Meanwhile Back at the Ranch When Widow Tulip Jones of Bore England inherits a ranch in By Golly Gully Texas and moves in with two trunks of tea twelve pet tortoises and three servants hilarity ensues The peaceful life sui

  • Title: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch
  • Author: Anne Isaacs Kevin Hawkes
  • ISBN: 9780375867453
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Widow Tulip Jones of Bore, England, inherits a ranch in By Golly Gully, Texas, and moves in with two trunks of tea, twelve pet tortoises, and three servants, hilarity ensues The peaceful life suits the wealthy widow fine until word gets out and every unmarried man in Texas lines up to marry her Widow Tulip and her small staff of three can t possibly run the farm andWhen Widow Tulip Jones of Bore, England, inherits a ranch in By Golly Gully, Texas, and moves in with two trunks of tea, twelve pet tortoises, and three servants, hilarity ensues The peaceful life suits the wealthy widow fine until word gets out and every unmarried man in Texas lines up to marry her Widow Tulip and her small staff of three can t possibly run the farm and manage all the suitors, so she devises a plan and it just might work This story filled with giant tortoises, 1,000 brides, bad guys, a smart widow, and even a little romance is sure to get kids laughing.

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    • ☆ Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch || ☆ PDF Read by ✓ Anne Isaacs Kevin Hawkes
      360 Anne Isaacs Kevin Hawkes
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    One thought on “Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch”

    1. A fun, modern retelling of the part of Homer's Odyssey - where his wife has to trick a bunch of unwanted suitors into a series of impossible tasks in the hopes that she doesn't have to end up with any of them. In this version, an eccentric widow with a lot of money does the same with a band of unruly Texan suitors

    2. A rollicking, visually charming tall tale. Since it's not meant to be realistic in the slightest, I'm not going to complain about the troubling emphasis on marriage in what is otherwise a rather empowering story about smart, determined women. And awesome giant tortoises.Hawkes' artwork is the real selling point here: it's loaded with verve and saturated colors, and the big skies filled with puffy clouds add a wonderful sense of the wide open frontier. The boldness of the illustrations makes this [...]

    3. How can you not love a picture book with the line, "Those Arroyos are so mean, dynamite would hide from them"? You can't, plain and simple. In the tradition of Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan, Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch serves up American Storytelling on a tasty platter with blueberry scones and strawberry shortcake. The widow Jones is a marvelous character full of vim and vigor. It's no surprise when she moves to arid, desolate Texas and coaxes the land into growing humongous fruits and vegetables [...]

    4. I really enjoyed reading this to my five-year old. It was funny and smart. I knew the moment he was introduced who the widow Jones would choose to marry, but I still really enjoyed reading it and seeing the impossible tasks she thought up to get rid of the suitors (and their clever ways of fulfilling them). Even thought there's a little bit of a love story going on, it's not a "girly" book. My son really enjoyed it, too.

    5. In 1870 the widow Tulip Jones inherits millions of dollars and a ranch. So she moves from England to By-Golly Gully. She quickly learns that everything is bigger in Texas, including her garden vegetables and her beloved pet tortoises. But her blissful peace is broken when word gets around about her rich and unmarried status. Hilarity ensues as the widow comes up with a variety of ways to get rid of the 1,000 suitors that line up at her door. Exaggeration is the name of the game from text to illu [...]

    6. MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH is straight out of Texas, where, under the full penalty of the law, exaggeration is forbidden to every person (unless that person is an elected official or anyone who has ever ridden a horse), so the reader can take sometimes unbelievable tale as fact. It's 1870 When Tulip Jones, a widow from Greater Bore, England, inherits a ranch in By-Golly Gully, Texas. She sets off to set up residence, armed with plenty of tea, twelve pet tortoises (named January, February, Marc [...]

    7. This picture book is loosely based on a combination of Texas tall tales and motifs from several folktales. The illustrations are really outstanding, and the story itself would be a lot of fun for kids of kindergarten age or older.Everything grows bigger in Texas, from vegetables to tortoises. So it was that wealthy young woman Tulip Jones ended up with a strange ranch and too many suitors.From there the story gets remarkably silly, as she tries to weed out the extra suitors by various tests and [...]

