Officious Interference Per Author via AHA This story starts with the walk in the park at Rosings where Elizabeth learns from Col Fitzwilliam that Darcy has purposely separated Bingley and Jane only rather than get sad she

  • Title: Officious Interference
  • Author: Alex9903 Amy D'Orazio
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  • Page: 298
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  • Per Author via AHA This story starts with the walk in the park at Rosings where Elizabeth learns from Col Fitzwilliam that Darcy has purposely separated Bingley and Jane, only rather than get sad, she gets mad and goes to dine at Rosings anyway A Happy Assembly requires registration.

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      298 Alex9903 Amy D'Orazio
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    One thought on “Officious Interference”

    1. Another delicious road-not-taken Pride and Prejudice from this talented author!The set-up is quite simple, really. At Rosings, Colonel Fitzwilliam confirms Elizabeth's worst fears that Darcy was instrumental in separating Bingley from Jane, and she tells him (Colonel Fitzwilliam) directly that the lady in question is her beloved sister, who is still suffering the heartache of Bingley's desertion. Rather than stay at the parsonage with a "headache," Elizabeth goes to dinner at Rosings with a majo [...]

    2. 4.5 starsAs others have posted this story begins as in canon where the Colonel is walking with Miss Bennet and knowing of his cousin’s amorous inclinations towards Elizabeth is attempting to persuade her as to Darcy’s loyalty and caring for his friends. He tells her of how Darcy saved a friend from a decidedly ill-intended entanglement with a woman whose mother was eager for the marriage of her daughter to a wealthy suitor. Elizabeth’s reception of this tale is as in P&P and then she a [...]

    3. This is a P&P what if with a really seemingly simple change that causes splendid results.Beginning at Rosings, we get Darcy's perspective of his intention toward Elizabeth Bennet. She is a young lady who isn't formed for ill-humor; however when she is dining at Rosings; following her learning of Mr. Darcy's actions to separate her dearest sister from Bingley she is unequivocally cool in her refusal to Walk in the garden with Mr. Darcy. Upon his departure from Rosings Darcy is shocked to lea [...]

    4. This starts out like any other JAFF. You have ODC at Kent and Darcy is trying to propose but when Colonel Fitzwilliam tells Elizabeth about Darcy’s interference in Bingley’s love life, Elizabeth tells him it was her sister. Then everything changes. Needless to say, Elizabeth is honked at Darcy and he and Fitzwilliam leave for London without his proposal. In London, we have a dark and brooding Darcy and Bingley after he tells him about his interference. Neither knows what to do and we struggl [...]

    5. Quite slow for the first 30%, it got really good for a while then I only skim read from 63% - didn't like where the story headed. At 55% - omg, where did this Darcy come from?! He's acting more like Mr. Tilney than Darcy and phew, I like!At 44% - Well, Darcy is certainly impressing me with his first attempts at flirting!!"Mr. Darcy you seem to delight in inducing discomfiture in me this evening. At any rate, I must tell you sir, that with such passionate leanings, I cannot imagine any scenario i [...]

    6. This i the second book in the past month that I've read from this author and I just love her books!!! I started this book and finished within 2 days. I just couldn't put it down. This book is not avaiable to purchase and I read it on thhe darcyandlizzy web site, but I certainly hope that this author gets her book published!!! :D Thi story is an alternative that I haven't read before and was clearly well done. Darcy never get's to propose because the conversation between the Colonel and Elizabeth [...]

    7. I agree with the reviews of Leslie, Debbie and Rose. This is an interesting read. Well done. I wish Caroline had a worse ending and think Charlotte was not dealt with harshly enough. I also thought the ending lacked a bit of the magic the rest of the story contained. Flirty Darcy was super fun to read. Darcy as a rake was hilarious.

    8. In this Pride and Prejudice, Darcy does not get to propose to Elizabeth at Rosings. His interference with Bingley has become known to Elizabeth, and Darcy starts to believe that Elizabeth does not even like him. What more could go wrong

    9. This is another great story by this author. I've read a ton of variations and after awhile the plots all start looking the same. Not so with this writer. Stories I've read so far have all been very fresh with new perspectives. So I am enjoying them. I will say, however, that they are fairly high on the angst so I may need to take a break and read something a little more lighthearted before coming back to her work :)

    10. Due to Elizabeth asking Fitzwilliam questions during their walk around Rosings Park, Darcy does not propose in Kent. As a result the traditional story takes a turn, as Darcy has to figure out what he is going to do about it. Darcy courting Elizabeth is so much fun! They are surrounded by competition and jealous people that try to get in the way.

    11. 4.5 StarsLoved this bold and flirtatious Darcy!There's definitely unexpected twists in this story that you would have never expected. From Mary King, Charlotte, Mr. Collins, and Lady Catherine. There are moments where you just laugh out loud and others when you just want to scream at the characters.The other reviews sum it up perfectly.I highly recommend this one!

    12. Please, Amy, publish this one! I really enjoyed this variation. Lady Catherine and Mrs. Bennet plot together. Quite entertaining!

    13. Absolutely fabulous book. I am impressed by the ability of Amy D'Orazio to create unique and captivating plots.Somehow I had thought that Elizabeth would give Darcy a tongue lashing at the dinner but that came from a surprising source a little later.The proposal never happened but that does not change the fact that it is a very depressed Darcy that leaves for LondonDarcy confesses his interference to Bingley and I liked how he reacted. Must say that I even liked Bingley better than Darcy in the [...]

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