n nav Somewhere out there the ship is waiting to take them home Here s what Masklin has to do Find Grandson Richard Arnold a human Get from England to Florida possibly steal jet plane for this purpose as

  • Title: În navă
  • Author: Terry Pratchett
  • ISBN: 9737644671
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Somewhere out there, the ship is waiting to take them home Here s what Masklin has to do Find Grandson Richard Arnold a human Get from England to Florida possibly steal jet plane for this purpose, as that can t be harder than stealing the truck Find a way to the launch of a communications satellite whatever those are Then get the Thing into the sky Somewhere out there, the ship is waiting to take them home Here s what Masklin has to do Find Grandson Richard Arnold a human Get from England to Florida possibly steal jet plane for this purpose, as that can t be harder than stealing the truck Find a way to the launch of a communications satellite whatever those are Then get the Thing into the sky so that it can call the Ship to take the nomes back to where they came from It s an impossible plan But he doesn t know that, so he tries to do it anyway Because everyone back at the quarry is depending on him and because the future of nomekind may be at stake .

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    One thought on “În navă”

    1. “I think,” said Masklin, “that maybe they’re intelligent enough to be lonely.”Wings was definitely my favorite book of the series, but looking at the trilogy as a whole, it is more than amazing. I loved the world and the characters Pratchett created. And even though I've been reading this series for about a week or so, it was quite emotional to say goodbye to these amazing characters. This is definitely one of those series that I will definitely go back to and re-read, even more than o [...]

    2. And so the adventure ends - and although I don't think any ending really would feel right for the intrepid band it does however make sense and for those who want closure it certainly gives than. This book to me loses some of the serious tones Diggers had and goes back to the rip roaring adventures of truckers - I think it works better for it though I am sure there are plenty out there who would disagree with me - but who cares. Its fun, its fast and in many places frivolous but most of all its e [...]

    3. Wings brings the Bromeliad trilogy to a higher levelThe task at hand for Masklin is very clear: find the Ship that will get the nomes away from Earth. But it should have been explained with a bit more detail. For starters: where is that Ship located? The Thing says that it is hidden somewhere in space, but that completely ignores that space turns out to be bigger than everything. At least Masklin has found out that there is a way to get into space. It's to be found in Florida. Now it is only a m [...]

    4. A brilliant sequel to the trilogy. Chock full of humour, which is really just stating the obvious about humans. I particularly love their reaction to finding Nomes, and how they chase the space ship. Even more laughable that Masklin thinks humans are lonely. It would have been great to have had more of these, about how they gather the Nomes from all areas of the Earth. But alas, without Terry Pratchett here anymore, there's not a chance. A really satisfying read.

    5. [Quick, short review from memory before I re-read and review fully:Oh. Surprised at the lower rating for this one. Again, with a book from a series it's hard to judge what I can and can't remember from the specific book. General plotlines throughout but singularly nothing. The lower rating is intriguing, however. Only 3?]

    6. První knížka, kterou jsem od Pratchetta četla (já vím, já vím, docela pozdě), takže nejen, že jsem byla plná očekávání, ale také jsem si pohrávala s myslenkou, líbí se to tolika lidem, tak co když to mě nezaujme? Co když na takovou četbu nejsem? Všechny pochyby se smetly ve chvíli, kdy jsem se do knihy začetla na tolik, že jsem četla stylem, kapitolu a pak už půjdu (haha)Velmi se mi líbí způsob Pratchettova psaní, ještě více jeho vytvořený svět. Jak jsem [...]

    7. Oh where to begin. Hilarious, intelligent, thought provoking, a good end to a good story. In story I loved this.There wasn't a moment in reading this where I wasn't completely enthralled. In fact I was actually sad to get to the end because I didn't want it to end. A surprise favourite character was the Thing. For a device that started out as just something the outside nomes believed brought them luck it had so much personality. It was witty, clever, sarcastic and just like Pratchett's other cre [...]

    8. There is a flower, so the story goes, at the top of a tree, that is so huge that it collects rainwater like a pond. And there is a species of frogs so tiny that for them, that flower is their entire world. So goes the concluding book of the Bromeliad trilogy. My favourite out of the series, this elevates the nomes trilogy to more than just a children's series. There is growth and maturity in the characters, one which is easily glossed over by the humour, but leaves the reader with a new perspect [...]

