Breath of Dragons After Prince Alaric s death Daria and Alex set off in search of the legendary box of the Pandors The box is famed to hold a secret of power one strong enough to overcome Lord Eris and the shield of p

  • Title: Breath of Dragons
  • Author: Barbara Kloss
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
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  • After Prince Alaric s death, Daria and Alex set off in search of the legendary box of the Pandors The box is famed to hold a secret of power one strong enough to overcome Lord Eris and the shield of power he stole from Valdon Daria doesn t know where the box is hidden, but she can t ignore the silent urging, beckoning her to the land of Pendel the land her mother, AurorAfter Prince Alaric s death, Daria and Alex set off in search of the legendary box of the Pandors The box is famed to hold a secret of power one strong enough to overcome Lord Eris and the shield of power he stole from Valdon Daria doesn t know where the box is hidden, but she can t ignore the silent urging, beckoning her to the land of Pendel the land her mother, Aurora Pandor, was from.Time is running out Lord Eris s army of shadowguard vastly outnumber Valdon s forces, and if Daria doesn t find the box in time, Valdon will need reinforcements from the other territories to survive But those territories will not hand over their armies willingly, not without Daria s hand in marriage.And there is another, older power rising, one that hasn t been seen in centuries one thought lost since the days of Galahad the dragons.

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    One thought on “Breath of Dragons”

    1. Please hold on for a minute while I try and process everything that I just read. I need to let the feeling of reading a book that I loved - like, in an oh-my-god, swoonworthy, I want to read it again right this very minute is that weird? kind of way - wash over me for a second.My only complaint, and it's not a real complaint, is that now I have to wait a painful amount of time (1 year? 2 years?) for the next book to come out, in order to find out how the series will end. I don't know if I can ha [...]

    2. I can honestly say this is one of my absolute favorite YA fantasy series and I’ve read A LOT of them for comparison! This 3rd installment in the Pandoran series is the best one yet (though I’ve been quite pleased with both the others as well!). I’m a sucker for epic journeys, tragic love stories and high speed chase scenes and I’m happy to say that author Barbara Kloss fully satisfies each of these requirements in Breath of Dragons. I don’t want to give too much away, but she even thro [...]

    3. Oh wow! I thoroughly enjoyed the previous books in this series but this one is by far my favorite.This book follows Daria and Alex as they set out on a quest to find the Pandors' box. Even though she doesn't technically know where the box is she can't help but feel like this is what she's meant to do. She knows this will be a dangerous journey but she has no idea the level of danger she has left Stephan to deal with on his own. Along her journey Daria discovers that while she searches for the fa [...]

    4. I have eagerly awaited each book in the Pandoran series since beginning GAIA’S SECRET a few years ago. I have loved each book, so beginning BREATH OF DRAGONS was like a dream come true, and I couldn’t wait to be with Daria and Alex on this adventure. Nothing about this book disappoints. First, let’s talk about Daria. I just LOVED seeing how far she’d come from GAIA. Daria is a very strong character, and the decisions she makes are selfless and truly made by someone who knows the importan [...]

    5. I’ve proudly called myself a fan of Barbara Kloss since I read the first of her Pandoran series a couple years ago, but my love for her work—and her smart, risk-taking protagonist Daria in particular—has reached a new level with her recent third installment Breath of Dragons. I hesitated jumping back into the rich fantasy world of Gaia, as some time has passed since I read the first two volumes, but Kloss hooked me within the first chapter. The action takes off swiftly, beginning where The [...]

    6. I feel pretty lucky that I got to read an early version of this. After everything that happened in book 2, waiting for this was TORTURE! And it didn't disappoint. This is the book where we get to see Daria become the strong, brave, wonderful heroine we've been rooting for ever since she set foot in Gaia. Sure, she still can't really do magic, but does that stop her from, well, anything? It creates a very fulfilling struggle. She's clever and good at improvising, and I love watching her wriggle h [...]

    7. Oh my gosh, I just can't get enough of this series. Every time I feel like I can finally catch my breath and think about what's happening, something crazier happens. This book goes back to the quest feel that the first one had and that has some good and not so good aspect about it. Daria, Alex, and Vera are looking for something that could turn the tide of the war that is brewing in Gaia. There's an army massing on the border and marching towards Valdon. Prince Stefan remains in the castle, tryi [...]

    8. Without giving too much away, this novel was by far my favorite in the series. I kept thinking I had an idea of where everything was going -- and then BAM! Plot twist, after twist, after twist. I found myself smiling many times when something unexpected and clever would occur! The relationship between Alex and Daria feels real and reaches a satisfying point -- but the end of the book leaves you begging for more. The plot thickens in Gaia, as danger increases and you discover more about how the m [...]

    9. I loved this book. There are so many layers woven throughout the story, and so much character growth. I especially love seeing Daria's character growth--looking back at who she is and how she acts in the first book, then the second, and now, her journey is strong and she develops so much, as she should. Her relationship with Alex always keeps me on my toes, but my favorite part of this book deals with a relationship that I've always had a soft spot for--and one that I can't really discuss withou [...]

    10. Loved loved loved this third installment in the series! Just when I thought I knew what was going on, the author threw me for a loop right at the end. Now I must wait on pins and needles for book 4! Wonderfully descriptive writing once again from the author allowing the reader to jump into Daria's world.

