Light Dark The Awakening of the Mageknight Blurb Description Danny Firoth is an average thirteen year old who finds himself at the beginning of his eighth grade year struggling with some of the common concerns that plague a boy of his age bul

  • Title: Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight
  • Author: Daniel M. Fife
  • ISBN: 9780985324704
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blurb Description Danny Firoth is an average thirteen year old who finds himself at the beginning of his eighth grade year, struggling with some of the common concerns that plague a boy of his age bullies, homework, and his mother Sabrina Drake is the new girl She is beautiful and spellbinding, but carries a fantastic secret.Accepted into the White Rock Academy ofBlurb Description Danny Firoth is an average thirteen year old who finds himself at the beginning of his eighth grade year, struggling with some of the common concerns that plague a boy of his age bullies, homework, and his mother Sabrina Drake is the new girl She is beautiful and spellbinding, but carries a fantastic secret.Accepted into the White Rock Academy of Illumination, a school for young Squires destined to become Knights of the Light and battle the forces of the Dark with magical weapons called Bondeds, Danny joins his five closest friends in the training of their lives Honed in the techniques of blade work by an Elvin swordmaster and educated by a colorful assortment of knightly instructors, Danny and his friends are placed on the path to becoming knighted members of the Light However, the Dark may have other plans as they unveil a sinister plot in this fantastic tale of dragon riding adventure, sword wielding action, and coming of age drama.Synopsis WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSDanny Firoth is on the verge of beginning his final year in middle school The only odd thing to happen on that fateful day is the appearance of new student in school, a beautiful girl named Sabrina Drake Fascinated by not only her spellbinding looks, but her interest in a popular fantasy card game called Knights, Danny develops a school age crush However, before he can build up the courage to talk to her at length, he is confronted by the resident bully Forced into a fight, he learns that he is not so average as a strange power awakens within him, allowing him to foresee the actions of others before they happen With the help of this new ability, Danny is able to put his antagonist in his well deserved place, but quickly finds himself punished with an after school detention Awaiting the arrival of his not so happy mother, Danny is startled as a rumble shakes the very foundation of the school Following the shuddering to its source, he discovers two frightful creatures engaged in an epic struggle of mortal combat, a large dragon and a strange shadowy being Nearly torn to pieces by the creature of shadow and saved by the creature of legend, the dragon, Danny barely escapes The next day at school, Danny joyfully finds that Sabrina Drake has taken a curious interest in him With plans to meet after school, Danny s dark thoughts, once centered on the frightful events the night before, become focused on his crush However, things do not go as planned as the creature of shadow appears once , forcing Sabrina Drake to forgo her secret and transform into the familiar form of the dragon that saved Danny the previous evening After defeating the dark creature, Sabrina Drake resumes the shape of a human and begins to explain that the popular card game of Knights is than simply a game, but reality She describes an ancient struggle with the creature she has just defeated, dating back hundreds of years as well as an Order that has vowed to destroy them, the Light Discovering that he has a rare ability to see these forces of darkness, Danny accepts an invitation to be tested for the possibility that he could one day become a Knight of the Light Danny as well as four of his closest friends are judged worthy and accepted into the White Rock Academy of Illumination, a school for young Squires destined to become Knights of the Light and battle the forces of the Dark with magical weapons called Bondeds swords created from the souls of fallen Knights of the Light Upon the back of a full blooded Draconic, a dragon as well as Sabrina s father, Danny and his friend s venture to the Florida coast where they board an old, but magical ship, and set sail for the Bermuda Triangle In the center of the legendary triangle is a swirling tempest of black clouds, created by an ancient tear between the human world and the world of the Shadows With the help of a Navi, a wizard specialized in navigating the dangers of the dark storm, Danny and his friends arrive safely at White Rock Island where they begin the training of their lives Honed in the techniques of blade work by an Elvin swordmaster, Sir Syndil, and educated by a colorful assortment of professors, Danny and his friends learn battle strategy, hand to hand combat, defense against the magical arts, and a history of the ancient conflict with the Shadows However, discovering a powerful ability within himself that may mark him as the destined savior foretold, the Mageknight, Danny must question the intentions of his instructors With the help of his friends, Danny must use everything he has learned to thwart the betrayal of someone within the Order of Light in this fantastic tale of dragon riding adventure, sword wielding action, and coming of age drama.

