The Ramal Extraction At the close of the th Century a series of revolutions has caused the galaxy to descend into chaos With the Galactic Union s Army stretched thin mercenary units have arisen for those who have the

  • Title: The Ramal Extraction
  • Author: Steve Perry
  • ISBN: 9780425256626
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • At the close of the 24th Century, a series of revolutions has caused the galaxy to descend into chaos With the Galactic Union s Army stretched thin, mercenary units have arisen for those who have the need and the means to hire them Captained by former Detached Guerrilla Forces Colonel R.A Rags Cutter, the Cutter Force Initiative is one of the best A specialized teamAt the close of the 24th Century, a series of revolutions has caused the galaxy to descend into chaos With the Galactic Union s Army stretched thin, mercenary units have arisen for those who have the need and the means to hire them Captained by former Detached Guerrilla Forces Colonel R.A Rags Cutter, the Cutter Force Initiative is one of the best A specialized team consisting of both aliens and humans, the Cutters offer services ranging from fight training and protection to extraction and assassination as long as the target deserves it and their employer makes good on payday When they re hired to find and rescue Indira, the soon to be married daughter of the Rajah Ramal of New Mumbai, the teams first task is to identify the kidnapper The obvious suspects are insurgents who want to overthrow the rajanate, but as other forces enter the game and an assassination attempt is made on Ramal, the Cutters realize that their in and out extraction job is about to get a lot interesting and a lot lethal

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    One thought on “The Ramal Extraction”

    1. I picked up Perry's Matador series while I was in high school (about 20 years ago), and since then I track what he's writing and read some of his new stuff. I went into this hoping for a cracking military-sf read, and, for the most part, I got that. As expected, Perry offers up some interesting characters who are competent at kicking ass, and he paces some of them through hand-to-hand fights that make for good reading. Unfortunately, the plot that Perry constructs is plagued by faulty logic and [...]

    2. Blah! I would have to check to see if there are more Cutter's Wars books out there, but this seemed like an introduction to the main characters and not much more. There is a weak plot without much story arc, and each member of the team gets to relate his or her 'origin story'. I finished it, since it was fairly short, but I can't recommend it.

    3. I am a lover of all things Steve Perry (The Man who Never Missed remains one of my favorite books of all time), but this book is a bit sloppy. I don't know if I have just matured as a reader, but this book is pretty much one note Steve Perry. Everyone on the team are completely elite in every way and have no character flaws to speak of. There are flash back stories for just about every character that are awkwardly transitioned to in the dialogue. I am glad to see Steve Perry play in a different [...]

    4. Perry does his trademark competent job here, though I thought the plot was thin enough that complications kept getting thrown in to pad the story. It's also possible that having each crew member tell a story from their past was a means of melding the team, or it was another pad-the-book ploy. It doesn't really matter as the book is first in a series, so the second volume will be the true test of whether the mercenaries will keep going.

    5. Wanted to like it more than this, but a bit too much padding and a bit too rambly (and no, they're not the same) makes me wish he had written more scenes so that his editor could chop out some of the fluff. Decent military sci-if, but there's better out there, including his other novels.

    6. Exposition is a major problem in science fiction. Too much and you bury the narrative in nonfiction. To little and the fictional world lacks substance and clarity. That is Steve Perry's problem in "The Ramal Extraction." He is so intent on never having two pages go by without an action scene that he never puts the reader in the world inhabited by his characters.

    7. Steve Perry has always been a favorite author of mine. His 'Matador' series of those are some of the best military sci-fi a person can read - Cole & Bunch's 'Sten' series, and the 'Looking Glass' novels of Ringo and Taylor owe much to the pacing and raw action of Khadaji, Dirisha Zuri and the rest. In this novel, though, it feels like Perry is copying Cole and Bunch. Or rehashing old storylines.Colonel Cutter is a mercenary in a future where the galactic government has very little military a [...]

    8. You need mercenaries to do your job? Welcome to CFI (Cutter’s Force… Initiative….?) Dropped out from the army, gun lover, augmentation artists, addicted to risk… This little family will do the job better than most. So far, it’s quite easy when you pick up a bunch of mercenaries because you can do with them exactly what you want. This first book is all about kidnapping. The only daughter of a Raja have been kidnapped. By whom? Why? Is it for money, power? Others motive? Let’s found ou [...]

