Quicker Quicker is a near future SciFi Thriller whose young heroine Ell Donsaii is an intrepid athletic phenom who reminds one of David Weber s Honor Harrington Like Stieg Larsson s Lisbeth Salander The Girl

  • Title: Quicker
  • Author: Laurence E. Dahners
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Quicker is a near future SciFi Thriller whose young heroine Ell Donsaii is an intrepid athletic phenom who reminds one of David Weber s Honor Harrington Like Stieg Larsson s Lisbeth Salander The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Ell is also a mathematical genius who, instead of counting sheep, works on her own theory of quantum mechanics to help her drift off to sleep At oncQuicker is a near future SciFi Thriller whose young heroine Ell Donsaii is an intrepid athletic phenom who reminds one of David Weber s Honor Harrington Like Stieg Larsson s Lisbeth Salander The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Ell is also a mathematical genius who, instead of counting sheep, works on her own theory of quantum mechanics to help her drift off to sleep At once shy and concerned about her social skills, yet well loved by those around her, she finds herself at the center of a terrorist plot at the Olympics The terrorists never contemplated trying to hold a hostage with the unbelievable quickness and athleticism of Ell Donsaii

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      248 Laurence E. Dahners
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    One thought on “Quicker”

    1. I can't believe I am going to say this but I really liked this book. Stay with me a sec here.You really need to cut off the higher functions of your brain to appreciate the storyline. Once done it's a fairly straightforward improbable SciFi romp that is high on the "what ifs" and low on the "but ifs".Truth be told, I wouldn't see myself giving this two stars if not for a really cool x factor. What that is, I really can't put my finger on.It's annoying that the book is superficial most of the tim [...]

    2. This book does everything wrong. The heroine is good-looking (ok, nothing wrong with that), superathletic, supersmart, humble, nice and everything else positive you can think of. Ok, she has low endurance, but that is all. The villains are stereotypes (stupid irrational Arabs), America is great and the solution of the main plot-line is good-looking, superathletic, supersmart, humble you get it.The writing is functional at best.But this book has one thing going for it: it is fun to read. I don't [...]

    3. History as written by the victor an Arab who saw his friend killed,his mother raped and killed and his grandfather killed defending her from American soldiers ,suddenly decide maybe he doesn't want revenge after alla battle hardened and fanatic after being beaten by a strappy ,16 your old American beauty .turns into a cunt quote “It was Donsaii! She tried to murder us all!”a man intelligent enough to look for orphans and train them and send them to assimilate into American society ,burns his [...]

    4. When reviewing this book many have said that one big problem they had while reading is that the main character, Ell, is too perfect: too lovable, too smart, too athletic. Yet these are the things I really liked about it. I enjoyed reading about how she exceeded at everything and was friends with everyone. Her accomplishments were fun to follow and it was an escape to read about her perfect life. Another thing I was impressed about, was the authors obvious knowledge on many topics. She explains m [...]

    5. There is such an outrageous amount of flaws contained in Dr. Dahners' Ell Donsaii series that I find it hard to single out specific elements. Here are some of the things I find disappointing:His heroine Ell Donsaii is set up with a truly staggering amount of potential traumata and restrictions, however, the author fails to truly develop her character defined by her struggles to overcome them. She does not so much meet any potential challenges as leap over them. Donsaii loses her father very earl [...]

    6. The myelin sheath around nerve cell axons provides an insulating layer so the electrical impulses do not interfere with other axons along their length. Ell Donsaii has thinner myelin sheath around her nerve cells allowing more nerve cells in her brain than normal people. Her nerve cell insulating material must be different, too, because otherwise, her brain would essentially short circuit. I'm also tired of heros/heroines who are smart, athletic, AND beautiful. Come on. At least keep it at 2 out [...]

    7. Fun read, as always. Mr. Dahners makes it incredibly easy to like his main characters and he doesn't subscribe to the philosophy of beating his characters down in order for them to rise up from the ashes. Instead, he gives them victories right from the start, which might not be exactly gripping, but it is refreshing and makes for an easy and pleasant read. Also, by not aritificially prolonging the struggle, the books are short and to the point. I very much enjoy the exploration of specific ideas [...]

    8. 17.7.2017 - 3*Má to dobrou myšlenku a fundamentálně mám postavy ráda. Ale je to prasácky napsané. Naivní, samoúčelné a nereálné. Ne pro sci-fi prvky a "co kdyby" otázky, ale situacemi, které se tam vysktly. "Co kdyby" je vlastně důvod, proč tomu míním dát další šanci, jelikož jsem zvědavá, kam to autor dokáže dotáhnout. Jelikož tam je jádro, které se mi líbilo a bavilo mě. Nejvíce mě iritovala autorova nevypsanost, což by se s dalšími knihami mělo zlepš [...]

    9. Sometimes you have to read a book or everything goes right for the protagonist.Sometimes you just have to read a book where everything goes right for the heroin or hero. Sometimes you read a lot of books where everybody has to struggle to achieve their goals but this is a great change of pace. I like the main protagonist I will follow up with the next book it is a fun read.

    10. QuickerGood read, I liked the theory of the super fast and smart yet modest person that Ell is. I would like to have me of those Berettas that fire that fast for my own as that is a bit of creative license but still makes for a good story.

    11. Excellent, just excellent Every bit as enjoyable as every other book I've read by Laurence Dahners. A solid "what if" premise, great characters, and a solid plot. A touch of "too good to be true" but a little spun sugar can be a good thing too. I intend to read #2 soon.

