The MacKenzies Boxed Set Enjoy the first five MacKenzie stories in one volume Dane Thomas Riley Cooper A MacKenzie Christmas

  • Title: The MacKenzies Boxed Set
  • Author: Liliana Hart
  • ISBN: 9781476493169
  • Page: 398
  • Format: ebook
  • Enjoy the first five MacKenzie stories in one volume 1 Dane2 Thomas3 Riley4 Cooper5 A MacKenzie Christmas

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    One thought on “The MacKenzies Boxed Set”

    1. These books irritated me. I enjoyed the characters and the family set up and the variety of the plots but the stories (can't call them books really, they are too short) flirted with having more evolved plots but then shied away as if scared. The stories were incredibly short and so much more could have been done with them.! The characters were interesting but never developed. 2.5*

    2. I will first and foremost admit that part of my rating has to do with the fact that I paid $8 for about 100 pages and I *thought* I was getting 4 full novels. I don't typically read reviews because I don't want to go in with a bias and the description on the site I bought the bundle did not clearly state this are almost novellas. All of that said there was so much potential in these short almost stories. I enjoyed other books in the series that I picked up first (and those were full length novel [...]

    3. I had read Dane before and honestly couldn’t remember if I liked it or not just remember I had read it.  I should have checked my rating.  I think plenty of people would love this type of romance but I found it to be so incredibly sappy and overly gushy, it made me cringe.   I not sure why I didn’t return it.  The only story I really liked was Riley and that’s because it was a little more edgy, I thought Coopers was going to be the same.  Sadly no.  I guess the instant love x 5 jus [...]

    4. Hot, hot, hot!!! By far, Cooper is my favorite of the boxed set. These short novellas are what made me a follower of Liliana Hart. I wish each of these character's stories were longer. But enjoyed them, very much! If you are looking for a really good book by this author, check out "Cade", a MacKenzie novel.

    5. I am really enjoying the MacKenzie Family! All those Alpha males in one family wow! Not only is story sweet but hot and steamy as well! After reading about the 4 brothers and their cousin, I definetly am going to read Cade next(Another Mackenzie cousin:)I would highly recommend picking these up, Great Read!

    6. Five novellas in one book! DANE Bad boy, Dane MacKenzie, is coming home to Surrender, Montana. It's been ten years since he left the woman he loved behind to make a name for himself, and now he's bound and determined to claim her once and for all. But Charlotte Munroe has no desire to welcome home the Prodigal Son with a fatted calf. The bitterness of Dane's betrayal runs deep, and she has no plans of letting him back into her life. Especially since she's trying to protect the son Dane isn't awa [...]

    7. This is a series of five novellas based on four brothers and their cousin. Dane and Charlie are given a second chance when he returns home for a short visit and discovers he has a 9-year-old son. Surprise! Thomas and Cat meet when she crashes her car while Thomas is out mending fences. He doctors her back to health, and yes, he is a for real doctor. However, Cat has a very unusual background that causes some problems. Riley and Maggie meet when she contacts him for identification of an ancient a [...]

    8. A great Family to Fall in LoveWhat a great box set that has a family of brothers that fall in love and find their life mates. Each brother have a challenge to convince their woman to love and keep them. From Dane and Charlie who have a second chance at love to Thomas who catches the Kat burglar, Riley who rescues the Historian and then ties her up and finally Cade who captures his library mouse and finds out she isn't so prim and proper. You have the bonus of Grant who rescues his true love and [...]

    9. These books are so short, I wouldn't even call them novellas. They get 2 stars for at least being well written, minus some typos. The characters and stories have tons of potential as stand alone, fully developed books; but; as mini-novellas, they just seem ridiculous. If you want a quick 30 minute read each with instant attraction, instant consensual condom free sex, and insta-love, then go for it. I don't mind naughty talk or erotic scenes, but I can't imagine them with someone that met 5 minut [...]

    10. I enjoy reading Liliana Hart's books. I have read the other MacKenzie books previously and I was left wanting more. Her characters are fun. My favorite of this group was Grant in The MacKenzie Christmas.

    11. The MackenziesThis book set has the beginnings of the MacKenzie family series. A tough fun loving family that has plenty of issues. However the storylines are filled with intense twists, turns, passion, drama, loyalty and plenty of toe curling sex.

    12. I have read the entire Mackenzies series by Liliana Hart and I LOVED each book! It's definitely one of my favorite series by an author!

    13. FateEveryone of them. Has had a hard time. But falling for their ladies. Is the easiest and started thing they have ever done.

    14. Meh. Finished because it is only 200 pages but meh. The desperate need of editing made my wince on practically ever page

    15. This is a fabulous anthology of the first five novellas in the series. Very hot and sexy pairing that will melt your Kindle/iPod.Each one is a mixed narrative going between the two leads POV and giving a full picture of their thoughts and feelings. If you like sassy girls and dominant men then you will love these yummy reads!!I listened to the audiobook narrated by Carly Robins. She has a great tone and really brings the characters to life. A little more bass in the male voice would have been de [...]

