Humility True Greatness Be Transformed by Christ s Example God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble Peter A battle rages within every one of us every day It s the clash between our sense of stubborn self suf

  • Title: Humility: True Greatness
  • Author: C.J. Mahaney
  • ISBN: 9781590523261
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Be Transformed by Christ s Example God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble 1 Peter 5 5 A battle rages within every one of us every day It s the clash between our sense of stubborn self sufficiency and God s call to recognize that we re really nothing without Him It s pride versus humility And it s a fight we can t win without looking repeatedly to ChristBe Transformed by Christ s Example God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble 1 Peter 5 5 A battle rages within every one of us every day It s the clash between our sense of stubborn self sufficiency and God s call to recognize that we re really nothing without Him It s pride versus humility And it s a fight we can t win without looking repeatedly to Christ and the cross C J Mahaney raises a battle cry to daily, diligently, and deliberately weaken our greatest enemy pride and cultivate our greatest friend humility His thorough examination clarifies misconceptions, revealing the truth about why God detests pride and turns His active attention to the humble Because pride is never passive, defeating it demands an intentional attack The blessing that follows is God s abundant favor This is the one to whom I will look he who is humble and contrite in spirit Isaiah 66 2, ESV God clearly states that He is drawn to the humble He s also clear that He opposes the proud These two, humility and pride, cannot coexist Where one is fostered, the other is defeated Which will you pursue C J Mahaney paints a striking picture of the daily battle quietly raging within every Christian and asks whether you will passively accommodate the enemy of your soul, pride, or actively cultivate your best friend, humility When you acknowledge the deception of pride and intentionally humble yourself, you become free to savor abundant mercies and unlikely graces You will find a new life is yours a life God richly favors A God glorifying life you don t want to miss C J Mahaney is not humble At least, that s what he ll tell you And that s one reason he s so well qualified to write this book Mark E Dever, Senior pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Author, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church A much needed wake up call on this important subject I highly recommend this book Jerry Bridges, Author of The Pursuit of Holiness This is the right book from the right man at the right time R Albert Mohler, Jr President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Story Behind the Book Given pride s pervasive presence in my life, I come to this book in holy fear, yet inspired by God s promises to be humble and sobered by his warnings to the proud Isaiah 66 2b, 1 Peter 5 5b Scripture reveals to us that, while pride was the first and most serious sin, God is decisively drawn to humility and is specifically supportive of the humble Only Christ has fully obeyed Isaiah 66 2b This is the one I esteem he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word , yet He did so as our representative How marvelous that in our daily battle against pride we can rely on God s grace, through the gospel, and thus bring honor and glory to God C J Mahaney

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    One thought on “Humility: True Greatness”

    1. This book is a great resource that provides biblical and practical instruction and motivation on how to weaken pride and cultivate humility. I highly recommend this book as it is very timely and relevant to our prideful society. This was a much needed read for me, and it will continue to be a favored book in the future!Here is a list of suggestions from the book on how to weaken pride and cultivate humility.Always do this: - Reflect on the wonder of the cross of Christ.As each day begins: - Begi [...]

    2. I'm going to hazard a guess that the people you respect most in life are humble. Understated, encouraging, gracious individuals can't seem to fly under the radar as much as they'd like because people are drawn to them. They're the best leaders, servants, friends, spouses, and parents.The book is divided into three parts. C.J. Mahaney defines what humility is and isn't in the first part of the book, makes a case for Christ being the humble answer to sinful pride in the second, and gives strategy [...]

    3. This is a short but powerful book. We all battle with pride.We should read this book several times each year. He gives good practical tips on how to kill pride and become more humble. (For example, compare yourself to Christ. Compared to him you have to be humble.). He uses a lot of Bible verses and personal experiences to get his points across.At the end of the book, he summarizes the book by listing 17 things that we should do to help us become more humble. We need to work on these things our [...]

    4. It's now impossible to read this book without being aware of C.J. Mahaney's current troubles with Sovereign Grace Ministries. After a 600+ page document outed him and his ministry with disturbing practices, he's taken a leave of absence to "re-assess" himself. The main word for his troubles: pride. So it's with a strange retrospect that I went through his seminal work on humility. The book, it must be said, is a strong work on its subject. But I felt two distinct undercurrents like fissures in h [...]

