Remnants of Murder When a cantankerous Sweet Briar resident ends up six feet under the ladies of the sewing circle have to deal with a town full of suspects With the library s budget dwindling Tori Sinclair is forced

  • Title: Remnants of Murder
  • Author: Elizabeth Lynn Casey
  • ISBN: 9780425257845
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When a cantankerous Sweet Briar resident ends up six feet under, the ladies of the sewing circle have to deal with a town full of suspects With the library s budget dwindling, Tori Sinclair is forced to let go of her predecessor, and fellow sewing circle member, Dixie Dunn After losing her job a second time, Dixie decides to volunteer for Home Fare, delivering mealsWhen a cantankerous Sweet Briar resident ends up six feet under, the ladies of the sewing circle have to deal with a town full of suspects With the library s budget dwindling, Tori Sinclair is forced to let go of her predecessor, and fellow sewing circle member, Dixie Dunn After losing her job a second time, Dixie decides to volunteer for Home Fare, delivering meals to the homebound.

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    One thought on “Remnants of Murder”

    1. I do really love this series but in this installment Tori's ditsy ways really bothered me. On a number of occasions she had to ask people what they were talking about when it was glaringly obvious and she always seemed to need people to explain things to her. It got old. Really old. Hopefully Tori will wise up a bit in the next book because her obliviousness was distracting from an otherwise interesting mystery.

    2. Victoria Sinclair is finding life not as easy going as she is used to in Sweet Briar South Carolina. Victoria ( Tori) finds out that budget cuts have hit the library and she has to lay off the former head librarian Dixie Dunn that was subbing for Nina while she was on out giving birth to her first child. So Tori has to let her go since the board cant pay for 3 people to work at the library. Dixie finds a position as a volunteer for the local food program for shut-ins and regains her feeling of b [...]

    3. I really like this book but Tori is annoying. she's completely dense. "Don't you wish you could just wave a magic wand over the elderly" I mean seriously? and then the whole thing with Milo. He sounds like the most amazing guy in the world but Tori continues to push him aside. ugh I don't know.

    4. If you like Elizabeth Lynn Casey's Southern Sewing Circle series, you'll like Remnants of Murder. Tori and her eclectic group of friends suspect that an elderly Sweet Briar resident was poisoned to death and set out to prove it. And Tori finally starts to check things off her wedding preparation to do list. As I finished this book, I had a smile on my face!

    5. Shouldn't a ninety-one-year-old man be allowed to die in peace? That's what Tori Sinclair and the women of the Southern Sewing Circle think. And, their interference puts them in opposition to most of the townspeople of Sweet Briar, South Carolina in Elizabeth Lynn Casey's Remnants of Murder.When Library Director Tori Sinclair is forced to cut the budget, she also has to let go of her predecessor, Dixie Dunn. But, Dixie quickly finds a job as a volunteer for Home Fare. She doesn't have much time [...]

    6. Dixie has been a huge help at the library while Nina was out on maternity leave. Tori really hoped to keep her on after Nina returned but the budget is just too tight and getting tighter. Tori is forced to let her predecessor go, just when their friendship was making so much progress.Dixie lands on her feet and starts working as a volunteer for Home Fare delivering meals to the home-bound. She immediately makes a connection with Clyde Montgomery. Sadly less than a week after she starts bringing [...]

    7. Tori Sinclair heard the voice droning on in her ear, bits and pieces of the man's words mingling intermittently with the more enviable conversation taking place on the other side of the office between her fresh-off-maternity-leave assistant, Nina Morgan and her predecessor-turned-nemesis-turned trusty-right-hand, Dixie Dunn.Good grief! What an opening line! The Southern Sewing circle is back for the 8th installment of the series. Tori is faced once again with Dixie losing her job at the library [...]

    8. “Remnants of Murder” by Elizabeth Lynn CaseyThey say ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.’ True enough and Casey shows how spot on that is and how dangerous beauty can be in “Remnants of Murder.”Tori Sinclair is relatively new to Sweet Briar, but is accepted in this small, quaint town. That is until she gets involved in a murder plot that she can’t just sew up and move on to another project. Part of a sewing group, Tori’s help is elicited by one of the members, Dixie, to help [...]

    9. Unflappable Tori Sinclair is at it again with her sewing circle sisters. In book eight of the southern sewing circle mysteries you are once again immediately caught up in Tori's mess that has to be done in letting one of her good friends, and former librarian, Dixie Dunn, be cut from the library budget. Tori's relationship with Dixie has been a very carefully trodden path since she arrived in Sweet Briar and found out she had been the one to re-place Dixie as head librarian. But with a lot of ef [...]

    10. Another Southern mystery! This time set in South Carolina and a cozy rather than literary. I have never read any of Elizabeth Lyon Casey's books but I really enjoyed visiting the town of Sweet Brier and will come back again, perhaps in a retrospective of the series so I can get to know more of the back stories of certain characters. It is a typical cozy, set in a small town with many quirky charactersmetimes a little too quirky like the twins Margaret Louise and Leona who sometimes were a little [...]

