Strike Three You re Dead An Edgar Award FinalistLenny Norbeck is a die hard baseball lover Unfortunately he s no player himself according to him he s the worst there ever was But he d make a heck of an announcer He gets a l

  • Title: Strike Three, You're Dead
  • Author: Josh Berk
  • ISBN: 9780375970085
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An Edgar Award FinalistLenny Norbeck is a die hard baseball lover Unfortunately, he s no player himself according to him, he s the worst there ever was But he d make a heck of an announcer He gets a lot of practice sitting with his best friends, Mike and Other Mike, watching Phillies games from their lawn couch a sweet outdoor TV arrangement Mike s dad hooked them uAn Edgar Award FinalistLenny Norbeck is a die hard baseball lover Unfortunately, he s no player himself according to him, he s the worst there ever was But he d make a heck of an announcer He gets a lot of practice sitting with his best friends, Mike and Other Mike, watching Phillies games from their lawn couch a sweet outdoor TV arrangement Mike s dad hooked them up with Being a real announcer is his dream, and he gets his chance to prove himself when he enters an Armchair Announcer contest and wins The prize he gets to be the broadcaster, live, for one inning at a real Phillies game.The game goes very wrong, though Before Lenny gets to do his inning, a young, promising pitcher fresh out of the minors literally drops dead on the mound The official verdict is that he died of a heart attack, but Lenny has a hunch there s something going on So he and the Mikes set out to investigate The suspects are many, and though the trio barks up the wrong tree a few times, they are always right on the heels of the real killer From the Hardcover edition.

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    One thought on “Strike Three, You're Dead”

    1. Every time I would read this book around other people, I embarrassed myself by laughing and/or snorting aloud. And then I would have to cop to laughing at farts. E.g. "I was actually behaving like a perfect gentleman. Maybe farting a little."(128)So yes, there is a generous sprinkling of gas in the book, along with a bumper crop of jokes about sweating, peeing, and getting hit in the groin. And bikinis and mustaches and warlocks. But there are many other kinds of funny too, such as the wonderful [...]

    2. Really great book overall! I definitely recommend this book to absolutely all audiences! It's a great mixture of comedy, sports, and mystery. Best thing: there is a world-changing, mind-blowing, and "no way!" PLOT TWIST at like the last 3 or 4 pages of the book. Awesome.

    3. Lenny is a doofus that is easy to love. My favorite scene is when Maria, a girl Lenny has just met, grabs his bike from him when he offers to give her a ride. Maria makes Lenny sit on the handlebars while she pedals like the figurehead of a ship. He is wearing a helmet that matches the Mikes. That's right. He has two best friends named, Mike and Other Mike. A nice play on words for a kid who is terrific at announcing baseball games. In fact, he's so good that he won a contest to announce the 6th [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. Lenny Norbeck is interested in plenty of things like watching Phillies’ games on TV, announcing Phillies games, and talking about the Phillies with his two best friends Mike and Other Mike. His big dream of announcing an inning in a Phillies game is brought to an end by the death of a much anticipated debut pitcher. When the doctors claim it was a heart attack, Lenny suspects foul play and decides to take matters into his own hands to solve this murder. One prime suspect is the myst [...]

    5. This book is perfect for sports fans and mystery lovers alike. This book is flooded with baseball references and puns, the main character takes everyday situations good and bad and relates it with baseball. For example, when the main character is running, he says "running for my life, just like a player sliding to 2nd base before he gets tagged" This book pulls you in from the start. Since the main part of the book is about a baseball player dying on the mound, mystery lovers will be nose deep i [...]

    6. This book is an interesting combination of good oldfaction mystery and so much HUMOR!!!! Seriously, this book will make you laugh really hard. Don't let the title discourage you, there is pretty much no description of death. So full of heart. I am super exited to read the sequel!!! Recommended for ages 9+

    7. Lenny Norbeck and his 2 best friends the Mikes are all baseball fans and they know everything about the sport (Lenny knows the most). Lenny isn't a good baseball player but he makes a great game announcer. When he finds out that there is contest that if you win you can get to be the armchair announcer at a Phillies game Lenny signs up right away. With the help of the Mikes, Lenny practices by watching games and announcing them as they go. They make an announcement based on a game from the past w [...]