    11. I just finished reading all three of these books back to back. I was ravenous to keep reading them. I truly love this series! Thank you, Ms. Kloss for bringing Thad back. It wouldn't be the same without him. I'm already anxious for the fourth book!

    12. A thrilling YA adventure picking right up where the second book left off!Read full review in the 2014 May issue of InD’tale Magazine.

    13. My house is in shambles but I finished. This book is so well done-an amazing story of what is really love, forgiveness and loyalty. Info she'd it breathless!!

    14. Excellent! Tough to beat the first book in the series but this one gives it a run for the money. I couldn't put it down at times, very exciting.

    15. I struggled with this one sadly after loving the first two so much I had such a hard time reading this one, which is so sad because I couldn't put down the first two. I think that's the only reason I can't bring myself to rate this with 3 stars. I'm not sure if it was the stiffness in Alex's and Daria's relationship, the over abundance of descriptions, the cliche arranged marriage deal, or that Daria seemed childish in this one. I found myself forcing myself to get through this one A lot of the [...]

    16. Words, I have noneWell, the story is awesome. Maybe my review would make more sense after I process what just happened. Dad is, what are you doing??? Alex don't just stand there. Ok those statements apply to several times throughout this series, but never as much as I was screaming them in my head as I finished this one. So glad I can move right on to the next one.

    17. Very enjoyableThere's a bit of everything in this book, love, danger, excitement and betrayal. She has come a long way from the girl she used to be. She thought she lived a boring life, but this couldn't be further from the truth if it tried.

    18. Breath of Dragons by Babara Kloss was written to evoke a sense of adventure in all readers – I am certain. Starting with Alex practising with daggers to Vera joining on the quest for pandors in a faraway land called Pendel. It really started to get intriguing when a very familiar black feather appears. “Shadowguard”What is a Shadowguard? After this scene, it’s nothing but a roller coaster where pain is being felt, shards are seen to then disappear. Then a poisoned arrow slows the events [...]

    19. So much happened in Breath of Dragons that I'm not sure I can put it all into words, so I'll just say WOW! Holy S***Balls!When this series started, Daria was the sheltered girl, the awkward, indecisive girl who had to cope with being thrust into a situation she could never have imagined - namely, being the granddaughter of the king of an otherworldly realm that is suffused with magic and where dragons exist. But over the first three books, she has grown into a confident, powerful warrior, and i [...]

    20. Another fantastic book in the series! I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of Valdon and delving into the other territories that comprise Gaia. The descriptions are very vivid. I usually rely heavily on detailed descriptions because I don't have the best imagination. Thieves, Gesh, Pendel, Karth, the battle, and even the exchanges between characters . . . all of it was easy for me to visualize and feel. The characters have grown immensely since the first book, both individually and in their relation [...]

    21. I loved reading these books. It's a little bit Harry Potter and a little bit Hobbit, along with Game of Thrones (because yes there are dragons!). I didn't realize however that there would be another book after this one. I wanted to find out how it ends only to find that it actually keeps going. Which is a good thing, but I don't think the last book is out yet which means I'll have to wait. Like with a lot of books I get into I find I race to read them to find out what happens and then am sad whe [...]

    22. Exciting! Daria certainly has many new and magical ways about her- not the least is awakening the dragons or succeeding in saving the people. I have thought that there would be something in Alex's history to make him a perfect mate for her- when the dragons brought her back and the hint that the dragon recognized him, maybe he is the lineage of Gideon- I hope he is able to get her back before she marries Denton and hopefully they can succeed in saving Valdon and destroy Lord Eris. Lots of hope t [...]

    23. I wanted less AND moreI'm a sucker for happy endings, but I thought I would never make it to this one. This final installment is 700 pages, and unfortunately, I felt all 700. I kept thinking "just get to it, already". And then, ironically, I was a little disappointed in how abruptly everything ended. I wanted less of the build up and more of the happily ever after. I didn't dislike the book, and the author wrapped things up nicely, but after reading the other two books, which I thoroughly enjoye [...]

    24. Book # 3 in the Pandoran Novel series. We are back on the road with new places to see and new adventure. I have to say that Vera has become my favorite character, even if she doesn't get as much page time as some of the others. I don't want to give much away, but this ends well with Daria left to face something crucial in the coming final volume. I did not get the fourth book right away because I'm enjoying the series too much for it to be over so soon. I'm not always a big fantasy person, but I [...]

    25. I am really enjoying this series. It is so well written and gripping- I have a hard time putting them down. I tend to get a little bit irritated by book series that go on past three books. We'll see if this series is worth it. So far I've been impressed.I just wish the teenage sexual situations were not included. For that reason I don't feel like I can recommend this book to friends and family. That is why I'm putting it on my pg-18 shelf.

    26. I need to read series that are already finished. The story was just getting good and it ended! Now I have to wait for the next one to find out what happens. I enjoyed where the story continued with it's added layers to what has already happened. I was disappointed with the result of finding the box, thought it would be more significant. Here's hoping the author writes the last one quickly

    27. Pre ordered the next oneI rarely pre order sequels but am anxious for more of the story. Love these characters and the amazing setting of their magical world. Almost 2 months until I get the next part of their story and I don't know how I'll wait.

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