    5. This book gave some amazing perspective on what humility is. C.J Mahaney is a great communicator of the Gospel. I loved the way he prefaces the book by stating that he needs to grow in humility just as much as the next person. He also does a great job and helping the reader point out how pride can hide in many areas of life and have practical ways to not only spot it but fight it.Along with the practical ways of fighting for humility he helps the reader desire a heart for humility in light of th [...]

    6. This is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit.–Isaiah 66:2. So needed. So timely. So beautiful. The humble man is layed out perfectly and plainly. A clear definition of what humility is, what pride is, what pride does, and how to daily cultivate humility. C. J. opens up a gorgeous picture of what true greatness is. He delivers the statement that the Greatest One that walked this earth was humble to show us how to be great. It’s done by death. Sacrifice. Pain. A [...]

    7. This is truly become one of my favorite books. This is currently the only book I have read on the subject of Humility. I recommend it for all. A few sections are designed for parents but those that are not parents and have a desire to become a parent can start from day one raising your children the way God intended with the parenting tips that C. J. Mahaney gives in these sections. He also gives a few different lists that he recommends everyone follows. I know that no two people are identical an [...]

    8. Here are some notes I took on this book:Helpful practices for fighting pride and developing humility -Focus yourself to speak words of needy dependence and trust to God when you wake in the morning.Begin your morning prayerfully and meditating on God's Word.Redeem your commute by using it to listen to or memorize Scripture.Don't listen to yourself throughout the day, preach to yourself.At the end of the day as you fall asleep in your bed, don't worry about tommorrow, but review the day and give [...]

    9. Humility is hard to grasp consistently in one's life. As soon as one thinks he is humble, POOF! It's gone. Mahaney's to-the-point writing makes for some good takeaway quotes:"When we humble ourselves each morning by casting all our cares on the Lord, we will start the day free of care. The humble are genuinely care free. " p75" Only those who are humble can consistently identify evidences of grace in others who need adjustment." p100" There's truth to be gleaned even from an enemy's critique. Hu [...]

    10. Although good, for some reason this just isn't my favorite book on the subject. There were some helpful illustrations but I have found the Puritan writings on this topic more meaningful & exposing. I expect books on this topic to have somewhat of a branding iron effect on me & this one didn't quite hit the target. Don't highly recommend it.

    11. Bom livro! Merece destaque o capítulo sobre a importância da humildade em meio ao sofrimento.

    12. I have to say that I am glad that this is the first book I finished in the new year. I think most people start the year with some reflection and because I did too, it was good to find this book and reflect upon growing in humility and patience--and being quick to look at my own shortcomings rather than finding that finger to wag in someone else's face. Why do we focus on other peoples flaws so much anyway?Why not begin the day by acknowledging our need for and dependence upon God as the author s [...]

    13. Sometimes, I really wish this app had the option for a 4.5 star reviews? I think I'm trying to save my 5 stars for books that make me go YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. But this was a really great, quick read! Mahaney discusses the topic of humility with great authenticity and conviction. I especially love how practical this book was; he made sure to discourage knowing more about humility without putting it into practice. I foresee myself re-reading Mahaney's advice many times in the futur [...]

    14. I would have liked a bit more direct exegesis. but the helps for cultivating humility and fighting pride were very helpful.

    15. Back in 2005, thanks to Sovereign Grace Ministries, I was one of 50 bloggers blessed with the opportunity to preview a (then) not-yet-released book: “Humility: True Greatness” by C.J. Mahaney. In the interests of full disclosure, I was given, free of charge, a copy of the book in order to complete the review. I was not required to write a positive review.Below is the review I wrote at the time on my personal blog.SummaryIn short, I loved this book. I will go over the reasons why in more deta [...]

    16. It was an enjoyable, humbling book that I really enjoyed and will definitely read again, I would recommend it. However, when reading it you should be familiar with the controversy surround the author, the first two chapters have a few theological flaws that should be kept on the lookout for, but other than that it is a sound book.

    17. Thus says the Lord:“Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool;what is the house that you would build for me, and what is the place of my rest?All these things my hand has made, and so all these things came to be,declares the Lord.But this is the one to whom I will look: he who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.-Isaiah 66:1-2"It is evident that man never attains to a true self-knowledge until he has previously contemplated the face of God, and come down after suc [...]

