Chi s Sweet Home Volume It has been a long time coming particularly in the life of a kitten but Chi is now painfully close to finally being reunited with her feline family But there are things that still stand in her way T

  • Title: Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 10
  • Author: Kanata Konami
  • ISBN: 9781935654698
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • It has been a long time coming, particularly in the life of a kitten, but Chi is now painfully close to finally being reunited with her feline family But there are things that still stand in her way The most complicated of which is whether the Yamada s be able to part with their youngest family member

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    One thought on “Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 10”

    1. I've read volumes 1-7 but skipped 8 and 9 as I saw volume 10 in the library and had to read it. There is some crazy cute stuff in here where chi realise that chi is a cat and not a human and finds out what a momma is. Squee.

    2. Just as sweet, cute, and unbearably entertaining as the previous volumes. As a cat-lover and kitty parent, I feel unable to express how much joy and hilarity these chapters brought me. You'd think after 9 volumes, Kanata-sensei would run out of cat-isms to explore, but she continues to illustrate more and more and almost as cutely as experiencing them with a cat in person. To go deeper into this volume, the story is becoming extremely compelling—more than simple life-with/as-a-kitten briefs— [...]

    3. Me está dando mucha lástima finalizar éste manga, en parte por que es con el que comencé mi ‘andadura’ de lecturas manga Gatunas (que tantas alegrías me han dado), por que está mejorando mucho en su tramo final!Aquí retomamos la historia de kochi ( el gato callejero) y su intento de avituallamiento al hogar de Chi; cosa complicada, claramente. Además, se abre un nueva trama sumamente interesante y teñida de una ‘nostalgia vital’ que une el principio argumental del manga ( el ori [...]

    4. Omg, Chi's playing with his siblings! She's finally realizing that she's not like Yohei, and mommy and daddy. I think she's finally realizing that she's a cat. I hope that she gets to reunite with her siblings and kitty mommy. I also hope that she can stay with daddy, mommy and yohei and visit her cat family every day! That would be the best outcome.I think it's just too cute that she's playing with Cocchi and her siblings, and I think it's so cute that they all share similar traits. This has be [...]

    5. Just as cute as all the others but sad, as well, when Chi realizes she's not like the rest of the family with whom she's living.

    6. Chi begins to realize that she is different from the people she lives with and starts to have some angst about what that means. Also, she meets some kittens that look strangely familiar.

    7. Chi's Sweet Home vol. 10 is a full coloured manga. Most manga are black and white inside but this one is detailed like any kid's book. Chi's self-discovery and kitten adventure is funny, educational and bittersweet. The art is beautiful and cute. There is a plot though it has a lighthearted newspaper comic feel to it. The quality is consistent and the pacing is wonderful. the humour is rich and original.This is a fun book with a cat's perspective on life and explores family dynamics, friendship [...]

    8. My whole family has enjoyed these cute and humorous mangas about a little lost kitten named Chi who finds a home with the Yamada family. This book was less funny than previous books but there were some interesting plot developments. The 11th volume in the Chi’s Sweet Home series is scheduled for an August 2014 release.Chi has been spending more time outside and talking to Blackie and she is finally starting to figure out what a cat is. Chi struggles a bit with the fact that she isn’t like th [...]

    9. There is a culmination in this book or rather more of an apex, monumental changes are happening and are not quite realized letting as know there is another book coming, but the question remains will this be the penultimate book? Chi finally figures out what a cat is and starts to question whether she really is a cat and if she is whether she'd prefer to just stay and be like the other human cat's. Chi has bad experiences outside and the Yomada's decide to keep her an indoor cat, which she hates [...]

    10. Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 10 is another adorable installment in the series. Chi and Cocchi find there is no place like home. The two also make two new kitten friends with very distinct similarities to Chi. They also find out about "Momma's" and Chi learns she is different from her family, and is indeed a "Cat" as Blackie tries to show her. This volume also see's more tension develop as the Yamada's (Chi's family) find a flyer about a very familiar missing cat and debate about what to do. I look [...]

    11. Cocchi was picked up by the Yamada family in the previous installment in this series, and is just discovering what it means to have family in a home. Chi is ecstatic to be home and with Cocchi there, too. But Cocchi is not happy, except at meal time. The last straw for Cocchi comes when Chi explains what the litter box is for. Cocchi just wants out! He has been a street cat for too long to put up with the confines and rules of a home. But a serious problem is just beginning when the dad sees a p [...]

    12. 4.5/5 stars ~ Chi's Sweet Home can't be described as profound literature, but tagging along with Chi, Cocchi, Blackie, Auntie Calico, and kittens strikingly similar to Chi leads to ridiculously adorable adventures! I can't resist this super-cute manga, and I'm sad I won't be able to read volume 11 until Fall 2014. My favorite thing about this series is just how realistic the cats' body language are -- it's like reading about my own cats! Must-read for cat-lovers.

    13. Chi begins to realize that she is different from her humans and learns that she is a cat. By playing with her friends she figures out what it means to be a cat and celebrates the many skills cats have.Meanwhile, Chi's owners have discovered a poster with the photo of a lost kitten that looks exactly like Chi. They struggle with whether or not they should contact the person who put up the poster. A great series for pet lovers of all ages.

    14. This comic is too cute. In this volume, Chi gets slightly closer to what may in fact be her original cat family, but first she plays around with Cocchi (a neighborhood cat the same age as Chi) and tries to learn to hunt! It did feel like less happened in this volume and it was a bit slow paced. Then again, this comic isn't really meant to be anything more than the adventures of a cute kitten.

    15. Still cute, but the cliff-hanger endings are getting tiresome. They should publish these in one omnibus volume. In this volume, Chi learns more from his friends about being a cat. He also learns what a momma is. Unknown to everyone (except the reader, of course), Chi's former family is looking for him. I predict a reunion is coming soon, and a difficult decision for Yohei and his family.

    16. Chi’s Sweet Home Volume 10 by Konami Kanata – Graphic Novel, all ages. I just love the vibrant personality of Chi. Such a cute little cat and what a story! This time you follow Chi as he meets some kitten friends, learns what a “mom” is, and realizes he is a different species from his human family.

    17. Read in french with my girls. The book is really, really childish, but it's fun for kids. Chi's broken language, the cats meowing all the time what can I say: the kids laughed, I laughed, we goofed around, and got to the end of it too quickly

    18. Les aventures de Chi se poursuivent. Elles découvrent de nouveaux chatons au pelage semblable au sien. Son "papa", lui, découvre une affiche avec la photo d'un chaton ressemblant étrangement à Chi. Que va-t-il faire ?

    19. Eh, this series is starting to lose a bit of its charm. While the earlier stories were full of fun adventures for Chi and friends, this one seemed to focus only on her discovering what a Mama is and how different she is to those around her. It felt like a joke stretched too thin.

    20. Chi continue de faire rire les enfants. Moi je trouve que ça traîne un peu en longueur. Et Lynn, déçue à la fin, mais c'est quand qu'elle retrouve sa maman!

    21. Sweet sweet sweet. Will Chi's friend Cocchi stay with his family or is life on the street too large to be contained? What does it really mean to be a cat? Chi is starting to grow up.

    22. Just so unbearably cute. I want Chi as my cat! Though I am beyond sad that Chi has realized that she's not the same as humans. I hope she finds her family but stays with her humans

    23. Y otro más terminado. Ya solo me queda el último que ha salido en castellano. Disfrutando con las travesuras de esta gatita tan cuqui.

    24. Argh! Chi is so close to finding her family, and the cuteness just doesn't stop. Kittens in a bucket! You're killing me!

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