    9. I really don't have much to say about this book. I enjoyed it, although I thought the plot was a little weak. It was a quick read and it was pretty exciting. That said, it seemed like the flashback sequences of each character explaining their first kill was just filler to pad the book's size and I didn't like that. It felt like the author was cheating. I enjoyed the Vastalimi character, Kay, an alien. She was pretty tough. The other mercenaries, though, all seemed to be at the top of their game [...]

    10. Military Sf that starts out well enough. A crew of for-hire, ex-military types is engaged to rescue a kidnapped scion in a far future planet. But once in progress, things are not what they seem. And their success, and survival, depends on how quick they can adopt to the changing situation and the dangers they face. Lots of mercenary humor and situations, but basically a linear story that telegraphs the ending well ahead. Most of the SF is based on armaments and gadgets while maintaining a social [...]

    11. Steve Perry's The Man Who Never Missed is a classic, and the rest of that series was pretty good. (It lost some of the drama after the good guys won, of course, but that can't be helped.)So I was hoping for better with this Steve Perry book.It held my interest, but I found a lot of the killing to be gratuitous and not needed, and thus a turn-off from what the characters were supposed to be. Left kind of a bad taste.The writing seemed formulaic, though the author's own formula, to be sure.

    12. I decided to take a break from all the mysteries I had been reading and return to science fiction, with one of my favorite authors, since Shadows of the Empire, Steve Perry. And once again he did not disappoint. His main group of characters were all interesting and worth investing in, but each were not perfect, with their own little quirks, helping for a fun read. Perry again also shows great use of humor, and hints at sensuality. His plot had just enough twists to keep me guessing until the end [...]

    13. On the whole, a fine adventure book that was enjoyable to read. The characters were easy to grow attached to, and in the end I really found myself wanting to know more about them and their journey. The only real negative is that at times it felt like there was random filler material stuffed in to bulk up the story. Granted, this was somewhat explained within the context of the story, but it still left the story with some mildly disjointed sections. In the end though it was a very enjoyable read. [...]

    14. A fairly typical un-outstanding small unit military sf that I only read for the Endeavour Award. There was an interesting super-powered killing alien. The body augmentations were also interested. And there was a good implementation of the Streetwise skill from slipstream. But the plot was uninteresting and unoriginal. But really there was nothing all that objectionable here, just nothing all that positive either.

    15. My full-length review of this title is here.Please note that my site SFReviews, in operation since July 2001, is where I post my SFF reviews, and I only use to help direct interested fellow readers who are more likely to spend time here than following the site itself. Thank you. (If I review a non-SFF title, I will do so here.)

    16. It's really the characters that make this book, I enjoyed them all and would love to read more of them. The story isn't bad either, lots of double dealing and some intrigue. Almost a military sci-fi whodunit. But the protagonists are mercs, so more of a relaxed military atmosphere. Very much enjoyed the read, and hoping the series continues.

    17. This was a fairly decent book from one of my favorite space opera authors. The ending had a decent twist, and not the everyone goes happy ending I was expecting. I hope for more in this series as the ending certainly implied that there would be at least another book. I would also like to see a return to the Man Who Never Missed series.

    18. This was somewhat disappointing to me as I was expecting quite a bit more from this author based on previous books I have read by him. As of now, I think I will take a pause from reading anymore of this series.3 stars but not what I was expecting.

    19. Good beginning; mostly intro to characters with a simple plot. Intrigued to see where Perry is going with this

    20. This was the start to a new series that seemedok. Many characters that blend together with the exception of the alien super-killer. I'll read the next one, but this is no "Man who never missed."

    21. I've missed you, M. Perry! Glad you're back in analog since I'm not an e-book consumer!A most enjoyable romp if you like military space opera. Eager for the next installment.

    22. It was pretty good - decent military action, little bit of a double cross from the employers. Some of the characters on the team were a little weak, but all in all it worked.

    23. Raymond, Village patron, July 2016, 5 stars:Many plot twists and a satisfying ending.

    24. Not as good as the Matador series. More backstory than action. Since it's Steve Perry, I'll see if it takes off in the second book.

    25. The story was well thought out and very interesting with appropriate technology. The gratuitous language and sexual references brought it way down in my opinion. Must be targeted at teen aged boys.

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