    8. Well, I finally got around to reading the INTENDED book entitled, Strike Three, You're Dead. This one was much better than the one I read by mistake a few months ago. This is a short book for kids, kind of on the order of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Berk tells the story of Lenny, a 12-year-old boy who wins a contest to get to announce an inning of a Phillies baseball game. Unfortunately, on the day his big break arrives, before he gets to announce anything, the pitcher dies on the mound. Lenny and his [...]

    9. Lenny is a HUGE Phillies fan, his dream is being an announcer for the Phillies. He knows he's not gonna be a ball player. His friends Mike and "other" Mike convince him to enter a competition to be an announcer for the Phillies, for one game. He was having the time of his life announcing, but then his favorite pitcher drops dead on the mound. Throughout the story, Lenny and his friends investigate the so called coincidence. This is a fast pace, murder mystery. I would recommend this book to anyo [...]

    10. I laughed out loud. Berk's narrator describes his family and the action so well. The dialogue between the characters is believable and apt. I really liked this book.There are enough clues to the mystery to keep the suspense up to the very end - especially since the book starts with the main characters deep in serious danger. As an adult reader I figured out who the culprit was - and why - pretty early. The how was the real mystery in this book.

    11. I loved this book it was a real mystery all the way to the end. Many people are confronted but are turned out to be friendly. The characters are very funny and sometimes make me laugh. The pitcher died and then every went crazy to find what happened. This one of my favorite and recommend it to baseball players but if you aren't it's still ok.

    12. This will be a great book for reluctant readers. Sports mystery, humor, suspense, high interest, low vocabulary.

    13. Lenny Norbeck is a die-hard baseball lover. Unfortunately, he's no player himself (according to him, he's "the worst there ever was.") But he'd make a heck of an announcer. He gets a lot of practice sitting with his best friends, Mike and Other Mike, watching Phillies games from their lawn couch—a sweet outdoor TV arrangement Mike's dad hooked them up with. Being a real announcer is his dream, and he gets his chance to prove himself when he enters an "Armchair Announcer" contest and wins. The [...]

    14. This was a really interesting book. I loved it because it keeps you in the action of the book. I think that the author did a very good job describing everything.

    15. It was a very good and funny book, but it's pretty clear who the murderer is and you're just waiting for the kids to find out. Still a great book I would definitely recommend.

    16. This book is about three boys in middle school: Mike, other Mike, Lenny, and there new friends famosa a phillies player and phillsfan01. They are three friends who love baseball but none of them play it. Their favorite team is the Phillies. Lenny signed up for the armchair announcer contest the winner gets to announce one inning in a Phillies game. In that game a new promising young pitcher was in his first game and all of a sudden he drops dead. Then Lenny and the Mikes set out to find how he d [...]

    17. Lenny & the Mikes are an unstoppable trio,but when the death of the most beloved baseball player has randomly happened,the group starts to suspect that the death wasn't a accident,but on purposeLenny & the Mikes get to work.Will this trio find the murderer or will it just end up actually being anice accident?Read the book to find out the suprising ending.

    18. From winning a competition to be an announcer at a phillies game to watching a murder unfold in front of you. Lenny is now faced with finding out who did it and he is thinking he found there suspect.Overall this was a short but good book. I liked how you never knew what was coming and that there were a lot of parts where you thought one person did one thing but then end up finding out that it wasn't true what you thought and it kept you on the edge of your seat waiting for what is coming next.

    19. It was a good book, although it was a little easy to read. I had it in my bookcase for quite some time, and I figured I would try it out. It didn't seem like it would be my kind of book. Once I started to read it, it seemed like a good book. I slowly started to like it and it turns out I loved it by the end. It was sort of easy, but I think that that was good because I haven't read an easy book in a long time. The characters fight, and it does kind of joke around, even though it is supposed to b [...]

    20. This book is about a kid, Lenny Norbeck and his friends Mike and Other Mike. These kids are full blown die hard baseball fans. They love the Phillies, and many weird players in the world. Mike and Other Mike are fascinated by Lenny "The boy with the golden voice" because he is an AMAZING commentator. In fact they had entered a contest called the Armchair Announcers. If you win you get to commentate an inning during a Phillies game, specifically the sixth inning. Lenny had done it commentating vi [...]

