When a Monster Is Born When a monster is born there are two possibilities Either it s a faraway in the forests monster or s an under your bed monster If it s a faraway in the forests monster that s that But if it s an un

  • Title: When a Monster Is Born
  • Author: SeanTaylor Nick Sharratt
  • ISBN: 9781596432543
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a monster is born, there are two possibilities Either it s a faraway in the forests monster, or s an under your bed monster.If it s a faraway in the forests monster, that s that.But if it s an under your bed monster, all sorts of comical things can happen.Read it at bedtime and laugh your pajamas off .or read it during the day and laugh your socks off BoWhen a monster is born, there are two possibilities Either it s a faraway in the forests monster, or s an under your bed monster.If it s a faraway in the forests monster, that s that.But if it s an under your bed monster, all sorts of comical things can happen.Read it at bedtime and laugh your pajamas off .or read it during the day and laugh your socks off Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 8 16 2011Pages 32Reading Level Age 3 and Up

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    One thought on “When a Monster Is Born”

    1. A quite fun monster book helping kids to learn the difference between right and wrong whilst also losing their fear of monsters.

    2. When a Monster Is Born by Sean Taylor was a book I had never even heard of. I decided to read it because it was bright and interesting looking. It turned out that I LOVE the book. I was laughing out loud while reading it. I loved the comparing and contrasting of situations. What a wonderful children's book! Fantasy.

    3. There are always two possibilities with this book. One leads to "that's that", but the other leads to another set of two possibilities, and yet another, until it brings us full circle. Great for a writing prompt.

    4. If you read this book there are two possibilities, either you laugh and laugh or you read the book over and over again. If you laugh and laugh then that is that, but if you read the book over and over again, chances are, you will fall in love with this monster. My son enjoyed the repetition of this book because it was easier for him to read some of the big words and realize the pattern of the story. He also enjoyed finding out what would happen next in the story. It is a cute book about what wou [...]

    5. I enjoyed the different story-telling style of When a Monster is Born. The illustrations are wonderful and frightful because well it's a monster book so you need scary-looking monsters, right? I loved turning the pages and discovering what would happen next. It's a neat little book and a great addition for a fun Halloween book bundle.

    6. This is actually a 4.5 stars review and would have had full 5 stars if the next to last possibility was not the first choice as it makes no sense and is impossible. The rest are all possibilities in a child's eyes and that ONE possibility may have just diminished the whimsical fun the rest of the book is charmed in.Overall, clever, whimsical, zany and funny. Quite fun to read and laugh out loudability.Written by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Nick Sharratt and published by Roaring Brook Press.#PB # [...]

    7. When a Monster is Born by Sean Taylor is about two possible monsters that are born. One is a Faraway-In-The-Forests monster, the other an Under-Your-Bed monster. If it is one way, then that is that, but if it is the other way then there are two more possibilities. The book continues on through other possibilities like eating the Principal, sleeping under an Umbrella, and Falling In Love. In the end, a monster baby ends up being born and restarting the evolution. This book I absolutely love becau [...]

    8. This review originally published at, "byucbmr/reviews/2015/9/9/w Children's Book and Play ReviewWhen a monster is born, everything after that has two possibilities. Either it lives far away in the forests or it will live under your bed. Either you might get eaten, or you might take it to school. The monster has different alternatives going from joining the school basketball team, eating the principal, sleeping in an expensive hotel in the faraway-forests, falling in love with the hotel’s kitch [...]

    9. SUMMARY: "When a monster is born, there are two possibilities" This story moves through a monster's life from birth to growing up. With each stage, the author presents two possibilities the monster could take and follows one of the two choicesLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations appear toe mixed media. The pictures are large, very colorful and at times quite sillyE GOOD: This story is quite clever. The monster always has two choices to make. The author shows how the choice the monster makes works out [...]

    10. Fritz picked this out from the library the other evening.This is a cute book. I read it with Fritz this evening. It's one of those repetitious books, somewhat in the style of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie . . Instead of if-then statements, this book presents "two possibilities". Fritz tried his best to pronounce that each time. What a trooper!If the first choice, well, that was that. But if the second (and it always was), then a new scenario presented itself, which of course, would lead to two n [...]

    11. The story follows a "ifen" kind of structure, giving two possibilities for every possibility. That doesn't make sense when I say it, but it works very well in the book (the description on the book page explains it well, too). I enjoyed this format of storytelling and found it rather entertaining. And of course, as I said before, the pictures are great as well. They are nice and clear and detailed. The font in this book is fun as well, and I love how the author (or maybe the illustrator) made the [...]