    18. A really easy read but memorable. C.J. Mahaney lives near Washington/Balitimore and acts as ministry support to Churches in the surrounding areas. He presents himself as knowledgeable in the are of theology and has a grasp of pastoral experience. While he clearly has a passion for Christian leaders, this book is geared towards the Christian life in general. Built on the idea that pride is both our greatest enemy and humility our greatest friend. He is adamant that learning how to deal with the p [...]

    19. CJ has once again provided a theologically sound yet practically rich work. This little book, as is typical for Mahaney, left me with several soundbite gems that have already convicted and affected me. He begins by building the case that God pursues and provides grace to the humble (Is 66:2). It is the contrite in spirit that draw the gaze of the sovereign God, thus equipping us to achieve true greatness through servant leadership in the Kingdom. Pride is ultimately a battle for supremacy with G [...]

    20. Good bookIt was a good book on humility "in my humble opinion" It was a very fast read also the only think I did not like is it seems like every chapter he was recommending a new book.

    21. Just discovered how powerful C. J. Mahaney's writing is, particularly because he is so simple, yet so transparent in his weaknesses. Yet again, this small book has impacted me in thinking about what "true greatness" is, which is humility, and servanthood, as defined in Jesus, who came not to be served, but to serve.Pride as defined by Mahaney is contending for supremacy with God and the chief purpose is self glorification and attempting to rob God of all glory and praise, which only He alone is [...]

    22. This was an excellent book that offered a true and open perspective on biblical humility. There were so many places in this book that my eyes were opened to so many things in my life. The fact that this book reiterates the fact that only Jesus lived a perfectly humble and never proud life was great. I also really liked how this book didn't only point out pride and how it manifests itself it also was excellent that it gave ways to really focus on God's humility and gain humility in yourself. The [...]

    23. Charles Zimmerman, professor of practical theology at Biblical Seminary (PA), summed up much theological truth with the (quoted) phrase: "God is God. And I am not." I heard this from him a few times, several years ago during a few conferences he keynoted. The phrase, due to its simplicity, stuck with me.God is God. I am not.Much of the Christian life happens in realizing the depth and impact of those words. In this short book, Mahaney captures most of that key step: realizing the truth of God an [...]

    24. Devotionally, this book is the type a person would be well served to read once a year. It is tender in its simplicity and challenging in its message. It frames the central component of human accomplishment and earthly greatness as 'power under control' and servanthood. Each of these themes is powerfully portrayed through the words of Jesus in Mark 10 and all through the Gospels. I have some reservations about these ideas unfairly penalizing doers and those who seek to accomplish, but the book is [...]

    25. One of those times a book strikes you funny, and you have no patience for it. Judging by the many positive reviews, I know I stand corrected. But it seemed mechanical, and I'm not sure humility can be broken down and analyzed. It is truly a byproduct of becoming more like Jesus. Should we notice someone by their humility, as C.S. Lewis said, or by their lack of self? One is trying to be something, and the other is becoming less of something. May He increase, and I decrease!

    26. Maybe my expectations were too high. I wanted the author to more actively engage me. It seemed like sometimes he backed away from the challenge I (and maybe he as well) needed to take from the Bible references he uses. Also, I wanted him to go ahead and admit that the issues are as complex as they are. Some ideas felt too simplified.

    27. Thought he had some good points, didn't love the more emotional writing style, did love that the gospel was completely infused. Didn't think it went very in-depth into humility, but stuck with the root cause: not clearly looking at the gospel, the cross, and our sin. Gave a practical list of things that help him stay humble.

    28. A great reminder on where we should place our thoughts. I found the latter portion of the book to delve in to pride versus humility. The beginning was overview with numerous recommended further readings.

    29. Great book that discusses the war of pride and humility in our lives. Very practical and easy to understand. Mahaney describes what true biblical greatness really is and gives insight on cultivating a servant's heart. I highly recommend it!

    30. CJ Mahaney doesn't just talk about the concept/idea of humility, he also provides practical application about how to live out a humble life. Once again, CJ Mahaney ties all his points back to the cross and backs everything up with accurate scriptural insight.

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