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    1. An author reviewI am Daniel M. Fife, the author of Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight. As you can see above, I have given my own work a collection of five stars. This of course is not any attempt at vanity in my own regard. I simply think that any artist who has created any kind of work has to feel that their creation is special and dear to them. Otherwise, what’s the point? I have spent a tremendous amount of time attempting to put together a story that not only I would enjoy r [...]

    2. I got this book for free, in exchange for an honest review from Making Connections. Get your copy here.The story felt inspired by Ender’s Game & Harry Potter series.Calador was supposed to be this really serious Elf and it was funny when he cracked a joke or teased a student.I liked that the author included the Grey with (White) Light & (Black) Dark. And that the grey Knights could swing either way-made the premise a bit more probable.I also liked how the author chose to end the book-e [...]

    3. Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight follows the eventful life of thirteen-year-old Danny Firoth and his friends as their world is turned upside-down by the sudden realization that creature of myth might not be so mythical after-all. After a slow start the book moves along at a nice clip. An interesting assortment of characters pepper the pages, some of them more sympathetic than others. I was particularly fond of Calador and Chris, but had little attachment to Doug or Matt. The per [...]

    4. ATrickster Eric Novels ReviewDaniel Fife asked me to review his first book "Light Dark The Awakening of MageKnight". The protagonist, Danny is a normal student when he stumbles into a battle between a white dragon and a black shadow creature. The next day he finds out the dragon was the pretty new transfer student he has a crush on. She draws him into her world, where she is a squire for the Order of the Light and fights the shadow monsters who seek to destroy the world. It is not the most origi [...]

    5. Not really certain about what to expect, I started reading "Light and Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight" by Daniel M. Fife. A few hours later I was already hooked and couldn't stop reading this intriguing YA novel about magic, dragons, knights, a school everybody wants to go to (if they dare) and recognizable characters. Daniel M. Fife did a great job in describing the life of a common thirteen-year-old boy, Danny Firoth (yup, I think Daniel based the name of the main character upon his own [...]

    6. In this story, Danny’s game becomes reality as does the story for the reader. His homework takes a back seat as I’m sure yours will too while you read this novel ; only your excuse might not be because you’re caught between the cross-fire of a mythical dragon and a shadow creatureAlthough the book starts off slow, it does pick up its pace as you follow Danny entering a world which he accidentally stumbled upon. Dragons, shadow shifters, Knights, secrets and magic, sounds good, right? Not q [...]

    7. I was sent a copy of this book, by the author, in exchange for an honest review.The synopsis intrigued me and I was excited to see if the story lived up to what I'd hoped it would be. I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed, (except for the cover, which I don't love). The overall story has a very Harry Potter feel, but in a world similar to Lord of The Rings, full of Knights, Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, sword fighting etc.Danny Firoth is an ordinary 13 year old kid who finds out that a card game abo [...]

    8. If Harry Potter was sent to a school in the land of The Lord of the Rings; the combination might end up being something like Light and Dark. I have not read either of these series yet, but I have watched the movies and this image is what came to mind while reading. Like the scenes and characters in The Lord of the Rings, Mr. Fife creates dramatic, beautiful, and highly detailed settings. I couldn’t help but share some of the feelings the main character expresses at various times during the sto [...]

    9. Dragons and Shadows!Did a popular card game of middle school students come to life? The game was called ‘Knights.’ The middle school students who played the game were Danny, Doug, Matt, Alonso, and Chris. Of course when they played the game of Knights it was just a perfectly innocent card game. Until one day . . . The boys started playing Knights over the summer. It was a game based on using fantasy creatures and knights of legend to ultimately defeat opposing players. The basis of the game [...]

