Cry Wolf Casey a good looking young wolf shifter has sworn to kill the man who killed his brother He has joined the Mountain Wolf Pack to carry out his revenge On his first work detail he discovers that the

  • Title: Cry Wolf
  • Author: Shannon West
  • ISBN: 9781618853028
  • Page: 381
  • Format: ebook
  • Casey, a good looking young wolf shifter has sworn to kill the man who killed his brother He has joined the Mountain Wolf Pack to carry out his revenge On his first work detail, he discovers that the handsome young man in charge is his blood mate The trouble is, the man, whose name is Rory, is straight, and a wolf Two wolves are allowed to mate, but only if one assumesCasey, a good looking young wolf shifter has sworn to kill the man who killed his brother He has joined the Mountain Wolf Pack to carry out his revenge On his first work detail, he discovers that the handsome young man in charge is his blood mate The trouble is, the man, whose name is Rory, is straight, and a wolf Two wolves are allowed to mate, but only if one assumes the submissive role Neither of these two stubborn wolves is willing to compromise If that s not bad enough, they soon discover that Rory is the wolf who killed Casey s only brother Now Casey must find some way around his sworn oath Can the two sexy wolves overcome their distrust and hatred of each other, or will they be forced to give up their happiness, along with their only true blood mate Word Count 30538

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    One thought on “Cry Wolf”

    1. Gosh Casey was the ultimate close minded asshole! he refuses to acknowledge his brother was a psychotic cold blooded rapist and was still out to avenge his death. Poor Rory! he was raped, deceived and treated like crap! Everyone just seemed to feel he had to accept it because they were now mated? The guy murdered your wolf and planned to humiliate you for the rest of your unnaturally long life! That's it quitting this series. Even worse than Nicky's story.

    2. As in the first volume, this second book in the series has a twist versus the 'standard' werewolf lore, and that supports the world building very nicely. What hasn’t changed, and is no different from most other shifter stores I have read, is that one of the mates is the ‘macho’ or dominant partner and the other has to 'submit'. This book actually takes it pretty far and is truly cruel in what the consequences of this submission for the physically weaker male mean. For that reason I have to [...]

    3. I gave the first book in this series 3 stars as I rated it 2.5 but can't give half star ratings. Well this one I also rate 2.5 but it's a harder push to get there then the first so I'm giving it 2 here.I preferred Rory and Casey as a couple then the Nicky and Marco from the first book but there were far more typos and grammar issues this time round and awful alot of inconstancies plot and character wise. Nicky has become just a brain dead twink who acts submissive all the time when the whole poi [...]

    4. Rory has always been smaller than the others but he's still all wolf. Casey is looking for revenge. Talk about worlds colliding. This is a strong story with lots of guys fighting against each other and themselves. It is interesting to see the development of the relationships in this story. I love this series and can't wait for what's next.

    5. trelibrisoprailcielo/2016Cosa succede quando il destino gioca con le tue carte? Quando come compagno predestinato ti assegna un lupo come te, per di più etero? Casey sa che questo non è un buon punto di partenza. Per non parlare del fatto che questo lupo che il fato gli ha predestinato è anche l’uomo che aveva giurato di uccidere. Insomma, un gran casino!Casey riesce a entrare nel branco dei Lupi della Montagna senza far scoprire a nessuno le sue vere intenzioni: vendicarsi della morte del [...]

    6. bianchianita1971/2La storia di Rory e Casey parte subito con il botto: i due si incontrano e scoprono di essere compagni predestinati. Ma questo, invece di riempirli di gioia, li mette profondamente in crisi, anche se per motivi diversi: Rory è un lupo e non vuole sottomettersi al suo dominanate compagno, mentre Casey è ancora in cerca di vendetta per la morte del fratello. Non sarà facile per i due superare le difficoltà ma saranno aiutati da amici amorevoli. Ho letto questo romanzo tutto d [...]

    7. Cry Wolf by Shannon WestDark Hollow Wolf Pack, Book 23 StarsReviewed for heartsonfirereviewsReview: Rory, a young and small gamma wolf, meets his mate and is scared to death. It isn’t the fact that he is a man but that he is another wolf and wolves do not mate other wolves. Only one wolf can be dominant and Rory knows that Casey is an Alpha wolf. He is afraid of losing himself and his wolf if he mates with Casey but he can’t seem to stay away from him no matter how hard he tries.Casey has co [...]

    8. There is one thing to be said for sure about this series, and yes, I'm saying it with a positive meaning, it's totally freed of heavyness; once you start one book, you are more likely able to finish it in one gulp, it goes down smoothly and easily.Each story has a strong point, and this time is the contraposition between Alpha and Gamma roles in the pack hierarchy moved to a relationship: in the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack homosexuality isn't something frowned upon, but a relationship between two wolf [...]

    9. I did not read the first book in Shannon West’s Dark Hollow Wolf Pack series. Instead I picked up the second book, CRY WOLF, based on the blurb, and I haven’t regretted choosing this story for a moment. I love wolf shifter stories, especially when they involve M/M matings. Ms West has done a great job of world building with this book. When I started it I thought this was just another story of Big Bad Alpha Wolf finds out his mate is the Small Pretty Little Wolf, and it sort of is, but the st [...]

    10. This is the story of how Rory meets his mate Casey. What is a wolf to do when his mate is another wolf. Rory is a Gamma wolf and Casey is an Alpha so there is no question on who will submit to whom (ranking - for those who don't know is Alpha then Beta then Gamma - pretty standard in werewolf novels). What is in question is what kind of mate Casey will be since he has ulterior motives and a hidden agenda in coming to the Dark Hollow wolf pack in the first place.I really enjoyed the plot and char [...]