    9. A nice conclusion to this trilogy. We find Masklin & company travelling on a plane and discovering more than they ever knew about humans and themselves in the process. They travel to Florida, travel on geese, & stumble upon more than they expected.Thing was hilarious in this book. Quite sarcastic but understandably so. This book was funny an endearing. The innocence of the nomes mixed with the description of the humans reactions are pretty accurate.

    10. I really enjoyed this book. I'm sure it's not for everyone. I stumbled upon the Bromeliad trilogy by accident, and found myself immediately carried away with Maskalen and the other gnomes. I love how this circles 'round to the ending. I am so glad that I found these books while some of my children are still young enough to really appreciate them.

    11. A story about gnomes looking for a home is actually a comment on how small our life can be without us really knowing. Pratchett argues for an exploration of your world, and even how it can be necessary to leave it.

    12. A New Favorite AuthorWhen Terry Pratchett died earlier this year, I had wondered what I was missingere was A LOT of love thrown his way. Now I know. This is good, good stuff. I wish I'd found it sooner.

    13. This book gave me and my husband a "call" - when we are at the food store and "loose" each other, we'll just call "mip mip!" until one finds the other one :-)I love it :-)

    14. Really sweet ending to the Bromeliad Trilogy. It kind of reminded me a bit of the Hitchhikers Guide series but really kid friendly.

    15. Asi nejpovedenější díl trilogie. Nejvíc nómů, nejvíc nápadů a nejvíc konfrontace s lidmi. A co teprve s "mípmípmíp" ;-)

    16. Just pure brilliance. The whole trilogy is genius. Read these so many times but never fails to make me smile. :) This right here is how I fell in love with Terry Pratchett.

    17. I picked this up when browsing in the bookshop the other day. The third in a trilogy of children's books by Pratchett, it is a later revision of a very early work.This is an easy read - for me it was a little too easy, even as a children's book. It's longer than the subject warrants, and at times I was bored, but on the whole it is mildy entertaining. Pratchett has a reasonably light touch, though at times the humour seems a wee bit forced, and although many of the story elements and ideas are d [...]

    18. While one set of nomes is trying to fend off the depredations of humans with a JCB, another set had to hitch a ride on a Concorde (how hard could it be?) to Florida to catch another ride on a satellite in order to get back home to England and pick up the other, JCB-riding nomes, and then fly off to their distant home planet.Confused? Don't be. It's a Pratchett book, which means it will be complicated and crazy, so don't try to catch too firm a hold on the plot, because it's pointless. Like the n [...]

    19. Com'è volata la lettura di questa piccola (ah ah!) trilogia! Una mini (ok la smetto XD) odissea che porta il popolo dei Niomi dai piccoli reparti dell'Emporio (Santa Occasionissima!) fino all'Esterno per poi scoprire mondi sempre più vasti e non immaginate quanto!In questa serie ci ho trovato un po' di tutto: un po' degli Sgraffignoli di Mary Norton, un pizzico de La Collina dei Conigli di Richard Adams, e, a sorpresa, anche qualcosina della Guida Galattica per gli Autostoppisti.Ma soprattutto [...]

    20. Skvelý záver skvelej trilógie. Tentoraz sledujeme cestu Muskulína, Confetta, Paspula a Veci za Vnukom Richardom, 39, zatiaľ čo Pochmurka zvádza ťažký boj opísaný v "Na nepřítele". Pratchett je skvelý autor a zbožňujem jeho písanie. Tu len dokázal, aký je to majster. Postupné Muskulínovo pochopenie, ako to Pochmurka myslela s tými žabami a broméliou, pomalé uvedomenie si, že Loď nepatrí len im, ale všetkým Nómov a na záver Confetto, tomu hovorí character developm [...]

    21. This is the last book of a series of four, the other two are called Truckers and Diggers. this book is also very good and quite sad at the end, Terry Pratchett, the author, is an amazing writer and describes everything very well, he makes the story come alive. I suggest that if you haven't read the first two books then you shouldn't read this one until you have, because they all tie together to make one amazing story

    22. Absolutely stunning ! so funny, this has to be the best fiction I've read so far. and i'm starting to think this could be my favourite author ! now as a whole this trilogy is brilliant and some remark to the way in which truckers and wings link and how wings expands on from truckers is very clever i must say.

    23. A nice ending to the series. I felt this one was better constructed. I was constantly thinking, how on earth are they going to achieve what they set out to do? And it all comes together in a very satisfying and positive way that doesn't feel too deus ex machina.Not the funniest of Pratchett's and the flower thing felt a *little* bit heavy handed, but overall a great book.

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