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  • Title: Sons of the Wolf
  • Author: Paula Lofting
  • ISBN: 9781781320273
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Å Sons of the Wolf || ☆ PDF Read by ¿ Paula Lofting
      245 Paula Lofting
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    One thought on “Sons of the Wolf”

    1. This is what you get when you take a historical re-enactor and ask them to write a novel. And it's great!Set around 1066 I must admit I'm not overly familiar with the period. I studied it at school but that was when I was about 8, so I found myself really enjoying all the little details the author throws into the story throughout. Her knowledge of clothing, weaponry, family life etc is excellent but it's woven so finely into the story that it really adds a major dimension to the book.The main ch [...]

    2. Summary:In 1054, during the reign of King Edward, a thegn named Wulfhere lives with his family at Horstede, Sussex, England. His trusted servant is Esegar. When the story begins, Wulfhere and Esegar have returned to Horstede from a long campaign. Wulfhere is greeted by his children and wife. It is apparent the couple has had serious problems and both of them are apprehensive of their reunion. Wulfhere's children have grown since his departure, his eldest daughter Freyda is of marriageable age.So [...]

    3. Paula Lofting knows her pre-conquest Anglo-Saxon period inside and out, and it shows. Wulfhere is a complex character, brave and honourable, yet torn between his wife and family, serving his Lord Earl Harold (despite him questioning some decisions) and the woman who truly holds his heart.Wulhere is haunted by subdued inner demons from his experience at war, where he was almost killed. We often hear of shellshock, experienced in war, especially with the veterans of the onging Afghan conflict, but [...]

    4. We are proud to announce that this book has been honored with a 2012 B.R.A.G.Medallion - telling you that this book is well worth your time and money!

    5. As Wolfhere and his right-hand man, Esegar, make their way home from a victorious but devastating Scottish campaign, the reader is immediately given to understand the historical importance of their surroundings. “They’d been travelling many days along the ancient trackways which for centuries had witnessed the various comings and goings of the many different peoples of these lands.” Indeed, heritage is echoed in names–Inewulf, whose wife gives the returning warriors drink–and language [...]

    6. Historical research shines in this novel of a thegn's family during the years leading up to the Norman conquest. I enjoyed the scenes of daily chores, courting rituals, and interactions between people of varying social levels. Lofting clearly has a deep understanding of the life and times of 1050s Britain.Wulfhere is a well-written hero because he isn't really a hero all the time. In fact, some of the things he did made me want to smack him silly. He is violent, adulterous, impetuous, but he als [...]

    7. New edition is fabulousNow i dont do spoilers i prefer to let the reader go on that journey for themselves. The novel as a whole is well written and moves at a decent pace. The historical detail is there for all to see, showing that time has been spent researching the era, but at the same time the author hasnt allowed their clear love of the period in history to over shadow the storyline. The author blends action, love interests and intrigue together in well thought out and plausible story. The [...]

    8. Sons of the Wolf is the story of Wulfhere and his family and neighbors. Wulfhere is a brave Saxon warrior, an honorable but fallible man, with a decent land holding, a beautiful wife and healthy, spirited children. His downfall comes in the generations-long blood feud he has with his neighbor-a generally hateful and drunken man-and an enigmatic lover from his past that he can't seem to rid himself of. Wulfhere is involved in the politics of the day, somewhat peripherally, and sometimes finds him [...]

    9. Set in the 11th century, a decade or so before the battle of Hastings, the Sons of the Wolf tells the story of Wulfhere, thegn of Horstede and his family. That Horstede had a thegn named Wulfhere is established fact as per the Domesday Book (a very nice touch in my opinion), but the author makes it very clear that apart from the name and the location, her Wulfhere is a fictional hero, however involved he is in the actual events of his time.The novel has a substantial amount of cameo characters, [...]