    16. This is a collection of the 5 super short novellas in the MacKenzies' series, they are not for young readers but you have to read these so you can get into the whole series and trust me, when the cloaks and daggers begins in the next section of the series, it gets good.Rating 5 out of 5 [Whole Collection]Dane (The MacKenzie Family #1) I got this one for free from iBooks and I had mixed feelings, and by mixed feelings I couldn't decide who I wanted to smack more Dane or Charlotte. Dane left town [...]

    17. Three cheers for the McKenzies!!!!Liliana Hart has put her first four MacKenzie books into one bundle -what a brilliant idea!!BOOK 1: DANEDane MacKenzie has returned to his hometown of Surrender after a 10 year absence.Also back in town is Charlotte Munroe, the woman he left behind and still loves.Will he be able to win her back and will she tell him the secret that she has kept for the past 10 years??BOOK 2: THOMASThomas MacKenzie is Surrender's town doctor and is about to be stunned by his new [...]

    18. These are my individual reviews for each book that was in this box set.Dane4 Star ReviewThis was a great short story, I can't wait to read the rest of the brothers books.Thomas3 Star ReviewI liked this one, but I think it could have been longer moved way to fast for me. I kind of wish they had a little more time to let love blossom.With that said it was a good book, and parts made me laughI loved seeing how Dane and Charlie are doing within the book. I am looking forward to seeing Cooper get kno [...]

    19. Blogger PurchaseA Lot of Testosterone in One BookAdapted from Original Post: fangswandsandfairydust/201There were a lot of women standing in line for these MacKenzie boys at Authors After Dark, so I thought I should buy one. After reading the stories I can say that they are erotic romance leaning towards the erotic but with interesting story components. The story components are unusual and interesting, but not fully developed.Basically, although the bones of a story are there, they are all thinl [...]

    20. Loved themhot and sexyDANE 5 stars    When Dane left 10 years ago he didn't know he'd left Charlotte pregnant. Now he's back and will do anything to win her backOMAS 3 Stars   Cat is a thief. Thomas is a small town doctor. When she crashes thru his fence, he patches her up and falls instantly in love. Very sexy.I just don't believe the "love you can't live without you" after one day. Still sexy story.RILEY 5 stars   Riley is an archeologist who gets a call from Margaret Lawrence about an [...]

    21. Dane: Quick read. Definitely could have been longer. I like that the couple had history, so falling together so quick was much more believable. Would have liked to see more of the transition after Dane stayed in town for good. Not sure if his story will carry over in the next books, but considering how short they are, I doubt it. I plan on reading the other brothers' stories. Not sure which familiy members it moves on to after that, but series seems decent enough to continue.Thomas: Didn't like [...]

    22. DANE-Way too short but I loved it. It's fast pace and has a great ending. Dane appears back in town after 10yrs to find the love of his life has a son and no one in her life to get in his way. Love story's with big family. Can't hurt have four hot brothersOMAS-Too short but it is jam packed with everything. I love how u can easily fit these in ur day. Thomas meet the mysterious Cat after she almost runs over the O'neil cow. Cat has a secret life that Thomas want to b apart if but can she give up [...]

    23. 3.5 starsFour brothers Dane, Thomas, Riley and Cooper. These are novellas about the brothers and the women they love. Pretty well written stories. They had the potential to be complete books. I liked some better than others. Dane 3 starsI liked Dane alright, though he is my least favorite brother. I thought his reasoning for leaving in the first place was selfish and inexcusable to be gone ten years. Charlie gave in to quickly. Thomas 4 starsMy favorite. I liked Cat and Thomas. I liked their dyn [...]

    24. I was finally able to finish this book set. Oh my god (and not in a good way), i don't usually give low ratings because it doesn't take too much to make me like a book, but these books, they were something else. Yes, i have read a lot of first sight loves, but these ones were just a fraction of first sight! The author had an opportunity with the MacKenzies, they could have become like "the McCarthys" or "the Walkers" or "the Sullivans" or "the Mitchells" but she missed that. I understand these w [...]

    25. After I read the first book Dane for free, I liked it enough to buy the rest of the stories for the rest of the brothers as well as the The McKenzie Christmas. I like the story for Dane and Cooper as they are more believable as both characters know each other for a long time so their quick HEA ending is good for me. However, Thomas and Riley just met the women, slept together and basically declare their love for each other seem a bit too fast and unrealistic. Out the book set I bought, the story [...]

    26. This family is very intriguing to me. I want to know more about each one of them. I don't think the story was told to its capacity in 50 pages each. All five of these books were 156 pages. Just not enough time to deal with ordinary situations and desires.Dane/Charlie--10 years has past and five minutes after seeing one another they are engaged in sex and the next day engaged to be married. Not realistic. Too much timert feelingsa son involved. More of this story needs to be told. Same way with t [...]

    27. DaneI liked this story but it was just too short. I wanted more of Dane and Charlotte. Hoping Thomas isn't the same ThomasEven though these are short books, I really enjoy the MacKenzie brothers. Can't wait to read Riley nextRileyI really enjoy the MacKenzie brothers and can't seem to but my kindle down. I wish the stories were longer. Can't wait to read Cooper Cooper Can't get enough of the MacKenzie clan. I really enjoyed this series just wish they were longer. Can't wait to read the next book [...]

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