    8. What a hoot!!! I absolutely loved this story. One of my coworkers recommended this book to me telling me that it was humorous. It made me giggle out loud! A very wealthy widow moves to a ranch in Texas. When the single men in Texas, and they were all single, found out how rich she was, they came courting. What ensues is fun!

    9. This is a picture book with longer text that can be enjoyed by school age kids who have a sense of humor. This would be a good title for my granddaughter who lives in Texas since that's where this tall tale is set and wonderfully illustrated.

    10. I love tall tales and this entertaining story of a British widow who inherits a Texas ranch is a doozy. This is for the older child, think ages five to nine. Kevin Hawkes's illustrations do justice to Anne Issacs's storytelling. This is a delightful read.

    11. What a delightful, rollicking storybook! Full of adventure, Texas-sized imagination, and even a dash of romance, I plan to remember this one for my kids!

    12. Silly and funny and charming! You can see the end coming a mile away, but it is fun to read it play out anyhow.

    13. This is a very funny, highly exaggerated tall tale, set in Texas. The artwork is great too.I think it is slightly long text-wise so I would recommend it for older preschoolers and elementary students. When we got to the end of this book, one of my kids pointed to the heroine and said, "she's so smart," in an admiring tone. So, this is a good book for a "smart heroine" themed read, although the book includes quite a bit of "marriage," complete with huge wedding cake, of course.

    14. A modern-but-old-fashioned tall tale in which strong ladies get the better of greedy would-be suitors. (Some parents may dislike the traditional happy-ever-after ending where everyone -- except the really bad guys-- ends up married off-- but the eventual groom is pretty darn cool, and using a thousand wedding veils to oh never mind.) There just aren't enough tall tales starring girls, let alone challenging the passive heroine stereotype.

    15. A clever spoof-ish tale about a widowed ranch lady being pressured to marry! Quite clever she is, creating contests that should be impossible but prove not to be. And yet, she finds away around each smirk that wants her hand in marriage. Peace is once again restored on the ranch but the lady of the house finds herself suddenly lonely and realized to whom her heart really belongsSweet and strong, a fun read all around.

    16. A widow lady inherits 35 million dollars and a ranch in Texas. She moves there with three of her female servants who become ranch hands, so 1000 cowboys want to marry her. She hires a baker who provides comfort food - muffins, scones, breads - and meanwhile the lady is trying to figure out how to get rid of the cowboys. Funny story. Great illustrations.

    17. Opening Moves:"These fruits and vegetables, and animals in this book are all magical somehow. They grow to an enormous size as you can see as I flip through the pages. So all of you will want to see how this happens."-Engages attention "What do you notice about the inside cover page and the outside page? The inside page looks like something is going on that is not good. There is horses racing and even a dead skull. The outside page is calm looking and peaceful. What do you think would have happe [...]

    18. Personal Review:This tall tale is a story about a wealthy widow, Tulip, who moves to Texas and starts a ranch. Everything on her ranch is true to Texas size, larger than life. When the word spreads about Tulip, thousands of money-hungry cowboy suitors show up to try to win her over. Tulip hires Charlie to help with the baking of the newly arrived suitors. Eventually, Tulip devises a plan to rid herself of cowboys. At first, her plan does not work, but then there is an unexpected twist in the sto [...]

    19. When English Widow Tulip Jones learns that she has inherited $35 million and a ranch in Texas, she takes her pet tortoises and her household staff and board a steam ship. Once she arrives in By-Golly Texas she sets to work, proving that she and her household can and will make the ranch successful in such a hostile environment.It doesn't take to long for the 100's of single cowboys in the town to begin to court the wealthy widow. However Widow Jones wants nothing to do with them. To try to get ri [...]

    20. WOW! What a fun book. You begin by going on an adventure as Widow Tulip Jones makes her way from England to the United States to the By-Golly Ranch in Gully Texas. Once there we set of on an adventure of giant vegetables, huge tortosies, and what seems like some really great ranch hands. We know that Widow Jones is very content and happy till the excitement begins! 1,000 suitors show up to try to win her hand in marriage as well as her fortune and amazing ranch. Widow Jones wants nothing of it, [...]

