A Circle Of Iron Eldernost In all the lands of the Old Empire no one knows about killing wights than Caleb Thorn The bounty hunter has taken blood drinkers in the timber camps where loggers and alchemists harvest magic from t

  • Title: A Circle Of Iron (Eldernost, #1)
  • Author: Greg Benage
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: ebook
  • In all the lands of the Old Empire, no one knows about killing wights than Caleb Thorn The bounty hunter has taken blood drinkers in the timber camps, where loggers and alchemists harvest magic from the ancient trees He s hunted them in the villages that lie in the shadow of the Greenwell, and pursued them in the deep wood Only Eldernost is off limits, the fallen cIn all the lands of the Old Empire, no one knows about killing wights than Caleb Thorn The bounty hunter has taken blood drinkers in the timber camps, where loggers and alchemists harvest magic from the ancient trees He s hunted them in the villages that lie in the shadow of the Greenwell, and pursued them in the deep wood Only Eldernost is off limits, the fallen city where wights haunt the dark places like ghosts in the ruins.But Eldernost is rich in magic, and the local lord s wealth and power depend on his ability to protect the scavengers who plunder the city s treasures in his service Given a choice between the hangman s noose and the ruins, Thorn is forced to venture into the city to confront the notorious wight raider known as Redmourn Amidst the crumbling remnants of a lost age, Thorn must face the demons of his own troubled past if he is to find the strength to protect those he cares about most.

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    One thought on “A Circle Of Iron (Eldernost, #1)”

    1. I REALLY LIKED ITOkay, so this was just fun. Tons of action, lots of blood, good set of characters, very little history, and no info dumps!This isn’t going to be a moving book that makes you think for days. This will, however, be a fun book for a bit of fighting and bloodshed. The world was rather simple but thorough enough to feel planned. If you’re huge into complex worlds, this might not be for you—unless you’re just looking for an adventure book.The characters were all interesting, d [...]

    2. The title drew my attention. Maybe it had something to do with the 1978 martial arts movie, dunno. Nice cover. Sadly, this story reminded me of one of those quest sessions we used to get into in the old AOL days of roleplay in the Red Dragon Inn. Great hack and slay mission. I liked the characters despite their too-convenient backstories. I liked the bad guys, though they were predictable too. Reading this story reminded me of the days when I played my way through World of Warcraft. Though the s [...]

    3. (On my blog, I give this a 3.5, which translates to a 3 here on .)This story is going to be kind of hard to review.I liked it, but I did have some issues with it. The prologue felt entirely unneeded to me and I almost didn’t get into the book, maybe because of it. The prologue didn’t grab me, but the first and second chapters did. If I had started at the first chapter, it probably would have gotten me better.This was epic fantasy without enough backing up the epic. I did like the characters, [...]

    4. I finished it. I liked it in that fantasy sort of way. Less politics than Game of Thrones, but more bloodshed. Yes, it's violent as some reviewers have pointed out. Still, it could easily be made into a movie!

    5. I like to think that I don’t give five stars out too freely, but this book actually impressed me. I’ve been needing a new fantasy book to read, and I found this one for free in my Nook library. I wasn’t expecting very much when I dove into it, but it ended up taking me by surprise.I don’t know what won me over the quickest – it had to be either the fantastically wonderful, colorful, memorable characters (I have high standards for characters, but Benage had some really good ones) or the [...]

    6. This novella had me hooked from the start. It is a very fast paced story set in the world of Eldernost. Greg Benage does an excellent job of setting up a very unique world without wasting lots of time getting into the story. The details of the world are nicely inserted into the story line giving you just what you need to follow along and enjoy the ride.After reading the description I assumed this would just be lots of killing and plundering, however, there is a very rich story with several unexp [...]

    7. This book was obviously meant as the first in a series that never continued, the sequel promised for 2012 never seeing the light of day, or at least not yet. However, this is no extended introduction, quite the contrary, as it definitely doesn't lack in action and does complete its part of the story satisfyingly enough. And I can't complain about the writing style or any lack of polish either.Would have needed to be at the very least twice the size for any chance at a better rating though, and t [...]

    8. This was a short, but very well written book. It had some great lines with dialogs that seemed so real and familiar.The book is like a snap shot in the lives of Thorn and his crew. Thorn is the main character, but not a hero. He is a bad*ss, but not really – does this make sense?! But he’s a cool guy and I like him.The story itself was pretty interesting and I want to read more. I will agree that towards the end of the book I wasn’t sure which ‘group’ deserved my sympathy, but I think [...]

    9. 25%, 50% and 60% and 90% were the only interesting portions of the story. Everything was so tedious I found myself skimming and skipping SEVERAL pages. Didn't like it.I'll say that there is always a plot arc that KILLS my opinion of a story. Killing off characters just for the sake of drama, or development. Honestly, the deaths were unnecessary. He could have just as easily kept all the characters, not killed them, and still had an action packed, driven narrative. But he killed characters that d [...]

    10. This has been one of the better free books I've come across. It is quite violent at times, but that doesn't bother me much, personally. I liked the characters a lot, but I will say that *POSSIBLE SPOILER*:I wasn't really sure whose side to take by the enden again, I sympathize (to an extent) with Hannibal Lector; after Hannibal Rising how can you not?! Sorry, I digresse point is; this is a good, fairly short book, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it for kids under 12-14.

    11. This wasn't a great book, but by no means was it a horrible one, either. I liked Thorn, but would have preferred more development from the other characters because Thorn was the only one I was really attached to. I did like the cliffhanger and will keep my eye out for the next book; I want to see how much the author improves upon his craft. He has a lot of potential, and his story left a lot of questions.

    12. This book was akin to being dropped in the middle of an action movie. You sort of know the characters and what's happening and there's a lot of violence and blood and battle wounds. And then the whirlwind is over because you're on the last page, and none of the characters really stuck, or the plot, because it all went by so fast. Doesn't mean it wasn't a good read, it just needed some more components.

    13. An excellent story, a brief novel, well-told. I enjoyed the measured revelations of character and setting, as well as the mixture of direct action and sharp prose. It's amazing the number of great lines found in this novel, considering that it is supposedly a fairly modest work of fiction. This is more satisfying than many big-name books I've read lately. I look forward to the next volume.

    14. This is almost more of a short story. 75 pages long, I think it is a ploy. Give you the first "half" of a book free, label it Book 1 so you'll but the other ones to get the rest of the story. It's ok. Interesting plot so far, pretty original. I like it, and I will read the rest.

    15. It was good why am I not more enthused? I enjoyed this book although it felt like this was a tease to get you into the story and hook you to buy the next book. It was well written, action packed, and a great storybut will I buy the next book? Doubt it.

    16. This is a well written fast paced story. I really liked all the characters (I even had some sympathy to the wight at the end, just a little, but still), action and I really want to know what will happen next to Thorn.

    17. A quick and fun read. Just when I thought I'm done with the author, it intrigued me (at the very end). Now I must find out what happened in the second book:)

    18. Good for a novella, but lacks a lot of depth. Intriguing storyline & characters though.Difficult to determine if the other "books" will be the same, or if this is meant as an intro to the world.

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