    10. (Four and one-half stars)Originally Reviewed for Layered Pages: layeredpages/ Sons of the Wolf tells the story of Wulfhere, a Sussex thegn, living during the reign of Edward the Great, in the years leading up to the Norman conquest. A landholder whose land holdings come directly from the King, Wulfhere also owes service go Harold Godwinson, the powerful Earl of Wessex. Wulfhere is a fierce warrior who is also devoted to his growing family, and when the book opens we meet him returning home from [...]

    11. Sons of the Wolf is a vivid work of historical fiction that plunges its reader into the reign of Edward the Confessor during the waning days of Saxon rule. Although set in a lesser known period of English history prior to Norman conquest, Paula Lofting brings to colorful life the brutal reality of everyday existence along with the scheming and jockeying for positions of power before King Edward had determined a successor. Filled with court intrigue and heart pounding battle scenes, Sons of the W [...]

    12. Sons of the Wolf brings us into the turbulent eleventh century where violence is just a breath away and can come from any direction. Wulfhere, our protagonist and thegn of Harold Godwinson, has recently come back from the Battle of Dunsinane in Scotland when he faces his own battles at home. In a Romeo-and-Juliet-style romance, his daughter Freyda has reawakened a generations-old feud between Wulfhere and his despicable neighbor Helghi. In an attempt to keep the peace, Earl Harold insists that t [...]

    13. I have the Kindle edition of_Sons of the Wolf_, which I have read three times now, and at the end of each reading I come away with a continued sense of what it must have been like to live and fight in the times described so vividly by Paula Lofting. There is a great dynamism within Lofting's writing that lifts the text off the page and transports the reader 'inside' the story that unfolds, giving her characters so much life, that the reader sincerely cares what happens to those characters._Sons [...]

    14. I must be honest that my usual genres are that of Science-Fiction & Fantasy, with a good dose of ridiculous humour thrown in for good measure! So what did I make of an historical drama which takes me very much out of my comfort zone? In one word - Fantastic!!After acclimatising myself to the new experience, I found it fascinating to be taken back 1000 years, and to feel like I was a part of it as much as other books have made me feel a part of intergalactic space travel or a wizard living on [...]

    15. It is 1055, a decade or so before William makes his move for the English crown. King Edward is without an heirHarold Godwinson wants to be that heir but before that can happen, there are other enemies to deal with. Wulfhere is the thegn of a small village and has newly returned from the battlefield, one that is a source of nightmares and those are only part of the woes the protagonist faces at home. Wulfhere is a complicated and conflicted character and is but one example of the well written cha [...]

    16. I really enjoyed reading Paula Lofting's book Sons of the Wolf. The Anglo-Saxon time period really fascinates me and this book held my interest throughout. A well researched and well written story of the main character Wulfhere and his family taking place in the village of Horstede, 1054. With the wealth of Anglo-Saxon words and customs interweaving in the story it really transported one to the Anglo-Saxon era.I look forward to Book Two and reading more of the wonderful story of Wulfhere. Well d [...]

    17. Historical Fiction at its BestThere is nothing more pleasurable to a reader of historical fiction than to be drawn into the past without the interference of modern language usage as some historical works of fiction tend to be. Paula Lofting’s debut novel Sons of the Wolf, the first in the 'Sons of the Wolf' series, is a brilliant re-enactment of an Anglo-Saxon world complete in every way. So well-researched is her time period, a reader can feel, smell, experience all the elements of that world [...]

    18. Sons of the Wolf, by Paula Lofting, is one of several books which have come out over the last few years exploring the period shortly before or shortly after the Norman Conquest of 1066. Paula has chosen the earlier time, and so the modern reader is aware of the encroaching invasion from the time markings which annotate each chapter. The protagonists are of course ignorant of this, though they are aware of the rising tensions in society at large. Readers should also be aware that Sons of the Wolf [...]