    21. Lisa Mason-D'Croz's Review Summaries and Personal ReviewIsaacs, A. (2014). Meanwhile, back at the ranch. New York, NY: Schwartz & Wade Books.Review #1Barthelmess, T. (2014, January 1). [Review of Meanwhile, back at the ranch by A. Isaacs]. Booklist. 110(9), 120. Retrieved from NoveList Plus database.Barthelmess recommends this book for K-3 students and notes that the use of “tall tale plotting and over-the-top language” make it a stand-out. He also describes the illustrations as being co [...]

    22. I'm always a little bit leery of books that promise to be hilarious. When they turn out not to be funny, it's always a disappointment. Luckily, that wasn't the case here. This book is amusing and charming, and the illustrations only help add to the air of silliness around the premise—which is a really tall tale.Tulip Jones inherits a ranch and goes to Texas. When she arrives, it's so hot that the lizards have to walk on stilts to protect their feet (that illustration alone is worth checking ou [...]

    23. Isaacs, A. (2014). Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch. New York: Schwartz & Wade Books.Summary: This tall tale is set in Texas in the year 1870. It is the story of the widow Tulip Jones, an Englishwoman who inherits thirty-five million dollars and a ranch. She enjoys phenomenal success as a rancher in Texas, where everything she grows is immense and wonderful, including her twelve tortoises. As word spreads in Texas that a wealthy widow is single and successful, every available man in the state co [...]

    24. I loved, loved, loved this one. I did. It was WONDERFUL. It had me from hello, from the endpapers which read: "under full penalty of law, exaggeration is forbidden in the state of Texas. No Texan may decorate a plain fact--except if that person is an elected official, or anyone who has ever ridden a horse. In such cases, all exaggeration must be restricted to the first twenty-four hours past sunrise." From the very start, readers know this tall tale is going to be something special. And in tall [...]

    25. When the widow Tulip Jones inherits thirty-five million dollars and a ranch in Texas, she takes off for her new land at once. Unfortunately, so do a thousand single men, all of whom want to marry this happily-unmarried lady for her fortune. What is Tulip to do? Why, present her would-be husbands with challenges they're sure to fail, of course. But when her impossible tests prove possible after all, and it looks like she might have to marry one of the two most awful men in the entirety of Texas, [...]

    26. K picked this book up from his school library.Even though I enjoyed the book I do not think K did. I didn't read the blurb when he brought the book home I just looked at the cover and was like oh wow giant tortoises how fun will this book be. You have Widow Tulip who has a farm and the farm grows BIG things which I thought was awesome. But then in comes the talk about marriage, suitors are coming up to marry this Widow and she sets them on tasks which are pretty cool. K only thought the giant to [...]

    27. Anyone who loves tall tales will find this picture book delightful with all of its exaggerations. When Tulip Jones inherits money and a ranch in Texas, she becomes the object of desire for many suitors bent on financial security. Since 1,000 men come by the ranch for tea, the widow hires a baker to provide sweets for the men. Observant readers will notice how the two of them form a bond while sharing a snack or two. Once she sets seemingly impossible tasks for the men who would be her husbands, [...]

    28. Not to be confused with the Trinka Noble's classic Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch, detailing the adventures of Rancher Hicks and his wife; Isaacs' story is about the Widow Tulip. The widow, living in England, receives an inheritance of money and land in Texas, so promptly moves there and is automatically of interest to all the un-married cowboys for miles around. So ensues her plans to rid herself of the unwanted suitors, raise giant tortoises, catch a gang of bad guys and just maybe find someone [...]

    29. A fun outrageous Texas spin on a tall tale. When Tulip Jones of Greater Bore, England inherits a Texas ranch she takes the frontier challenges in strideexcept for her unanticipated suitor problem. Like Penelope before her she finds herself eaten out of house and home by an attentive pack, hoping to cash in on her fortune. So she sets them some impossible tasks, which turn out not to be so impossible after all. Fortunately she gets some help from her trusty staff which result in an over the top s [...]

    30. When Tulip Jones inherited $35 million dollars and a Texas ranch she moved with her servants and pet tortoises to start a new life on the Texas plains. But women and wealthy widows are in high demand among the cowboys settling Texas and Tulip Jones soon found herself flooded with unwanted suitors. As Tulip works to rid herself of suitors, her servants hatch a plan to bring women to the Texas plains. As this tall tail spins itself as big as Texas, all ends well. The humor will bring a laugh of di [...]

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