Beauty I d been sitting here wishing on a star the moon genies birthday cakes wishing wells whatever I could think of that would make what just happened not be true I d never had a wish granted in my li

  • Title: Beauty
  • Author: Patria L. Dunn Patria Dunn-Rowe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I d been sitting here wishing on a star, the moon, genies, birthday cakes, wishing wells, whatever I could think of that would make what just happened not be true I d never had a wish granted in my life That was the stuff kids believed in I wasn t a kid any Plain Invisible Ugly Fat When nineteen year old Evelyn Barns wakes up two hundred and forty three pounds I d been sitting here wishing on a star, the moon, genies, birthday cakes, wishing wells, whatever I could think of that would make what just happened not be true I d never had a wish granted in my life That was the stuff kids believed in I wasn t a kid any Plain Invisible Ugly Fat When nineteen year old Evelyn Barns wakes up two hundred and forty three pounds lighter, her heart s desire suddenly becomes her curse Your fate is in your hands, were the witch s words, but when every bad deed counts, there s not much she can do to stop the weight from packing back on, even with coke as her new best friend It was all moving too fast, her pain only masked by a high that was becoming harder to keep A new life and social status was all she ever wanted but what she finds leaves her drowning in a beautiful nightmare that only gets worse Suicidal and guilt ridden, Evelyn must decide if loving herself is worth letting go of everything else There was beauty somewhere in there She just had to find it.

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      136 Patria L. Dunn Patria Dunn-Rowe
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    One thought on “Beauty”

    1. I struggled a bit with how to rate this story. It is like nothing I have ever read before and, while a part of me wants to say it was too extreme with the whole "slippery slope" concept and the rapid moral changes in the character, I have to pause and reflect on whether or not one's character is truly changed or only revealed when presented with new opportunities to make bad choices. In that light, I tend to think that the extreme aspects of the character's self journey are a major reason that t [...]

    2. As a teenager I used to live and breathe the kind of fantasy that Patria L. Dunn brings to her book, BEAUTY. In this daydream, under mysterious circumstances, I suddenly drop all of the extra weight I've been carrying around and all of the despair that came with it. People would marvel at the transformation and be blown away at the beauty that was lying underneath all the rolls and folds of fat. I would be stunning.Obviously it never came true. Many years later I am still a fat girl and still st [...]

    3. I prefer books that entertain me and surprise me. I chose to read this book because I am fat. Not 353lbs but close. I was intrigued by the concept of waking up skinny. I was not prepared for the actual plot. I found myself emotionally hurting for Evelyn. Thankfully I am at a place in my life where I do not hate my body although I never hated it as much as she does. Self-mutilation never appealed to me but that may be because I was too naive to know anything about it. And luckily for me my two fo [...]

    4. This story was absolutely beautiful! It is well written, and extremely thought provoking. Fair warning, if you are sitting around waiting for the "fairy tale" type story, this is not the book for you. Beauty is more realistic than that. Evelyn is a tragically flawed character that is given a chance at a new life, but she is only human! The book definitely left room for more at the end, so I am hoping this will turn into a series. Evelyn is such an interesting character, that for better or worse, [...]

    5. I actually liked most of the book. Certainly the beginning featured a woman I understood. Even as her character began to morph into someone with whom I was much less comfortable, the author did a good job conveying her desperation and her slide into addiction. The ending was abrupt and, while I was able to appreciate the fantasy aspect throughout the book, it did not transition well, IMO. Editing was an issue as well. Many words were spelled incorrectly and there seemed to be a lot of verb tense [...]

    6. I'm only giving this book two stars because I think the author is extremely talented. That being said, I hated this book. The main character morphed from someone I could relate to to someone I hated. She was awful. Not an ounce of good anywhere. If someone can change that much in a few hours; she was never a decent person to begin with.So did the author tell a story? Yes. Very well. I just hated it.

    7. The only reason this book gets 4 stars from me is because this author weaves an excellent cautionary tale. With the proper training and editing, this is a five-star story. The book cover is also beautiful (in its own way) and was what originally attracted me to the book.I don't want to spoiler this short read with even a plot synopsis more than "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it." This book is worth the read if you can get past the plethora of editing foibles. I had difficul [...]

    8. A breathtaking tale which takes you into the rabbit hole right alongside the main character. The characters felt very real, three-dimensional, and I could really feel the main character's plight the entire way through. I finished the book in two days, burning through more than half of it the first night I read it.My biggest and only gripe was the constant spelling and grammar errors throughout the entire novel. Really distracted me from the story. This should have been proofread better before pu [...]

    9. Wonderful book for people like mefat with only one friend who is as much as a "loser" as I am. Although I have never really wanted to be skinny, I have wished numerous times that I was beautiful, or even pretty. I have also wished that I had more friends and was more popular. I am sure, like many others, that these wishes and desires have always made me fantasize about a wonderful life. I love the way the author showed me that sometimes these dreams don't always come true. It's so funny, I am 53 [...]

    10. A wish gone horribly wrong. Evelyn is a 353 pound college student. She gets the opportunity to be a skinny 110 pound girl. But for every misdeed that she does, she gains weight back. Is "having fun" worth a few extra pounds? It really was a fun book.