    10. This is the debut novel of Daniel Fife and is the first book in the series.The opening chapter finds the protagonist, Danny Firoth at the start of a new High School term. There is also the arrival of the beautiful Sabrina Drake, a new student. When Danny finds himself cornered in to a fight with the school bully, he experiences the awakening of some incredible force within him, enabling him to win the fight, much to the amazement of all. Then there is the introduction to the card game of Knights [...]

    11. The author starts with the interesting idea that a card game, called Knights, is in fact true and that you can pick your alliance -whether with the Light, Dark or Grey and these factions are fighting in real life. When Danny unlocks a hidden talent within himself, and then comes across a dragon, he is ushered into the realities of the card game he loves to play. With these discoveries, he finds that four of his friends also (and mysteriously) have some of the same abilities as he does. During th [...]

    12. 13 year old Danny is a typical boy of his age. Not the most popular kid in school, but has some good friends. Starting his new school year for the 8th grade, a new girl in school, Sabrina Drake, catches his attention. Danny and his friends like to play a card game called Knights, which had 3 factions, Light (good), Gray (neutral) and Dark (evil).After fighting in school one day, Danny has detention and needs to stay after. Once relieved from detention, he starts to leave school but is sidetracke [...]

    13. *** A GoodReads FirstReads book***I am taking my time reading this young-adult novel about Danny and four of his friends who decide to become Knights of the Light. I find the story very relaxing, and it puts me in a great frame of mind. I particularly enjoyed reading about their first days of training, including selecting their weapons and being tested by the instructors. The author has a good sense of humour and reaches well into the psyche of the teenage boy. I would not mind hearing more from [...]

    14. My oldest boy, 14 years old, originally bought this book on his kindle and absolutely loved it. After telling my youngest boy about the book, 12, I bought the print version of this book for my youngest. He is one of those that enjoy having a physical book rather than the digital. Plus he wanted to take it to school with him. In any case, both of my boys absolutely adored this book enough that I decided to read. It really is a fantastic read. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, which bot [...]

    15. *Received as a gifted copy in exchange for reviewThis story is full of mystery, action, and teeenage crushes. The story is similar to Harry Potter. The characters are diverse in personality and traits. The story takes us through the life of Danny, a teenager that finds himself with a new power during a brawl with the school's bully. Once this power is revealed there is no hiding from it. Enemies and allies seem to appear out of nowhere and a new reality invades Danny's life. Elves, dragons, wiza [...]

    16. Author Daniel Fife should indeed be proud of himself! He has crafted a wonderful tale of teenage angst, first "crush" loves, fierce adventure, and of course (my favorite), magic. The tale Author Daniel Fife spins is wonderfully written. It takes the reader instantly back to their childhood in school - yet, it allows the reader to step into a fantasy world of incredible characters. The story line blends so well together, it's virtually seamless.Both our hero and heroine are believable characters, [...]

    17. Great book. I would recommend it for anyone looking for action and adventure. Full of magic and a hint of mystery.

    18. The story, written by debut author D.M. Fife, is about a thirteen year old boy who discovers that his card game isn't just an innocent card game, but a door to a magical world that can only exist in Fantasyland. The boy, Danny Firoth, can see Darkness, he meets a girl who is more than being beautiful, her family takes interest in Danny and his friends and embarks them in an adventure over the summer. My thoughts before reading the book:Hmm, I've never read a book about middle graders and magic, [...]

    19. Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight is the first book in a YA fantasy series. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.The book begins by introducing us to our main character, Danny Firoth, and his five high school friends, Doug, Chris, Anthony, Matt, and Alonso. Matt and Danny both enjoy playing a card game called Knights of the Light in which players can choose to play for the Light, the Gray, or the Dark. Danny chooses the Light, and Matt t [...]

    20. I received this book for free through First Reads.This is a wonderful urban-ish fantasy story. It starts out with Danny meeting Sabrina during school. You learn that he plays a card game in the style of Pokeman or Yu-Gi-Oh. Then the fun begins when he and his friends are awakened to a whole new world existing right in front of them and hiding in plain sight.The story was great. I loved the idea, the world, and the characters. Not to go into a lot of detail, but the battle between light and dark [...]