    19. I liked this book. It was easy to read with very little lag time. Misuse of personal pronouns, using 'alright' instead of 'all right', and tense errors were, I hope, corrected in the final draft. I did not hold these errors against the author because I read a proof e-copy of the book. The author used Lord Wulfhere and his family to carry the story. Through him I could see the everyday lives of the people living in England, both classed and unclassed, during the 11th century A.D. To me, that flui [...]

    20. What did I love best about this book? Always,always I appreciate historical detail and characters. Wulfhere of Horstede, a Saxon Thegn was an actual person and he and his neighbor/adversary Helghi are found in Domesday. They had a life and lived and breathed and shared it with actual persons who were numbered in the census of the day, the Domesday Book. Paula Lofting did a terrific job of "creating a family and a life " for both of them. Their environment and their possessions breathed a life an [...]

    21. Sweeping historical novel with many dimensions. Reminiscent of Bernard Cornwell & Rosemary Sutcliffe. Perfect holiday reading!The author of this historical novel set at the time of the Norman Conquest is no stranger to the human mind and its darker corners -- she is a psychiatric nurse -- and her experience gives the book a wonderful extra dimension. Not simply about swinging broadswords and Teutonic chivalry, "Sons Of The Wolf" explores social subjects that are just as relevant today as the [...]

    22. The story of Wulfhere is a cracking oneeven better for me, the story is set at one of my favourite times in history. Ms Lofting has taken for her main character a real thegn from the Doomsday Book, Wulhere and created a family and domestic life for him.There are battles, loyalties, oaths and fines to pay by the men privy to the royal court, balanced out by much drinking and brawling and rewarding of bravery and loyalty. The women's role may at first be seen to be a domestic one but they too aspi [...]

    23. I just finished reading this book and I was so impressed. In fact, I think Paula Lofting may just be a genius! Her authenticity in this story is amazing. She brings the reader back to the days of old England with ease and clarity and I don't usually read historical books. I find it hard to keep everything straight but Paula's writing brought me through each and every chapter of her book as though I'd been reading historical fiction forever. I absolutely loved her characters, Wolfehere being one [...]

    24. Firstly i will mention i actually got this on kindle, it doesnt seem to be available on that at the minute so i will add my review in this section. Now i dont do spoilers i prefer to let the reader go on that journey for themselves. The novel as a whole is well written and moves at a decent if not electric pace. The characters are a blend of both factual and fictional, and the author adds colour to the factual personalities with a great deal of skill. The plot is well thought out and executed. I [...]

    25. Absolutely loved this book. Lofting makes you feel that you are there in 11th century Britain. Her historical detail is meticulous, for those of us who care about those things. Best of all, the story line is different than anything I'd ever read about that time period. Especially interesting that William the Bastard (not yet William the Conqueror) appears only briefly on the sidelines, but one gets the feeling that he will have a greater part to play in subsequent books in this series.

    26. I was lucky enough to win this book free from First Reads.It is a historical novel set in 11th century Sussex.I loved the book and can highly recommend it to anyone that loves stories set in historical times.Am looking forward to reading the next book 'The Wolf Banner', to see what happens next in the saga of Wulfhere and his family.

    27. This book is awesome! I recommend this read to anyone who loves the time period. Characters and plot are both amazing! I want to see more from this author!

    28. Please note that I have re-read this book and will be posting an updated review as part of a series commemorating 1066. #iHeartAngloSaxonsAs Wolfhere and his right-hand man, Esegar, make their way home from a victorious but devastating Scottish campaign, the reader is immediately given to understand the historical importance of their surroundings. "They'd been travelling many days along the ancient trackways which for centuries had witnessed the various comings and goings of the many different p [...]

    29. This book is set mostly in East Sussex and in the years leading up to the Battle of Hastings but while Harold is still Earl of Essex. It is an intimate novel about the family of Wulfhere. It opens as he returns home from Dunsinane where the Scottish King Macbeth has been defeated and ends just after the Battle of Hereford, but most of the action takes place in Sussex where he lives with his wife and children. Wulfhere is likeable, honest but a flawed character. He feuds with his jealous, unpleas [...]

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