    11. I really enjoyed this story a whole different take on addictions. The story was fast paced and well written.

    12. Intense,Shocking,and Brutally Honest:a difficult and challenging novel I will say that this book will not be for everyone and am giving fair warning. If you are looking for a feel-good book, then best to pass on this. If you must have happy endings-pass. And if you are easily bothered/upset by raw, unapologetic trauma (including rape scenes and drug use)-again, pass.On the other hand, if you are a reader that is open to feelings of discomfort, disgust, shock and the darker side of human experien [...]

    13. Dark, brutal and very relate-able are the words that come to mind when I think of this book. Its been a few years since I read this book but I still cant forget any details about this book. It has stayed with me longer than most books I loved which shows me its power. It is a story about an obese teenager who just wants to fit in and feel as special as any popular girl out there and how dark one can get just for that. It is definitely a good read and might be disturbing for few but please try it [...]

    14. A college girl fat and on drugs makes a deal with a witch.She finds out who her friends are. good book.

    15. I got this book on a recommendation of a friend who left a review, and after reading this book, I thought I should too. The cover almost had me thinking chic-lit, but after reading the reviews I wanted to see if it lived up to the potential of the sample and description. First let me start off by saying that this is no fairy tale. Yes it's fiction, but it addresses every day problems that millions out here face on a daily basis, but we don't hear about as often. The main character, Evelyn is not [...]

    16. Evelyn Barnes is a type "fat girl." She feels Fat, Ugly and Invisible and she'll do anything to keep her friends and stay away from the bottom feeders as she calls them. One night after a tragic event, Evelyn decides that life is not worth living. As she starts to harm herself, she meets a "witch" who helps her achieve her lifelong goal of becoming skinny. Of course, there are conditions that Evelyn must meet. It's sad to watch as Evelyn spirals out of control with this new found freedom. What I [...]

    17. Even at free, the only reason why I grabbed this book was because of the intriguing cover. I Immediately knew that this wasn't going to be about some skinny perfect chick who dances with vampires or wolves, but was thrown for a loop when i read the paranormal aspect of it. I'd intended this book to be a weekend read, when I had the time, but I made the mistake of starting on the first few chapters at work, and couldn't put it down. WellI did actually have to put it down a few times and remind my [...]

    18. The cover intrigued me right off the bat, but there is where my fascination ended. The book certainly has some thought-provoking themes, such as "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it" and "whether or not one's character is truly changed or only revealed when presented with new opportunities to make bad choices". quotes from other reviewers. In general, the story follows a severely overweight college student who receives the "gift" of being thin. After this astounding change, the g [...]

    19. I finished this book in one sitting. I took me about 4 hours to read. It's really good!Evelyn is an overweight, shy, college student who's only wish in life is to be skinny and popular. After an encounter with a girl whom everyone suspects is a witch, Evelyn gets her wish. The next morning she wakes up, and realizes she is down to 110 pds. The weight loss comes with a price. For every bad deed Evelyn does, a pound is gained. Evelyn soon realizes how hard it is to be the new skinny, beautiful, po [...]

    20. it's pretty unsettling to relate to a character so strongly and then have that character turn out to be incredibly fucked up. what does this mean about me?! ha.I don't think I've ever read an account of self-loathing as spot on to the toxicity of my personal struggles as the first couple of chapters of this story. for that alone, I gave this book the four star ratingat said. holy shit she's screwy character. really bad shit happens to her and she does some really bad shit to herself and others. [...]

    21. I don't really know what to think about this book. I didn't love it, but I also didn't hate it. To be honest, it read kind of like a fanfiction, very straight forward and too the point, and one drama after another after another with little downtime in between them.I honestly didn't like the main character all that much (but then, I don't know that you're supposed to), and found myself mostly going "You're an idiot" or "Someone slap this moron upside the head already" at basically every turn.I do [...]

    22. I thought this book showed a character that one could relate to, only to have her world changed overnight, as well as her persona, and found myself absolutely disgusted with the way she acted but couldn't tear myself away from the story to see exactly how she would react to the circumstances around her. The deeper I got into the story line, the more I couldn't wait to see what happened to her. Patria did an excellent job with creating a character one would love to hate, but the story was intrigu [...]

    23. I was very disappointed by the main character. Her belief that she is a good person is based only on the fact that she does things for others, but since she does it with the hope they will like herEvelyn's transformation to Eve simply reveals that inside she is not a nice person. She is repeatedly cruel to people who care about her, even breaking the heart of her dearest friend.I kept reading in the hopes that at some point there would be a redemptive moment, but by the end Evelyn has gone so fa [...]

    24. It seemed this book tried to fit in every hot topic and base a story about it. Body issues, rape, a witch!, drug experimentation, cutting, sexual identity, old people, and a pesky little brother. It was a free e-book.

    25. What an amazing story! From the beginning I was drawn into the less character's misery. I could barely put this down as I read while she learner that instant gratification isn't always gratifying. I look forward to other works of Dunn's if they are even half as intriguing.

    26. I enjoyed the book. The language was a bit more than I would like to have in a book. I would not recommend this book for teens or young adults as it has quite detailed drug usage.

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