    21. I stumbled across "Light & Dark: The Awakening of the MageKnight" on one of my websites listing free books for Kindle. The book sat in my 'to read' folder for a couple months, passed over for stories more in my genre. I do enjoy reading YA fantasy books occasionally and found myself in the mood and started reading about the MageKnight. Once I got into it, I regretted not picking this sooner. It starts out innocent enough, the protagonist, a 13 year old Danny Firoth begins another school year [...]

    22. Before I dive in, I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. So here we go :) I have to admit I was originally scared to get into this book, and it had nothing to do with what the book was actually about and more to do with the age of the main characters. As a reader/reviewer I have always had a hard time reading about characters that are younger than myself. Being 22 and trying to relate to for an example an eighth grader gets kind of frustrating for me at times. But s [...]

    23. Review 7*******I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.WOW!! This is a fantastic YA coming of age fantasy novel! I loved it!Danny Firoth is a fantastic character! He is a typical teen. Or is he? He likes to play a card game called Knights of the Light, which would be comparable to children's card games played in all school playgrounds. (Think Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon). He is surprised to find out that he can see "shadows", which are a type of being from the land [...]

    24. Book Review The Awakening of the Mageknight (Light & Dark, Book 1)By Daniel M. FifeReview: 4.7 out of 5 starsLight & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight is American author Daniel M. Fife's first novel. Danny, a 13 year-old boy, and his fairly large group of friends enjoy a trading card game called Knights. The card game features Dragons, Knights and various equipment. The players much choose a faction to play, the light, the gray or the dark. When a new girl in school shares their appr [...]

    25. Book Review: Light and Dark: the Awakening of the Mageknight- 3 starsLight and Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight begins with an average 13 year old, Danny Firoth, beginning his 8th grade year and reuniting with his buddies. He is taken with a new girl, Sabrina, who quickly becomes friends with his group because of their shared interest in the card game of “Knights.” After an encounter with a dragon fighting the dark, and discovering that he possesses the curious and exciting ability of f [...]

    26. So often, I will see reviews that will mention another title, intimating that this is the “same”, and diminishing the book being reviewed by insinuating it is an imitation. While there are obvious correlations to the set-up for the Harry Potter series here, the similarity ends quickly. This is a uniquely styled blend of fantasy and reality, with characters who are very current and solidly developed, who just happen to be a part of a training programme that involves magic and spells. Daniel F [...]

    27. Magic returns to the Young Adult readerI was privileged enough to receive Light & Dark: The Awakening of the Mageknight as a free promotional gift from the author in exchange for an honest review.Light & Dark begins with a young boy by the name of Danny who soon meets a high school crush by the name of Sabrina. However, Sabrina is not what she seems as Danny discovers, not only a power within himself, but also that Sabrina is actually a half-dragon of an ancient race called the Dragonic, [...]

    28. Unfortunately, I couldn't read this book. Just couldn't do it. The descriptions were incredibly over-detailed and utterly unnecessary - do we need to hear that Danny put both feet down on the plush carpet that morning, then took two steps to reach his closet, where clothes were neatly pressed and hung on plastic hangers? No, we do not. Nor do we need it reiterated twice that there was bacon and eggs for breakfast that morning. The writing is simply off - too mundane, too focused on incredibly de [...]

    29. Danny Firoth is an average thirteen-year-old who is starting eighth-grade. He spots the new girl and falls for her, hard. She has a secret that will change the lives of Danny and his friends forever. There is enough spins and twists to really make this a fantastic story.This is a very good story. The author has done a lot of work in writing this book, and it shows in the way the story reads. The plot is excellent, with a good spin on wizardry, dragons, elves, dwarfs, right and wrong. I found the [...]

    30. It’s the start of a new term for Danny, a decent, nothing-special 13 year old. A new girl to the school, Sabrina, catches his eye, especially when it turns out she plays the fantasy card game Knights that Danny loves. The game has three factions of Light, Gray and Dark and pits the force of good against evil through the fantastical creatures and knights on the cards. Only it’s more than that. Danny discovers that this realm actually exists. Suddenly he’s rubbing shoulders with Dragonics, d [...]

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