part of writing.Great book.

    9. As the title says, this is not a how-to manual that shows you how to write well or get published. But it is really helpful to a struggling writer if for nothing else than to see that someone else is going through the same things that you are. It is mostly a memoir, but you can learn from the author's experiences.

    10. The title tells you right up front. This is not a writing manual. I thought it was just a catchy title but it's more of a documentary of the authors writing life with a small amount of helpful info thrown in. It wasn't quite what I was looking for.

    11. I was not familiar with Kerri Majors or YARN, but having been given This Is Not a Writing Manual by a trusted friend and colleague, and seeing it was published by Writer's Digest, I was optimistic about giving it a try. I'm happy I did. As an older, yet still unpublished, writer, much of the content resonates with the me of today as it would have with the younger me. In the Introduction Kerri describes the words of wisdom she was given which brought back the vivid recollection of proudly showing [...]

    12. I enjoyed the author's energy, personality, and openness, and I was glad the title was accurate, since I was looking for a burst of inspiration and insight rather than yet another craft manual. I appreciated the anecdotes and advice on the writing life, time management, ego management, creative energy and the like, though unfortunately I didn't pick up too much that was new. And I have to say the section on career choices felt under-informed and weirdly skewed. Since this is Kerri Major's first [...]

    13. This book was SUPER helpful, down-to-earth, full of great nuggets of essential knowledge for writers and practical, applicable tips. I really wish I could've kept it, but, alas, I checked it out from a library. I took notes on it but I may look into buying a copy in the future. Reading this book was like the equivalent to sitting down with an experienced and wise writer and having several real-life advice sessions. Majors doesn't sugarcoat anything. She helps you understand that the writing life [...]

    14. Due to NaNoWriMo, the NLB's eBooks program was recommending me a bunch of writing books. It took me some time after Nano, but I decided to take a look at their selection. I've heard of this book before (I think), so I decided to give it a go. After all, I'm still on my NaNoWriMo high.This is Not a Writing Manual is catered towards young writers (for some reason, I think young female writers instead of people like my brother. I don't know why, it's just a feeling I got), and it's divided into thr [...]

    15. One day, I was browsing my town's library page for any news about anything interesting going on in the book world, events happening at the library, new books, etc. I stumbled across a notice that said that Kerri Majors was going to be at the library that day to speak about her book, This Is Not A Writing Manual. I had never heard of her or her book, so after a ten minute quick research of her on the internet, I grabbed my notebook, library card, told my mom I was going to something that'll make [...]

    16. Majors does a lot of great things in this book. She gives lots of ideas for careers and just general ways to immerse yourself in writing that will help better your skills as a writer, while maintaining a thick skin. I found myself highlighting a lot of info that will be helpful as I continue to write in my spare timeHowever, there were two big critiques I had with this book. The first is that I feel the overall book was geared a little too young. I'm only 26, still pretty young, but even I felt [...]

    17. -This is not the kind of book you can spoil-I really enjoyed it. I must admit: when I started the book, I was a little rude and snarky about it, because I am a bitter individual and an egomaniac, and I didn't completely see the merit of a writer who isn't wildly successful writing a book on writing. The thing I learned very quickly is, however, that they provide a much more realistic guide for unpublished writers. Most writers don't make it big on their first book, and there will be a struggle, [...]

    18. I had been browsing for something akin to a writing manual, when I not the peculiar title of this book. I didn't buy it the first time, but I did upon a subsequent return. I had ordered 'Wired for a Story', and determined that Kerri Major's book was small enough for me to read in the meantime. She states in the beginning that she intends it to serve as a sort of writer's therapy; and for me, it definitely was. It is decidedly not a writing manual, but would make an excellent companion to one. I [...]

    19. Getting to know how an author reaches the author world is something I've always wanted to know, and this book has it! This Is Not a Writing Manual by Kerri Majors is not a manual, like the title says, but how the author herself went through the journey of becoming an author. And even though it's not a manual, it still provides helpful tips for beginners who want to be writers. The humor in this book is very relatable, meaning how Majors explains the struggles of writing for us writers--even begi [...]

    20. I picked this book up on a whim, not really knowing what to expect, but I'm so, so glad I read it. This Is Not A Writing Manual is a very moving read; it's funny, irreverent, melancholy, and honest. It has given me some much needed motivation to get my writing life in order, and more importantly, has made me think deeply about why I write, and how much books mean to me. And that is what This Is Not A Writing Manual is about- just why it is that we write, knowing that the work is difficult, that [...]

    21. I didn't really read it all the way through but I read bits and pieces of it and really enjoyed it. It was a well written book of advice for writes, young adults especially. It gave good information as well as still being entertaining to learn from. If I ever had a question, I would check this book out and see if it had any advice like if writing is a real job or not (I concluded from this that it is very hard work-I know this from writing one myself-and although jobs are work, writing is not a [...]

    22. This is truly one of the most important books I have ever read in my life.This Is Not a Writing Manual is a unique book on the writing life and what never seems to be said about it. Sure, many books address the struggles of "making it" in the industry, the obstacles seem to be held at an emotional distance. However, Kerri Majors is honest about writing. What she has to say about fear, envy, and the value of what you want to write resonated so deeply with me that this book brought me to tears. As [...]

    23. I am not part of the target-market for this book, and I'm not a writer of fiction with stories inside of me that just need to get out, but as a freelance writer who has experienced many of the things she talks about, I enjoyed the book. I would have loved to have this back in high school. With a little more encouragement and knowledge in my teen years, I may not have wasted my first two years of college in a major that was all wrong for me. So much good practical info and advice for young writer [...]

    24. I wanted to love this, I really did. I heard so many great things about this, that it was so inspiring to writers. But, I felt as though I was just reading Kerri's biography. I get it, it's NOT a writing manual, but it's supposed to help writers see what's out there in the world of writing. And she showed her experiences, and only HER experiences and some of these "tips" are very basic and common writing tips that I find on Pinterest! Some of the stuff she wrote about I actually did find helpful [...]

    25. This book surpassed my expectations that I had when I first heard about it. It wasn't a writing manual (obviously) but it gave so many different tips and pieces of advice that I will (hopefully) remember for quite a while. It gave me a lot of things to question about how I view myself and my writing. It was really an inspiration to read about Kerri Major's ups and downs through writing and occasionally stop to think, "Hey! I think I've felt that before!" I'll be buying this book in the near futu [...]

    26. How I wish I had had this book when I was an aspiring writer in high school and college -- or even well into my 20s. Part memoir, part advice book, and part philosophical treatise (in the best possible way), Kerri's describes being a teen writer-of-promise who encounters the realities of becoming a published writer as an adult. The book offers equal doses of reality checks and inspiration. A must-read for every young writer -- and for writers at early stages of their journeys, regardless of thei [...]

    27. Kerri Majors' book was a breath of fresh air for me. Though I'm not sure I'd consider myself a young writer anymore, I can say for a fact that I am a writer in the beginning stages of my career. The booked helped me come to terms with some of the realities of my life as well as encouraged me to keep pushing ever forward. Also, the book opened my eyes to the amount of effort that will be needed beyond writing and finishing a novel.But, one word at a time.

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