    12. Great bookThis is very good book. Ell is both very able and intellectually advanced girl. It's interesting if somebody would really try some kryptonite to test her with. Book looks like others by this author but this series appears to be much longer than "Vaz"/"Proton Field"

    13. Congrats L. DahnersI believe you met your goal. I cared for your character quite a lot. I am eager to read the next. We all struggle, stretch and strive for that next level. We all yearn for a bit of eternity in our finite world.Well done, sir!

    14. What a great story. I was fully involved from the start, the characters had a lot of interest and the adventure just never really stops. I'm so excited to see where this series goes.

    15. Waiting for book #2!!This story was a blast! I enjoyed the fast paced momentum as well as a touch of romance. Good job, Laurence!

    16. IntriguingI really didn't know what to expect when I got this book but I am pleasantly surprised and intrigued. I'm sure if you pick up this book you'll love it.

    17. When I read the synopsis of the book, I thought this was going to be a SciFi story. Though there are some advanced human machine interfaces (with characters apparently wearing head gear at all times), the story is actually about a 16 year old girl, who is super smart and has the ability to move at Flash-like speed for brief intervals of time. The latter apparently because her parents were both major athletes. She hides these abilities (even from her family) because she does not want to appear a [...]

    18. (Pasted from my review):This series is a quick read and I found it fairly entertaining. The characters were interesting enough to keep separate in my head with all the view-point changes. The plots are feasible and, while I might disagree with how some of the supporting characters would react to the main char's actions, or how politics would come into play, the story does run along at a decent pace in the first book and gets better laterI haven't looked into the author's list of published produ [...]

    19. This serie is an interesting project. It starts with a question "what would happen if " and the books try to answer it. It is a light, quick and easily readable set of books. Well written and enjoyable.

    20. Okay, so this book was really interesting. I can't really describe exactly what made it worth reading, but it definitely was. I suppose it had to do with the character having a 'super power' or ability but also having a kriptonite that made sense and really enhanced the character. The writing style was also interesting and very much unlike other writers'. So, I read this one and it has a whole series connected to it. The problem is that the book ends so well that I'm a little afraid to ruin it b [...]

    21. I'm only about 15% of the way through so I'm not going to rate it just yet, but I wanted to log an observation that's been hitting me in the face so far: so many italics!As in, in some paragraphs practically every third word is unnecessarily italicised. It's quite off-putting, and although I don't generally get annoyed with formatting issues if the story is good (and this one seems to be), it's definitely spoiling my read a little. I only hope the plot is immersive enough that I can eventually i [...]

    22. Ell Donsai has a nerve mutation that makes her much quicker than the average human, In addition, she has a way above average intelligence. Her differences make her reluctant to form close relationships. While at the Air Force Academy, she develops an affinity for gymnastics and ends up being selected for the U.S. Olympic team. Shortly thereafter, Ell finds herself in the center of a deadly terrorist plot, and she has to use her amazing speed and intellect, not just to save herself, but to save t [...]

    23. There was a good idea in at the bottom of this book: a girl who has a slight mutation that gives her a super computer for a brain and who has fast twitch muscles and reactions that would shame a mongoose.My two biggest issues with the book are the relationship between her and the primary male character. You can definitely tell the book was written by a guy when she starts to fall for the guy even though he's a world-class jerk who's lucky to not be in jail.The second reason, and main reason, is [...]

    24. Ell is a different untypical teenager, her nerve mutation means allows her to move at speed, she uses this skill and mathematical genius to get a military scholarship and also a place on the Olympic athletics team.While there she sets new international records, escapes from a terrorist kidnap, goes back in and uses her skills to save her teams earning her not only Gold medals but also high ranking comendations awards and further scholarships from the President of the US.I thoroughly enjoyed read [...]

    25. This is the first, sorry! second, one-star review I have ever written. I don't mind silly stories with flat, unbelievable Mary Sue characters, as long as something interesting happens. At first the story IS interesting, if highly improbable (and I am not talking about the super-powers thing here either.) But then the racism starts, and I mean some really offensive and stupid stuff, like the leader of the Arab Muslim terrorist cell being genuinely unclear on the concept of "American" standards of [...]

    26. These comments aren’t just about this book, but are really about the whole ‘Ell Donsaii’ series.I absolutely love these books, they are ‘old fashion’ FUN SiFi. If you want your SiFi to be dark and full of introspective angst then don’t read these books.I picked up this book on an offer a few months ago but had never got around to reading it, when I did I just couldn’t put it down, I have now downloaded all 10 books ready to read.If I have any criticism, it would be that the heroine [...]

    27. It seems like many of the reviewers feel like they are bound to be intentionally critical for its own sake. Sci fi is not replete with strong female leads in the YA category and the explanation behind the biology and physics concepts in the book is sound. The references to nerve conduction being related to Myelin sheeth are right on and the string theory / quantum entanglement is also spot on with current theoretical understanding.In short, education has been biased against propelling girls to p [...]

    28. Fun light readEll Donsai, the heroine of this story, is a ridiculously gifted, amazingly sweet and humble person. That's both the best and worst aspect of the book. Best because it's enjoyable reading about nice people who are freakishly talented, worst because it means the story lacks long-term impact. You care about her, so it matters when she's in danger, but you never worry that much as it's clear she'll handle anything the author puts her through. Over the course of the story, there is no c [...]

    29. A fun read. Ell is the reluctant hero and all around nice girl with some odd abilities that come from a couple physical peculiarities mostly involving myelinated nerve axons and fast-twitch muscle fibers. She is smart and she is fast. That's it. So, you would think, "Well, that's nice but it doesn't seem like much to build a story around ." Turns out that it is plenty to build a story around and, it's fun learning, along with Ell, how those peculiarities affect the life of this likable young gir [...]

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