The Shadow s Heir Laela Redguard was born with the black hair of the Northern kingdom and the blue eyes of the Southern people forever marking her as a hated half breed child of both When her only family tie is severe

  • Title: The Shadow's Heir
  • Author: K.J. Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780425258231
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laela Redguard was born with the black hair of the Northern kingdom and the blue eyes of the Southern people, forever marking her as a hated half breed child of both When her only family tie is severed, the fierce and strong willed Laela decides to leave her adoptive father s home in the hopes of finding acceptance in the North, where the ruthless King Arenadd and the darLaela Redguard was born with the black hair of the Northern kingdom and the blue eyes of the Southern people, forever marking her as a hated half breed child of both When her only family tie is severed, the fierce and strong willed Laela decides to leave her adoptive father s home in the hopes of finding acceptance in the North, where the ruthless King Arenadd and the dark griffin Skandar rule While Laela s Northern features allow her to blend into the crowds of the King s seat at Malvern, she cannot avoid falling victim to a pair of common thugs When a stranger saves her life and gives her a place to stay, Laela is shocked to learn he is Arenadd himself a man said to be a murderer who sold his soul to the Night God the King without a heart Arenadd is unsure what compels him to help this girl, but there is something about her that seems familiar, something he cannot remember something that may rise up to banish the darkness forever

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    One thought on “The Shadow's Heir”

    1. Me and The Shadow's Heir got off to a rough start. We're given a description of the heroine, Laela, when she looks at herself on the surface of a bucket of water. Her appearance plays a role in how she's treated, but I've still read reflection descriptions often enough that they yank me right out of any growing curiosity about what's going on. And then there was screaming and frustration and a big, emotional event for someone that I hadn't come to care much about yet.I put the book down, watched [...]

    2. Okay, so this is definitely a book that has parts that I LOVE and parts that I hate. I love the fantasy world that the author has beautifully painted with her words, filled with gods and griffins and deceit. Taylor has also done a good job in creating a strong female lead character, which I always enjoy. Unfortunately, I couldn't really make a connection with Laela (the lead). Although I love some of her personality traits, and straight off the bat I could imagine what she looked like, I found h [...]

    3. This book started rough. I absolutely hated the way the author wrote dialectal speech, and I still do. It's annoying and provides nothing for the overall story or character progression. If anything, it makes Laela seem like a moron, when she clearly isn't. Lines like "I ain't no fancy thinker" just make me angry. The story did take a long time to get really interesting, and the major plot points were obvious a third of the way in. But at the ending, I didn't want it to be over. I absolutely like [...]

    4. When I picked up this book this afternoon, I essentially expected a fluff novel. I'm not sure why but I did. What I go instead was this amazing piece of fiction that is full of betrayal and choices. I can't wait to read the next one.

    5. I began reading The Shadow’s Heir almost as soon as I finished The Griffin’s War, so I didn’t have a long wait to get back to this world like many other fans did. It was great seeing all my favourite (and some of my not-so-favourite) characters twenty years on. As expected, some of them are changed but others are stubbornly the same.Of the new characters, I found Laela to be the most likeable and loved watching her grow into herself throughout the book. The discrimination she faces as a [...]

    6. This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Laela's father has just died. When she is facing being thrown out of her village, she decides to make the move herself and abandon the life she has known so far. Little does she know that the wild city is waiting - and that the person she meets might not be the kind of person she assumed him to be.Laela is a plucky, if somewhat oblivious sometime [...]

    7. “The Shadow’s Heir” by K.J. Taylor is the initial title in ‘The Risen Sun’ series and continues the sometimes somber tale started in ‘The Fallen Moon’ trilogy. The North is populated by the freed slaves and ruled by Arenadd Taranisaii who has his companion, the griffin Skandar, but feels constricted by his role as ruler. Laela Redguard had always felt outcast because of her obvious similarities to the Northern people and after the death of the man who she considered her adoptive fa [...]

    8. Simply put, this book was frustrating. The plot itself was fine and the characters were fine, nothing amazing but nothing too bad either. However the writing was a major issue, I know some authors go for trying to write accents phonetically to accentuate characters' location and culture, but its highly frustrating. It distracts me as a reader, and doesn't appreciate that as I (and a large part of the audience) likely already speak English differently from the author, writing phonetically does no [...]

    9. All I can say isINGE!The grammatical errors were atrocious everyone spoke like an imbecile except the servants! Even the bloody so called king did! Honestly i was really excited to read this book, thought it was going to be interesting I was wrong!it was as if a child wrote it. knew a guy for a few days Bangs him and tells him she loves him, finds out her friend murdered his family, chooses to stay with him, knows the two men who offered to show her an inn is shifty still follows them and is "Su [...]

    10. This is a fantasy version of medieval Wales. There is magic, Griffins, and Gods. The main character here is Laela, a half breed girl from the South with features that mark her as a Northerner. When her adoptive father dies, she sets off to find out what the North is like, and try to learn more about her past.She had misadventures along the way before meeting the King of the North, chosen of the Night God. She goes from peasant girl to adviser to the King in a series of twists and turns. It's a n [...]

    11. I felt like this was a case of an author having really good ideas, but not quite being able to execute them. I wanted to like Laela, but I had a hard time doing so, and I think it's mostly just that the writing quality wasn't quite there. The story itself was interesting, but characterization was not quite there. In general, it felt like a book from an inexperienced author. I will keep reading her work, though, because the ideas are definitely there. Just not the rest of the package yet.

    12. This book started out very slowly for me and maybe I should have read past chapter 10, but I couldn't. The speech got on my nerves and I reareally didn't care for Laela. For someone who was practically on her own for so long, she was whining a lot and scared of everything. I just couldn't finish it.

    13. Love K.J.Taylor's writing style - it is bold and crisp - and her characters are as well. The plot of this story begins to unfold from the first page only to come to a brutal climax out of the blue. Love the different regions and the complexity of how they interrelate. Glad I stumbled on this author's work.

    14. I enjoyed this book, and will read the next in the series, but I'd strongly recommend reading The Fallen Moon series first (which I didn't, and will be doing before moving onto book two in this series). Fallen Moon takes place before this series and I think would have added a lot to my understanding of the characters and some of the plot points if I had better understood what came before.

    15. I felt like I came in the middle of this story somewhat. And there were 3 book ian series set directly before this book. Possibly it could benefit from a foreword.It was still okay and moved along fast enough and certainly didnt strain me, a nice relaxing ride, probably a good Junior fiction title. Not sure if i will read the others (past and future)

    16. I true HATE bad writers who have these glowing reviews at the front of the books. It just further proof that making money is more important that a quality product.The writing is both unsophisticated and boring. Mostly done in insipid dialogue with poor attempts at a dialect. I would even hesitate to recommend this for children as the plot depends on a lot of abuse and violence.

    17. I really loved the story, couldn't put it down. I had goosebumps at the end with her reveling herself at the crowning. Was glad that i had the second book on hand to start so that i didn't have to leave the story there.

    18. Every time I read a book by K.J. Taylor, I wish my puppy was a griffin. And I don't even like griffins on account of them having pointy beaks and beady eyes. And being way too much like a chicken.But still. I wish my dog was a Darkheart griffin.

    19. Fun read. Well drawn characters. I'm adding K.J. Taylor to my list of enjoyable authors and this series to my reading list.

    20. Decent book, not great. I think it started off better than it ended. I did like the characters but I figured out one of the major plot points pretty early on. Still, a good read.

    21. An excellent book with lots of action and a great plot. Only dislike, reference term to her "Dad" was out of character for the speech patterns and setting.

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