    12. When a monster is born, there are two possibilities each episode in this comical story presents a choice between absurd alternatives ("Either it sits quietly and does its homework . . . or it eats the Principal"), followed by an equally absurd--and frequently unexpected-- outcome ("If it sites quietly, that's that. But if it eats the Principal, there are two possibilities"). A subversive and satisfying take on "What if . . . ?" illustrated in bright pick-me-up colors, When a Monster isBorn will [...]

    13. This is a fun little book that I would love to read aloud to students. It was a recommendation from a librarian friend of mine who has been reading it to her students and they've been loving it. The illustrations are digitally collaged scenes including our neon monsters. The story is told in a series of conditional statements that drive the action. I noticed as I read that there are quite a few commas. As I looked closer, I noticed that all the comma rules I teach to my elementary school student [...]

    14. Monster books are so fun, and this one is no exception. It is a great way to discuss cause and effect relationships. Understanding cause and effect relationships is an important skill for analyzing texts, but it's also an incredibly important life skill. Research (don't know the source off hand) has shown that some criminals had not developed the cognitive skills to think about cause and effect relationships before they committed their crime. This book is a great way to support the development o [...]

    15. This story is about a monster and possibilities. For each action that the monster takes there are two possibilities. One ends the story but the second leads to another action and another set of possiblilities. "When a monster is born, there are two possibilities-either it's a faraway-in-the-forests monster, or it's an under-your-bed monster. If it's a faraway-in-the-forests monster, that's that. But if its an under-your-bed monster, there are two possibilities-either it eats you, or you make fri [...]

    16. I kind of wish I could give this one three and a half stars. The first couple of pages of this story suggest the ideas that the monster could live under one's bed and that he likes to eat people, so it took a little bit for Jordan to warm up to this story. Once we got past the "scary part", Jordan loved the silliness and the cause-and-effect nature of the book. I'm so glad we didn't read this one before bed!

    17. Humor in this title is most assuredly Englishd that was apparent before I read the author's info on the jacket. A bit twisted and not really one to readaloud or recommend to the skittish, the girls enjoyed the shock of the monster's behavior in this title that loops full circle to the birth of yet another monster. Found it to be more fun each time I read it! Not going to star in the Monster Mash, sadly. :(

    18. I LOVE this book. I love the illustrations (really clear, but with cool layers), and think the text is just fantastic. This is a fun, silly book that has just the right amount of depth. This is, if I"m not mistaken, based upon a Chilean poem/song about what can happen when a child is born -- two choice that lead to other choices that lead to other choices. The structure is really cool, and kids seem to respond well to it.

    19. I never mind a monster eating people book and this monster is just a monster doing what he knows best. I like that there are always two options and I could see this as a fabulous start to a Writers Club project. Plus the monster is the wonderful shade of green and I really hope that I get an Under the Bed monster Well the kind that won't eat me and is tough enough to hold his own with my cat.

    20. By far the biggest hit for our all-star "Wild Thing Rumpus" story time was this gem. On each page there are two choices with specific consequences attached. If you choose the first choice, well, "That's that" BUT if you make the second choice the story goes on. It is a "choose your own adventure" for toddlers and up (adults enjoyed this as much as the kids).

    21. I love the format of this book, and that's that. But if I try to copy the format, there are two possibilities -- either you'll laugh and giggle and wonder what I'm talking about, or you'll go and check this book out.Reminded me of the many Laura Numeroff books and the circular story style with the twist of two possibilities. This would make a fun mentor text.

    22. Absolutely loved the book! It was very fun to read, and constantly kept your interest. I loved how it gave you two choices, and then furthered on just one of them. And most of the time, they chose the option i thought they wouldn't! It lets you dig deeper into the book, and gives alot of "what ifs". A great children's book, and a great way to introduce choices along with consequences.

    23. This is a great little book that always offer two possibilities. I wasn't so crazy about the eating the kid or the principal part, but, hey, it is a monster and I guess that is what they do. The illustrations are a perfect match for the logically ridiculous text.

    24. Cracks me up to hear the little ones say "TWO POSSIBILITIES."Many different choices are offered up in this montstrous tale. It's hard to worry about this monster he's too cute. But in those possibilities, sometimes, he might make bad choices. Most of the time he's good.

    25. This book is TERRIFIC for audience participation. This circular story follows the pattern of there being "2 possibilities" on every page. The book chooses one of the possibilities to keep moving the book forward. Very creative premise and very creative rendition!

    26. Fun story about the possibilities in life for a monster growing up in the world. Large, brightly colored illustrations and repetitive dialog make this a great choice for storytime and early level readers. --Heather M.

    27. Genre: Picture bookCopyright: 2006I thought the repetitive lines in this book "ere are two possibilities", "that's that" were fun to follow along with. The story line is creative and really gets kids thinking about cause and effect. I really liked this book.

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