    21. Lenny is a junior high kid who lives and breathes Phillies baseball. When an "Armchair Announcer" contest is advertised with the prize of getting to actually announce an inning of a Phillies game, Lenny knows he's meant to enter and win - and he does. But he never gets around to actually announcing his inning because the pitcher drops dead on the field, and Lenny immediately suspects foul play. Together with his two friends named Mike ("Mike" and "Other Mike"), Lenny spends his summer trying to [...]

    22. Lenny Norbeck just got the best news - he has a chance to be the announcer for one inning of a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game! With his best friends Mike and Other Mike watching from home, Lenny gets to see the announcer's booth, meet one of his favorite players, and watch the beginning of the game with a great view. But before Lenny's big inning, something goes horribly wrong. A new, young Phillies pitcher collapses on the mound and dies of a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Lenny i [...]

    23. In the book, Three Strikes You’re Dead, By Josh Berks, Twelve-year-old Lenny lives, breathes and talks baseball, specifically the Philadelphia Phillies. His parents are both physicians who work all the time. After Lenny pulls a D in science, his mom wants him to attend a summer class. Lenny makes a deal that he will read 200 books instead. He doesn’t tell his parents that they’re all about baseball.Unfortunately, he's not a good baseball player himself (according to him, he is "the worst t [...]

    24. Lenny is thrilled that he has won the Armchair Announcer contest and gets to meet the announcers for the Phillies and work at a game. He's not a good baseball player, but he's a great announcer and knows his baseball history-- for his audition tape, he and his friends Mike and Other Mike have dug up an obscure story about the worst pitcher ever, Blaze O'Farrell, who happens to still be living in their hometown. While at the game, the new and promising pitcher, R.J. Weathers, drops dead on the mo [...]

    25. **SPOILER ALERT**At the beginning of the story, the main character, Lenny, enters an armchair announcer contest. Whoever wins the contest gets to announce one inning of a Philadelphia Phillies game, which is Lenny's dream, and he gets help from his two best friends, Mike and Other Mike. Lenny has played baseball once, but he claims that he was the worst there ever was. Lenny wins the contest, and as he is waiting to announce his inning, a star rookie collapses on the field, and he is pronounced [...]

    26. The is about a boy Lenny Norbeck who was a Phillies fan. He's not a baseball player sadly but he thinks he'll be a great announcer for the sport. He gets a chance to be an announcer, so he enters the contest and surprisingly wins. All he had to do is to commentate for one inning of the game. But before he could commentate a player has a heart attack on the field and dies sadly. He didn't need to witness that. The storyline is based around them watching games in their living room until Lenny wins [...]

    27. This book "Strike Three You're Dead" is a sport and mystery book by Josh Berk. A boy named "Lenny Norbeck" and his two friends, Mike and other Mike are dead hard Philles fan. He enter the armchair announcer contest for his magnificent talent with the microphone. He wins and Lenny is excited about that. He gets to meet with his heroes and a pitcher named "R.J Weathers" who was a promising pitcher for the Philadelphia Philles. He also meets up with Blaze O'Farrell, the person who holes the record [...]

    28. Len is a diehard Phillies fan. When the Phillies organization announces a chance to be an announcer for one inning at a game, Len jumps on the chance. With the help of his best friends, Mike and Other Mike, he researches and recreates a broadcast of a game pitched by the man who set the record for the worst ERA ever. They even go so far as to track the man down, but they are chased off his property rather aggressively. However, the recreation is still good enough for Len to win the contest. As h [...]

    29. Justin WatsonDear Ms. Dudding I am reading Strike Three You’re Dead written by Josh Berk. The genre of this book is sports and I think it might also be mystery. I have some questions in the book that should have been really easy for the characters to figure out. As in they should have known that it was blaze who must have killed Weathers, first he tried to kill the kids for no apparent reason, then he was in the dugout the night weathers died. If I were them he would have been my first suspect [...]

    30. In the book Strike Three, You're Dead 3 boys named Lenny, other Mike, and Mike who are all best friends. They live in Philadelphia and are huge phillies fans. Lenny has a dream of become a baseball announcer watching and reporting the action for a living. The mikes help lenny enter an announcers chair contest and lenny wins. While lenny is at the game a young player names rj weathers dies on the mound suddenly. The boys investigate rj's death. They meet a young girl named maria who helps them fi [...]

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