    11. Those sassy sewing ladies of Sweet Briair are up to their usual hijinks again in Elizabeth Lynn Casey's latest Southern Sewing Circle novel, Remnants of Murder. Librarian Tori Sinclair and her sewing circle buddies once again find that murder has crept into their quiet little town and its up to them to put their needles and thread down and find out who is stitching up a bunch of trouble and causing mayhem. On top of trying to help her friend Dixie and the rest of the sewing gang solve the latest [...]

    12. This eighth novel in the series Southern Sewing Circle was a pleasant read. Our sleuth, Librarian Victoria Sinclair, is finding life not as easy going as she is used to in Sweet Briar, South Carolina. First, Tori finds out that budget cuts have hit. This necessitates the laying off of former head librarian, Dixie Dunn for the second time. Dixie finds a position as a volunteer for the local food program for shut-ins and regains her feeling of being useful. That is until four days later when her ' [...]

    13. This is the first book in this series which I have read. I believe I would have enjoyed it more if I were more familiar with the characters who populate this lovely small town, Sweet Briar. The town is populated by wonderful people who are typical of small towns - in the South or anywhere.Tori is the chief librarian and also a member of the Sweet Briar Sewing Circle. Being a part of the Circle makes her a part of a wonderful group of interesting women who know everything about the town and the p [...]

    14. Tori's sewing circle friend Dixie volunteers to deliver meals to the homebound when one of her clients dies suddenly. Although Clyde was old, Dixie is convinced it is murder and convinces Tori too. I really like the "Southern Sewing Circle" cozy mystery series. Tori is a good sleuth and she has a wonderful group of friends that really come to life, plus a very understanding fiancee!

    15. 2013-08-29. I enjoyed this but really got annoyed with the Tori/Milo bit. She really does treat him poorly and he keeps taking it to the point of pretty much encouraging it. Was glad when he finally showed his disappointment in her actions but it didn't last long. Also wasn't enthused with how she proceeded to point fingers at people who were supposedly her friends. Based on how she's portrayed, that's the last thing she should have done. Mystery was pretty good. Despite the complaints, I did en [...]

    16. I was completely wrong when it came to the "whodunnit" in this installment of Elizabeth Lynn Casey's Southern Sewing Circle series, which was actually a nice surprise. Most of the previous books had been fairly predictable, but not so with this one. Other aspects of this book weren't quite as pleasing, unfortunately. The way people suddenly turned on Tori. Tori's clueless attitude about pretty much everything. Milo and Tori's attitudes toward each other. This book is still good, but not quite as [...]

    17. To be honest when I first started reading this book, I was a little disappointed. Some of the attitudes towards Tori I found a little annoying and Tori's attitude toward her own wedding I was confused on. That being said, as the story went on, some of it became understandable and made sense. The murder mystery was interesting and with so many suspects (I would really worry living around some of these people) it kept me guessing and I admit I guessed wrong. I look forward to the next in the serie [...]

    18. The main character, Victoria or Tori gets involved in solving a murder of an 92 year old man. Considered a light murder mystery Tori is a librarian who pays more interest in her sewing group friends than her fiance. Several of the characters really annoyed me especially the twin sisters because they called each other "twin". Having twin daughters, this really, really bugged me! For a complete list of good books with a sewing/quilting theme, see this post:xoxograndma/2015/

    19. This book was not one of my favorites in the series. Tori is supposed to be planning her wedding to Milo but as usual became involved in solving a murder. I felt it was a little unrealistic that Tori kept putting off wedding preparations and choosing a dress until her reasons were revealed. Then it made sense. The crime solving was rather dull this time but I have to say I was completely surprised by the killer.

    20. Gorgeous cover conveys the moments of peace Casey weaves throughout this engaging mystery. I enjoyed seeing Victoria wrestle with her relationship with Milo, and I loved the resolution with the wedding gown. Clues about the murderer and the motive were slowly revealed; I resisted the identity of the murderer until the very end. Casey neatly tied the plot of the mystery to the romantic subplot. A very satisfying read! -- Katie O'Boyle

    21. Not great, but not really bad. The main character was too wordy with too many tangents off the subject to be interesting. I thought she was kind of dense, too. Almost missing clues and obvious facts that negated the suspect from being the murderer, so she chased after people that were obviously innocent.

    22. Having read other books in this series, I knew that this one would be enjoyable. The story had many aspects and had you guessing throughout. Who wanted Clyde Montgomery's land enough to poison him? There are plenty of suspects to chose from and this keeps you wondering. Fast paced but still having enough emotional moments to keep the story personalized make this a choice read.

    23. I like the group that Elizabeth has put together. There were some slow moments and some scenes could have been taken off or changed to make the book read smoother. The ending was good and did have some good twists.

    24. Very, very interesting book. On several levels, too. I don't have much to say right now (probably more a function of being sick than of the book) other than that I enjoyed this very much, am very glad that I read it (and read it quickly) and that I'm looking forward to the next in the series.

    25. The solution to the mystery in these books is usually fairly surprising and this one was no exception. I just keep reading them mostly because I love sewing (and who doesn't love the puns in the titles?!?).

    26. When Clyde is murdered for his land and beautiful lake front property it is hard to know who could have done it. The suspects are plentiful and varied. The sub-plot about Tori being the neglectful bride to be and not seeming to be able to stop herself is getting frustrating though.

    27. Tori is supposed to be worrying about the details of her wedding with Milo but she is helping Dixie, whom the library board laid off again.

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