    11. I bought this not remembering how much I had hated Alpha's Pet, and I didn't hate ALL of it and I did actually finish it, but then I remembered. I found it more palatable than the first and I'd probably give it 2 1/2 stars if I could but I definetly liked it better than the first one so maybe I'll read 3 when it comes out and see if I like it.

    12. I found on more than one occasion that Casey was called "Cody", and at one point, Tara's mate was called Cody too, when it was Tristan. Something simple that should have been picked up in proof reading and editing.However, I did like it enough to read the third in the series.

    13. È stata una lettura assai veloce. Il libro è carino ma è troppo corto per i miei gusti, Rory decide di sottomettersi troppo velocemente, passano si e no tre giorni -.-Poi tutta la questione della vendetta di Casey lascia il tempo che trova, non viene spiega niente e anche la questione che Rory può continuare a trasformarsi è un po' lasciata a se stessa. Peccato perché il potenziale c'è ma viene messo in secondo piano da scene d sesso un po' a caso.

    14. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsEccoci qui a parlare del secondo volume della serie dei lupi di Dark Hallow.Protagonista di questo romanzo altri non è che Rory, il lupo che per primo era incappato in Nicky, salvandolo da un triste destino e trasformandolo in un pet.Rory lo aveva anche nutrito con il suo sangue quando Nicky era diventato ferale e Marco gli aveva già dato tutto il sangue che poteva, senza mettere in pericolo la propria vita. Rory si sentiva vicino a Nicky, quasi come s [...]

    15. After the first book made me uncomfortable with how the pets (I hate that word) are treated, I decided to give it another chance. Unfortunately, I keep getting the feeling. The mating borders on raping. I don't care if there's pleasure involved, if when entering the act one of the couple is saying no, the "mating lust" is no better than a drug. Soooo, I'm quitting this series.

    16. This is a nightmare of a book. I will warn any gay man not to read this book. There has been a rise in stories lately where on the outside the book looks like a lovely m/m romance story but it is all a ruse to smuggle in a homophobic message inside the story. These writers love this kind of technique since if anybody tries to criticize them for this they can always call the person paranoid. This is a kind of pushback to the acceptance that gay people are experiencing in society. In the shifter w [...]

    17. KcLu's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3.75 StarsI have to admit I fell for Rory in book one kinda hard. He just cracks me up with is bickering with Nicky, the pet of Marco the pack’s Alpha. He goes through some major struggles on his way to HEA! To realize that his blood mate is a more dominate wolf is just one of them. He is the pack’s new head gamma, and goes to train the new wolves. Walking into the room he gets a whiff of his mate. How can his mate be the one wolf that is [...]

    18. Oh good grief. I shouldn't have. I really shouldn't have after the first book in this series, but since this one got higher ratings I thought I'd give it a try and see if the first one was just a fluke. It wasn't. This was possibly even worse. If you don't take into account all the bad spelling and grammar mistakes on top of the name switching (did an editor even look at this?) there are the giant big holes in the plot that don't make sense. The trope in this story is that once you mate, you ins [...]

    19. At nineteen, Rory is young and small for his age, but he has the difficult job of training the rogue wolves to help them assimilate into the pack. With the hunters on the move again, it is a big job. Imagine his surprise when he discovers one of them is actually his mate. There's just one problem. Wolves do not mate wolves. Two dominant personalities in a relationship never works. Unfortunately, rogue werewolf, Casey, blames Rory for the death of his brother, and he intends to use the mating bon [...]

    20. O.k since I was totally rooting for the "Hot Dominant" werewolf to be killed by the Hunter Assassin's bullet, this was definitely not an HEA for me. My idea of a good domination story is not pushing an unwilling mate into a submissive role he wants no part of, physically and mentally forcing him to be something he is not. It seemed like raping/ripping his proud wolf away in the process, turning him into a dependent slave/child/sex toy. Not my personal idea of a hot submission story in the least, [...]

    21. Previously, I wrote a review on the first book. I'd really liked it, but the end didn't satisfy me. Nicky and his more dominate mate, alpha wolf Marco had relationship troubles when Nicky didn't want to submit like some alpha wolf's sex slave. In the end though MINOR SPOILERS it seemed like he did end up submitting.This book, however, clears all that up very nicely. The story was just as enjoyable and with the added tension of a storyline that interlocked with events from the first book, combine [...]

    22. Casey is a wolf in sheep's clothing intent on revenge against Rory only to find out they are blood mates. Casey realizes that he can't kill Rory due to the mates thing but he can humiliate and control him. Poor Rory is railroaded into the mating with Casey with pain and tears and doesn't find out Casey's "true colors" until afterwards. This chemically induced romance damages Rory's wolf and makes him doubt his place in the pack. This chemical romance definitely favors the dominant partner. Even [...]

    23. My opinion on this whole series can be found in the first book's review. That opinion applies to this book and I saw no point in saying the same thing over and over for the next 6 books.Summary: Enjoyable story but disturbing themes that is potentially offensive to some readers. Rory gets a lobotomy and becomes Casey's sex slave. Well, that's how I saw it.Casey and Rory are quite interesting as a couple and I liked their story.

    24. Book 2 in the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack series was another very enjoyable read.2 wolves (an unusual combination in itself) find themselves blood mates. Can they get past all the heartache to find true love?Submission is still a major theme in this series but the "pets" are starting to rebel against the archaic laws. Can they change the habits of a lifetime and become more than pets. equals?I love how the submissive partners are becoming "more" in each book.

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